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  • DKM

    MY FULL INTERVIEW WITH JULIAN NEWMAN www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUysR... PART 1 OF MY INTERVIEW WITH JAMIE NEWMAN www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNw4j... PART 2 OF MY INTERVIEW WITH JAMIE NEWMAN www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l2zL... PART 3 OF MY INTERVIEW WITH JAMIE NEWMAN www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFPtL... FOLLOW MY NEW INSTAGRAM!!! instagram.com/zflockhart/ FOLLOW MY TWITTER twitter.com/DKM_Sports

    • Commodore 64
      Commodore 64

      I believe he will go to a overseas pro team, but not as a player, he'll go as a janitor or team mascot.... he has a lesson he must learn (no thanks to his dad) that there is no "i" in team, there is in "win" though. Maybe he has experienced the "win" factor a couple of times, but if you hog the ball, & dont get your team involved on offence, play mediocre defence, your team wont want to play with you, wont have faith in you... these are things that pro teams look for in players aside from the athletic abillity, but Jullian doesnt have that, thats why he would be a perfect mascot or towel boy or my favourite... janitor... peace

    • Tugg Speadman
      Tugg Speadman

      Maybe a pro team over seas that is hurting financially might sign him for a year so they can get a little exposure, but he will be gone after a year because he isn't that good.

  • Fade Leanz
    Fade Leanz

    No offers his dad : we’ll guess what guys we making a college team

    • Michael Vang
      Michael Vang

      Bring it in guys 👏 👏 👏

    • rasheed jeffries
      rasheed jeffries

      Dead@ fades lean

    • John Garcia
      John Garcia

      PRODIGY U!

    • Antoine Harris
      Antoine Harris

      Trump University

    • AJ23

      He should join Lavar's leauve

  • Popcorn KernalSanders
    Popcorn KernalSanders

    Wow so you're telling me a kid who's unranked, with a temper shorter than his height, me first, and has low basketball IQ. Doesn't have a future in legitimate organized basketball. *shocked pikachu face*

    • yung unn
      yung unn

      @Saitama d1 is a high fuckin level, no way julien is getting there

    • J Jackson
      J Jackson


    • Jerone Davis
      Jerone Davis

      Pikaaaaaaa😯 Lol

    • J S
      J S

      Well maybe he could play for Mater Dei after his senior year. (Yes I know Mater Dei is a high school. But, at his basketball level that is about the competition he could at least compete with. )

    • Payton

      @WeBe Flexin his sister is shorter than him

  • Gianpiere Banegas
    Gianpiere Banegas

    Julian is going to be that one uncle at the cookout that is going to cap about almost going to NBA

    • cj jones
      cj jones

      Lol no cap

    • Zymond

      I mean he ain't capping, he had a good run.

    • Son-in-law

      Uncle ricko

    • Shake fn
      Shake fn

      @ICEE Jshine 😂

    • knickstape

      he wouldve been if it wasnt for this social media era you cant lie about anything anymore

  • Darren Luxtan
    Darren Luxtan

    He should try Indonesia, we love handles, threes and shit we have the average height of 5'5 here man... He gon feel right at home

    • Mehran Poustizadeh
      Mehran Poustizadeh

      He should try playing in bolivia lol average height is 5 feet

    • Bara'S VloG
      Bara'S VloG

      Ke rans fc aja

    • Filbert Nathanael
      Filbert Nathanael

      @Williams Bouvier wkwkwkwk

    • Filbert Nathanael
      Filbert Nathanael

      I mean, Indo has a lot of potential basketball players, especially in IBL and DBL, I dunno if he would fit in there

    • sabila wijaya
      sabila wijaya

      hey, he is too short to join indonesian basketball lmao 😂

  • shinypokeAce

    It’s okay. If he doesn’t get any offers, his dad will just make a college and call it Julian Newman University. Then he can play there.

    • xXPerryHotterXx

      Prodigy University Prep.

    • Duane Grogans
      Duane Grogans

      What they gonna play against middle schoolers or what!? All playin' aside, only true... TRUE baller that could hang at the highest level at his height was Spud Webb and that was only because he had like a 60" verticle!

