The REASON Why LiAngelo Ball Has NOT Been Signed By An NBA Team In Free Agency!
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  • Joseph Spratley III
    Joseph Spratley III

    I’m really rooting for Gelo wanna see him prove the doubters wrong

    • derrick Gibbs
      derrick Gibbs

      @agustin D I feel like he’s done nothing but improve if you like at what type of shape he’s in now vs the shape he was in and he used to only shoot layups with his right hand it seems to me he’s more motivated than ever

    • Chaotic Neutral
      Chaotic Neutral

      Holley Tizzube PJ Tucker clone.

    • Holley Tizzube
      Holley Tizzube

      @agustin D well uh he's there now

    • Holley Tizzube
      Holley Tizzube

      @Chaotic Neutral 6"5

    • Swavy Mell Tv
      Swavy Mell Tv


  • JJO 1023
    JJO 1023

    Gelo's path to the NBA looks like something we'd see in 2k MyCareer lol

    • Holley Tizzube
      Holley Tizzube

      @Alexander Garcia as many as nba 2k comment there are

    • Holley Tizzube
      Holley Tizzube

      @IsmaiL NYC 600 that didnt age well😬

    • Holley Tizzube
      Holley Tizzube

      @ExoticFlare welp he in the league now

    • Alexander Garcia
      Alexander Garcia

      How many "hes in the nba now" comments will there be?

    • emmanuel inweh
      emmanuel inweh

      He’s in the nba now

  • Xiaolong Lee
    Xiaolong Lee

    Still hoping for Gelo Ball in the NBA..

    • Freych Christian Maandig
      Freych Christian Maandig

      @EJ Magistrado neutral lololol

    • Freych Christian Maandig
      Freych Christian Maandig

      @Steven Howe lol wtf does this even mean

    • Steven Howe
      Steven Howe

      @Freych Christian Maandig your comment didn’t age well.

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis

      He signed a 1 year deal with the Pistons!

    • cool dude
      cool dude

      He is now

  • Meeks

    I’m deadass rooting for him, his timing is nearing 💯

    • Holley Tizzube
      Holley Tizzube

      @I am Groot! yea idk bout that

    • Johnny TightLips
      Johnny TightLips

      The time has come

    • dr3nch_g0d

      @Ivey 96 how is he bad if he's in the g league

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @Meeks Nah. If he were nearly as good as the bench players you talk about would been in uniform by now.

    • T Dog
      T Dog

      @Julian why does he deserve to be in the NBA?

  • A_Fye

    who’s here after he signed

    • DiorJox

      Now he’s signed

    • ThatzE3

      he got waived

    • Leosvany Valdivia
      Leosvany Valdivia

      Is he signed ?

    • Raihan Ghazali
      Raihan Ghazali

      But then they release him before even scoring 1 point in the nba

    • John Lewis
      John Lewis


  • Jarvis Harper
    Jarvis Harper

    “The reason Gelo hasn’t been signed.” Gelo: *signs with pistons* 🤣🤣🤣

    • ThatzE3

      they waived him

    • Raihan Ghazali
      Raihan Ghazali

      Plot twist they released him

    • Wavemaker

      Plot twist, Gelo is not really signed with the Pistons.

    • Anthony Tanksley
      Anthony Tanksley

      Danm you beat me to it 🤣

    • Jarvius Jackson
      Jarvius Jackson

      Lol right sometimes you got to wait and see and shut up 🤐

  • NeoGem

    Since OKC is in full rebuild mode maybe they give Gelo a shot and give him a 10 day if he is does blue with the blue this upcoming season.

    • Nate Mulat
      Nate Mulat

      Fuck no he g league bond

    • Maurice Mallari
      Maurice Mallari


  • B R A D A N
    B R A D A N

    Who’s here after LiAngelo Ball was signed to the Detroit Pistons?

