Ballislife Ankle Breakers Vol. 1!! NASTIEST Handles, Crossovers & Ankle Breaks Since 2006!!!
Check out one of the nastiest mixtapes we have dropped to date, the 'Ballislife Ankle Breakers Vol. 1'. This 4 minute mixtape features some of the nastiest handles, crossovers and ankle breaks we have filmed since 2006. A lot of NBA pro's, college stars and high school phenoms in the video like: Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, John Wall, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Brandon Jennings, Nick Young, Austin Rivers, Jrue Holiday, Harrison Barnes, Isaiah Thomas, Marquis Teague, Tony Wroten, Rudy Gay, The Harrison Twins, Andrew Wiggins, Aquille Carr, Cezar Guerrero, Darius Morris, Gabe York, Kasey Hill, Katin Reinhardt, Myck Kabongo, Nolan Smith, Quincy Miller, Rodney Purvis, Stanley Johnson and many more!
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نظر: 1 756
  • ひAplexings

    One of the coldest mixtapes in General🔥

  • Jesus

    7 years later... at 3:55 am, mane I miss mixtapes like these

  • ClassicGaming7

    2:00 that was actually good defense

    • Arkadiusz Rogala
      Arkadiusz Rogala

      @MUFC get out

    • Mid Range Buckets ✪
      Mid Range Buckets ✪

      @MUFC we don’t give a dog shit

    • Fabian Saldana
      Fabian Saldana

      @xkanekii ong that shit is lame💀💀

    • Kdcxsh

      ClassicGaming7 hy

  • ERE

    3:49 Let us have a moment of silence for his ankles.....

    • Taph Taph
      Taph Taph

      ERE e

    • torq rez
      torq rez

      xErebosx. this is just pure speculation at this point but I believe he's in the witness protection program

    • Ttvv Gvesh
      Ttvv Gvesh


  • HiImRawr

    2:00 lol nick young's crossovers are always so ineffective.

    • Dakid015

      he didn't go anywhere that's why

    • John Mike
      John Mike

      The dude guarding him had good defence

    • ExiledTrackstar

      Lol u right

  • Francis Tabi
    Francis Tabi

    3:50 wtf that change of direction stole his soul 😭

  • Evan J
    Evan J

    It's funny as shit when people are playing super physical then get dropped.

  • Marlo 2k
    Marlo 2k

    theres a lot of worst things in life but getting drop and with the splash is worst in front of every one too

    • PoloVR

      Come back

    • Tre

      Fax’s 😭

  • Shift Team
    Shift Team

    This video will never get old 😂😂 this used to pump me up so much before the game and i used to always watch this type of mixtape when i was in elementary and now im graduating college how time flies 😔😔 i just wanna go back into those fun days that i just didn’t care about anything but basketball only

  • Event Horizon Productions
    Event Horizon Productions

    Coulda gotten rid of all the ones where it was just a good shake, not actually breakin the guy's ankle, and used that time to see fuller versions of the actual ankle breaking ones. This feels more like a hype up/promo than an actual vid to watch cuz all the clips are so trimmed down.

  • Quintin

    3:49 bruh I aint never seen someone get crossed that hard.

  • Stephen Sunday
    Stephen Sunday

    2:00 - Pretty good defense. He let him off the hook at the end, though.

  • Dwayne Patillo
    Dwayne Patillo

    That last one though , Wow, I wouldn't hoop after that if it happened to me lmao

  • tEslaedit

    Nick Young at 2:02 didn't even cross him the kid played lockdown d

    • ClassicGaming7


    • I Am Reflex
      I Am Reflex

      Yeah all he did was make the shot

    • Robert Mike
      Robert Mike

      +tEslaedit Ikr

  • MegaKIllerHJ

    I remember when i broke ankles for the first time.The feeling was awesome!!!

  • T im
    T im

    the first ankle breaker video I watched. back then when I was a high school student. now I just graduated from college. so nostalgic

  • Eric Nguyen
    Eric Nguyen

    3:48 probably the nastiest cross i've ever seen

  • Ya fav Ultralightskin
    Ya fav Ultralightskin

    3:50 OMG now thats an ankle breaker LMAO!

