if you ever find this Squid Game Island, you need to turn away FAST! (They will make you PLAY)
if you ever find this Squid Game Island, you need to turn away FAST! (They will make you PLAY)
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  • Cinthia Logan
    Cinthia Logan

    56:47 see the guard taking a selfie with no mask?

    • spyninjafanaurora1007

      Yea haha

    • Arnel Teves
      Arnel Teves

      True Lol

  • Anime fan
    Anime fan

    The camera man be like: I'm unstoppable today~

  • Coralena Kemp
    Coralena Kemp

    This is very accurate cause if u watch the basic squid games it is made on an island but it's a little wired cause the man just came up to him and asked if he WANTED to play a game and it says "they WILL make u play" And also the reason they never reveal there faces is because if they choose the red card they have temporarily chosen to be a guard.And if they reveal there identity or even take off there masks, am alarm will be rung and they will be shot in the head immediately and majority of people wouldn't want to die as an opportunity to shoot people when they lose.So they keep there masks on and NEVER ever take there masks off.

  • itsemanuelcontent_

    How did stromedys friends come back to life

  • Anika Sullens
    Anika Sullens

    56:27 LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL One of the workers in the limo has his mask pulled off and he on his fricken phone playing games 🤣

    • Adrian


    • Anika Sullens
      Anika Sullens

      Like literatly all of them got their masks off and they on their phones 😂

  • InvisibleMan

    17:55 how did the camera man not fall?

    • kelly davis
      kelly davis

      Yeah because how did the camera mam not get shot

    • Vergil

      Is he like invincible

    • Michael Bakal
      Michael Bakal

      Cause they be 🧢

  • caleb cooper
    caleb cooper

    The off brand version of my Halloween costume 😂😂

    • GabeandCaren


    • Lyvon


  • Angila Fery
    Angila Fery

    He sacrificed himself, Yona that's so unfair.

  • Mirabugg 💜💙
    Mirabugg 💜💙

    So we just going to act like we don’t see the clown hanging from the tree

    • The Magma Aries Boy
      The Magma Aries Boy

      I know right i noticed that too xD

    • Oil Stain
      Oil Stain

      @Besarta Avdija I’m gonna take this as a compliment

    • Besarta Avdija
      Besarta Avdija

      @Oil Stain 🎉🎉🎉😢😮1ydhcyr❤

    • Ireland

      I saw it but then I realized It was fake

    • Oil Stain
      Oil Stain

      There all fake but good for entertainment

  • Robert Ramirez
    Robert Ramirez

    The last game is free for all you guys have to eliminate each other

  • Dionn Swift
    Dionn Swift

    Me too it is scary but I love it so much and I’m so glad you got to my room I was so scared I love it and I

  • Angila Fery
    Angila Fery

    Oh my gosh, he doesn't even care about anyone, you've got to watch out for him, guys, you kill any one of you.

    • Syifa Salsabilla
      Syifa Salsabilla


  • Sui Ceu
    Sui Ceu

    if the squid games added this update: when you finished the game you will get to be a pink soldier

  • Casey Hukill
    Casey Hukill

    Happy Birthday to you Stromedy Kyle hope you have a good birthday

  • tang acez
    tang acez

    Fun fact : at 56:29 the guard was not wearing the mask

    • Arnel Teves
      Arnel Teves

      True mate tru

  • jace sindel
    jace sindel

    Is it Just Me Or Does The Voice From The Caller Stromedy Called Sounds Like Captain Price From COD

  • Archer’s BB Guns
    Archer’s BB Guns

    Does anyone notice how that drone is one of the drones they got from one of the stalkers/hackers.

