Heung-Min Son, Erik Lamela, Harry Kane & more send Hugo Lloris messages on his 10 year anniversary
Tottenham Hotspur
Hugo Lloris reflects on 10 years at Tottenham Hotspur alongside Adam Smith.
There are also special messages stories from Jermain Defoe, Michael Dawson, Jan Vertonghen, Erik Lamela, Heung-Min Son, Ben Davies, Harry Kane and Eric Dier.
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نظر: 262
  • sajidul haque
    sajidul haque

    our captain, our legend. Happy 10 year anniversary Hugo ❤

    • JQ7

      @People's Elbow Yeah one incident define his personality 🤡

    • UTC

      @People's Elbow he’s not

    • People's Elbow
      People's Elbow

      Racist always blame sonny

    • US SpursFan
      US SpursFan

      Hugo, a HotSpur Legend!!! 🔥⭐️⭐️⭐️🔥

  • Okondo Delle
    Okondo Delle

    The smiles when Coco speaks and also super Jan 🥰 they are the real friends of Hugo

    • Daniel Tam
      Daniel Tam

      But where is alderweireld?

  • Philip Durling
    Philip Durling

    My grandson plays in goal for his school. He is constantly watching Hugo on video and tries to learn from him. Great to see Erik looking so well.

  • Oluwasegun Joshua
    Oluwasegun Joshua

    Coco and Jan will forever be spurs players. Loyalty is formed along with memories.

  • Perry The Platypus
    Perry The Platypus

    I’ll never forget that Dortmund game, the first half we got dominated but Hugo turned into the Great Wall of China! Nothing could go pass him can’t wait to see him lift a trophy the Szn🥳.

  • Francis Chiew
    Francis Chiew

    Hugo is the foundation stone of Spurs... He is also the big brother of the players... He will whip n scold them if they dont perform yet everyone has great respect for him n love him. He is a legend n forever will be at Spurs!!!

  • Vengeance M
    Vengeance M

    He's already a spurs legend! He deserves a trophy 🏆 and more respect to him , wishing him the best and good health 🌹

    • Andy Kyriakides
      Andy Kyriakides

      Maybe if he didn't make his mistakes in big games , he would have a handful ( excuse the pun ) by now .

    • L5kywa1ker Memes
      L5kywa1ker Memes

      Well hopefully this is the year the spurs finally win a trophy

  • Sustainable Shooter
    Sustainable Shooter

    You can forgot what a keeper he has been for the club. I know he has made a couple of mistakes but overall to have a keeper like that for 10 years is brilliant. Let’s just hope he can lift a trophy at the club which he’ll deserve.

  • Kyechong Yi
    Kyechong Yi

    Great goalkeeper, captain, leader and one of Tottenham Hotspur legends. Congrats' on 10year Anniversary and many more to come! Let's bring it home T. Hotspurs!

  • Dan Sanchez
    Dan Sanchez

    Hugo is Spurs' most underrated legend. We'll only miss what we don't have once he's gone.

    • M

      @purple perc i don’t understand how you can play football everyday for a living and be that bad on the ball. I’ll be so happy when he goes if we get a keeper who can actually kick the ball

    • purple perc
      purple perc

      @M and that’s why he’s playing goalkeeper 😂

    • M

      Cant kick the ball to save his life

    • World class
      World class

      🛡one of our own

    • Ryley Turner
      Ryley Turner

      Hugo is defo in my top 5 for favourite players always loved him such a great guy!!!

  • Perry The Platypus
    Perry The Platypus

    Also I genuinely love Erik Lamessi, he bleed’s Tottenham for the love of Harry Redknapp on deadline day can we bring him back😭🤞.

    • Perry The Platypus
      Perry The Platypus

      @Henry SharonI’d smile for days tbh.

    • Ollythespursfan

      @henry Sharon absolutely mate I would adore them 3

    • Henry Sharon
      Henry Sharon

      Him Richarlison and Romero would be a shithouse trio

  • Julius Iha
    Julius Iha

    Thank you Hugo!!! Happy 10th Anniversary!!!👏👏👏

  • Nelson Market
    Nelson Market

    Orgulloso de nuestro capitán, nuestra muralla San Hugo Lloris

  • SKIM

    We are so lucky to have a captain like him behidn the goal. Look at all the teams that are breaking apart. They lack this kind of a leader who brings stability.

