What Happened To EVERY Player HIGHER RANKED Than LaMelo Ball In High School? | Ft. 2020 NBA Draft!
What Happened To EVERY Player HIGHER RANKED Than LaMelo Ball In High School? | Ft. 2020 NBA Draft!
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1. James Wiseman
2. Cole Anthony
3. Isaiah Stewart
4. Anthony Edwards
5. RJ Hampton
6. Vernon Carey JR
7. Jaden McDaniels
8. Josh Green
9. Nico Mannion
10. Scottie Lewis
11. Matthew Hurt
12. Kahlil Whitney
13. Tyrese Maxey
14. Jeremiah Robinson Earl
15. Bryan Antoine
16. Isaiah Mobley
17. Precious Achiuwa
18. Armando Bacot
19. Trendan Watford
20. Onyeka Okongwu
21. LaMelo Ball

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  • Grady Turner
    Grady Turner

    Chino Hills had a future #2, #3, and #6 nba draft pick on the same team. I can see why people call them the best high school team ever.

    • Salgadinh02


    • Juan FN
      Juan FN

      and a potential undrafted player😭

    • Cubs 14
      Cubs 14

      @Crazy Llama who’s were the 3 drafted in the top 3?

    • Logan Cave
      Logan Cave

      They had Cade, Scottie and more first round picks

    • Logan Cave
      Logan Cave


  • Monte Christian
    Monte Christian

    so we just gon act like this man cole anthony didn’t have spike lee in his living room cheering for him 🤣

    • TM33

      @groovytony just to clarify, Cole and Carmelo didn't have any relations at all

    • D B
      D B

      @Ju Stin ? Wym

    • JTATV

      NBA 2K16 cutscene IRL

    • groovytony

      his dad is greg anthony who played forthe knicks. he is also cousons with carmelo anthony who played for the knicks. so it makes sense that they would know spike lee who goes to every game

    • brendanhouser94

      Well considering cole Anthony's dad played in the league and is still a figure in it. Makes sense lol

  • Aiden Sullivan
    Aiden Sullivan

    I thought I was gonna see a lot more busts above him, surprisingly all most all of them has nba potential

    • Ovven On Ball
      Ovven On Ball

      @Lazy Predator riiiight, seems like the opposite now, lots of players that will be long time high quality role player careers

    • Victory

      @Jamaal Longino 🤣

    • Emmanuel Adekunle
      Emmanuel Adekunle

      @Lazy Predator am not sure about that though

    • It’s_ Anthony
      It’s_ Anthony

      Facts same here

    • Michael E.
      Michael E.

      @Lazy Predator This upcoming draft is the one that's incredibly stacked

  • Altieri Lopez
    Altieri Lopez

    finally found a guy who can keep me up to speed with the nba 😂

    • Surprise623er

      @Fernando Anguiano its just a dumb saying they do, like bro code

    • Mitten Demon
      Mitten Demon

      @Fernando Anguiano nah he doesnt bro he’s actually connected with them. Like he’s close to Lavar and allat

    • DKM

      @Fernando Anguiano the people that wanna see it

    • Fernando Anguiano
      Fernando Anguiano

      @DKM I dont understand what you mean by the culture 😂

  • Nick

    DKM your content is getting better by the day. I wish you much success bro. You are a great young talent and dope content creator. Much love sir

    • thatboy dre
      thatboy dre

      Fr this video is really goo

  • Otakusenpai

    This channel was all about the Balls when i used to watch a year or two ago... im glad to see it still is. Dont ever change

  • Ballskeezy

    RJ Hampton finding his way to Denver will have me watching them closely for sure. Tim Connelly has been drafting his ass off and setting the Nuggets up for long time success imo

    • Nunya Damn Bidness
      Nunya Damn Bidness

      @Freddy Calipari being a backup pg usually works wonders for pgs. he'll get minutes when they can't afford their current backup. if he's good he'll get plenty of burn as they like to play both together.