    • ♡Venus♡︎


    • Doc Cholo
      Doc Cholo

      Full ride scholarship, he always starts and gets the most minutes no matter how bad the team is playing

    • Bobby Chan
      Bobby Chan

      Is it an IVY league ? haha

  • DniedbyAlstate Gaming
    DniedbyAlstate Gaming

    You really have to feel sorry for Julian. He dedicated his entire life to a sport that he’s mediocre at. He’s got no other skills.

    • Vrael Atao
      Vrael Atao

      @al3x24 I think he'll manage to get minutes in weaker asian teams seeking to sell tickets/get audience yeah. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying he'll be good or whatever nor that he'll have significant times 🤣 He's closer to a marketing product than a player to me. I just think the definition of mediocre is exagerated. 90% of the kids in the comment sections cannot ball as well as him and still wont see themselves as mediocre.

    • al3x24

      @Vrael Atao his competition was not good at all bruh. And dude didn’t even get college offers yet you think a pro team is gonna want him?

    • Vrael Atao
      Vrael Atao

      Well if that's your definition of mediocre, I'd love to be mediocre in a lot of things. Just because you're not d1 doesnt mean you suck. Tbh, even with all his flaws I'm pretty sure he can manage to find a contract overseas, for instance China. They love flashy foreign players out there.

    • Zymond

      @DniedbyAlstate Gaming also i bet julian newman is better then you no cap

    • Zymond

      @DniedbyAlstate Gaming he isn't tho he is the star player on his team, and has got fame for his skills, defiantly better then mediocre

  • A P 3
    A P 3

    Its Unfortunate that NO ONE told him to slowdown, stay humble and just work hard. I DONT think people realize what D1 is all about. Its sad, he could of just went to a D2 / Junior College school get his degree and possibly develop his skills and focus more on fundamentals. I truly hope it all works out for him.

  • Nathan Mwanja
    Nathan Mwanja

    He should become a Harlem globetrotter

    • Jonathan Soko
      Jonathan Soko

      We all know where this leads. Julian will be on youtube, forever

    • JUUL3 edits
      JUUL3 edits

      If he was that would literally be a miracle

    • Jerone Davis
      Jerone Davis

      He cud join the circus I mean highschool coach

    • chivocasique

      He will still manage to lose the game

    • Kng Jr.
      Kng Jr.

      Thats his only real chance. He is to small and not a team player.

  • arvandero

    His father should start a new company... SBB - Small Baller Brand.

    • Daniel Winans
      Daniel Winans

      BBB - Baby Baller Brand.

    • ♡Venus♡︎


  • LokiTheCat

    Thank you for acknowledging the absurdity of this guy playing in the Australian NBL. He would be going up against hardened, experienced PGs like Jerome Randle, Bryce Cotton and Casper Ware, not to mention a bunch of Australian kids who would have him for breakfast. We're getting a bit sick of phoneys like the Newmans dropping the NBL into their conversations to (I assume) strengthen their profile. The NBL isn't the NBA, but it is a legit professional league. If he thinks he would have the impact LaMelo Ball had down here, he is delusional. Japan maybe. Australia absolutely not.

  • mathew bell
    mathew bell

    You know Julian is lying because he’s just naming random country’s whenever he’s asked where he’ll play

    • Suave Rico
      Suave Rico

      ProElevated ZD u must be dumb

    • DH44

      @Purified ZD Hes no where near pro. Hes very skilled as a street baller and 1on1 player but 5on5 with coaches vs beasts is a whole nother level. He made the right call doing what he did cashing in instead of taking out a loan to play D3.

    • Bobby

      @tarpparty LMAOOOOOO

    • DH44

      @Kvng 93 just looked it up and wish i didnt lol, thanks for telling me about it tho.

    • Kvng 93
      Kvng 93

      dh 2144 You don’t know Flight? Flightreacts

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia

    His parents really messed up by not sending him to a prep school in order to get a real coach to train and become better. The same case can go for his sister as well.