  • Gary Wallace
    Gary Wallace

    What a professional he has been for our club and is up there with past great legends who pulled on the shirt emblazoned with the famous cockerel. We have had a few managers over the last decade but all of them had Hugo Lloris in the starting lineup, says it all really. Having someone like him representing Tottenham makes me proud, for more years than I care to remember, to be a supporter of this wondrous football club. COYS!

  • Talha Zubair
    Talha Zubair

    Hugo Lloris is the reason I started supporting Tottenham 3 years ago. My favourite player ever. Most underrated player of all time. He will always be in my heart. Legend❣️⚪

  • Kronus. T Bear
    Kronus. T Bear

    Absolute legend! Happy 10 years & I hope the best is yet to come too!

  • PinkHIdE

    진심 레전드지 요리스... 다른건 모르겠고 요리스의 최고 강점은 역시 꾸준함이 아닐까 생각함... 오랜 시간 동안 큰 슬럼프 없이 꾸준하게 준수한 활약을 보여줌 👍👍

  • FizzMakerBoi

    I could watch this all day, what a fantastic player!


    Our Legend, Hugo Lloris🤍💙I really appreciate everything you’ve done.🤍💙

  • mikalaiho

    Clearly our best goalkeeper who deserves to lift a trophy, perhaps more than any other player in a Spurs shirt.🎉

  • Linus Piontek
    Linus Piontek

    He is one of those players whose value we will only appreciate once he is no longer around. Hopefully his body enables him to carry on playing for many more years. Afterwards, I would like to see him further involved in the club as e.g. ambassador

  • Vic Wiseman
    Vic Wiseman

    Brilliant, congratulations on 10 years and thanks for the great memories Hugo. 😀👍

  • Kingsley CY
    Kingsley CY

    So many people nowadays think toxic egomaniacs should be leaders, and here is Hugo Lloris reminding the world what a true leader looks like.

  • Sophie J
    Sophie J

    Félicitations pour le 10e anniversaire de Tottenham, Hugo!!😉 Sois bon avec Sonny.

  • Varun Sai
    Varun Sai

    i had tears watching this video man. Tottenham legend, Love you hugo.

  • luxlisbontoo

    Love you Hugo! Hope we can finally lift a trophy for him and Kane.

  • Fabian Petersen
    Fabian Petersen

    Love hugo!!! Best captain, loyal player he could have played for any team and he stick with us... Thanks hugo

  • Dom Basto
    Dom Basto

    For me has to be and still is the best keeper we've ever had certainly since I've been a spurs supporter. Keep it up Hugo were not the same team without you! COYS

  • Anthony Petty
    Anthony Petty

    Huge thanks to Hugo, our keeper extraordinaire. Best wishes from New Zealand. COYS!

  • Jay Murray
    Jay Murray

    I’ll say it again and I’ll probably be alone in this BRING BACK LAMELA!!!!! Imagine Lamela and Richarlinson ravaging around the defence and midfield

  • DWizzle0007

    Hugo has been been for the club. Hes had some mishaps and mistakes over the years but overall hes been a top notch player and professional.

  • Rappers57

    Some fans also forget how long Lamela was there. And the passion.

  • KingSling

    Quality Keeper! Let’s go Hugo ❤️

  • Jacob Gethin
    Jacob Gethin

    What I’d give to see Hugo lift a trophy for us

  • Gordon Kusi Appiah
    Gordon Kusi Appiah

    I've loved Spurs since the days of the legendary Glenn Hoddle, my footballing hero. Love you Harry Hotspur Hugo! C.O.Y.S.!

  • Morningtable

    he is always there for us. He never complain about situations and where we were.

