"We Get ACTIVE!" The ENTIRE Park Tried To FIGHT US!! Then We EARNED Their Respect | ECS 5v5
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The Ballislife East Coast Squad pulled up to Dennis Smith Jr's basketball court in Fayetteville, NC called "The Smith Recreational Center". The crowd and the hoopers understandably had a lot of love and pride for their home city so things got a little carried away at first but it was nothing but love afterwards.
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  • Ballislife

    Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping + 2 FREE gifts at MANSCAPED.com/ with promo code BALLISLIFE20 OR use this link: bit.ly/3coyg7h

    • Brandon Turner
      Brandon Turner

      What happened to Zack?

    • Isaiah Day
      Isaiah Day

      A Milly giving Ty a run for his money on sponsorships

    • TreLoaded

      Tre Loaded-Cheatcode Music Video Just Dropped🔥🎒 irglo.info/from/o8qBa5aKpbqxoqc/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • ThunderX300

      Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven amen 🙏🏾 John 14:6 amen 🙏🏾

    • AvoidDraw

      Alr g

  • mr401k1

    Respect to how you guys are able to perform well even in super hostile crowds that get loud and in your face. Shows you guys are comfortable playing under pressure.

    • Julian Jordan
      Julian Jordan

      @0tae0 let me guess u ont get it

    • 0tae0

      @Julian Jordan 🤨

    • Bon

      @Ambient Blue-eyedMonkey I’m from the ville I don’t see none of the crazy hoopers from here there g no cap

    • Noah Joseph
      Noah Joseph

      I’m from West Coast. But East Coast people just built different that’s for sure

  • Air Conditioning.
    Air Conditioning.

    ECS the main thing keeping this channel going. IM HERE FOR IT THOUGH THESE THE VIDEOS I LOVE

    • Just Here
      Just Here

      That is straight up cap

    • An1天Tensa

      @HG&Glo boy stop it. you dont know tf youre talking about. youre comparing thug neighbor hood no skill basketball on the east coast to high skill basketball in the west. and u think thats better comp? because you had a fight in almost every video? boy...thats how you know you never played college ball. youre a street hooper.

    • An1天Tensa

      @Jo Bush preach bro! dont know wtf these youtube comments talking about.. east had to switch their players up because they were getting smacked from park to park. they picked up 2 new players just to compete. WCS still has their same squad.

    • HG&Glo

      @Honest Fan wcs better but their comp is always MID. Ecs faces real Hoopers every video

    • Norbert Reyes
      Norbert Reyes

      Ecs > wcs in terms of entertainment factor for sure. I always look forward to an ECS vid. West coast does play better as a team tho. They got the hustle cohesion and Cez is a fuckin bucket and shifty as hell. East coast is not as cohesive as a team and throw away plays even though they manage to still win games. You can see it in their games even if they get the point, they miss wide open looks tryna iso.

  • byron allmond
    byron allmond

    These videos make me realize how much we must mess up the score when we play pick-up😂

    • coyote s550
      coyote s550

      @Traymonte right!!😂

    • Traymonte

      ong how did they win 11-11

    • Demetrius Polk Jr.
      Demetrius Polk Jr.

      Nah I’m the one in the ny knicks short , all games went to 15 I guess they just ain’t wanna post all the dunks

  • DarkManX thomas
    DarkManX thomas

    No 🧢, that court clean AF. GG’s east Coast squad.

    • Kenneth Bagoyo
      Kenneth Bagoyo

      Clean body(Manscaped) and Clean court

    • Chris M
      Chris M

      Facts man.

    • Ballislife

      Dennis Smith Jr court!

  • Joker

    I actually like that they brought nets when the court didn’t have any that’s just basketball 💪🏽

    • Juss da G
      Juss da G

      @Courtney Sutherlin 10 dollars that no one else would spend

    • Courtney Sutherlin
      Courtney Sutherlin

      They spent probably ten dollars on basketball nets

    • Jay Mitchell
      Jay Mitchell

      @Demetrius Polk Jr. 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Demetrius Polk Jr.
      Demetrius Polk Jr.

