I Restore A 1905 Rusty Lock - Gross Surprise Inside!
Lost & Restored
I restore a rusted 120 year old lock. This antique Corbin lock is back to life with a new key. Thanks to all the rust removal tools for making this lock restoration possible. I hope you enjoy watching this lost tool get restored
If you have something you would like me to restore send me an email at business@lostandrestored.com
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  • Northern Flicker
    Northern Flicker

    No way!! That lock is from my family’s business going way back. Corbin Lock and screw out of New Britain, Connecticut. My Grandfather and Great uncle owned the business back in the 20’s I believe. Honored that you’re bringing it back to life. Thanks 👍🏼 I believe the Corbin car (1907) was prior to Corbin lock and screw

    • David Putterman
      David Putterman

      I was born and raised in New Britain. what was your grandfather and great uncle's names?

    • Chi-Vibes

      Small world!

    • ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

      Prove it.

    • Scott Wright
      Scott Wright

      Great British name buddy 🇬🇧

    • alagappan sockalingam
      alagappan sockalingam

      l had seen 2inch x 3 cm bat lock. made in britain.unfor tunately | was not able to save it.britain locks r great. Dindikal city of locks Tamil nadu india.

  • Richard Bruce Music
    Richard Bruce Music

    The whole process was fascinating, and painstakingly precise. But the making of a key blew me away! Here I was thinking "so what - you can't use this lock" but this craftsman proved me wrong.

  • Suraya

    I don't know how this video got into my feed, but I was fascinated watching. Your patience, knowledge, & skill are impressive! How long did it take?

    • nevamind68 T
      nevamind68 T

      Same, only it was two-and-a-half years ago and ended up staying LoL 👍🏾 🖤 😁

  • jiggermast

    A lovely job & as my late dad used to say, if someone bothered making it, it's worth bothering to restore it. Mind you, It'll probably only be good for about another 120 years! Joking aside, there's no better feeling in the world than bringing a once useful but item back to life, well done.

  • Michael Hopkins
    Michael Hopkins

    Should not have enjoyed something like this as much as I did, but the pacing and commitment to the restoration made it rather mesmerizing. Beautiful result and thank you for sharing.

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson

    Crikey! This guy has a tool for EVERYTHING! I had absolutely no idea some of those devices existed. What a fascinating and thoroughly entertaining 18 minutes.

  • taytase

    The key-making was pretty mind blowing. Awesome job!

    • Judy Anderson
      Judy Anderson


    • Cactus Hammer
      Cactus Hammer

      @taytase wow,cool community here! You make the world better 👍

  • The Butler Did It
    The Butler Did It

    The lever springs are unlikely to be made from copper as the metal is too soft to store much energy. Copper is used in electronics for springs that are not under a lot of tension but the ones in the lock are more likely to be made from brass or phosphor-bronze.

    • John Philippatos
      John Philippatos

      Yeah, brass most likely.

    • skidco1

      Off topic, but minesweeper anchors and chains were/are made from phosphor bronze as they are less likely to set off mines.

    • John

      berylium copper makes a good spring but I would guess it is too modern an alloy for the original

  • Cathy Morrison
    Cathy Morrison

    I’m a 75 year old woman. Love watching your work, takes me back to happy childhood hours watching my dad work on similar projects at his workbenches. He was so patient and didn’t mind explaining the steps to a young girl, in fact I think he enjoyed the company while transforming metal working miracles. You do beautiful work!

  • Lisa Pino
    Lisa Pino

    What a beautiful restoration on this old rusty lock. It came out absolutely amazing. You really do fantastic work. I really enjoyed watching this video. Looking forward to your next one. Be safe 😀

    • Lost & Restored
      Lost & Restored

      Thank you very much!

  • Majken Wegener
    Majken Wegener

    I’m deeply impressed! 👏 And loved watching the process

  • nick viner
    nick viner

    What an amazing restoration. You have great skills and I enjoyed watching your achievements.

  • ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    This was so interesting and soothing to watch. It also makes you appreciate the art and skill that went into producing these locks when they were initially manufactured.

  • Jo Eltham
    Jo Eltham

    Oh my gosh that so relaxing to watch. I can't remember when I last felt that relaxed, all those sounds and no talking. I have subscribed so thank you. 😊

  • Shroganor

    Nice work, especially making the key from scratch! I'd like to know what you do with the items once you've restored them?