    • Whocares

      They're both too short to pay anywhere

    • Caleb Benefield
      Caleb Benefield

      His sister has potential she could really go D1 and then to the WNBA because she’s got a great shot but she isn’t dedicated to basketball and it’s obvious when on hello Newman’s she never wants to train or get shots up and threatens to quit multiple time and she complains about coaching too much for a D1 college to come to her and that’s what I think truly messed them up was hello Newman’s because it showed how undedicated jaden and Julian are towards the game of basketball and their dad wants it more for them then they want for them selves like Jamie and lavar are very very alike they want the best for their kids difference between the Newman’s and the balls are the ball kids are truly dedicated to the game of basketball the newmans aren’t

    • Michael Turner
      Michael Turner

      @GC 10 all I’m saying is u a car and game guy not an elite athlete. I’d take an elite nba player over an elite WNBA player prolly 9/10 times. However I’m not just gonna say u can beat an elite WNBA athlete on the strength of your word with no indication that you have ever picked up a basketball outside of one that came with a fisher price hoop.

    • Michael Turner
      Michael Turner

      @GC 10 2k doesn’t count bro. I never came on a public forum calling elite athletes weak...ur a gamer and a car guy you ain’t beating no pros breh men or women.

    • Michael Turner
      Michael Turner

      @GC 10 I can think of at least five WNBA players that will snatch ur ankles...you saying that cuz they women. They are still athletes at the highest level of their sport...and u a couch warrior posting bout em on IRglo

  • Andwele Harris
    Andwele Harris

    guys don't worry about Julian struggling to find a club overseas....his dad is gonna open a new country called "Prodigy Islands" just to send Julian overseas.

  • Blake Diaz
    Blake Diaz

    If he does get a chance it’s honestly gonna be in a division 3 league in like Kuwait lol 💀

    • DH

      Cancer Police I didn’t say shit to him so smd

    • Lemon James
      Lemon James

      @DH Y'all keep throwing dumbass comments at him then tell him to calm down like tf lmao

    • Blake Diaz
      Blake Diaz

      Big Stretch35 exactly dumb fuck

    • Big Stretch35
      Big Stretch35

      Ready set travel with Blake Diaz that’s not a thing buddy

    • Big Stretch35
      Big Stretch35

      Trey nah, I don’t think you understand how skillful Julian is, he just uses it wrong unfortunately

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre

    Jamie probably lied about the offers so Julian had to lie about it

    • JuJu3x

      Munroe Josh how u know if he jealous or mad when u dont know him stop living thru the internet

    • Munroe Josh
      Munroe Josh

      Julian a scrub he jealous of his teammates and is mad cause he ain't ballin out like everyone around him 🏀

    • NigerianBaller

      @JuJu3x The kid has a whole reality show on Overtime about his family and has been in the spotlight since he was 11, trust me, if he even played a single game of AAU, it would've been recorded

    • JuJu3x

      NigerianBaller just because it wasnt recorded doesnt mean he didnt play

    • NigerianBaller

      @Max Kalman I thought it was something like that

  • Nikolas Dang
    Nikolas Dang

    “He’s preparing for the draft” does the military have a height limit ??

    • osu5inarow

      Tbh he might meet the requirements to guard the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier which are insane.

    • ♡Venus♡︎


    • neosapiens


    • 2TallNegrito7 CMN
      2TallNegrito7 CMN

      @Bladestorm3333 o went in wanting to be a airforce pilot, but I am 6'10" tall so I ended up in the ARMY as a field artillery crew member

    • Bladestorm3333

      It does depending on what branch funny enough, like you can't be a certain height for certain areas of the air force cause they don't make the seats in jets big enough. So he would be perfect for that.


    He will be playing at the local YMCA he can be MJ there

    • Jerone Davis
      Jerone Davis

      He not better than me

    • Mitchell

      Ocean Dude *than

    • tattoodrdoke


    • someone on internet
      someone on internet

      @Ocean Dude I am pretty sure that the guy who typed this comment didn't get hyped to be the next LeBron , be super cocky , have his own show ,or lie about his offers

    • G Williams
      G Williams

      Until a 6"5" dude comes in with New Balances on and ends his life.