    • Raihan Ghazali
      Raihan Ghazali

      But then they released him before even scoring a point

    • Holley Tizzube
      Holley Tizzube

      @C C bro stfu now u just sound like u mad he got signed

    • Brandon Collier
      Brandon Collier

      @C C for such a rough downfall, you gotta admit, him having anything to do with the league is impressive

    • Honest Fan
      Honest Fan

      @C C you sound like a hater bro 😂 think of it like this: he made it farther in his basketball career than you, your father, and your son ever will!!

    • C C
      C C

      How does the channel look stupid? Dude got signed to an exhibit 10 contract. If you don’t know what that means then look it up. He hasn’t made the roster and will play in training camp and then probably end up on their G-league team. Dude never had serious NBA potential and wasn’t a top prospect in his position even in college,


    Let's not forget: At age 19, LiAngelo Ball averaged 12.6 ppg, 41.5% 3fg, 5.9 3PA in the Lithuanian LKL, the premiere league of Lithuania. For reference: At the same age, 19 year old Jonas Valanciunas averaged 14.2 ppg, 7.4 rpg, 66.5% fg and won the MVP of the LKL that season, and went on to become a very solid starter in the NBA. Nobody is saying that LiAngelo will come in and give you 20+ ppg in the NBA, but I honestly do think that he has gone a little bit underrated. He is great at what he does and stays within his role.

    • Kevin Francis
      Kevin Francis

      @Raj Sakaria No college grad has a clean record. Drugs, illegal drinking, DUIs nobody is a saint in this world bro. Yes some are viewed worse but I know plenty of YT rich cleptos that got their dream job. Adults just expect you to grow and learn. Him stealing is not the reason at all.

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @Ernie Gonzalez If you watch LiAngelo in those games you see he can shoot, but boxing out and rebounding against slow white Euro scrubs was a challenge. IF dude gets some G-League action we will know just how far below NBA level he really is. I don't see him even starting in the G much less every seeing NBA roster status

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      OMG... the 'premiere league of Lithuania' thats like saying 'the best Sushi at 7-11' lmao

    • Steven Scummy
      Steven Scummy

      @Raj Sakaria He really messed up his career over some sunglasses he could afford, honestly I'm not sure about his IQ either because he thought it was a good idea to tell the chinese authorities he stole them "because he liked how they looked" lol, and the one and done commercial where they made a joke about stealing wasn't a good idea either, especially after we've all seen how the NBA bows down to China with the hong kong stuff.

    • JuJu3x

      @Raj Sakaria john wall is a blood, demar derozan is a crip, teams dont care about dat

  • Sphereauds

    I was watching old clips of him in high school and he was everything a coach wanted. Great fundamentals, buff with relatively solid athleticism, great shooting, good defense, and good ball control.

  • Christopher Eason
    Christopher Eason

    Anyone who doesn’t see gelo’s potential, they are straight hating. He clearly has the skills and just needs the right team and work to get to that level. He needs a JJ like melo has

  • ccmo97

    I hope he comes back to okc because tbh it’s a perfect situation for him . The g league coach is now our okc thunder coach and is all about building players . He can easily get up in okc roster . We need a good solid shooting guard

  • Mr. Capalot
    Mr. Capalot

    Who’s here after LiAngelo signed with the Detroit pistons

  • Hemp420

    Him stealing at UCLA dropped his stock a lot initially. He’ll end up in the league tho .

    • BrickieAON

      @John Riosa Bet you’re mad after Gelo got signed

    • John Riosa
      John Riosa

      @BrickieAON So "ballin out" in Lithuania is shooting 40% from the field and 20 from deep? 😂 you know how many shots you need to ball hog and chuck up to average his advertised 15ppg?

    • John Riosa
      John Riosa

      @Vlone Dolo Totally disagree. Didnt Kendrick Nunn have a domestic abuse case against him and he made a roster? Point is, it wasnt the theft. Fact is Gelo didn't shine in an obscure euro league and he probably won't make the Pistons roster beyond a training camp invite. What Gelo is good at, other players can do better. He doesn't play D either, and hes not long or athletic at an NBA standard. Its just not in him to play beyond G league. If you play and watch basketball, its not hard to see. Gelo is good at basketball. But NBA level? No.