      @Fre$h exactly, they ain’t do no good deed😂

    • Fre$h

      And the other two rims still remain net less lmao


    19:49 " We dont claim bro that just missed a lay up" best part of the entire video lol

    • WillGoated20


    • Zander Modaress
      Zander Modaress

      @Jehud Ramirez cuz they were all ass at keeping score

    • Jehud Ramirez
      Jehud Ramirez

      Howd they win on a tie not even at 15 points.

    • Nick Martin
      Nick Martin


    • Its_willy ___
      Its_willy ___

      Lol facts bro😂😂

  • yoooo

    that’s why i love austin’s game. bro don’t let emotions get to him. he locks tf in and goes off. 🔥 ass vid. east coast on top

  • AFC 9798
    AFC 9798

    "Y'all ain't sayin shit now, y'all as quiet as fu" 🤣 perfect cut.

    • BscSneakerGuy


    • Gamer4boy56


    • Deebones

      Lmaooooo great cut😂😂😂

    • Jay King
      Jay King

      Gotta be toxic after the W 😂😂

    • edward garcia
      edward garcia

      Thought the same thing 😂

  • Ultra Pro Power Washing LLC
    Ultra Pro Power Washing LLC

    Great game ECS!! Coming together and looking like the real deal that's almost un beatable for real 💯 ‼️

    • dnice545

      I want the WCS rematch with this squad

    • Wizza 23
      Wizza 23

      Facts 💯 love seeing how this team has each other's back no matter what! Malcolm & D-Bone are starting to really gel with Duke,Milly, and C.G.

  • Jacques Battle
    Jacques Battle

    Lol I definitely applaud these boys for keeping composure 💯. I would’ve been fighting somebody for sureeeeeee

  • sky sky
    sky sky

    Love good games like this with no fouling just good defense … these other IRglors can learn from this

  • FunXioN

    Man we need the WCS vs ECS rematch with this upgraded squad. Dont think the outcome will be the same as last time..👀

    • Nick Fosley
      Nick Fosley

      Monstar will just try to fight everyone again and throw elbows. He almost knocked out Bionic in the team Nitty vs team Milly game.

  • WillY

    Man, this crowd was LIT with energy, great vid! 🔥🏆DeeBones and Milly showed up last game.

  • Darron Smith
    Darron Smith

    All that talk and they still got to walk!! Awesome game team!!

  • Kent Silva
    Kent Silva

    I love how crowds flip the fuck out for a jump shot🤣

  • Theo Giovanni
    Theo Giovanni

    We gotta start acknowledging how good Malcolm is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏾

    • Vamadejay

      Nah dee bones like that

    • GiGi Hermanos
      GiGi Hermanos

      @Dynamite_S23 chill with milly

    • Dynamite_S23

      @LicSquad 4⃣L I mean the leaders is Milly n Duke

    • LicSquad 4⃣L
      LicSquad 4⃣L

      He second best to Duke, Malcom is elite

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    Respect for these guys been watching them for awhile now. 💪🙌

  • Junbugg

    mal really shot over one defenders face three times in a row😂😂🔥

  • FluGameKev

    Great wins anytime duke & Millyz are clicking it opens up the game for the rest of the squad 🔥🔥🔥

  • Donald Love
    Donald Love

    All dat and them boys took a MAJOR L!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 EastCoast Squad keep doing y’all thing man basketball is basketball and y’all playing it

  • TheBeautifulFamily

    Lmao “We don’t claim bro that just missed a layup” had me rolling.

  • eazy e
    eazy e

    Great performance by ECS nd respect for keepin emotions in check just sad to see how everyone else at the court were looking for violence, leave it at home nd enjoy the entertainment

  • Idc_smd

    6:56 the look on Duke’s face 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jasmine Chantel
    Jasmine Chantel

    “ooohhh y’all ain’t saying shit now. y’all quiet AF” -Dee 🤣🤣🤣 EXACTLY!!