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case

    So wonderful and beautiful to see a true craftsman at work!

  • macronencer

    The craftsmanship is superb of course (imagine if the original makers of this lock could have watched this video, how touched they might be that someone cared enough to restore it) but I also give full marks for the video edit. The pacing was spot on throughout. Excellent!

  • Hazel Vicary
    Hazel Vicary

    fascinating indeed - I got really engrossed watching the process.. Beautiful lock and amazing key..

  • catherine yronwode
    catherine yronwode

    Beautiful! I collect old keys and have quite a few Corbin keys that have lost their locks... This was sweet. You are very skillful.

  • Mon Opinion
    Mon Opinion

    Simply amazing! You just taught me a lot about restoration and the mechanical system of an old lock 🔐! Thank you. 🇨🇦

  • Rosemarie Mann
    Rosemarie Mann

    Looking at it before starting, you wouldn't think there was any chance of restoring ! But as he said, good job it wasn't ferrous ! 1905, did he say ? Huge amount of work, but how nice to see it like new again .😊 Well done indeed ! 😊 Who'd think an old lock could be uplifting like this ! 😊. It deserves a picture frame as a piece of history ! 🇬🇧💕🇺🇲😊⭐🇬🇧💕🇺🇲

  • Luminary600

    As a jeweler I find this work to be very interesting and enjoyable to watch.

  • Bruce Freedman
    Bruce Freedman

    Loved watching this one too! You do such a brilliant job restoring old rusty padlocks.

  • Ryansdove

    So glad I found your channel, what an amazing job! You'd go nuts digging through all the bits of "treasure" my dad has laying around his place.

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C

    Wow. This is unreal. Great work. My favorite part was watching the key being made. Thanks!

  • igor tokarev
    igor tokarev

    Ваши видео очень интересны и поучительны! Спасибо!

  • Back Woods
    Back Woods

    I love doing restorations like this. Beautiful job! What I didn't know about was Rustoleum's filler primer. Can't wait to try it. Thank you.


    Thank you for posting; you are indeed the Master Locksmith. The lock turned out beautiful because of you.

  • William Borgeson
    William Borgeson

    I love Corbin locks and that one is beautiful, now it's looking perfect. Really nice job with the restoration, on a side note if you ever have one's that you need to make keys for that are locked just get some modeling clay, cover the tip of the key with it about 1/8th thick, cover with baby powder and you have your impression to file. Nice work!

  • Vasili Sarris
    Vasili Sarris

    Excellent job. To see a lock that is 117 years old being restored to showroom finish i s incredible. Keep up the great work.

    • Cactus Hammer
      Cactus Hammer

      wow,cool community here! You make the world better 👍

  • James Rickard
    James Rickard

    That looks like a smaller version of the lock my grandfather kept on his blacksmith's shop, same brand and everything. He kept the key on his watch fob. Great job.

  • TheHiltonblake

    I'm very impressed with your work!.. Whilst watching you work, I wondered what that the original manufacturers would have said about the new-look of the lock that you have restored?.. 😊

  • rockreader4

    So flippin' Cool! This ol' gal has spent many decades watching the men in my life doing this very sort of restoration. I miss it. Glad to have found your channel. Subbed. ( :

  • SandandSun

    Using JB Weld as a body putty… excellent. Wish I’d thought of that.

  • IceBlu Eyes
    IceBlu Eyes

    Just happened to stumble across your channel and subscribed! You totally had my eyes locked 🔐 on to watching this video! Excuse the pun! Anyways I am blown away with how you restored this lock so carefully and methodically! It is amazing that such a talent still exists and that you are able to bring this back to life and keep the nostalgia! Will definitely be watching more!

  • Douglas Chapman
    Douglas Chapman

    Beautiful! Watching was a satisfying experience, too-

  • EverGlow

    Wow such a beautiful lock and talent you have.

  • Richard Oak
    Richard Oak

    Nice job that's a very nice looking lock. Been wanting to find one like that

  • Gary Mucher
    Gary Mucher

    I've watched a few of your refurbishing of old shell type locks now. I would love to see you do that to a Master solid body type lock. That would be most interesting to see how you disassemble one of them and make it work with a new key as well. I always wondered how they were assembled... Thumbs Up!