    • Ballskeezy

      @Freddy Calipari bro what? You definitely want him to develop similarly to guys like Murray, Harris and MPJ? If he got sent to a bad team, sure he would probably ball out but there’s a reason why he was taken in the late 1st and not the lottery, he’s not ready yet. He still needs to develop my guy, and he’s in one of the best places to do that

    • AC

      Freddy Calipari Denver Nuggets is contending now. Hampton is in a perfect place to win.

    • AC

      Freddy Calipari I’ve never heard a rookie say that he wants to play for a bad team. They want to play for good teams that are championship contenders bro. Watch some nba rookie interviews. All they say is “I just want to win”.

    • Freddy Calipari
      Freddy Calipari

      @AC lol? they have will barton and monte harris off the bench who are legit pro's. this kid will be in the g league or riding pine.

  • You Dont
    You Dont

    God damn the nuggets got RJ, Bol Bol, and MPJ... hope they keep them all and develop they got a bright future fr

    • daishaaaaaaa

      nah they need to Trade Bol Bol. They’re wasting him bro

    • David Atkins
      David Atkins

      don’t forget markus howard 🐐

  • JMsoFLY

    How bout do a “where are they now” with LaMelo’s AAU Big Baller Brand teammates?

    • Jose

      @byxisboii mans way too underrated and fire

    • Mark

      @Dea D. Ass Idk man, they were small but full of scrappy players.

    • Dea D. Ass
      Dea D. Ass

      you do know they father purposely had weaker teams around his sons so she can get better and struggle...

    • byxisboii

      Two of his teammates are rappers now like dc the don

  • PK Football
    PK Football

    Contentttt! DKM ain't playing you've been going strength to strength with your content the growth is beautiful to see (long time sub speaking here). Excited to see what you'll be posting when the nba season starts. Oh and also that 1 of 1 Melo documentary absolute game changer keep it up bro fr 👊

  • maltabossXD

    Do a where are they now for lamelo’s spire teammates

    • Wilson Guo
      Wilson Guo

      @tre thomas rocket at Mississippi state now

    • Jaden Torres
      Jaden Torres


    • Bernie Bock Junior
      Bernie Bock Junior

      @X I do now after reading these comments. Myron Gardner

    • X

      @Bernie Bock Junior do you remember his name? The one who got kicked out

    • Sean Alexander
      Sean Alexander

      @Mason Tronsor myron is at south plains now

  • TheHuskyK9

    Can we talk about how Chino Hills produced so much NBA talent in the span of 3 years? That is some top-notch coaching at that school

    • lem

      @Rayleigh yeah I was rooting for that guy too

    • Dayne Morrison
      Dayne Morrison

      You can thank lavar ball

    • Matheus Henz
      Matheus Henz

      @Andrew Easley more like top notch recruiting

    • Rayleigh

      But where is Will Pluma?

    • Dea D. Ass
      Dea D. Ass

      @Andrew Easley luck or really good work during the ball era

  • Alvini Linguine
    Alvini Linguine

    Yep, I played Watford in Highschool and he played in my division, he was a beast. I didn't know he was ranked THAT high. Funny enough he was projected to be a 1st round pick and I was surprised he didn't go to the draft.

    • Brian

      Ghost Dagger r/whoosh

    • Parker Landergan
      Parker Landergan

      @Ghost Dagger watch the vid bruh

    • Ballskeezy

      @Ghost Dagger Did you watch the video? He literally said he withdrew his name

    • Ghost Dagger
      Ghost Dagger

      He did go to the draft

  • Cycle of Life
    Cycle of Life

    What process did NBA scouts use in evaluating Ball compared to prospects who played NCAA ball? Considering the impact of the pandemic individual workouts were virtually non existent and in the case of Ball footage of him playing versus top flight talent is also virtually nonexistent because he faced only players in leagues in Lithuania and Australia.