  • loved012one

    Super Jan & Coco! 🤩 Hugo, thank you for being a faithful captain and servant of the club. 🤍

  • 쿠키

    토트넘 수비가 뚫려도 나는 걱정되지 않아요! 왜냐하면 휴고가 막을꺼라는 믿음이 있으니까! 무엇보다 휴고는 실수가 적은 골키퍼이며 팬들에게 신뢰를 주는 선수라는 게 휴고를 가장 좋아하는 이유에요😆 휴고 10주년 축하해요!

  • Brick Master
    Brick Master

    I really hope spurs will win some major trophies in near future not because of rival fans’ trolls about 0 trophies but for the sake of loyal players like hugo, kane, son, dier, davies, and so on. COYS!!

  • Rajdeep B
    Rajdeep B

    Legend 👏👏🙏🙏🙏 and miss you Lamela

  • Yoga Diari
    Yoga Diari

    i love that there's no love lost between spurs and ex spurs players! i love that!

  • uBenji1234

    Kinda odd time for this match for me so haven't seen it from the beginning yet... I'd say, probably that we'd have to get Lenglet, Bissuma, Sarr, Spence etc into our system play. Get Doherty back to full speed, Lucas and Skippy back from injuries ofc So I think it will be better in the future. However, Liverpool pretty much have taken themselves out of the title race already with a 2p loss vs Newcastle at home today earlier. 3rd so far isn't too bad. I'd love to get Bastoni, Skriniar, a target cf and a really strong and lively option on rwb in... then we can be up there and control the ball better and more. Being up there in top year after year would make us attractive for players like Håland, Mbappe and the next Håland/Mbappe. That's where u'd have to get to start to compete for the PL and UCL year after year... So, extremely well done so far! Levy keep building up our finances and Conte u'r the man. Sonny start getting into the defensive tactics and all of u guys, we're moving in the right direction!


    Mon Capitaine 💙🤍 Félicitations pour les 10 ans Hugo!

  • ㅇㅇ

    Always, thank u me and our eternal captain! Happy 10th anniversary Hugo 💙

  • TJagIII

    one of the best goalkeepers ever to play the game

  • Naidu Gautama
    Naidu Gautama

    Would have been awesome if Moussa Dembele, could have had a cameo here.

  • Sachin Sinha
    Sachin Sinha

    Legend Goalkeeper.....❤️❤️

  • Agooooo


  • Hope Worldian
    Hope Worldian

    our legend , king , captain and world champion HUGO Lloris ❤🙏

  • Luke

    legend, our captain!!!

  • Matt Spurs
    Matt Spurs

    Great keeper and captain! Should get more respect!

  • Raas Nashelington
    Raas Nashelington

    My captain we were blessed with a decade of hugo...need him to lift a cup with us

  • [rew] HRE
    [rew] HRE

    Living legend of our team HBD Hugo boss, I wish you to have a great game today ;)

  • Safo Kh
    Safo Kh

    such a good keeper he's one of the greatest keepers like courtois neuer & buffon !!

  • win_nasdaq

    wish have big milestones with hugo this season 🙏

  • Luke Battams
    Luke Battams


  • S C
    S C

    Our legend we have to give him his flowers before he leaves

  • elliot jeong
    elliot jeong

    underrated. he would have been treated as Alisson if he had won PL

  • Oskido

    Happy anniversary legend!🤍🤍Coys

  • Joel Ahn
    Joel Ahn


    • Irfan

      He did yesterday

    • G for GEORGE408
      G for GEORGE408

      Start richy

    • SKIM

      This is a hugo video mate

    • White Troll
      White Troll

      Son heung min will score 2 goals vs westham mark my words and we will win 2-0 vs westham

  • TomGTB

    Bro this guy needs a trophy so much

  • Creees

    I always felt it was mega signing from Lyon when Spurs signed him

  • 민성 김
    민성 김

    You must be a goalkeeper coach for spurs after you finish your career 🙏🙏

  • CharlesWhy

    Happy Anniversary Lloris!!!