  • Danielle williams
    Danielle williams

    1:21 gotta be my favorite move, gets em every time!

  • Luis Torresclemente
    Luis Torresclemente

    The last one I would of walked off the court and say down I'm so gonna try that one of these days lol

  • Denis Narat
    Denis Narat

    absolutely abusing those ankles!!

  • TTAwesomeDog

    Dang. I better start practicing my ankle breaker moves quick. I wanna see what happens if I use one of those moves in my school and 'accidentally' break one of my opponent's ankle. :P

  • buzzed lunne
    buzzed lunne

    pls tell me i'm not the only one swinging my head subconsciously from side to side while watching these raw skills feels like I am dribbling with my head

  • Cory Barnes
    Cory Barnes

    everybody saying 3:50 was cold but he low key hit him with a forearm shimmy lol

  • Replay Wii
    Replay Wii

    3:13 the guy clap and smiled thinking that was gonna be easy

    • Tommy Sawyer
      Tommy Sawyer

      finna be a breeeeeze

    • Drado220

      LMFAO that kid had me crying. His mouth was open as well

    • ornstein chong
      ornstein chong

      LOL IKR, his face is fking trollish xD

  • Andre Young
    Andre Young

    That second last one made him drop on his face!

  • Ty bell
    Ty bell

    2:55 dude lookin at his feet like was up wit yall 2

  • Aus tin
    Aus tin

    These videos are inspiring

  • artificialplanet

    The white boy defending Wall recovered well My favorites were Gabe York, James Harden, 3:50 (no name), Nick Young

  • nutrigrain37

    I feel like on most of these, the "ankle breaking" can be attributed to poorly cleaned floors. It's hard to keep up with someone without slipping when the floor is covered with dust.

  • Kaseem jamal
    Kaseem jamal

    Dope video, One of the best handle video's on IRglo

  • chizzaz1020

    lmao when the guy at 2:55 got crossed he started blaming his feet lol

  • BasketballEdits Prod.
    BasketballEdits Prod.

    When bust and undrafted hooper destroyed a random league 😭, Y'all should never talk sh*t about them because they would sent you to another universe lol

  • lax

    3:13 defender claps his hands like LETS GO! Get crossed and is like wait I wasn't Ready!! lol

  • theReal LiLE
    theReal LiLE

    LMFAOOOOO!!!! I was dying the whole mix

  • gelo

    the guy at 2:01 stuck on him like glue

  • Alberto Da Cruz Tinta
    Alberto Da Cruz Tinta

    Coming back every once in awhile to check this vid 🔥

  • Dylan Yerelekian
    Dylan Yerelekian

    2:07 he tripped over his teamate... though it was a good move

  • Marquis Melendez
    Marquis Melendez

    I see all this then I think to myself... "I can do all these crossovers" than I go outside and try them and end up breaking my own ankles...

  • T

    3:49, jheez! I would quit playing ball and sell my ball shoes if that happened to me

  • keepiticy

    2:54 got his ankles broken so bad he didn't even know what tf happened

  • Tony Teetime
    Tony Teetime

    3:50 had me dying lmfaoooo

  • xProjectCINEMAx

    Damn Brandon Jennings got some moves

  • david morris
    david morris

    nice to see darius morris do something for once

  • Ian Rosales
    Ian Rosales

    The guy at 2:55 was like "Where'd my ankles go?"

  • malachiii

    this is a certified hood classic

  • Virtual Intel
    Virtual Intel

    Wowser! them dudes got handles. I wish I were still young, but heck I'm gonna hit the weight roon to get my legs back in good dexterity again to start breaking me some ankles too :) I'm 38 going on 39, and just want to have fun like I did in my golden years on the Basketball court, thanks for this awesome motivator of a video, it was top notch!

  • Tyler Bayudan
    Tyler Bayudan

    1:16 that move was crazy

  • Paul ORO
    Paul ORO

    Boy I tell you hwat, I liked the one where he did a crossover

    • senpai1

      @Michael Notnice Gabriel H. that's the joke...