  • Amber Opalewski
    Amber Opalewski

    Your channels are really cool I like the squeaking champ challenge it's actually pretty funny little bit but the guy another Diamond mask is creepy

  • Angila Fery
    Angila Fery

    Those weird red guys in red jumpsuits and weird shape masks with gone holding your hand each by each are actually squid game guards

  • ☻︎𝚁𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚘𝚖 𝙰𝚗𝚒𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚜☻︎
    ☻︎𝚁𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚘𝚖 𝙰𝚗𝚒𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚘𝚛𝚜☻︎

    I like how they probably payed the workers to just stand there

    • Arnel Teves
      Arnel Teves


    • Doge Gamer
      Doge Gamer


    • Gaming With Super Malek
      Gaming With Super Malek


    • Kobie Spencer
      Kobie Spencer


    • Reece Maclean
      Reece Maclean


  • SwiftyFox

    “We don’t want to show you this part” well I’m 9 years old and I watched squid game in 1 day

  • worstanimationever501

    They're like good acting btw, I love it but GOOD ACTING THO 😳

  • brittany kroening
    brittany kroening


  • Nicola French
    Nicola French

    At 1:25:36 they didnt realise that the guy at the start was there

  • Guller,o Trejo
    Guller,o Trejo

    I love to watch Squid Game and I know how to play

  • Bonnie Dirk
    Bonnie Dirk

    It’s actually real. OMG. 🙀I’m Tatiana 😜

  • Amber Opalewski
    Amber Opalewski

    I see the whole movie already the squid game and it was interesting and storming Squad I really like your channels you guys cool😎😍😻💖

  • Adrian

    I love how stromedy saids”give me my friends back here take the money”

  • Simple alex wong
    Simple alex wong

    1:39:49 game over nice job

  • Juli Matthews
    Juli Matthews

    im going to be honest in tug of war it was so sweet that kyle (stromedy) (you) gave yana (i think that how its spell yana's name sorry if not) the money so sweet

  • Zara plays roblox adopt me
    Zara plays roblox adopt me

    While watching I said in my mind OKAY SO EVERYTHING I HEAR ABOUT IS REAL IN THIS PLACE

  • Quinn Tackitt
    Quinn Tackitt

    they know a bunch of things about the show but they don't know that they die or how much money they win

  • Avone Fouch
    Avone Fouch

    who else thought of lil uzi vert when stromedy said "all my friends are dead"

    • kinley fielder
      kinley fielder

      Who is lil Uzi vert

  • kimberley hardie
    kimberley hardie

    at 7.15 i saw three people outside your house just to let you know

  • hayley didham
    hayley didham

    At 56:46 one of the guys had they mask off so i seen his face

  • Maycee 😍😂ok
    Maycee 😍😂ok

    That was terrifying I'm going to look for them

  • Forever! Sheyana!
    Forever! Sheyana!

    while watching this and when the red squids came I got a squid game ad🥲

  • Ashlee Swan
    Ashlee Swan

    Anybody see that one guy in the car he had his mask off.

  • Justin.h078

    1:09:05 I see the people and the limo in the school parking lot

  • Manpreet Ghuman
    Manpreet Ghuman

    Why does squid game start with squid 😂😂😂

  • Isaac Salgado
    Isaac Salgado

    Squid game is so scary don’t ever do that awesome squid game musk everyone asking door it’s actually the one where you walk over across if I want anybody I wanna walk

    • french fry
      french fry

      Yo this is insane dude

  • Fort_friesYT

    Hey that was the Halloween mask I had I couple of years ago and I still have it

  • Anika Sullens
    Anika Sullens

    Never though I'd see the boss man wearing tennis shoes you'd think he'd be wearing at least something that doesn't look like it was out of a dumpster

    • Addison Vandergriff
      Addison Vandergriff

      shut up it is just a video lol sorry just kidding i agree with you

  • WHW Hudson’s Wrestling
    WHW Hudson’s Wrestling

    Can someone please count the number of time he said stromedy squad 😂

    • Angutinnguaq Martinsen
      Angutinnguaq Martinsen

      @LaLa Marie ✌️

    • LaLa Marie
      LaLa Marie


    • Myrna Braga
      Myrna Braga


  • Nicholas Blanco
    Nicholas Blanco

    i just think they're funny (stromedy) but i love how the workers in the front of the house just watch like ehh i figured this would happen it's normal

  • Alejandra Gutierrez
    Alejandra Gutierrez

    Love the laser edits and I really like the good work

  • Amante Melonson
    Amante Melonson

    It is really funny how they didn’t even try to make it look real but still I love the stormedy squad

    • nuke_cat6000


    • Bia Bianca
      Bia Bianca

      @Jack The History Boy h

    • Bia Bianca
      Bia Bianca

      @Jack The History Boy !