  • CM

    This only highlights how you really fell down in your interviews with the dad. When he said the kid had 15 offers the simple and responsible follow up would have been, what were his top 3? Because, and you may not know this because you're not familiar with how college recruiting goes, college offers are not a secret - although Jamie Newman clearly wants everyone to think they are. They're actually very public and easy to research. And the slightest bit of sleuthing tells you this kid was on NOBODY'S recruiting lists. And those are actual verifiable facts.

  • PostBoyGokuu

    I never seen a guy so small with so much wasted motion in his game. A guy his size doesn’t need that. If he’s quick all he needs is a mean hesi and pull up game.

    • Whatsup Foo
      Whatsup Foo

      Foo doing too much with all that fancy dribbling. 😂 But hey. Can’t knock the guy for trying.

    • neosapiens

      Wow, so true.....just one move and do your thing. Great point....too little for anyone to steal it so just hesi and pass/go.

    • ScrewShapeshifters Jesus IsLord
      ScrewShapeshifters Jesus IsLord

      @hmoobmeeka yeah that's my point tho too Julian just doesnt have it for basketball.

    • hmoobmeeka

      @ScrewShapeshifters Jesus IsLord muggsy bogues also didn't have a short temper, me first attitude, and he had basketball iq

    • Sharrybay Thompson
      Sharrybay Thompson

      @ScrewShapeshifters Jesus IsLord oh wow because I didnt say the exact number I'm way off? Its called an exaggeration so stop taking things literal. Besides, my point still stands.. There's a very small percentage of players that are 6ft..stop acting like there aint

  • NigerianBaller

    If he can't even play D1, how is he gonna play professionally? It's already difficult as it is getting a pro contract after 4 to 5 years of playing college ball, so what pro team is gonna take a 5-7 (at best) kid right out of high school, it's unrealistic, he should play college ball and develop his game, his game is way too premature for the pros

    • Vinnie

      @NigerianBaller He doesn't have the tools. He's not talented.

    • NigerianBaller

      @Puppet master He has the tools, He can shoot and has handles, but he does have poor decision making, him playing college ball will fix that because coach will bench you quick if you make foolish mistakes, the only country I see him playing professionally in right now is the UK, because the competition is weak over there, and because of his popularity he will bring more fans to the league

  • 3DotDom

    Newman: "I got offers to play in the NBL and some colleges have scouted me." NBL: "On god that boy lyin!" NCAA: "Excuse me what?"

  • David Brazil
    David Brazil

    In a sense, I feel sorry for the kid. His Dad has him hyped up to such an extent that he appears almost obligated to go along with his lies. But let's be honest here, no one with even a basic understanding of the game believes he's had any offers, be it from Colleges or any sort of reputable professional setup.

  • Elite Ballers
    Elite Ballers

    I knew he was lying because it would make no sense for him to have 15 D1 offers and not take one 🤔

    • Rey Galindo
      Rey Galindo

      NigerianBaller he ain’t even ready for la fitness basketball

    • NigerianBaller

      Any college ball would benefit him honestly. Just by looking at his highlights you can tell he's not ready for the pros

    • tarpparty

      ISAAC SOYEMI No, he couldn’t. He’s not even particularly close to a D1 caliber player.

  • SFP

    when a team hears that Julian wants to play for them: *chuckles* im in danger

  • J S
    J S

    Bro real talk he should be a basketball trainer or a IRglo hooper like TJass. No hate but no way he makes the league might as well use the clout he has now towards something that he may actually have a future in.

    • Michael Gross
      Michael Gross

      Called don’t give up Bro

    • jjcevallos12

      I think this is a useful tip

    • NN

      @JFerg sorry bro.. he doesn't have the personality or the humility do get even close to being like the professor

    • jaytok7

      @J S a dribble coach 😂😂😂

    • JayyFeedz

      Right 💯

  • neosapiens

    Imagine if he got to a 43" vert in a few years....not that I care, but it would be cool to see him work with strength coaches, short dunkers, etc. Also, he could really work on his bball IQ and shooting while playing in Indonesia, the Philippines, China, or Korea. Could also save up to take a year off for just hard training. Not a fan but it'd be a great reality show or documentary to see him do all that and maybe work with Earl Boykins and Muggsy Bogues.