  • Rorisang Pitswane
    Rorisang Pitswane

    14:39 : RJ going to the NBL was better for his development as a player however if he went to college he would have been drafted top 15. At the end of the day as IT taught us it doesn’t matter where you are drafted, what ultimately matters is that you are drafted. Also he’s entering a good situation with Denver who don’t have a SG, a position that is RJ’s natural one. One reason why I like Denver is the approach they’ve been having with their draft picks is a developmental one, look at Bol Bol, the Nuggets always planned on bringing him up but want him to develop, it’s going to be the same story with the Nuggets. Depending on how hard he works RJ could very well be a stater before the season ends next year, but I feel they might send him down to the G League to develop for next season.

  • Kyle Byrd Clevenger
    Kyle Byrd Clevenger

    16:34.. when you said “that’s just great recruiting” referring to NBA teams. I feel like the recruiting happens within the players. What I think you meant to say was that’s just great managing. Because it’s not recruiting in the NBA except for players doing their things but when it comes to the organization, and getting players in who you think are good fits and will play their roll. That’s all managing a team and putting it together not recruiting. My bad idk why but that stood out to me so I just wanted to clarify it.

  • Jamie

    Anthony edwards will most likely start at the 3 and will most likely start off as the 4th option for the wolves

  • HyperXsniper

    man is only 20 years old with 124 thousand subscribers and is already one of the best basketball analyst people on IRglo in my prospective good job keep up the good work

    • HyperXsniper


    • Gang time
      Gang time

      i dont think they changed the description of the channel

    • Gang time
      Gang time

      i think he 22 as he born in 98

    • HyperXsniper

      Exactly what I'm talking about

    • TheHuskyK9

      When you produce good content with consistency, your efforts will get rewarded

  • Francisco Vidaud
    Francisco Vidaud

    People tend to forget how stacked this draft class was, so I could see why alot of the players on this list decided to do one more year of college

    • Jared Gould
      Jared Gould

      @Slashyys seriously lol, like edwards would barely be a top 10 pick next year

    • Slashyys

      @Jared Gould I thought the same thing lol

    • Jared Gould
      Jared Gould

      This class was one of the weakest in recent years

    • Takeugi

      next years is more stacked

    • Bird man
      Bird man

      next year draft class is stacked as well

  • Felipe Brunetta
    Felipe Brunetta

    Surprisingly, this video makes the list look really good. It's really hard to predict like two years into the future

  • Peaktra

    Melo deserves top 20 for sure! Bright future ahead of him👏🏼👏🏼

  • RuskiVodka

    "I think Josh green will help the Mavs right away" LMAO, that aged fucking horribly

    • JJ Clark
      JJ Clark

      @fenley Dorismond I brought up brunson didn't I?

    • Jacob

      @JJ Clark literally Carlisle hates rookies... Pacers just drafted Chris Duarte with the 13th pick and the pacers are already discussing him barely cracking the lineup this next season.

    • fenley Dorismond
      fenley Dorismond

      @JJ Clark clearly Luka had a different role than green did as a rookie come on.

    • JJ Clark
      JJ Clark

      @Jacob lol not the reason he is jsut ass. Luka played a fuck ton as a rookie same with brunson

    • Jacob

      Poor guy had to play for a coach who hates rookies

  • Kujichagulia Self-Determination
    Kujichagulia Self-Determination

    Lavar Ball did everything right towards his sons except for Gelo who he pulled out of college. He could have had Gelo transfer to a junior college or Division II school. UCLA was wrong for suspending him for an entire season because of political/media spotlight pressure. UCLA's action cost them LaMelo, but to be honest Lamelo is better off now than he would have been if he played four years of high school ball for Chino and a freshman year for UCLA that would have been cancelled because of COVID.

  • James Bowser
    James Bowser

    Wow, athletically, Ball appears to behind many of his draft peers. The real questions will be asked and answered when he steps on the court with those guys in the future. Tom Brady took it personal when he was drafted behind many quarterbacks. If those guys are like Tom, Melo has a ton of tough nights on the court ahead of himself. Melo has his foot in the door like many of those draftees. Now, all of them and Ball must prove their worth.

