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  • DKM


    • Benjichasertwan

      DKM you called it and this video latest drew league game Li Angelo need to drop a 50 piece

  • M33ks

    He’s not the shooter you thought he was. He kills when he’s able to take 25+ shots a game. He’s still a great player, but he needs to explore his offers overseas- he’ll still make a crazy bag.

  • datte bayo
    datte bayo

    Love seeing Gelo play and grind gives me some motivation

  • The Art Of Be
    The Art Of Be

    Thank you very much DKM for being so damn consistent and up to date. Keep 🐐 ING!!

  • Karlton Gooch
    Karlton Gooch

    That's who the Charlotte Hornets should try & pick up, Jordan Bell would be a great addition. Just imagine him & Kai Jones out there in transition on the fast breaks & running the floor

  • Jay Melodies
    Jay Melodies

    Gelo would be a good system player on the hornets if they let him. Give him 15 min consistently off the bench and he would probably help you more than hurt you. The Hornets organization would never do that because of their ego trying to prove they can win through the draft.

    • CM

      @Jay Melodies Based on what? Robinson was a great shooter at Michigan and rose through the G. Show me anywhere Gelo has been a great shooter. Literally.

    • Jay Melodies
      Jay Melodies

      @CM I said it’s most likely not going to happen, but I’m saying imo I think he could pose a threat from 3 enough to make a difference. Hell we all saw what Duncan Robinson did. I know there’s a lot of other factors.

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @Jay Melodies Ok. I mean why not

    • CM

      @Jay Melodies Hate to break it to you, dude like Gelo doesn't get to pick and choose his system. He don't get 'given' minutes. He has never accomplished a single thing in organized basketball since Chino Hills, unlike dudes grinding in college and overseas, and every year there's a new group of hungry young talented cats ready to make their mark. Let me give you some perspective. Since 2018 only three guys who gone through the G League draft (which Gelo did) have played a single minute on a NBA roster. That's out of hundreds of guys - only three. Ain't nobody asking someone like that what system or coach or minutes they like.

    • Jay Melodies
      Jay Melodies

      @I am Groot! If he’s playing in the right system. It all really depends on their coaching decisions.

  • Emz

    On one hand I'm rooting for gelo but on the other I'm just like mann don't think he got it 😕🤣

  • Doowopfrm064

    Even if this the end of BBB in the Drew Gelo could always go to another Drew league team

  • Paradise Champ
    Paradise Champ

    🤔🤔 Where do we find out the game times Gelo's team will play next week? Thanks!!

  • Zachary Dziubla
    Zachary Dziubla

    Gelo gotta be feeling good right now

  • Matthew De Paz
    Matthew De Paz

    love your channel bro, great coverage and youre funny

  • Gang Music
    Gang Music

    Best game of the summer ? Are you joking check his % that game it was horrible

    • Enjoy Life
      Enjoy Life

      Liangelo fans don't care about stats..they calling Liangelo amazing shooter,best sniper..and dude in any league he plays shooting like 25 procent from three...even in this game he shot 14/36 fg% 4/18 3 pt% and saying amazing game,he automatic from three LMAO

  • Jason C
    Jason C


  • The Naked Truth
    The Naked Truth

    You give the BEST ball commentary period!!

  • Neasia Rhynes
    Neasia Rhynes

    Melon isn't coming to the drew this year... Gelo needs consistency to be a great shooter... He doesn't play half the time

  • Death Mark Ace
    Death Mark Ace

    Im ngl it would be extremely nice to see melo and gelo play in the drew together, the only problem is if melo comes in and they win that game, most ppl are just gonna assume gelo just didnt hav it in him to lead a team to a victory

    • StygenFilms

      Nah I feel like that would only be if melo wins with the same team but without gelo. Gelo is playing with scrubs, only so much you can do

  • Jobim G.
    Jobim G.

    Gelo knows where he’s open, gelo is special.

  • DonPhenomenon

    Hopefully Gelo doesn't have the Markell Fultz like problem. Forgot how to shoot out of nowhere. I know it's called the Yips in some sports, but I don't know the term for it relating to basketball.