    • Jarvisislife

      @Murphy Brown LLLL

    • B G
      B G

      @Vlone Dolo they didn’t blackball him bro. If you know basketball, you realize his game isn’t anywhere near league level at the moment. He was in a shitty euro league and even then didn’t stand out from the competition. Don’t know what else to tell you other than real hoop heads know how hard it is to enter the league. People act like any d1 athlete can go to the league.

  • Asafo Rider
    Asafo Rider

    Never has a player who never talks been hated on so much.

    • Neil Ramos
      Neil Ramos

      @Barstool Blues still got signed, you was talking crazy bout him never getting in the league

    • Barstool Blues
      Barstool Blues

      @Neil Ramos And he was just waived by the Pistons without even playing a single pre season minute.

    • Asafo Rider
      Asafo Rider

      @Truthbringer - yeah but you said on nobody radar. There is 400 NBA players and 400 G League players. Gelo is 1 of these 800 guys yet you was just saying he on nobody radar

    • Truthbringer -
      Truthbringer -

      @Asafo Ridercalm down it's a training camp invite with incentive to sign if he can make it. It's called an exhibit 10 deal.

    • Asafo Rider
      Asafo Rider

      @Truthbringer - Just a day later and look how dumb your arguments were... Just saying. Lol

  • Nathaniel Kang
    Nathaniel Kang

    I feel like OKC blue would be great for him because they’re trying to tank this year. If gelo can pop off, he could actually get a shot in the nba

  • Thilan Silva
    Thilan Silva

    Great content! Gelo 3 is taller than Lonzo now. He’s stronger than both brothers and a much better shot. Once his handles gets to the next level.. that’s a wrap..


      @Dee Hines wasn’t meant for u

    • Dee Hines
      Dee Hines

      @JJCOOKZ ?


      @Dee Hines 🤡

    • Dee Hines
      Dee Hines

      @Orion33 Lavar says that about both Gelo and Melo.

    • Orion33

      His dunking has improved too

  • Chooga Fantastic
    Chooga Fantastic

    Gelo gonna figure it out, he gonna have a helluva story when it’s all said and done

    • Chooga Fantastic
      Chooga Fantastic

      @Pooh Life tried to tell em fam 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Pooh Life
      Pooh Life

      Detroit pistons

  • Jenn

    Imagine if Gelo does make the NBA and succeeds more than Zo & Melo 🤯

    • LA Nice
      LA Nice

      @tksaint nah danny green and Klay thompson type of player just running around screens and spot up

    • tksaint

      @LA Nice yea he just needs better handles

    • LA Nice
      LA Nice

      He’s bigger than them and shoot better, I’m not gonna be surprised

    • Prime Hitler
      Prime Hitler 🐍💨💨🤟🏾

  • Todd Sands
    Todd Sands

    I'm going to keep it real and honest about this. I sincerely hope that if LiAngelo Ball is good enough to play in the NBA, I hope he gets the opportunity. I personally thought it was a bad idea for him to leave UCLA after the incident in China. I believe that whole thing hurt him big time. But regardless, if LiAngelo gets signed to an NBA roster, more power to him. In addition, there are too many players similar to LiAngelo Ball that are available each year either in the draft or via free agency. And LiAngelo's major injury also hurts his stock.

  • Rahul Makkena
    Rahul Makkena

    Gelo gonna get signed just watch

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @Holley Tizzube What downfall? LiAngelo is getting FB money and has 2 brothers in the NBA he gonna be just fine! Every entourage needs a driver lol. As for his basketball career, he does not have one yet. If the truth hurts keep scrolling!

    • Holley Tizzube
      Holley Tizzube

      @I am Groot! so u waiting on another mans

    • Holley Tizzube
      Holley Tizzube

      @I am Groot! ok🤣

    • I am Groot!
      I am Groot!

      @Henny Knows Dudes get picked up for alot of reasons. Serge Ibaka brother got scouted and he ain't NBA level. This is more about LaMelo's story than pops. Curry brothers still the best sibling NBA players ever.