    • Tyler

      The cut off had me dead💀

    • Nick Fosley
      Nick Fosley

      The crazy part was Deebones ain't even know the game already over, he was ready to get back to it, watch what he does before he waves bye.

  • Peeweesosa300

    Y’all be lit ong keep it up the work I wish I could play with y’all

    • NateDFunkt


  • Andy Ausman
    Andy Ausman

    My man Austin Mills had a performance 👏 as well as everyone else on the squad. Just shouting out to Austin!

  • Kobe The Rapper
    Kobe The Rapper

    All Them Got Activated After That Argument. You really seen it in Tim face @23:50 😂😂😂

  • sky sky
    sky sky

    Some of the better comp I seen much respect folks staying off the court

  • Joseph Benagh
    Joseph Benagh

    21:15 "Hey Austin says check the ball man" LMAO

  • Naagii Baataraa
    Naagii Baataraa

    Keep going guys good luck 🏀🏀🏀

  • Hom Al
    Hom Al

    This what I like to see right here…. CLAMP GODDDDDDD!!!!!

  • Tyrone El Ministro
    Tyrone El Ministro

    19:47 "aye, we dont claim bro that just missed the layup" pure menace 🤣🤣🤣


    Damn.. that those were tough games back to back to back.. different levels ECS 👍

  • Corey Zogg
    Corey Zogg

    What happened to Zach?! Miss seeing the one handed bandit out there

    • Noah Murphy
      Noah Murphy

      @Deebones gotcha bro! I thought so, but didn't want to put a wrong name.

    • Deebones

      @Noah Murphy the other guys name is deebones

    • Cantrelle

      Y'all skeptical 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Noah Murphy
      Noah Murphy

      @Ownage Hirsi Malcom and the other guy are better than him. Zach is a good passer, but not as good as the new guys.

    • Ashton Westmoreland
      Ashton Westmoreland

      i think he’s hurt

  • Julian Sotomayor
    Julian Sotomayor

    “Hey Austin said check the ball man” 😂

  • Yusuf Shojaee
    Yusuf Shojaee

    -“We don’t claim bro that just missed the lay up we don’t claim bro !” -legendary 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🏁

    • Vonfromda__910

      @Yusuf Shojaee Fs bro lmk 🖤

    • Yusuf Shojaee
      Yusuf Shojaee

      @Vonfromda__910 I hoop im hellla old (30) but I’m still hella cold 🥶 when I slide that way ima definitely tap in -cali 💯🏁✊🏽 🏀

    • Vonfromda__910

      @Yusuf Shojaee you welcome Brodie 🖤 stay up 🆙

    • Yusuf Shojaee
      Yusuf Shojaee

      @Vonfromda__910 that’s why it was even funnier .. shout out to ball is life for posting that so much sad shit in the world appreciate you and them 4 making me laugh … -✊🏽💯✊🏽💯

    • Vonfromda__910

      @Yusuf Shojaee bro all he had to do was make the layup we would’ve won 🤣

  • Hue Martin
    Hue Martin

    That’s dope y’all pulled up to Fayetteville!! Tons of talent there

    • WillGoated20

      I love to see that type of comment rite there


    They were so hype off of their own highlights that they forgot to score more points than the other team.

  • David DuHadway
    David DuHadway

    Showing up, and showing out!!! Great games BIL!!!!



  • Fanii911

    Malcom needs to get more touches he's so gifted offensively it's crazy

  • pedro athayde mendoza
    pedro athayde mendoza

    The person who is editing this video is doing a great job! love it

  • Jorge Rivera
    Jorge Rivera

    Hands down the best Ballislife squad to watch. Come up to Boston. We waiting.

  • Trigga Tre
    Trigga Tre

    I like how they didn’t storm the court on that second poster even tho that was worse than the first one 😂😂

  • William GetHellaBandz
    William GetHellaBandz

    “ he hit me “ as bro proceeds to take a shot an he swats 🤣

  • Lisa Chaparro
    Lisa Chaparro

    They all be hating but be there to watch YALL play !!!! Continue to be great an remain humble.

