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نظر: 3 431
  • Kewbix

    Congrats guys, this is an incredible milestone you should be ecstatic about!!

  • Drew Penn
    Drew Penn

    I've been watching every single video on the channel since I first subscribed over 7 years ago back in's been one hang of a journey and I feel like this is one of the most well-deserved and hard earned 10M plaques that IRglo has ever awarded!!

  • DiFab Fútbol
    DiFab Fútbol

    You lot have been with me since middle school, high school, every single relationship of mine, through college (even though I've dropped out twice), and throughout all the struggles and trauma I've faced, no matter how poor my day was, How Ridiculous would always bring a smile to my face. Gaunson has always been my favorite! Never one to really comment on any videos at all, but good lord seeing y'all hit 10 million is amazing. Cheers lads, here's to the next 10 million!

  • Taolan8472

    "Gaunson, you are playing Rock."

  • Jacob Rader
    Jacob Rader

    Congratulations boys. Love your content, and I love how it’s good wholesome fun I can share with my kids. They love your videos. Well done always looking forward to more. God bless.

  • That'll Work
    That'll Work

    How good!! You guys are an inspiration to so many people including me 😁 What a journey 🙌 can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • TheFunnyPlanet

    Let’s just give these guys a round of applause, they worked so hard to make us entertained. Without them, who knows! 12 years of amazing content!😊

  • opTIc Ranch
    opTIc Ranch

    Really brings back good memories. I also really appreciate your faith and how every thing you do is for and with Jesus. Thank you for making my day.

  • DLcarburetor

    So many good times. Had me laughing the whole video. Thank you guys, everyone in your family and support teams for doing great things here. Laughter is a great medicine God gave us. HR helps spread it so we can experience a bit of His light through it. God bless and keep having a blast.

  • Pål Lindsetmo
    Pål Lindsetmo

    I realise now that I've been wasting many hours of my life watching you guys, but I've enjoyed every single second of it 😍

  • The Panda Bandit
    The Panda Bandit

    2015 was when I started watching and this has been amazing and the content has just been so good through out the years, love these guys

  • Stormgeist1

    Thank you for the many years of amazing content! I laughed myself literally to tears for the entire length of the vid... Best retrospective ever! Love you guys! Shout out to the Rexy on the dresser behind me as I watched, for making a cameo appearance at

  • Kenneth Ervin
    Kenneth Ervin

    dont think anyone will ever forget the 'dropping things' era - what a massive series and so good to watch! I vividly remember always looking for a how ridiculous video every week that had to do with dropping something absolutely ridiculous

  • Matthew Davidson
    Matthew Davidson

    Congrats guys on the achievement. Still love each and every slow-mo especially with the new camera, a lot of them would be great to have as computer screensavers.

  • Gribbo9999

    Thanks for all the laughs over the years. Keep them coming!

  • Felipe Betioli
    Felipe Betioli

    let's just appreciate the work and effort the 4 of them put into this channel👏👏

  • Surki

    So many amazing memories <3

  • Brian Stilwell
    Brian Stilwell

    Congratulations it's been amazing watching you lot over the years.

  • mgmcd1

    “Well, that’s not in one piece anymore.” Classic. I hope to see some lovely tower drops this year. 🤓 Epic slowies!

  • Fogo

    Congratulations guys, this is my go-to fun and simple yet amazing channel! Enjoy every minute of it.