    • Dylan

      good shit my boy you were correct

  • Oscar Bares
    Oscar Bares

    He should try on a strong league like the Spanish one, in a B or C category team and get exposure and experience.



    • Oscar Bares
      Oscar Bares

      @korie lucious I think he could get great experience, and I don't think the guy lacks condition or talent, but... he needs to show it competing... A team like Manresa (Serge Ibaka played there) that is heavy in formation or Juventud de Badalona (Ricky Rubio first club) that also has that kind of focus in competing and forming good players could be an awesome fit for him, and don't understimate the curiosity he would raise in the local media and fans... Now that clubs are not economically at their best... I'm sure if he wanted he could try here, and who knows? maybe the kid ends up showing more of his talents.

    • korie lucious
      korie lucious

      Spanish 3rd division or 4th division it’s really strong over there he won’t do it both his brothers are in the league he wanna live the life 2

    • Angel D29
      Angel D29


  • Walnut

    Warriors should pick up Gelo. Budget Klay for a season while he's out.

    • Knoda

      @yoloswagpolo gelo grew but yeah his defense is nowhere near Klay’s people forget that Klay is an above average defender and that he’s one of the best shooter of all time idk why these guys saying similar play style the only thing they have similar is that they are not too athletic and they’re shooters

    • C4Zero

      Gelo is a good shooter

    • HTX at Large
      HTX at Large

      @TheAmishRifle I don't even think Klay is a low low budget Klay anymore. He's washed from injuries. all those post seasons have caught up with his body. He's going to be a 6th man, then retired.

    • TheAmishRifle

      He’s not even a budget budget Klay

    • yoloswagpolo

      Yeah minus the defence, off ball movement and like 3 inches

  • Lisandro Ortega
    Lisandro Ortega

    Crazy thing is this man has the best looking jumpsuit outta all his brothers but he the one who isn’t on a nba roster

    • Urban Globetrotter
      Urban Globetrotter

      The other 2 do a few things better. They are point guards, floor generals. But I wish him luck, someone will sign him

    • Urban Globetrotter
      Urban Globetrotter

      @Rasheed Miller I hope he makes it!

    • Rasheed Miller
      Rasheed Miller

      @Urban Globetrotter The other two young men who were involved in the incident were ONLY suspended for the season but still allowed their free education, but was able to rejoin the team the following school year

    • Urban Globetrotter
      Urban Globetrotter

      @Rasheed Miller He was kicked off the team so staying there wasn't an option

    • Urban Globetrotter
      Urban Globetrotter

      @Wilberto Casillas ?

  • Fradgers 123
    Fradgers 123

    I think he’d be a good signing for the suns or the warriors

  • B. Otis
    B. Otis

    He’s got so much to prove and he won’t stop fighting. He can end up the most productive player out of his brothers. He WILL make it.

  • ggv sil
    ggv sil

    Would love to see him in Europe.... Imo he is more a European league style player and if he get some experience he can play at some top European team at Euroleague, BCL, Eurocup

  • Sherry Johnson
    Sherry Johnson

    I still have very high hopes for Gelo. My faith is high too. He’s way to great to ignore, and I honestly believe anyone would be a fool not to at least watch some action of him playing in the league like you suggest, then some action with his brothers... time is such a mug! And this 2020 hardly gave us any! 😫😕

  • J H
    J H

    If gelo gets into the NBA that makes 4 of the starting 5 of that Chino Hill's team and 3 of the Ball brothers, plus 3 top ten picks. What a job Lavar did.

    • Jarvisislife


    • Ju

      People thought he was crazy and only see what’s online and don’t see what he put them threw since they was kids he really is a great dad for that because without him they prolly wouldn’t even made jt

  • D.

    I think Gelo will get the call to go up to the NBA in the 2020 - 2021 NBA season. To which NBA team i do not know . We all will have to wait and see. I'm hoping the very best for him. He may go to Memphis or Portland. Those are my thoughts.

  • Ernest Roberts
    Ernest Roberts

    All three brothers in the NBA is a legendary moment even though they going to be on separate teams but #TeamGeloBall

  • Steez

    He’s still pretty young. Only 22. Sure he may not be a star like Melo’s trajectory but if he puts on solid g league performances this next season or two, he still has good chances of getting picked up.