  • Jose Mercedes
    Jose Mercedes

    The sponsor shoutout sounded so crazy 😂😂😂 he said " Your butt and your balls" straight out talent

  • Corrxpt

    “We don’t claim the guy who missed the lay up”😂😂😂

  • Alvino Mitchell
    Alvino Mitchell

    I really enjoyed them shutting up this overly hostile crowd

  • Devante Gonsalves
    Devante Gonsalves

    21:17 "Hey Austin says check the ball man" 😂😂😂

  • Elijah Davis
    Elijah Davis

    I respect the people who just tryna hoop

  • Hunter Krieger
    Hunter Krieger

    Best video yet always a pleasure watching these when I get home from work thumbs broken can’t wait to get back to some buckets in a couple weeks

  • Derek Justice
    Derek Justice

    That's the way to shut all the opps up. Keep bringing the heat.

  • Howie Gabino
    Howie Gabino

    Let’s go ECS I really didn’t like this park love ya energy and how ya didn’t back down

  • joseph gorski
    joseph gorski

    Y'all turned the heck up love y'all boys ❤️

  • zakiar ross
    zakiar ross

    17:30 mans said “and one” to a layup and threw three fingers like he shot a 3

    • Tyler


  • Jontel Hawkins
    Jontel Hawkins

    I love when Duke actually got comp! Bro be going SUPER SAIYAN 3 on 🥷

  • Lavonte Whitfield
    Lavonte Whitfield

    Duke got that block. The ball was still going up 🤝🏿🔥

  • kui

    Love how everyone wanna fight but none of y’all would last 5 min in the cage lol.

  • Kejon Jones
    Kejon Jones

    For some reason this one of my favorite videos because I really wanted y’all to shut them all the f*ck up especially the 3rd game. GG’s boys on god

  • Brandon Sinclair
    Brandon Sinclair

    I played there for years before Dennis did all that work to it. Much respect to him btw

  • Mikey

    First three minutes of the video: “so the hoops didn’t have nets so we put nets on em cuz it would have looked like shit on camera…” Me: *stands up 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Tha Boot
    Tha Boot

    I've never heard so many damn excuses from the opp team in my life😂

  • Richard Palacios
    Richard Palacios

    Good games y’all fought hard for each win

  • King Kobra
    King Kobra

    Congrats if you are see the comment early. I want you to know that your life matters,you were brought to this world for a reason. Keep working on your dreams and goals and you will achieve them 🙏🏽❤️!

    • KickzandPunchez

      Young turo 🔥

    • George Hernandez
      George Hernandez

      I will be the best the best drug dealer ever :)

    • wiley shipman
      wiley shipman


  • Marquize Edwards
    Marquize Edwards

    See we need more of these type of games

  • Owoeye Gideon
    Owoeye Gideon

    Nice play East ...much love... Those Guy's just something else, I love that set up clean block but they disagree it's a block

  • Neto Lopez
    Neto Lopez

    "Ay we don't claim bro that missed that layup" 😂😆


    All I got to say is this video speaks 🗣 volume in so many ways and aspects

  • DrumlineFiasco

    "We don't claim bro who missed the layup" LMAO

  • R. B.
    R. B.

    “We don’t claim bro who missed the layup” 😂

  • sky sky
    sky sky

    That block after talking shit hilarious 😂

  • wisam

    Man that's why I love basketball. 🏀🏆

  • Nick ._.
    Nick ._.

    Make game winning shot: “He still lame”😂😂😂 these dudes was funny asf not not even finna lie

  • Mr. J1S
    Mr. J1S

    Seeing the real score while the called out score is way off 😂 How u just give ya team 2 pts!?

  • Fatkid FIlms
    Fatkid FIlms

    DUKE WENT CRAZY TOO!!! keep doin yal thang

  • navé

    1st time seeing the ball be in the air after a shot like that 5:45

  • Mike Thomas
    Mike Thomas

    Now this was fun! Great games

  • daboss 5
    daboss 5

    Respect for putting nets up thats real love