  • DH44

    I appreciate ur honesty DKM, u dont hate but dont lie at the same time.

  • FilthyThaRuler

    height aside he is honestly not that good, he’s never been a good player against top competition

    • Elias

      Well hes not bad but hes decent

    • Jay H
      Jay H

      Low basketball IQ, to much ISO ball and just not a good pg

  • Max Manzo
    Max Manzo

    Great video as always DKM, stay on the grind Newman world tour

  • Kwame Tabiri
    Kwame Tabiri

    Respect to DKM for putting out a vid like this. Show's he's not biased.

  • Mr Alberdi-l
    Mr Alberdi-l

    No ACB team here in Spain would sign him. I can't imagine it.

  • Isaac Potter
    Isaac Potter

    I think we all knew he was lying about his offers lol

    • YT SoulCollectorVI
      YT SoulCollectorVI

      Like you ?

  • Stef Gees
    Stef Gees

    As hard as it is to get a single D-1 offer, most of us as parents would be shouting the news to the world, but his dad claims 15 and refuses to name ANY of them??? Yeah his dad is capping harrrrrd!

  • Eliah Wilde
    Eliah Wilde

    I’m from Australia and the NBL is looked down upon, but in reality it’s an extremely competitive league that is only gaining more attention. If Julian was to play in the NBL I would be surprised if he would even score or even walk on the court.

    • Sacramento Kings will Rise
      Sacramento Kings will Rise

      NBA Players like Steven Adams have played their

  • K06E

    Julian and his dad don’t know how to break it to us and say “yea we ass and we ain’t making it to the nba” 😂

  • CertifiedChase

    lol how did anyone think he got any offers playing pro without being good enough to be D1 nor being top 200 in his class.

    • Kamaal Abstract
      Kamaal Abstract

      He a victim of the hype train

    • Munroe Josh
      Munroe Josh

      Julian is washed he needs to wake up and find a new hobby cause basketball aint working 👎

    • JuJu3x

      manny lopez are you?

    • Sacramento Kings will Rise
      Sacramento Kings will Rise

      @Rob Gover Liangelo Ball was a 3-Star Recruit and got D1 Offers. Julian was never ranked, He's unranked or a Zero Star Recruit and Has No Offers

    • IceSyndicon

      Gelo going off recently, him making the nba is still possible, he’s taller, more fit(lost weight), faster and just needs an opportunity.

  • scoot 87
    scoot 87

    Not only is he too small, he lacks the talent He will crash and burn. All a matter of time. Can't believe nobody gives him advice on doing something else

  • Darrian Nelson
    Darrian Nelson

    I hope he plays somewhere tbh... I'd be crushed if I worked as hard as Julian and didn't get anywhere.

  • Vincenzo Merante
    Vincenzo Merante

    How do you receive 0 college offers but are able to become a pro overseas? What?

  • Lewis Brown
    Lewis Brown

    Should’ve went D2 definitely had offers for those schools. He would’ve had a chance to develop his game and get coached by someone who’s not his father.

  • Saltymat

    Nah there’s no ways he just a 4’9 ball hog with some lucky highlights. If he fixed his play style and grew a couple feet then yeah

  • Depressed Pxnda Pxnda
    Depressed Pxnda Pxnda

    I actually feel kinda bad for him, I mean if it wasn’t for his height and short temper, he’d actually be a decent player and with all that attention at a young age he might even have made the draft, or at least got a d1 offer.

  • Shaquille Phillips-Breedlove
    Shaquille Phillips-Breedlove

    You don’t have to go D1... there is D2... work hard... get his bounce up... develop his mind and decision making... and work hard to get seen by a D1 or D1AA college... it happens all of the time

  • Melo Drama
    Melo Drama

    Him and Jordan Ray must be friends.

    • Johnny Zepeda
      Johnny Zepeda

      Hahaha! Jordan ray is broke! And all lies😂

    • Greg Vetter
      Greg Vetter

      @Luanna Martins why arent they friends anymore?

    • U Weird Bro
      U Weird Bro

      irglo.info/from/hK-keqKGZtW7naM/fy-lm-h-y.html Link her

    • Keystan GG’s
      Keystan GG’s


    • ht

      whos jordan ray?