  • Carlos Castillo
    Carlos Castillo

    Gelo is a solid role player. I hope he makes it the league to showcase that.

  • Danish Khan
    Danish Khan

    I think that LiAngelo Ball would be in the NBA if he hadn't shoplifted in China.

    • HTX at Large
      HTX at Large

      @Barstool Blues 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Barstool Blues
      Barstool Blues

      @Prince Njoku Nope. Just waived by the Pistons without even playing.

    • Barstool Blues
      Barstool Blues

      @HTX at Large And now he was just waived by the Pistons without playing a single minute. You mad?

    • Barstool Blues
      Barstool Blues

      @HTX at Large Not particularly.

    • HTX at Large
      HTX at Large

      @Barstool Blues 🤣🤣 you mad

  • DeadShot 227
    DeadShot 227

    Tbh I’m rooting for Gelo. I want him to succeed

  • Low Tier God
    Low Tier God

    i think he still gets in the nba somehow, im rooting for him

  • Ryan

    The G-League is 100 percent happening this year, with the addition of that new team of some younger players they can’t not play this season

  • Kid Ink-_
    Kid Ink-_

    Somebody said he only upgraded his steals that’s y 😂

  • Lindo Zuma
    Lindo Zuma

    Honestly i said it at the beginning when all that stuff happened, he should of came to Australia and played in the league. Hundred percent teams would of looked at him,or even go play in Europe

  • Patrick

    Who is here after he got signed to the pistons

  • Dae4 Christ
    Dae4 Christ

    The warriors needa sign bro 😂💯 hes a shooter and all people talk about is needing shooters and most of em defensive liabilities

  • Will Cee
    Will Cee

    For some reason I don’t think a team with all three of them could work out but that was them in highschool so the chemistry is definitely there. The team would probably never make it to the finals though

  • Diamond Stallworth
    Diamond Stallworth

    Gelo is going to show these people he is a great! Basketball player smh I hope he gets a chance

    • Cycle of Life
      Cycle of Life

      I just don't understand the devoted advocating for these two ball players. Lonzo went the traditional route and proved his worth. The other two seemed to have done everything to avoid being evaluated versus elite competition. Where can anyone, other than when they were high school, have seen them competing against their peers, NBA prospects or even in unstructured summer league games or workouts with a mix of NBA pro's and top flight prospects?

    • drxpped

      @Tom Sp why you tryna kiss people over the internet 😭😭😭

    • drxpped

      @Tom Sp you weird bruh

    • sheluvzenni

      @Tom Sp hell get yo fruity ahh on somewhere

    • mani.

      @Tom Sp ain gotta tell me twice 😷😏

  • Clyde James Riola
    Clyde James Riola

    I really love to see liangelo playing in the nba

  • Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis

    He should come here in Australia under His bro's team the Hawks.. Shine big down here and prove them all wrong

  • Turbo MG5
    Turbo MG5

    The hornets might as well sign him 🤷🏽‍♂

  • Officialtrentoo

    I feel like he can make it he actually is a great player , just gotta grind hard asf 😎

  • Khadijah Joy Sams
    Khadijah Joy Sams

    I hope he gets through to a team. God bless him

  • Ayonnelle Ting
    Ayonnelle Ting

    Gelo just signed a 1 yr contract for the pistons. Congratulations!!!🔥

  • xavier saifoloi
    xavier saifoloi

    Bro Gelo is ready for the league watch him prove these doubters wrong 🔥💙 G huncho finna show these guys up keep working gelo💙 og ball in the family viewer here since season 1🤝

  • Snow Tha Saint
    Snow Tha Saint

    He gone get signed , he’ll get his chance ! 💪🏽 🅱️🅱️🅱️

  • Bullsnation

    Well he just signed with the pistons lmao

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson

    The NFL is waiting for him. As a matter of fact several teams inquired about him.