  • darrin jones
    darrin jones

    Do you do a lot of these restorations? You might want to consider getting a desktop fiber laser. It is great for taking off rust on smaller projects. No chemicals, wire brushes or sandblasting. 😎 Awsome work never the less

  • Eric Topp
    Eric Topp

    Those pencils at 5:00 are the absolute best! I've used exclusively them for years and years, unfortunately they can be hard to find. Pentech Twist-Erase, I really like the .9mm model. So smooth, and the eraser lasts and actually works perfectly

  • ms kayla
    ms kayla

    I'm always awestruck by the keymaking process. Nice end result.

  • R Garlin
    R Garlin

    Terrific job - and making the key especially so! 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Maire McQuinn
    Maire McQuinn

    I have just subscribed this very minute, like your channel, lovely workmanship I must say. Nice to see restoration on old pieces to make them work again. They were made to last 👏❤️👍

  • Ron Studer
    Ron Studer

    I have begun many such projects by first immersing in kerosene to soften all rust inside and out. If the item is too large, I wrap it in burlap then saturate it to soak for several days, sometimes months. Most bolts and screws are then easily removed along with surface rust.

  • Duane Ross
    Duane Ross

    I bet you learn so much everyday,when you make a piece of nothing into something worth having makes you acknowledge that you did something cool. Give yourself a pat on the back. But I bet you end up with so many treasures, after awhile they all look the same. But you do great work.

  • Susan Brown
    Susan Brown

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed it! Really turned out beautiful!

  • meghaffer

    That was really satisfying. I would spend the next few hours after finishing that just locking and unlocking it 😁

  • Christine Baker Pateman
    Christine Baker Pateman

    That's amazing thanks for restoring something from the past. 😃

  • Abigail Humes
    Abigail Humes

    fascinating to watch. Beautiful job. I enjoyed the process.

  • AsilverLeaf4Me

    Fascinating, I was thinking of a big legged Dutch Oven Rusted, that I have...when I came across your video...watched it with interest. Always wondered about the internal workings of locks. Thank you, it turned out really well. Such patience and time involved.

  • Vicki Noeske
    Vicki Noeske

    I love old locks and that one is a beaut! One thinks of locks like that as simple but they are far from simple. Tfs.

  • ballhawk387

    That was impressive! Great work, learned a lot.

  • Miss Toots
    Miss Toots

    Such little modern equipment but a great result. Great video

  • socrabe

    The creation of the key was fascinating. You are gifted!

  • Ray Duke
    Ray Duke

    Absolute beautiful work!

  • by OldHand
    by OldHand

    Great transformation and very detailed work , well done 🌟✌🏻 The key and the brass details... perfect !! Thank you for sharing ⚒️🗜️

    • by OldHand
      by OldHand

      @Lost & Restored it's also fun to watch ✌🏻🌟 Stay safe and see you soon.

    • Lost & Restored
      Lost & Restored

      Thanks! It was a fun project.

  • Larry Shaver
    Larry Shaver

    amazing joib, i never would have guessed something in that condition could be fixed

  • Jim Stark
    Jim Stark

    Beautiful work. No music, just the sound of your tools. I had to subscribe. Looking forward to the next one.

    • Richie Hoyt
      Richie Hoyt

      @E. G. VerlanderI did!

    • E. G. Verlander
      E. G. Verlander

      @Richie Hoyt Richie: turn off the volume!

    • Richie Hoyt
      Richie Hoyt

      Given the dreck that passes for music in 90% + of videos, I would agree with you, except that, unfortunately, the sound of rasps, files, etc, and, most of all - sandpaper or glass paper on corroded metal are, to me, a borderline form of torture, right in there with nails down a blackboard! Even the _sensation_ - No, even _thinking_ about the sensation - literally makes me wince! (I can't be the only one, though, surely?!) In the unlikely event you ever see me involved in a 'project', I'll be the one saying, "No, trust me, it'll look _waaay_ better with the 'natural' finish..!"

  • Thodoris Konomos
    Thodoris Konomos

    Amazing Restoration! Thanks for showing!

  • Troy Belding
    Troy Belding

    Excellent job. I have two questions. 1) why not blue the hasp? and 2) why only one key? Everyone knows when you have a lock, you should have two keys :)

  • S M
    S M

    That's amazing! 👍 All that work for one little lock... ☺️

  • Erich Baumeister
    Erich Baumeister

    Absolutely fascinating! Enthralling even! Super! :-)

  • Nordic Son
    Nordic Son

    Nice work... interesting to see how old locks worked

  • Collector

    You are an amazing craftsman and a real pleasure to watch! Are you selling your finished products online? You should...