  • Jerry Chacko
    Jerry Chacko

    I would give everyone above Melo 5 years and then run this vid back


    Mannion learning behind Steph Curry, that’s really scary imo

  • Spicy

    I agree that Wiseman being suspended was pretty bs but I don’t think “bribed by penny hardaway” counts as normal ncaa reasons

  • TheJrockfreak

    Ive never been one to follow NBA or college prospects, I would just hear about dudes once they hit the league but man you drop so much knowledge on me with these videos, I love it

  • Mike Amara
    Mike Amara

    seemed like the high school ranking was pretty accurate fair play espn

    • GG_3!no

      @J R Yes and Pigs fly

    • J R
      J R

      @GG_3!no only accurate cuz of covid🤣🤣🤣🤣 worst take ive heard in a minute

    • GG_3!no

      It’s only accurate cause COVID a lot of guys didn’t get a chance to show what they could do but imo rankings are dumb for high school


      yeah I thought they were going to be garbage but there was a lot of talent there . Its hard to tell how good people are in high school.

  • Leosvany Valdivia
    Leosvany Valdivia

    Lámelo is still going to be the next Jordan slash Lebron

  • Aidan Zimmitti
    Aidan Zimmitti

    Here a month later when Lamelo is balling out and same with Maxey

  • palmer ballard
    palmer ballard

    the charlotte hornets now have lamelo, vernon carey jr, javin delaurier, grant riller, nate darling, nick richards, keandre cook, and about 5 more players on exhibition 10 contracts, i get we're trying to mix veterans with youth but 10+ rookies out of one class is insane

  • Alex King
    Alex King

    RJ needed to re-classify he would have turned 19 before his senior year of high school was over and that is a bit old which would have meant he would be 21 during his rookie year. I do think he should’ve went to college instead of overseas though

    • Freddy Calipari
      Freddy Calipari

      He did the right thing getting paid and playing in a pro league but that stuff always hurts your stock

  • Soo Godlyyy
    Soo Godlyyy

    Good video do more videos like this with other players in other draft classes and future

  • Pug

    Anthony Edwards got drafted and everyone already forgot about him

    • cristian plala
      cristian plala

      @No Cap fultz was like a much lower quality version of drose an injury made his career go downhill (not like fultz was mvp or anything but still)

    • Cashkii

      @Connor Welch 😭😭right they talkin bout Markell fultz that was funny

    • Connor Welch
      Connor Welch

      @Gamer PSPC Spoiler alert from the future, he's not lol

    • Stefan21

      @No Cap nah

    • Man Man
      Man Man

      @kvng_louie You're wild...

  • Titus Dorsey
    Titus Dorsey

    Nico declined a lot of calls on draft night stating he wanted to go to the warriors

  • ajmakab

    Rj Hampton definitely got better experience in the nbl to produce in the nba but it cost him hella lottery money. He can't even get an earlier contract extension since he's still a first round pick

  • P

    barely watching this, precious had an insane block on KD during their exhibition game for the 2021 Olympics. I think he plays for Team Nigeria

  • Harold Chairs
    Harold Chairs

    Lamelo is actually doing ok, most of those guys arent even playing. This first half schedule will be his summer league

  • Austin F
    Austin F

    I’ve played against Scottie Lewis and Bryan Antoine and holy shit they were a scary duo for Monmouth County

  • Scratchy

    I'm here supporting lamelo he's about to grow into a beast

  • J

    Lamelo will be the best player from this class and will be miles better than his brothers

  • The Hall Report
    The Hall Report

    4:30 Memphis is in the AAC not the ACC... I know I know... But couldn't let that one slide...

  • JayPee

    Yo you need to make an update video after the draft 👍🏻

  • Pnw Oeno
    Pnw Oeno

    It’s crazy how not a lot of people know the names of the number 1 and 2 pick of this draft.