  • Tim Nelson
    Tim Nelson

    How hard would it have been to ask which schools he has offers from?

  • The Tune of Gino
    The Tune of Gino

    Savage for interviewing AND exposing him 😂😂😂 Keepin' it real 💪 But he did got an offer, I think in australia and china. I watched it in one of the videos by Overtime.

  • Mike Z
    Mike Z

    The Boy did work hard and his training was real poor kid keep fighting

  • Axel Crespo
    Axel Crespo

    He will play for the MBA (midget basket association) 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kuku so pie
    Kuku so pie

    I was defending him now I give up 🤧

  • bl1234

    It's cute how this family makes it seem like all these colleges and overseas teams are lining up to sign him

  • Erin G
    Erin G

    Fire video you have the most accurate and best news about basketball. Keep working 🔥

  • Nataniel Lucas
    Nataniel Lucas

    I really dislike what Julian is going through right now because of the actions of those who are supposed to be guiding and protecting him. End of the day, he's a young dude and he needs someone to show him the ropes and truly help him develop. But DKM, you cappin' for trying to pull strings to bring him to the Lions. I know the BBL isn't high up in the world, but there are legitimate British & overseas players here. Come on guy.

  • Kuku so pie
    Kuku so pie

    So you’re basically telling me a kid who’s been playing varsity since his 5th grade has 0 offers not even any JUCO offers wow

    • Tre Young
      Tre Young

      If u want to call that a highschool..more like a curch league

    • Kuku so pie
      Kuku so pie

      Jarbirey Carter yes They’ve been lying on the TV show to

    • Jarbirey Carter
      Jarbirey Carter

      Wait he don’t got any offers ?

    • Mr. J
      Mr. J

      @pjmac550355 damn if this is true my life's been a lie🤔🙄🙄🤷🏿‍♂️😑

    • Kuku so pie
      Kuku so pie

      Kamaal Abstract I’ve seen him play he takes unnecessary shots he dribbles too much and his passing IQ is very low

  • Byfellow X
    Byfellow X

    He's 5'7 without any athleticism. That might be enough in HS varsity, but no pro team is gonna waste a spot on him. Even D1 programs are far reaches unless they're bringing him on for his fan basis.

  • Benny

    If gelo didn’t make the nba what makes you think Julian is🤷‍♂️

    • Joshua

      Gelo is in the G-League, he's technically already in the NBA just not on an official team.

    • Daniel K
      Daniel K

      @chris m and now he’s cut

    • chris m
      chris m

      Haha gelo made it now!!! Pistons


      Hey haters guess what

    • Drxppy 4L
      Drxppy 4L

      Fnsowvy dude what you talking about nobody hating on gelo and I already know he in the g league I am saying he should be in NBA ( I support gelo 😂💯💯❗️❗️🤦🏽‍♂️)

  • Jake Mott
    Jake Mott

    Honestly if he would chill tf out and play basketball the right way, he has the tool to be a college athlete. Maybe not big D1 school, but somewhere even if that means D2. He’s got the skills he just needs to put it to use and play efficient basketball. As an elementary school child he was averaging a double double. He can hoop, just made an ass out of himself instead of doing so

    • Sacramento Kings will Rise
      Sacramento Kings will Rise

      Probably play at a Small D3 School as a Backup but He should play like a Pass First Point Guard. He's a Decent Passer

  • Justin Byrd
    Justin Byrd

    He could play another 7 years in high school and still wouldn’t be ranked 😂 just cause you love the game and work hard don’t make you a pro he has no fundamentals

  • Marcus McCoy
    Marcus McCoy

    DKM huge fan here but I know in that interview in your head you was calling bs he had D1 offers because with all those schools he would have name 1 at least one to prove all the haters wrong

  • Dr strange
    Dr strange

    His dad knew how tall he was gonna be just had to look at himself. Should of focus all the worth ethic on a different sport. Could see him being good at soccer with him being so explosive and court view which is needed in soccee

  • FitWolv

    I used to root for julian, who doesnt like seeing an under dog go against the grain and prove people wrong. Then him and his dad got too cocky and i lost respect for him. Shame.