  • Fzn los
    Fzn los

    Go gelo🔥

  • Cold Wheels
    Cold Wheels

    Gelo to the Lakers

  • studio bauhaus
    studio bauhaus

    So let me get this straight . Jordan Bell only scored 18 against the no win BBB team with no NBA roster players but Gelo scores 33 against the much better and longer team with a NBA champion player? Hmm I gonna say that Gelo won and should be on an NBA roster.

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      cause context matters... Jordan bell isn't on a team that gives him the ball every possession while he's able to jack up 30-40+ shots on terrible efficiency like Gelo is... all while pretty much cherry picking the whole game lol while his dad lets him play the whole game... It's like you shooting horrible but gettin filler numbers, pretty much stat padding all while gettin blown tf out the whole game 🤣

  • Joey T
    Joey T

    What did he shoot 12 for 150?

  • Jmoney

    Give him some time, he's getting back used to the game. Melo did the same from summer league to his first couple Real NBA games. He shot horrible and air balled his first shot. But now he's hot stuff. So give him some time and he'll turn shii up like Lithuania.

    • Jmoney

      @CM on God he did cuh was shit. Bet you can't name 20 drew league niggas widdout lookin it up🥱😂

    • CM

      @Jmoney Yeah, they get DRAFTED when they 21, he ain't been drafted, ain't played nowhere but end of the bench in the G. And aside from one or two NBA guys who drop in, name me any NBA players he's hooped against in Drew. Cuz when he had the chance to hoop against NBA prospects in Summer League he showed his whole ass.

    • Jmoney

      @I am Groot! Nigga Gelo playing against Pro players. You talking about He couldn't rebound the ball. Nigga he's a shooting guard not a power forward if you ain't noticed. cuh done played against Pro players and stopped hooping at 16 he needs time to learn the pro game again it's been 8 years

    • Jmoney

      @CM @CM nigga Gelo playing against Pro players. Plus ISS plenty of NBA players who got picked in the draft in late rounds over 21. Gelo is Box Office playing against NBA players who not in the league no more you ain't noticed shii, you just watch famous niggas. And Gelo got Plenty of Time he just moving wit the wrong team he need a real BBalll coach a Real BBall trainer

    • CM

      Melo was 19 playing in Summer League against dudes hungry to make the League. Gelo damn near 24 playing UPS drivers in a HS gym. He ain't got 'some time' in case you hadn't noticed.

  • Ssk-_-Dotz

    Mannn the need the jba guys to help Gello out at this point

  • Mofo Fish
    Mofo Fish

    Gelo isn’t going to the league bro, 12-36 is ass 😂

    • CM

      @Jay Melodies It's not no-man's land, it's in not-NBA Player land and lots of guys are in it.

    • Jay Melodies
      Jay Melodies

      Right 33% from the field isn’t gonna convince anyone he is NBA worthy. I feel like the hornets are just toying with him and giving him charity minutes in the G-League/Summer league. He is in no man’s land and it’s sad.

  • Kaden YouTube
    Kaden YouTube

    Gelo got to lock in cause in g league he not gonna get that many looks

  • Kamaal Abstract
    Kamaal Abstract

    More than clear DKM didn't watch that game.. Gelo was pretty much shooting everything on terrible efficiency... But either way, BBB is gonna get blown tf out again tomorrow against Nitty & Trez

    • Trump2024🇺🇸

      @Nikolai P who cares about defense nobody plays defense in the nba

    • Daniel H
      Daniel H

      @Nikolai P I was there personally so I dont have the stats but I would say percentage wise it was probably between 55-65% from the field and 40-50% from the 3 point line, plus nearly everytime he misses a shot he rebounded it, so his rebounding was also pretty good for a guard I think he had 4, but I would say for a man who roots for the underdogs I was ecstatic the entire game

    • Nikolai P
      Nikolai P

      @Daniel H did he reallly? Were his percentages better? And how was his defense

    • Daniel H
      Daniel H

      @Nikolai P no, no it wasn't, he actually just scored 53 in his latest game, man is a machine

    • Mjwittheflu787

      Lebron went 1-13 from the 3 but it’s okay

  • PgTrym91 : TrymTheNorwegian
    PgTrym91 : TrymTheNorwegian

    sometimes shit happens that make you miss a shot, concentration, off balance, you name it ... shit happens at times or matchup in general on ball defense

