The Apple Studio Display is hard to justify
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  • Stuart Lunsford
    Stuart Lunsford

    I still can't rave enough about Johnathan being a real life actual sceptical fan. Normally that's the expectation for any reviewer, but the Apple space lacks this SEVERELY. Keep up the good work man. And that single USB C idea, that is gold!!

    • samiebuka

      @Max Schreur Is not real, Apple users are happy people, they don't care about that stuff. Apple users are more interested in what you can do with their devices in non geek ways. For apple hating they already have LTT. I mean, this guy ditched on the 14" and 16" M1 pro's ... like What?

    • Max Schreur
      Max Schreur

      I completly agree. He’s an Apple fan but compared to many others he still calls out stupid bs that apple does (And thats a lot these days so it makes sense that there are a few more negative apple review from him in the last few months.)

    • samiebuka

      @Adrian She is actually the only one that reviews the product, not the specs or the problems. It gets so old having every talking crap about Apple, when they sell more than anybody else!! People need to chill, just buy what you like. Chill, have a glass of milk and take a bath. Mac Address just wants the clicks that is why the are hating on Apple, is not real.

    • samiebuka

      @Allen Mobley but they are happy

  • Doomy_Doomy

    He is doing such a fantastic job with this channel. Linus really did hire the right man for the job with this channel. Give this man a raise … again if he hasn’t already.

    • Mac Lee
      Mac Lee

      ​@John Ekow A companion channel for Android will need a catchier name than that. "Android Address" just doesn't have the same ring to it like "Mac Address"--everyone with a bit of knowledge about computer hardware knows about mac addresses, but what the hell is an android address?

    • Doomy_Doomy

      @John Ekow idk if that would have the same appeal. Almost everyone is an Android jerker on the tech side and most android stuff is covered on LTT or short circuit

    • John Ekow
      John Ekow

      Maybe he should hire one more for Android device AndroidAdress

    • drmccoy

      I'd imagine he gets paid pretty well, alike all LMG employees.

    • Logan Wildermuth
      Logan Wildermuth

      If only apple would hire him… lol. Linus really lucked out scooping him up

  • Tommy Oliver 3D
    Tommy Oliver 3D

    Really love that Jonathan is an Apple fan that's willing to hold the company to account. Very few in this space will. I was ready to pull the trigger on this monitor when it was revealed, but when I realized it didn't have ProMotion or miniLED, I immediately held off. Once I realized Thunderbolt 4 didn't have the bandwidth to support 120Hz 5K, I realized I probably wasn't gonna upgrade my monitor for a loooong time. Thunderbolt 5, and a replacement for my Mac Studio to actually handle the eventual ProMotion 5-6K display in god knows how long.

    • Alex H
      Alex H

      @Tommy Oliver 3D the studio display has much better contrast, is brighter, supports more colors has a much better body rather than that terrible plastic, plus has studio quality speakers and mics and had True Tone and apples color calibration. All you’re getting with miniLED is maybe slightly more vibrant colors but it’s not the same as OLED. And again, 120hz still likely won’t come to the pro display refresh because of thunderbolt limitations.

    • Tommy Oliver 3D
      Tommy Oliver 3D

      @Alex H I currently have the Ultrafine 5K, so without miniLED or ProMotion its not really much of an upgrade. Would definitely be willing to pay $5-6K for a monitor with both.

    • Alex H
      Alex H

      its well worth it even without 120hz or miniLED. you understand that for that tech, youre gonna be paying Pro Display XDR prices and on top of that not even the new pro display XDR whenever its revealed probably won't have 120hz because thunderbolt can't support it. you're still getting a very sharp monitor that stays pixel sharp when the you scale the interface smaller. 4K monitors quite frankly look like shit at 27 and 32 inches will only a hundred something pixels per inch.

    • nnn nnn
      nnn nnn

      @Tommy Oliver 3D This is what it is all about. There are no such monitors. I have a 5120x2160 72Hz monitor and the TB4 supports it without any problems.

    • Tommy Oliver 3D
      Tommy Oliver 3D

      @nnn nnn I don't believe any exist yet. Which is my point. I probably won't want to upgrade until one is available lol. Pretty sure most if not all 120Hz+ displays top out at 4K currently.