  • Yamato

    I seriously be surprised if makes the nba at all tbh he’s gonna have to do amazing things

  • cxu

    He needs to change his play style and how he approaches the game mentally, he has the fundamentals and stuff.

  • cardinals22

    They're like the discount store version of the Ball family

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master

    Japan has point guards who are just about the same size as him at 5'6-5'8, so I think it is much more realistic if he goes there. But if he tells anybody that he's gonna be playing somewhere else then I think he's just talking 🗑

  • Ziad Eissa
    Ziad Eissa

    he should definitely become a professional streetballer

  • DH44

    Lbh if he had any offers at all his Dad woulda been bragging and dropping all the names. Next off if he cant get any D1 offers, why the F would G league or NBL want him?

  • Kerzon Mendoza
    Kerzon Mendoza

    Now im thinking, in that one of the hello newmans episode where a pro coach approached newman, was he really a pro coach lmao guess we’ll have to see if he gets in the nbl by money 😂

  • Josh Hagerman
    Josh Hagerman

    His height isn't an issue. It's the fact that him and his family have realized that this dream is fading. There are many many good shooters I have seen that never went pro, but he just isn't going to make it. Best of luck. You need to make another plan

  • sonny king
    sonny king

    Japan would be a good choice for him, they will teach him strict discipline. He won't only develop as a player but probably as a good person as well

    • doroty

      Agree, also Japan has some of the best diet in the world

  • ear4funk

    Nope ... I saw two guards ON HIS OWN TEAM that got my attention more than him. He made the mistake of trying to be a scoring machine ... works up to junior high at his height ... past that, he needed to be a killer assist man who can hit an OPEN shot ... he ain't taking nobody to the hoop (high school on up) ... they just wait for shot leave his hand (they got 2 sec BEFORE the ball comes to their level then its a block). Poor guy had way too much hype ... based on dribble skills.

  • Abdel Chowdhury
    Abdel Chowdhury

    I never followed him but I do feel bad for him... He put in the work, did everything he was supposed to but wasn't able to grow 6 more inches... His parents should tell him to focus on college and IRglo instead of carrying on with what feels like a pipe dream...

  • Aj Choppa38
    Aj Choppa38

    Ik it sucked to play on his team🤦🏾‍♂️😭..feel bad for the guys that did💯😭

  • Ty Robinson
    Ty Robinson

    I dont think hes good, but i hope he does get an opportunity to play somewhere. It sucks when someone grinds for something their whole life and then you just come up short

  • Eleven-Eleven Production
    Eleven-Eleven Production

    Why lie about your college offers? If I was in his position, I would use it as fuel to work on my game to get to the next level. I can name a number of pros in the NBA didn’t get college offers right after high school. It’s hard to take this guy seriously as a professional basketball player.


    Even if he was good enough, even if he was tall enough, they still wouldn't want him because of his attitude

  • J to the D
    J to the D

    Start focusing on finishing a good major, if you fail to go overseas of play D1.

  • Davis Dowell
    Davis Dowell

    I honestly feel bad for him...He was overhyped by social media and his parents. He's too young to understand how much work was going to go into him becoming a pro at any level. To make matters worse, his attitude was shitty and cocky. This was a tactic encouraged by his parents and the hype of social media. Hopefully he figures it out and lands on his feet.

  • Puneet Sandhu
    Puneet Sandhu

    Sometimes I get salty that my dad never believed in me. Atleast he didnt fill my head up with bullshit just for me to find out the real world is rough. Julians Dad is such a terrible dude.

  • wolves10morales

    Julian can come play for my men's rec league team. Solid 8th man for my team.

  • ky myles
    ky myles

    Come on man. So you mean to tell me a unranked player can just go up to the g league and perform well. His team barely plays hard teams period. There’s only one legitimate player on that team and he’s actually pretty damn good

  • Brandon I
    Brandon I

    He'll probably get a shot overseas, but I'm not sure how long he will last. He's small, he's reckless, and for his size he's not that quick as other guys his size. He can shoot and dribble a little, but that's about it...