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      He ain’t been shooting well for a while… what’s the excuse??? He not shooting well due to being “blackballed” ? 🤣

  • Andrew Mendez
    Andrew Mendez

    Lmaoo bro you’re still wondering why his shooting numbers are trash? He’s not a good shooter kid bro is trash at the nba level. I take that back, he can’t play at the nba level

  • NFT TJ
    NFT TJ

    They really getting ideas from Mike Wang 😂😂 talm bout a pro AM

  • Connor Saxton
    Connor Saxton

    man on a mission

  • Qadada The God
    Qadada The God

    I came to see highlights. That's it

  • Orlando Marin
    Orlando Marin

    Hey Gelo is doing great!

  • Enjoy Life
    Enjoy Life

    Liangelo Ball only player in basketball history that shoots in every league he plays 20% from three and peoples calling hims amazing shooter,automatic from three,sniper....

    • Will Carlton
      Will Carlton

      Yeah DKM is delusional at this point Gelo has never been an "elite" shooter. Ppl just watch highlight reels where his bricks are edited out.

  • ERYS

    Gelo went 12-36.... I love him but mannnnn

    • Enjoy Life
      Enjoy Life

      his real shooting stats from this game: 14/36 fg% 4/18 3 pt%

    • ERYS

      @FYF Sports Debates that's even worse 😭😭😭😭

    • FYF Sports Debates
      FYF Sports Debates

      it was actually 15-45

  • BrutalAsBucs

    Never lost to never won

  • Ricardo Pescador
    Ricardo Pescador

    He’s a bust at this point I don’t think he’s making the nba

  • Richard Wolfe
    Richard Wolfe

    Didn’t he score that 33 on 41 shots? Also 4/18 from three?

    • Enjoy Life
      Enjoy Life

      @Kamaal Abstract 14/36 ...38.9% from three he shot 4/18 thats 22.2%

    • Richard Wolfe
      Richard Wolfe

      @datte bayo that’s why I was questioning him saying he shot 40%

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      @datte bayo he said gelo shot around 40%... if you actually watched the game, it was no where near 40%

    • datte bayo
      datte bayo

      This is how I know u ain’t watching, he covered this lol

  • The Toothlezz Fork
    The Toothlezz Fork

    Liangelo to the dibs

  • Al Robinson
    Al Robinson

    He. Ready.

  • Carlos Brazao
    Carlos Brazao


  • MrNurse

    Team BBB WILL stay if they can at least get 2/3 of the Ball Bros and reunite with players from Chino Hill, Spire, JBA, and Zo/Melo’s buddy’s from the NBA

  • JeanPaul m
    JeanPaul m

    No way Im this early! Let’s goooo!

  • troy arthur
    troy arthur

    They always say when he scores but they never say what his field goal % is. His scoring doesn't help them win and his defense is pathetic.

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      They gotta try to force it to make Gelo look good when the game will show you how trash he actually played

  • Daniel Sims
    Daniel Sims

    I just watched the game , and as much I respect this channel , this whole video is all cap 🧢. Gelo was horrible in this game

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      Thank you! Watching the game vs just looking at stats exposes Gelo in a major way! This game did him NO favors

  • harmatod lamstel
    harmatod lamstel


  • Bearded Bettors
    Bearded Bettors


  • Crimson Heart
    Crimson Heart

    Uff, according to the comments the shooting % was horrendous and if that's the case it makes him look worse - will always root for him cause I'm all about positivity, but stats don't lie Some people were saying he was a better shooter than Lonzo, the man's not even in the NBA .. calm the fuck down. Lonzo is an elite PROVEN shooter. We can root for gelo without 🧢

    • Serenity in silence
      Serenity in silence

      @Zoryal stop with the 🧢. Since Zo has fixed his shot, he’s been well above average in 3pt%. Even if you wouldn’t consider him “elite”, he is still a top tier 3 point shooter. Last 2 seasons he averaged 39.5% from 3. It may have been slightly lower if he had played the full season, but he’s knocking on the door of 40% which is considered elite.