  • VinCentral - Brawl Stars
    VinCentral - Brawl Stars

    bruh 3 or 4 years ago I thought lamelo would be the worst out of all of them..... proved me wrong

  • Phantom2kgod

    Man I hope gelo makes it he’s not bad at all he’s a great spot up and can create his own shots if needed

  • Judah Amen-Ra
    Judah Amen-Ra

    Lakers need a shooting guard. The rejected ball my end up being the most blessed Ball should someone give him an opportunity. At least the Lakers should give him a G league look as compensation for not doing so sooner.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt

    Of course he’s gonna make it, he just hasn’t been picked up coming off the injury and then not seeing him play after.

  • John 14:6 John 14:6
    John 14:6 John 14:6

    Strangely enough, one way LiAngelo could make a NBA roster is to wait until a NBA player sits out due to the Corona Virus. Many athletes College & Pro are sitting the upcoming seasons out.

  • Arismendy Guareno
    Arismendy Guareno

    Rooting for Gelo hope he make it

  • Theo Taylor
    Theo Taylor

    He honestly has the best form out of all of them and defense

  • Leek Henny
    Leek Henny

    Im rooting for gelo 💯💯💯💯

  • Marquel Lee
    Marquel Lee

    Liangelo ball, drafted to detroit. 1 year, non guaranteed deal. 🔥🏀

  • TheRealC.T.

    Let me save y’all 8 minutes of your life, he hasn’t been signed because he isn’t good enough 🤷🏾‍♂️ still time so all the best to him

  • Manuel Espinosa
    Manuel Espinosa

    I think Gelo is the best out of the 3 Brothers. He is the most physical then the 3. Shoots better for his size.

  • Wayne Griffith
    Wayne Griffith

    Straight facts .... he's the best shooter of the three brothers. Hate that he's getting a rough time trying to make the league. Keep working G3, it's going to pay off bro👊

  • Nelson Dendomo
    Nelson Dendomo

    Tbh OKC might as well sign him. It’s not like they competing or anything. They literally just switched up almost their entire roster including the coach. Gelo could be a good piece to that rebuild as a sharp shooter. They really got nothing to lose, just sign the guy and see where it goes🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Mistaa Ali
    Mistaa Ali

    Should’ve done 4 years at UCLA

    • Nelson Dendomo
      Nelson Dendomo

      2 stupid choices were made. Him stealing in China and pulling him out of UCLA

    • Wet em up
      Wet em up

      @Flavor Flav right like dam he had to be high

    • Eb

      @Flavor Flav stealing is not always about money. He was being stupid. Glad it didnt ruin his life. When he does make it to the nba he will be greatful and humbled.

    • Flavor Flav
      Flavor Flav

      @Jared T exactly like what was the point his family is rich😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Sin

      @Rikwashere 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alfredo

    I feel like he was gonna go the NBA but when he stole I feel his chances went lower

  • Jaron Taylor
    Jaron Taylor

    I feel he should look to the curry brothers...seth in particular...we all know Steph is the cream of the crop of the family and will go down as one the best ever..but seth for a long time followed in his shadow...spent time in the g league and couldn't seem to stick on a took a while but he finally did .and now has carved out a nice role for himself in the league...

  • Supersonicgaming

    The thunder should give him a shot this season until they make their super team full of 1st round picks at least lol

  • Jovonie Rosales
    Jovonie Rosales

    Would be cool to see them all on the same team again

  • Christian Buissereth
    Christian Buissereth

    Honestly I feel like after he messed up at UCLA by stealing most of the attention shifted to Melo after that

  • Teijo

    LiAngelo is such a good all around player something like a Klay I think he'll get a shot soon

  • Ever Zubia
    Ever Zubia

    Who's here after the pistons signed him

  • Clifford The Big Red Dawg
    Clifford The Big Red Dawg

    He has the exposure to make it to the NBA, he just has to put in the work.

  • carrastealth

    The reason Gelo hasn't been signed is because of the mistake he made in China which lead to him leaving UCLA. I guarantee if he didn't do that, he'd have played for UCLA and then a team would have picked him up. Maybe late mid-late 1st round or early 2nd round but he'd be in the NBA right now instead of the G-League.