  • Ezechiel Patience
    Ezechiel Patience

    ESPN only ranks players that are playing in on high school team, Lamelo was playing pro in Lithuania and in the JBA that's why they stopped putting him on their rankings. When he went to spire, it was his first time playing high school basketball/''real'' competition and without one of his brothers, that's why he was only ranked 21, plus, during his senior season at spire a lot of other seniors were playing as well if not better than him during their senior season so they had no reason to rank him higher, in fact they barely changed anybody's rank in the top 100 during their senior season.

  • Evan McGoldrick
    Evan McGoldrick

    DKM bustin out bangers fs been rockin wit this man since under 45k he been the most consistent source that ain’t woj

  • Elite Ballers
    Elite Ballers

    I’d say they all lived up to the hype

  • Big B.a.g32
    Big B.a.g32

    Just so y’all know he capped about nico being the number one player in the class of 2020 before he reclassed it was actually Antony Edwards because he reclassed also

    • DKM

      nico was at one point too go look it up

  • Romes Palace
    Romes Palace

    It’s not how you start it’s how you finish 🌟

  • Stomata Hatachi
    Stomata Hatachi

    Nico mannion is truly a great steal for warriors

  • Tevin Boone
    Tevin Boone

    Great topic 👍 DKM I know no one was expecting this video

  • Apollogize

    Nico is going to shock the world

  • d dat
    d dat

    Nico sadly wasn’t number 1 in class of 2020 before reclassifying, he was too 10 tho

  • Jordan Hunter
    Jordan Hunter

    Jaden isnt gonna be seeing lots of minutes immediately 😂. Stick to HS

  • david laakso
    david laakso

    I’m not sure but I am pretty sure Anthony edwards is 6’5” 225 not 6’4” 205. But what do I know.

    • DKM

      That was a year ago so yeah ur right

  • Spiderman 420
    Spiderman 420

    Cole anthony gonna be the best player from the draft

  • Lou Webb
    Lou Webb

    Good vid but if we're being real kevin Durant is 7 ft

  • The Wolfpackattack1
    The Wolfpackattack1

    If you look at Anthony Edwards highlights, you should be thanking Vanderbilt for sponsoring his highlights

  • Uncle Drew
    Uncle Drew

    Cole Antony in HS was a doggggg! Hope he does well in the nba 🤞🏽🤞🏽

    • Astroid A
      Astroid A

      @Kedda he’s turning out not so good

    • Kedda

      My favorite player in the draft

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre

    Whitney is the dumbest hooper I’ve heard of but you never know his personal life he might need the money right now

  • Nito Shadow
    Nito Shadow

    love seeing all these jersey players ranked

  • meazy757

    Lmao LaMelo wasn’t on the Espn top 100 recruiting list because he was playing professional ball and not HS that year...idk how you messed up that fact.

  • jadenwhit

    matthew hurt? i’m pretty sure he’s goin to the nba he’s averaging 18 points 6 assist 4 rebounds

  • Ryan 2985
    Ryan 2985

    Go watch him at spire 21 was about right those rankings aren’t potential nba stock. Watching spire he was the second best player on his team behind Rocket watts of MSU

    • Deshon Eban
      Deshon Eban

      Second best?🤣

  • duhBODY

    Scottie Lewis playing for charlottes g league while melo is a projected to be an allstar in just his sophomore season 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • insomthegreat

    A American player who didn't go to college and still went in the top 3. Actually got legally paid instead of being used.

  • minato808

    If Anthony gets to start which he should sorry Markelle he’s going to be better than Lamelo.


    DKM on the grind!

  • Jaylen Elkins
    Jaylen Elkins

    Most nba scouts don't even know what to look for anymore lol they stay wrong

  • Tenziic

    Don't sleep on Matthew hurt his game is very polished for his height he will defo go to the NBA and get drafted but at most early second

  • Riska

    dkm been killing it

  • melvin barnett
    melvin barnett

    I'm here just to let you know; he's balling right now.

  • Ian Lillie
    Ian Lillie

    Dope video agree the pistons got a bright future!