  • Joe Kiddy Shaw
    Joe Kiddy Shaw

    LEGEND ! 💙

  • N Thoj
    N Thoj

    Hugo-->⭐️⭐️WORLD CLASS ⭐️🏆🏆 you are SPURS thru and thru.. These boys are So articulate- can see that special connection you all have! COYS COYS COYS

  • Kuburat Ajao
    Kuburat Ajao

    Let's go Hugo let's win more 🏆

  • Boink erz
    Boink erz

    What a lovely video to watch. Hopefully he has a few years left, god knows how we'll replace him.

  • Enrico Awe
    Enrico Awe

    Hope he win trophy this season.

  • Fearless

    Hugo the Legend 👑

  • Paulie

    Congratulations, Lloris!

  • DB

    Love Hugo. Captain Courageous COYS

  • David H.
    David H.

    Erik! Imagine him, Richie and Romero in the same team. Absolute shithousery heaven. Hugo's too much of a gentleman for that stuff though.

  • 임지영

    Captain, oh my captain💙

  • Just some random Dutch guy
    Just some random Dutch guy

    Wow ten years hope he stays for more

  • Harry Pluckrose
    Harry Pluckrose


  • Chookz

    I miss Lamela

  • epicMelonZ

    A true spurs legend!

  • Tirto Ananda
    Tirto Ananda

    Ex Tottenham Hotspur Play Each Club : 1. Joe Hart : Celtic 2. P. Gazzaniga : Fulham FC 3. E. Lamela : Sevilla 4. J. Foyth, G. Lo Celso : Villarreal 5. L. Modric : Real Madrid 6. T. Ndombele : Napoli 7. M. Sissoko : Nantes 8. D. Alli : Besiktas 9. K. Walker Peters : Southampton 10. T. Alderweireld : Antwerp 11. J. Vertonghen : Benfica 12. C. Eriksen : Manchester United 13. P. Gollini : Fiorentina 14. G. Bale : Inter Miami 15. L. Modric : Real Madrid 16. K. Walker : Manchester City 17. S. Bergwijn : Ajax Amsterdam 18. K. Trippier : Newcastle United 19. A. Whiteman : Degerfors 20. Carter Vickers : Celtic.

  • 이호영

    Hugo Lloris는 의심할 여지 없이. 월드 클래스다. 토트넘은 세명의 월드 클래스가 있다. 케인, 손, 그리고 요리스.

  • Shorifaq Choudhury
    Shorifaq Choudhury

    His smile.... 😍

  • tunde osolake
    tunde osolake


  • cadburysnack

    le capitaine!!!!! Légende!!!!

  • V tomar
    V tomar

    Hugo doing great saves is nothing new, Hugo doing a mistake in front of the goal, is funny. I hope you don't give me more chances to laugh rather and I will continue to admire your efforts.

  • Halimio

    We have a long service award for staff like this

  • [J]123

    Our Captain ©️🤍💙


    Can we please win some bloody trophies for these players

  • Kieron Spiteri
    Kieron Spiteri

    Spurs legend he is

  • John Downey
    John Downey

    Been a great servant to the club.

  • Spark


  • Brick Master
    Brick Master

    I really hope spurs will win some major trophies in near future not because of rival fans’ trolls about 0 trophies but for the sake of loyal players like hugo, kane, son, dier, davies, and so on. COYS!!

  • EMAN imates
    EMAN imates

    I love this guy.

  • 푸들푸들

    휴고 토트넘에서 10주년 진정한 수문장임에 틀림없으며 10주년 축하해요. 주장답게 항상 토트넘 골문 잘지켜주고 우리 흥민이도 잘좀 부탁해~~👍💕💕💕

  • Sun Choi
    Sun Choi

    Best Goalkeeper 👍👍👍

  • Raas Nashelington
    Raas Nashelington

    For sure leverkusen is the best save ive seen live

  • AYL Yi-Huh
    AYL Yi-Huh

    10 years with no trophy. that's loyalty

  • Tlhompo

    it's kinda funny when he wanted to slip in us winning a trophy there😂😂

  • Boom Channel
    Boom Channel

    Thank you so much❤❤❤

  • Sa Da
    Sa Da

    Hugo You are very good.😀❤️