  • lol stfu
    lol stfu

    dont worry i feel like he'll have a justin holiday type of career. All he needs is is that one chance and he'll ball out

  • Geevii

    Who here because Liangelo just got signed to The Pistons.

  • Zack2k

    It’s cause he’s a 6,5 guard but I think he’s going be able play in nba

  • KG

    i feel like he can be the best of them but hes not trying hard enough cuz he got taller now and we know he got the jumper and the hops

  • A Problematic problem
    A Problematic problem

    He hasn’t been signed bc there are too many players that play just like him. As lethal as a catch and shooter he can be(he can take it in too) there’s isn’t that Wow factor that he gives you. Had he not gotten arrested in China, sit would’ve probably went different.

  • LookMedusa

    Gelo just need to get on a G league team stay for at least 4 yrs to improve and show himself and then I think he would be nba ready.

  • LE RUU76
    LE RUU76

    Honestly jelo should come to NBL 2021 here in Oz, play his skillz and watch what that will bring💯🔥

  • FamousDraco 615
    FamousDraco 615

    Gelo been working day in day out since that China situation... I know for a fact gelo gone get buckets ... there is film of melo and Zo having a bad game not G3

  • BBB ooo ayy
    BBB ooo ayy

    DKM, you know so much and so reliable. Love everyone of your vids, 100000% best source

    • Matthew

      Jesus loves you

  • Gym John
    Gym John

    And now my guy is with the pistons 💪🏽

  • Makayi

    No way he won’t be in the NBA. 1) His brothers are 2) Chino Hills have had several people make it to the league from the same team He could go to Australia too cos he’s still young.

  • Raeffon Ruskin
    Raeffon Ruskin

    He needs to go to the nbl like melo

  • DrumLuv23

    I give big kudos to Lavar for talking up Liangelo even though he hasn't made the league yet. That has to mean the world as a son.

  • ZukoSZN

    Y'all gotta stop doubting Gelo he's good enough to play for a team

  • Madara

    Gelo was the the leading scorer of probably the best high school team. He benched 315 his senior year for reps and thats when he was chubby hes much stronger now. then he goes to ucla and averages 11 in the preseason gets kicked out and on a new team a new system in a new country averages 40 from 3 on grown men. He finally got the surgery thats been dragging him from the beginning of high school back in the gym better than ever my guy shouldve been in the league but especially now

  • NikkoBandz

    honestly with how the thunder is lookin I don’t see them not bringing up gelo for a couple games 💯

  • Omer Alam
    Omer Alam

    The thing is he should’ve just stayed in college it’s not like he was banned he was just suspended

  • Red Bean Coffee
    Red Bean Coffee

    this is what happened to Iverson, before going to college. He got in trouble and was one of the top players in the nation and no colleges wanted to take him. Thompson at Georgetown gave him a chance, it took a black coach and the rest is history. Im not saying Gelo is a Iverson but he def is better than some of these guys that has been picked up. Just think Zo went number 1 pick and Melo was #3 and Gelo is a wayyyyyy better shoot than both of them

  • FullTime Leauge
    FullTime Leauge

    Should go to the NBL.... prove critics wrong and then come back to the NBA draft. I really pray he makes the NBA.

  • Mr Me Myself & I
    Mr Me Myself & I

    When he gets to the league I need a blank basket jersey with the name ball and 312 on it

  • deaundrefox72

    Real question is could you see him beating any nba player 1 on 1 besides his brothers

  • Red Vanderbilt
    Red Vanderbilt

    Magic drafted Lonzo Jordan drafted Lamelo Bird will sign LiAngelo


    Most NBA execs (the sane one's) are probably all thinking 1 Ball brother in the NBA is the result of excellent marketing on behalf of Lavar.....A second Ball brother in the NBA is the result of NBA execs not learning there lesson the first time. What Gelo should've done is stayed in college and played division 1 but Lavar fucked that one up big time

  • CloutSki

    its crazy how these brothers have grown so much and always had the same hype ever since melo was like 14 lmao