  • S D
    S D

    I love the where are they now from high school prospects so cool to see

  • Stan Sole
    Stan Sole

    Another early morning upload by DKM, we love to see it

    • DKM

      More to come!

  • Daniel

    I like how magic is going to get some young blood... it’s gunna keep us fresh finally. We have had the same guys for like 50 years lmao

  • Max Manzo
    Max Manzo

    Another early morning upload by DKM, we love to see it

    • MicGoogle

      Just posted my reaction to the Nate Robinson Knockout! I just need some motivation so if you guys could check it out and show some love, I would really appreciate it! Fyi I post NBA related content so stay tuned!

    • Rose k
      Rose k

      He lives in india

    • Zero twoo
      Zero twoo

      lol its going to be night for us righn now

    • Max Manzo
      Max Manzo

      @Braylon Edwards I’m aware he lives in Scotland, but it’s early for me so I said that 😂😂

    • Braylon Edwards
      Braylon Edwards

      This man doesn’t live in America it’s not early for him 😂

  • Charles Emmanuel Ajabor
    Charles Emmanuel Ajabor

    Moral of the story: Espn is not that reliable just because u are not on the list does not mean you wont make it as long as u belive and work hard Edit: And as long as you believe that God will do it for u

    • Home Key
      Home Key

      Yea but don’t use God as excuse to not work hard and also If the Lord Jesus doesn’t will for you to make it well you won’t make it so moral of the story is Work hard, Trust in God and don’t be discouraged because everyone has their time at some point if God wills

  • Nicolas Giraldo Montoya
    Nicolas Giraldo Montoya

    They never had an athletic 7 footer like this before ??? Are you kidding me? You re really saying that the Warriors NEVER had an Athletic 7 footer???? nah im done

  • ICEcold KV
    ICEcold KV

    Melo dropped 92 and he was 21st.

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez

    I said he was guarteed lottery pick when he was still in high school. But were clowning me, saying 2nd round pick at most if not not drafted

  • Adrian Kikes
    Adrian Kikes

    Good video my man 🔥🔥🔥

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    julaga tv

    Always watching solid amazing content bro.

  • benji Deleon
    benji Deleon

    Like youre videos very much you bring out great vids

  • Shadow Viper Inc
    Shadow Viper Inc

    We all knew he be top pick.

  • Bhb

    Did he just say the warriors have never had an athletic 7 footer like this before

  • Ronald Hyde
    Ronald Hyde

    DKM with another fire video/report !!

  • Kennyh86

    Another great 👍 👌 👏 🙌 😀 video 📹 love to see 👀 a fellow Scot doing good

  • Lennox Chase
    Lennox Chase

    What’s crazy is he should be a freshman in college rn

  • Karlo Magno Guadalupe
    Karlo Magno Guadalupe

    he's the Steph Curry of the Ball brothers

  • OG Gwaup_like
    OG Gwaup_like

    Chino got 3 players in the lottery in 3yrs that's tuff

  • Antwaon

    Warriors never had a 7 footer like wiseman? You mean they never had Kd the best 7 footer to ever play basketball?

    • melvin barnett
      melvin barnett

      KD 6'11 according to the NBA


    IMG was so stacked last year omg😂

  • Gavin Wait
    Gavin Wait

    Memphis is in the AAC not the ACC

  • Jr C
    Jr C

    This guy doesnt really know basketball. He basically said jaden McDaniels will get playing time because the twolves suck but we have 4 PFs that have played real nba minutes throughout their career. He also said Edwards is the first scoring option lol. Beasily is still better than him so hes the 4th option

  • Bilal Ellahi
    Bilal Ellahi

    Melo literally junior from my career lol

  • Iser

    KG was an Uber athletic 7 footer bro

  • J.R. Elgran
    J.R. Elgran

    RJ Hampton should've gone to MEMPHIS

  • Victor Silva
    Victor Silva

    Everyone knew lamelo was gonna be too 3