  • Nick Collins
    Nick Collins

    This has cemented Horst as the best Apple reviewer in my mind. Perfectly able to appreciate what makes Apple products good while sprinkling enough salt and shade into the review by explaining exactly how it could be better. He doesn't praise them like a cult member or vilify them like Linus sometimes can (for good reason but still).

  • Burning Inferno
    Burning Inferno

    Despite not being an Apple guy at all (though the m1/m2 macbooks I've had my eye on for a while), I enjoy your content quite a bit! I like the general presentation and flow of the videos you put out. Also, no offense, but you look like the EXACT stereotype of someone who'd own everything Apple to me and I can't think of anything more fitting.

    • Rob Bowser
      Rob Bowser

      @Bayonet How are you using the trackpad from across the room when it's being used as a home theater machine? Also, regardless of that, you can just set a non-Mac to only use the connected display and not the built in one, which will completely turn off laptop's built in display. I just did that the other day for watching a movie.

    • Bayonet

      @Griffin But then one couldn't use the trackpad.

    • Griffin

      @Bayonet That's when I just set the laptop to not turn off and close the lid

    • Bayonet

      I'm not an Apple guy either, but when looking for a small and power efficient laptop last year I couldn't find anything better than an M1 Macbook air. Using it with platform agnostic software (Firefox, MS Office, Affinity Suite, etc.) and I don't even feel the inclination to buy in to Apple's ecosystem. One feature absent on PC laptops that I have found oddly useful is the ability to completely turn off the display backlight, which saves battery when you only need audio, and is especially useful when connected to a TV as a home theater player in a dark room (the noise-free fanless cooling is also ideal for this use case).

  • Rob Young
    Rob Young

    I appreciate you giving us an honest review and not just praising everything Apple does like some other creators.

    • KornKernel

      @Kyon Yeah, thing is there is nothing perfect. But there is what is best suited for us for what's available. Apple stuff have some nice things. They just have different approaches to other companies.

    • Fusion Gaming
      Fusion Gaming

      @Luchs true. I love apple, but I’ll admit, they have many shortcomings

    • Kyon

      @KornKernel Exactly, I love that objectivity about him. You can acknowledge that your favorite company screw up! That doesn't make them bad, it makes them human!

    • KornKernel

      He is fan of Apple products but very objective about it. Which is great since yeah many other reviews who do like Apple products (which is nothing wrong for liking them) are leaning a bit too "fanboy/fangirl" in some ways.

    • Luchs

      @TheHammerGuy Plays Real "fans" criticize what they love so that it can become better.

  • Brendan Williams
    Brendan Williams

    I picked up the LG UltraFine 5k about 16 months ago. I really love the display, not the design so much though. However, the issue is now I have realized how much I like high DPI with a glossy display. I was excited when Apple announced this monitor, but the price for essentially the same display quickly turned me off. However, I was testing it out at a Microcenter and the Apple store the other day, those speakers are some kinda witchcraft. Apple did a great job with that for sure! Probably won't be picking one of these up though until the price (hopefully) comes down.

    • Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee
      Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee

      @Ashley Paul how much does the Apple Studio Display cost? How much does the JBL Speakers+Monitor you use cost?

    • Ashley Paul
      Ashley Paul

      I'd used the Ultrafine 4K for a while and loved it, and so I tried the Ultrafine 5K a few months ago. My biggest issue was that the USB-C hub is really finicky on it, and that when I plugged it into various devices, it wasn't always guaranteed that I would get the hub to work. The picture would be fine, but the hub would disconnect pretty regularly. I could tolerate the poor quality speakers, mic, and webcam, but the USB-C thing was a bummer because I wanted to be able to dock any of my computers by just plugging in one cable and everything should just transfer over. I'd just returned the 5K when the Apple Studio Display was released. Honestly, it solves all of my problems with the Ultrafine 5K. The picture is definitely better, the sound is amazing, the webcam is useful (though not great), but most importantly, it just has a way more reliable connection. It even works fine connected to my CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 dock, and it even connects perfectly with my Windows laptop (you can't adjust brightness, but I don't really change brightness ever, so it seems fine), which the Ultrafine 5K often couldn't do properly. I think the Ultrafine 5K is a great panel but it always felt like it was starved for processing power. The Apple display solves that issue, so for me, I don't mind the price because I'll pay it once and not need another monitor for a long time, and even when I get a better monitor, I'm sure I'll find a use for it.