  • Father Daughter Food Reviews
    Father Daughter Food Reviews

    When the father is talking about where you could see him playing he’s talking about in his head the places he wants his son to go. He has had no actual communication with any of these people or teams.

    • Father Daughter Food Reviews
      Father Daughter Food Reviews

      When he graduated he had no offers and all they can do to keep him relevant is keep talking about places he may go and using big names to sound like he is still doing something. If you’re in his situation what else could you do. The father backed him into a corner. The downfall was the stupid boost commercials. His father thought he was LaVar Ball. He’s nothing like him. LaVar actually taught his kids how to play well and how to succeed

  • Wink Lee
    Wink Lee

    He can play in the PBA, there are point guards out here that's the same height as Julian

  • Chris Jerome Garraez
    Chris Jerome Garraez

    He should adapt a stockton-esque style of playing with his height, he dont have athleticsm like nate, spudd etc. He should develop his IQ WHEN TO AND WHERE TO

  • Justin Byrd
    Justin Byrd

    Everybody already knew he wasn’t going pro he had 1 d1 offer and he should of took it and learn how to play the game the right way he got the skills just no IQ it’s his dad fault

  • Scratchy

    I want to see him get a chance

  • CoZy FlaKKo
    CoZy FlaKKo

    His tell that he’s lying is him saying “you know what I’m saying” 😂😂

  • J02Savage

    If he doesn’t have a college offer he definitely has no pro offers and we know hella colleges have offered him for sure we just don’t know what level personally I would love to see him go someplace like butler

  • Julia Martinez
    Julia Martinez

    Not allowing him to compete in a normal setting away from Daddy killed him

  • J O
    J O

    He'll be signed somewhere. The dad can say, "if you don't take Julian, my daughter won't commit to your school." I'm saying this with the assumption that his sister will have multiple D1 Women's Basketball offers.

  • Jeffrey Domingo
    Jeffrey Domingo

    He can be a good point guard. He is quick and has good handles. Just so much ego on this kid. You dont need to drop 30 everytime. Actually you cant. Especially against bigger and better opponents. Penetrate and pass the ball man. Work hard on defense so the other teams cant pick on you easily.

  • 925Warbot

    He should become the greatest coach just like his dad

  • clipseforlife

    Yeah he will be the starting guard for DCU next year

  • J P
    J P

    Im not an expert or a scout, but my kid plays college softball. Based on the videos i seen. I dont think he did all that great in high school and he was playing against kids. I don’t think he will go to a big D-1 school. Otherwise we would know about it. I can see him playing at a small school. What a lot of people, fans and parents fail to acknowledge is when your competition is kids you may be advanced. But when you go D-1 or pro, you not playing against kids anymore. Lol. Social media also hypes these kids up too much.

  • Non Stop
    Non Stop

    Real hoopers I repeat REAL HOOPERS NEVER thought this kid was going D1 nor did we ever think he could legitimately play ball. His game has always been suspect. Dribbling with head down going nowhere. Not physically capable. Zero athleticism and zero court vision. This kid got hyped by the media and he was a bust before he even started

  • Isaiah

    Bro, he should just create a IRglo channel and make content playing in parks and at the rec. He could also do 1v1s and create a path to pro series and really blow up off of that. He has great skill, but it’s not enough to supplement his height and athleticism. NBA will likely never happen, but if he combines IRglo and possibly going pro overseas (no matter where it is), it would be great content and give untapped insight since his following is already big.He also needs to ditch his dads antivs and really establish himself in his own way. A lot of the hate people have for him is brought on in large part by his dad trying to live vicariously through him.

  • Gh0ste

    I fr hope that some1 gives him chance

  • Earf

    Lmao there is zero (read 0.000%) chance of him playing in BBL, Serie A or any other of the major European top national leagues. Their local players there are very well trained and Americans too have at the very least played college. Even smaller chance of him playing in China. There are restriction on how many foreign players every team can sign (I think 2 max) so no team would waste one on him

  • Ryan Boehm
    Ryan Boehm

    I completely disagree, no one will pay him to play ball. MOST D1 players never play pro... anywhere. And he has no D1 offers. His best bet is becoming an influencer.