    • Jaden Stapler
      Jaden Stapler

      😂😂😂 I can hear the voice and I'm losing my shit LMFAO

    • Charles Allaga
      Charles Allaga

      @Michael Notnice Gabriel H. That's the joke.

    • Michael Notnice Gabriel H.
      Michael Notnice Gabriel H.

      They're all crossovers. Which one in particular?

    • Livingthelife

      That's what I like to a knee slapper.

  • Arkadiusz Rogala
    Arkadiusz Rogala

    And there are still old heads saying Isaiah Thomas is the best ball handler ever 🤣

  • I Am Reflex
    I Am Reflex

    3:49 When you gotta do the defensive slide AND give him 20 at the same time.

  • DuvalsWillyBeamin

    R.I.P- to all those broken ankles out there

  • Chris Gordon
    Chris Gordon

    if i were a ref i'd lose my job laughing to much

  • PjfrmdaGo

    A tear came down my eye when it said derrick rose Chicago bulls😢

  • SSJ Carl
    SSJ Carl

    Damn Brandon Jennings can dribble sheeeit!

  • Alex vaz
    Alex vaz

    This is soo crazy he plays exactly like I do!

  • Kenneth Coulbertson
    Kenneth Coulbertson

    2:05 had me rollin that's hilarious

  • MDSH

    That insane move at 1:42 😬😦

  • Jaden Prince
    Jaden Prince


    • Damien Christian
      Damien Christian

      I would never step foot on another basketball court if I got crossed and they threw an alley like that LMAO the disrespect

  • Jaesahn

    Damn didn't really see Katin Reinhart that way he plays for my home team

  • ROB ROB Roberts
    ROB ROB Roberts

    Damn I cant wait for part 2

  • Aidan McVicker
    Aidan McVicker

    1:16 Nick Young is a Badass.

  • emman123 perez
    emman123 perez

    what happens is that they have crazy defense which means that you could do a good move and they would just fall

  • Drew

    We need 99 overalls of these players in Nba 2k17

  • 6bronbron

    2:00 Nick Young had some nasty moves BUT that was damn good D ha


    2:08 damn he made andrew harrison fall!

  • Andrew Delsol
    Andrew Delsol

    3:52 had me gone.Words cannot express the humiliation!

  • 43wolverine

    Horrible defense. Use your position on the court and WATCH HIS WAIST. I wonder if any of these guys played college ball. Just curious.

    • Dennis Fredriksson
      Dennis Fredriksson

      Id love to see you guard nick young, Rudy Gay and the professor. I'll bet they break your ankles after 5 seconds

    • VValencia0921

      but will you graduate high school doe?

    • A Laz
      A Laz

      yeah, I'd say James Harden and Nick Young played college ball.

  • Busy Busy
    Busy Busy

    3:44 James Harden, Please, let him live.


    We need nba players like this

  • Jerome Campbell
    Jerome Campbell

    Even though the dude didnt go nowhere at 2:00 that was still a sick combo by Nick

  • Cp3jordan95

    Dear God and here I am eating chips on the couch playing Xbox. I better get to the gym

    • Frenzy Guy
      Frenzy Guy

      Lol, I need to get back to the gym

  • Miguel Canales
    Miguel Canales

    That Pat the Roc and Special FX was just beast!!

  • salien

    everything about that last one was just perfect

  • Tommy

    i like how the beat goes with the crossovers

  • Ro C
    Ro C

    0:52 is just disrespectful at so many levels

  • Kody Johnson
    Kody Johnson

    I broke my ankles watching this

    • o7 Leggo
      o7 Leggo

      But dat last one tho

  • xoxoJadaahxoxo

    If this happened to me I would've ran out the gym full speed and won't look back 3:20

  • SubjectSwag

    3:49 was fucking crucial even though he barely did anything

  • FlyMetotheHoop

    I wish they would release a video WITHOUT all the slow mo and music... it's great and all, but I'd like to see how fast the moves really are.