    • Ashley Paul
      Ashley Paul

      @Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee I have JBL speakers and for a lot of things, the Apple Studio Display's built-in speakers are better. For critical work, obviously JBL speakers are better, and they keep their sound quality when they're loud. But for things like watching videos or doing things at low to moderate volumes, which is how I use speakers most of the time, the Apple built-ins are way nicer sounding.

    • Fusion Gaming
      Fusion Gaming

      @neolordie when they release a new product, they usually drop the price. They also do this if it sells terribly

    • Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee
      Bhuvan Kumar Gunessee

      If it's just the speakers, just get speakers that plug into your existing monitor. For cheaper overall proce, it'll be better

  • Definitive Mac Upgrade Guide
    Definitive Mac Upgrade Guide

    As another skeptical fan who has a love / hate relationship with Apple, I’m happy to see LMG keep Mac Address going and with its own unique vibe apart from LTT.

  • Lieutenant Dangle
    Lieutenant Dangle

    The cinematic office neighbor stare when putting on the vesa stand had me cracking up. Great video!

    • BigPotatoMoths

      That was great, I had to stop there and laugh also.

  • Koen Kooi
    Koen Kooi

    I’ve been using the studio display for a weeks now and I love it. It replaced my 5k iMac quite well. Having said that, I think it’s overpriced. It’s worth the $300 over the LG, but the LG isn’t worth the $1300.

    • Ashley Paul
      Ashley Paul

      @Tyler Dell made an Ultrasharp UP2715K back in the day, using the same panel. They never sold very many of them and it was outrageously expensive. The lack of Thunderbolt in PCs at the time meant that it needed weird cabling to make work. It's 2022, and still, the great majority of AMD computers don't have Thunderbolt, and TB is not found in many low-end Intel machines. I think that probably has led to manufacturers not wanting to increase resolution.

    • Tyler

      @Ashley Paul Yes, 5K is better than 4K for productivity. I imagine that Apple and LG have some sort of exclusivity agreement on that panel. It’s weird, the previous 27” iMac/Cinema Display’s 1440p panel was pretty ubiquitous on other much cheaper products - tons of Korean brand displays used it.

    • Ashley Paul
      Ashley Paul

      I think it's expensive. I also think there's nothing better than it for what I want from my monitor, which is why I bought it, whereas the LG was honestly hard to justify at $1300 because I had issues with it. I'm amazed that Windows users apparently don't want this kind of combination of convenience/performance/quality of life features from their monitors, but I do suppose TB isn't particularly valued in Windows world currently (considering AMD doesn't have it), so it doesn't make sense to have monitors built around features that probably require a TB interface. Anyway, I would love there to be a $999 option, but there isn't anything comparable at the moment. Every time I see someone say, "but this 4K monitor is better," I'm like, yeah, not really. 5K is a lot more pixels than 4K. You can't just throw away 44% of pixels and pretend you've kept the same amount of features.

    • Tyler

      The LG was available for most of its life discounted to like $960. The fact you can get a 5K iMac used with a pretty decent computer attached for 1/3rd the cost of the display only is pretty absurd. The raw LG panel can be found on alibaba for $300, it’s not fancy tech anymore.

    • Charles Johnson
      Charles Johnson

      THANK YOU! Finally someone else who shares the same belief that "It’s worth the $300 over the LG, but the LG isn’t worth the $1300."

  • Wil Thieme
    Wil Thieme

    Apple's desktop lineup (including accessories) seems as though it has been assigned to a team that has spent years working in the mobile space. They're spending lots of time solving tough engineering challenges to improve space efficiencies when space efficiencies are not the areas in most need of improvement.

  • Arnav Motwani
    Arnav Motwani

    I haven’t tried it myself but the samsung m8 seems like a great monitor. It’s modern and the smart tv feature could work well in student bedrooms where buying a tv may not be the best use of money.

  • Nick Burton
    Nick Burton

    I’am writing this on a Studio display and would agree with most of what you said, but I have to say that after using a 27” iMac with a 5k monitor the Studio display is considerably better. It has better blacks, colour and brightness. Compared to the cost of a 4k monitor it seems very expensive, but it is 5k. Add excellent speakers and superb build quality a reasonable quality mike and webcam and it starts to look better value. So don’t be put off by some of the reviews on this monitor, I nearly was, but I’m very pleased I wasn’t.

  • George Maier
    George Maier

    I was hoping WWDC would provide some feature bumps for the apple display from the software side, something to make use of the onboard chip & storage. Something that would have made this monitor justifiable.