    • felix ogden
      felix ogden

      yeah fake but entertaining

    • Jack The History Boy
      Jack The History Boy


  • Splayz55

    When ur too poor to get a van so u come walking

  • NotAydenRoblox

    i want squid game to come to my home. 3:03

    • nuke_cat6000

      Same bruh

  • Heather Wilson
    Heather Wilson

    at 56:28 the guy took his mask off

  • Anymous • 69 years ago
    Anymous • 69 years ago

    camera man: *Invisible and cannot take the sleep Smoke*

  • Keondre Johnson
    Keondre Johnson

    Bro that's just a nerf gun 😂

  • ArcticAnimeWolf

    No they won’t make you play cuz it’s a tourist attraction 😂

  • The lit family
    The lit family

    I'm sorry but I just know that she's going to break that promise

  • Morgan Hodges
    Morgan Hodges

    Squid game is a series of games in the form of a move on Netflix (□=general, triangle= scout, ○= normal security)

  • Winter

    I like how there are just mannequin

  • Luca MacCheese
    Luca MacCheese

    1:27:00 doesn't anybody realise the front man in top left corner

    • Luca MacCheese
      Luca MacCheese

      1:29:19 oh finally they did

  • sroberts423

    The person he calls leader is called the front man lol

    • Joe Espinal
      Joe Espinal


  • Hazel Lor
    Hazel Lor

    On the music chairs when you are the last one you have to stay by the chair and when the music stops the person that’s going to sit in the chair you have to grab it before the person sits in it

    • Amanda Shelley
      Amanda Shelley

      Hey y’all

    • mirunageorgiana.alexia Bonciu
      mirunageorgiana.alexia Bonciu


  • KRob

    did you know that a squid game island was real search it up i love you stromedy squad

  • Benjamin Isaac Esponilla
    Benjamin Isaac Esponilla

    Wow i guess the camera man didnt went to sleep

  • Kendra Gaming Channel
    Kendra Gaming Channel

    drone: *Goes infront of the gaurds faces* Gaurds: *ingores*

  • Amber Opalewski
    Amber Opalewski

    You guys are really cool and in a shapes on the sidewalk a really interesting and I want to wish you guys good luck at the school game I'd love your channels😍😘😎

  • Austin Shaw
    Austin Shaw

    45:13 their plan was to get up and scream?

  • Lo

    There where a bunch of squid game gourds the time was 5:55

  • Angila Fery
    Angila Fery

    I told you he was doing it for his own interest

  • Jason Streeter
    Jason Streeter

    In the front of the drone in the front of the house that was the right thing and I think it was one of the squid game people

  • Streamlabs

    You called him the bossman but it is the frontman

  • Kala.Skates

    4:24 u can see stromedy delete the the number, then call somebody else-

    • bee_frog8honey

      Pfffffffffht 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂


      He might of put the wrong didgets ?

    • Michael Barrowcliffe
      Michael Barrowcliffe

      Oh yeah

  • The Real ghost 17
    The Real ghost 17

    Bro everybody knows that they’re just trying to prank us because that’s not the real person from the beginning of squid game because first he’s different than that and they play Tachi they don’t play Rock Paper Scissors

  • Antony Abbas
    Antony Abbas

    The guy that came in your house and played rock paper sisors with is the leader of the squid game

  • Rhythm is Life
    Rhythm is Life

    Is that real guards or not?? I can't understand And I loved it ❤️❤️😍😍😻😻

  • Bobbili Sravani
    Bobbili Sravani

    Fact : the squid game doll is located atJeju island in Korea

  • Tech.MoDGermany

    American IRglo actors at there finest

  • Leam Cliffe
    Leam Cliffe

    One of the most amazing things about the kids is that for me the most important than the kids

  • De tech tive
    De tech tive

    That slap lol

  • Among us purple Animation videos🥳
    Among us purple Animation videos🥳

    Its so relaxing marble long trak😌

  • Basicly Pain
    Basicly Pain

    Fact: the cameraman is invincible

    • Arnel Teves
      Arnel Teves


    • osariemen uhunmwangho
      osariemen uhunmwangho


  • Kimberly Tran
    Kimberly Tran

    They're playing squid game but be careful

  • Gregorio Valles
    Gregorio Valles

    Games: tug of war red-light green light hide and seek glass bridge honey comb (cookie cutter)