  • Jeanette Barbieto
    Jeanette Barbieto

    i Love this, good job, very nice🙂❤️

  • Patrick O Brien.
    Patrick O Brien.

    What a beautiful looking lock. The finish is superb. Lovely job on the key also. Top class.

  • Jim Wiskus
    Jim Wiskus

    Very well done as usual. Did I miss the internal lubrication stage?

  • Tony Homewood
    Tony Homewood

    I gotta say.....that was fabulous. And in some ways thereputic, for reasons I don't quite understand. Well done!

  • michaelc6522

    Great job nice to see old stuff refurbished

  • Sal

    I live in Southington, just a few miles from Corbin lock! I picked up two just like this and they cleaned up beautifully!

  • birdie399

    A very fine piece of restoration. Thanks for the video.

  • LYN H
    LYN H

    Lovely restore....what talent!

  • Guilherme Colugnatti
    Guilherme Colugnatti

    Excelente! Parabéns!!

  • Chelsea Wilkinson
    Chelsea Wilkinson

    I can’t stand most ASMR videos. But this… metal talks to me and this is awesome! My new go-to channel for relaxation!

  • Brians diecast Thailand Stothers
    Brians diecast Thailand Stothers

    Fantastic job..well done with the key..

  • natarajan balasubramanian
    natarajan balasubramanian

    Good job. appreciate your skill. Best wishes

  • tazzie2shoos

    Wow this was so impressive!

  • Vickie Rayhill
    Vickie Rayhill

    Watching you make the key was coolest part!

  • Chris Cyrus
    Chris Cyrus

    Excellent job I love your work

  • Tech Nerd
    Tech Nerd

    You did an amazing job.

  • Carol Hutchinson
    Carol Hutchinson

    Amazing that after all the scraping and harsh chemicals you can still clearly see the writing.

  • Mike Howes
    Mike Howes

    What skill & knowledge , Well done!

  • Jae Ashley Stewart
    Jae Ashley Stewart

    Your skills, determination and equipment are incredible. However, I was very disappointed that the casing is now a glossy black. I was expecting a lock that displayed the character of an old lock, not a new one or reproduction. The charm and character showing the life this lock has lived are completely gone. 😪😪😪

  • Paula Harris Baca
    Paula Harris Baca

    Fascinating stuff. My husband's a mechanic and he is meticulous about working on muscle cars, but I simply can't get him interested in this stuff. I always hoped help me rebuild my 1951 Buick's engine with me, but he simply didn't care. If it's not a 1965 Corvette or a GM muscle car, he doesn't want to see it. Very cool. Like Techmoan, about working on old stereos, compact radios, etc., it's simply compelling as hell. Probably why YT recommended it to me!

  • Roberta A. Carney-King
    Roberta A. Carney-King

    Well done. Your work quite impressive.

  • Lawrence Forman
    Lawrence Forman

    He’s comedian. He’s magician. He’s toolmaker. He also is great locksmith! From filthy to beautiful lock 🔐 Nice key 🔑 See ya next great show!

  • Vince Ianni
    Vince Ianni

    Beautiful restoration good job well done mister

  • Mary Chapel
    Mary Chapel

    Such a great project!👍

  • Giselle Jones
    Giselle Jones

    Fantastic work

  • winter song
    winter song

    Wow your hired . Beautiful job. Love to see how if you just take the time to achieve your goal. . It turns out so fantastic.. you got this.

  • CL

    At (18:17) you went above my pay grade, have no idea how you do that, but well done and a beautiful restoration.

  • Tessie O'Shea
    Tessie O'Shea

    What a beautiful job!

  • Beereaucrat

    interesting that the old springs still had a lot of tension left in them.

  • luckyroxie157

    Beautiful job.

  • hubertgunpowder

    Wow...Fantastic job !!

  • Sally S
    Sally S

    Amazing work!

  • Erotus Blanchard
    Erotus Blanchard

    Lovely work!

  • oliver cromwell
    oliver cromwell


  • Gerry Powell
    Gerry Powell

    Beautiful work👌