  • Owen Tunstill
    Owen Tunstill

    Loved the take. Great monitor, too expensive. Compare it to a 24 inch iMac and max mini, and a old 27 inch iMac and you see it costs too much. I’d price it at 800. Look at the 1500 dollar iMac vs a Mac mini with Touch ID keyboard and mouse. The difference is only 550, so with the display and display assembly, maybe like 700-900 dollars this thing should cost.

    • PRINETECHS on Instagram
      PRINETECHS on Instagram

      Thanks for watching message right away, I have something for you.

  • jippalippa

    I have been pretty much extorted into using one as the software I use for work doesn't work with 4K scaling, so I'm basically forced to use a 1440p or 5K display and between the still expensive but cheaply made LG Ultrafine and the studio display, I have gotten the latter. I wish there were more 5K panels available to choose from, but I can only see the studio display and the LG Ultrafine. I accepted the expense for my work and I'm moving on. I have gotten the vesa option though, as it's the one that makes the most sense anyway. even if it obscures the apple logo. As much as I love apple designs, I'm more interested in the functionality of products.

    • Jehty

      What software is that? If you don't mind me asking.

  • Avel

    Love this take on the Studio Display. Even in Apples own ecosystem it's not enough. My monitor is the thing I probably look at the the most in my life. So it looks nice, and is pretty good. It's "expensive" at 900 euros, but I think that's worth it. 1800 for conventional use is stupid.

    • Avel

      Thanks. You too.

    • Deepak S
      Deepak S

      Nice cat.

  • Leah K
    Leah K

    I bought the Huawei Mateview for 430€ (450USD). It's such a great value. The only thing I dislike are the not so good blacks and and a lacking backlight uniformity at the right side of the display.

  • Miles Wurster
    Miles Wurster

    This is the best review I've seen on this display. The stand issues have been discussed, but the other design failures you pointed out are spot on. Your suggestions make so much sense. Excellent work, sir!

  • Adam

    Really enjoy that this channel feels different to LTT but is still as high quality and informative as LTT

  • digwillhachi

    your alternative looks pretty good and I didnt know about it. I want the apple display but due to stock issues cant currently buy it for a few months so im looking for a 4k alternative. Biggest thing for me is color accuracy as I do design work. All the alternatives ive found that get near what I want are actually almost the same cost as the apple display but not as good. or they are lower than 4k res, or color gamut isnt fully there. I still haven't fully decided what ill get. im thinking maybe a pro art display until the apple one is available again.

  • PapaGean

    I still use both the 27in thunderbolt display at work and I have my mother using one at her work as well. To me that was peak apple display tech. They wont ever beat what those had.

  • Brian Andrews
    Brian Andrews

    Great video with very good production value. That said, i don’t understand how you review this monitor and not mention the “importance” of 5K at 27” for macOS scaling and Retina resolution. The people interested in this monitor want (require) Retina. That’s the whole point. I agree that the ASD is maybe a bit overpriced. But it’s only $300 more than the LG and you get Apple build quality, webcam and awesome speakers. Your alternative monitor is 168 PPI. Not comparable IMHO.

  • anynigma

    This was a fantastic video Johnathan. Calling apple out for their blatant misses is part of being a fan. Keep up the incredible work!

  • Watchandlearn91

    I really wish other manufacturers would make a glossy display like this with an anti-reflective coating. I think that is the primary appeal of this product despite its price and obvious (horrible) flaws. The market is completely devoid of these types of displays and I am honestly surprised no one has stepped in other than Apple (and the LG ultra fine of course)

  • sampanchung1234

    I wish they just somehow made the Pro XDR display cheaper, but they somehow went backwards. Love Jonathan's presenting as always

    • J MS
      J MS

      @babybirdhome Asus have a few models which compete (better for some people, worse for others) with the Pro Display XDR. PA32UCG, PA32UCX & PA27UCX.

    • babybirdhome

      The Pro Display XDR is still a bargain for the people who need to use it - it’s competing directly against monitors that cost $30,000 and holding its own. But I would dearly love to see something more like it for a lot less than it costs.

    • KajurN

      @anindita basak It's also not even close to being comparable specswise. The pro display XDR is one of the best prosumer displays on the market and excellent for HDR. The Apple studio display can't do the same thing, the base panel they use is just not that great, being the same 5k panel from the LG ultrafine. Basically it can't do what the pro display XDR does, and so that makes it even harder to justify.