    • Zoryal

      @Slïm3 Wöck stop d riding he isn't

    • Slïm3 Wöck
      Slïm3 Wöck

      @Zoryal Zo is def an elite shooter stop speaking

    • Zoryal

      @Crimson Heart you clearly dont know what you're talking about. I said he's not an elite shooter. That doesn't mean he doesn't have a 3 that should be respected. You take things to heart and get too butthurt lmao

    • Zoryal

      @Kamaal Abstract in a category

  • Zakee Coates
    Zakee Coates

    Nba need sign gelo to team

  • kenneth tong
    kenneth tong

    Gelo is crap. Will never make it to the NBA. No professional leagues in Australia or Europe wants him.

    • Gregory Taylor
      Gregory Taylor

      He will never do what ???

  • Rodd Deep
    Rodd Deep

    Only if China gate didn't happen

  • shane snowberger
    shane snowberger

    Why don’t lavar ball make a nba team

    • shane snowberger
      shane snowberger

      @Kamaal Abstract why not tho I mean it would be a lot easier for his sons to play together

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      He was winless in the drew… why tf would they even consider him

  • Justin Needham
    Justin Needham

    There is no need for bbb to play in the drew league next summer because Gelo will get signed this year

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      Isn't Lavar 0-fer the last 2 years in the Drew? Why would they want him back.

  • Aim High!
    Aim High!

    He nba capable. he just has to continue and he'll make it

  • ebayer 4Life
    ebayer 4Life

    This videos are ridiculous

  • Life of Ryan RC
    Life of Ryan RC

    Nobody cares about a star player with horrible percentages on a losing team.

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      Thank you

  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    Honestly LiAngelo is better playing point guard at small forward.

  • Isaiah White
    Isaiah White

    First to watch

  • Blake

    I honestly have no interest in liangelo at this point. It's like beating a dead horse for me now. I always supported the ball family melo and Zo good but... Liangelo is average one trick pony. I'm tired of watching stuff about it

  • SEG tento
    SEG tento


  • 914 Von
    914 Von


  • Triz


  • artist of strongstyle
    artist of strongstyle

    Don't matter where you are scoring from. Scoring points is what matters. Scoring 33 points and not so much from the 3 that's impressive still. You are not always going to shoot the best way possible

    • Will Carlton
      Will Carlton

      @CM Yeah getting only 33 points out of 36 shots is not "scoring easily" despite what this clickbait channel will tell you 😆

    • CM

      Pro tip, if you need to take 36 shots to score 33 pts in a pro-am game you're cappin.

  • Four wheeler kid
    Four wheeler kid

    Gelo going to the bulls or nicks or hornets

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      @CM mr britt griner begs Mr Putin for a ticket to the game.Go.Russia

    • CM

      Only if he buys a ticket to the game.

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      I hope the Bulls, Buddy

    • Four wheeler kid
      Four wheeler kid

      @Zoryal he’s probably not going to the nicks what team do you think he is going to

    • Zoryal

      @Four wheeler kid whats your source

  • E F
    E F

    Started the video talking good, then went into disguised bashing. Snakes hide in the grass. BBB does not have the kind of players as other teams and everyone knows this, it also has to do with BBB standing for a brand, for pros to play on BBB will mean they are representing the brand and BBB will have to pay them because BBB is a brand which is advertising not just a team. BBB drew league team is for the Ball brothers and associates. Melo is with Puma so he cant play until they get the agreement straight and Lonzo is hurt right now. Melo is about to play soon and the NBA caught wind of it. Drew league has been around for years why the nba contract now? Melo and Gelo for BBB is going to be like when lebron came. Keep waiting on the downfall of BBB we can tell you only talk good when they do good just for the money you are able to make, but in reality you are one of the haters wishing on a fall, so you point out every negative as if they have to be perfect or something.

    • E F
      E F

      @CM BBB is a brand, none of the other teams are, no one gets paid, but for a pro to play on BBB team which is a brand, that would be them advertising the Brand, which means they would have to get paid. Do you get it?

    • CM

      My man, nobody gets paid playing in Drew, it's a men's summer league. And ain't nobody hating on BBB, most people just forgot it existed.

  • Malaki727

    Gelo a bum

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      Mr brittney griner is a bum? Yes, that's true.Mr Putin is all class though