    • anindita basak
      anindita basak

      Why backwards? It’s far less expensive than the Pro Display XDR and good enough for consumers and even many professionals.

  • Fantastic Federighi
    Fantastic Federighi

    My alternative pick for the studio display was getting a little savvy by gutting a 5k 2017 imac, and sealing it back up with a driver board that essentially converts it into a standard monitor. Not only that, I was able to sell the leftover parts. Overall, saved a lot of money this way.

  • infinitelyExplosive

    Wow the stutter on the webcam was awful. Regardless of the image quality, having it consistently drop several frames a few times a second is just completely unacceptable.

    • flstu

      that was probably due to network speed since it doesn't show any stutter when showing the screen a few seconds later

  • Michael Corcoran
    Michael Corcoran

    I do always enjoy your videos even though I think apple is charging way too much for a display with out a fast refresh rate or HDR or a detachable cable or a rotating stand etc....

  • Dott Winial
    Dott Winial

    Glad they hired you and produce these videos honestly. You are on points with people who consider to buy Mac, or Apple products in general.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M

    I use a 4k iMac (with open core legacy patcher) through airplay (over thunderbolt) and it is fantastic as a second display. You can also get great deals on them too.

  • KentSpain85

    You're the only Apple oriented YT channel I'm subscribed to because most of the others can't seem to get their noses out of Apple's crack. Pay respect when respect is due, but not everything a company does is good and that's what I love most about this channel. I knew Linus would hold you up to that! Great channel :) Great work :) Keep it up! And may the Apple Assassins not find you any time soon ;) haha.

    • iammike

      @BʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀBᴜɢ You also pulled out one of the oldest Apple goads on the books...even more so now since never has it been more arguable with the Apple M SOCs. The truth is, it depends on what your goals in buying a computer are.

    • BʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀBᴜɢ

      @iammike Remind me again - what was my final hateful anti-Apple sentence fragment? Clue: It had the phrase 'damnably good' in it. But never mind, cherry picking is easier than taking a whole argument on board I guess.

    • iammike

      @BʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀBᴜɢ stop trying to start drama. I was obviously just pointing out that Apple is polarizing in how it has it's rabid fans, but it also has it's rabid haters, and that it's hard to find those who don't turn their "reviews" into tech propaganda.

    • BʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀBᴜɢ

      @iammike Is it possible that it's because it's all smoke and mirrors, and that for less than half the cost you can have a machine that runs as well, if not better - despite their damnably good tablets and phones!

    • BʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀBᴜɢ

      Well said

  • spzi

    I've been using the Huawei Mateview on my Mac Studio and I love it! Just wish it didn't have that extra tiny chin space - so close! [love it except how apple defaults to subsampling the pixels making the picture quality a complete mess and you have to edit system files to force RGB mode which took me months to figure out] but other than that, I would definitely buy two more of these to have an awesome triple monitor setup [if anyone wants help making it work correctly reply to this comment and I'll help, I feel morally obligated after the pain I experienced]

    • RRP

      @spzi or you can get 3 apple monitors and then you could get 9 lower priced ones. and no one needs 9 monitors

    • Jean-Pierre Joubert
      Jean-Pierre Joubert

      @spzi Ah, gotcha. Thanks for explaining. Yeah, that does seem weird, especially if the cable can carry the bandwidth.

    • spzi

      @Gabriel Cavaller not sure yet, slowly over time since i'm not in a rush, but i've seen people drive two, and since apple showed 3 studio displays running at such a huge resolution, it should definitely be possible

    • Gabriel Cavaller
      Gabriel Cavaller

      @spzi when you planning to do that ? Just need to know if I am wasting my money :p !! :-)

    • Gabriel Cavaller
      Gabriel Cavaller

      @Digitalguy i think I might need 3, but then I use windows and Mac side by side. Thanks for the info and update. Very helpful.

  • malice604

    I've always gone for the biggest screen I can afford, back to the CRT days (that Sony one a few LTT episodes back, for example). Since we started getting LCD TVs at reasonable prices around 2005-6, I've maxed it out to a target price. This takes me to now, where I have a 65" LG OLED on an adjustable mount, bolted to the wall, with my desk in front of it. Why anyone would spend so much more for so much less screen real estate, unless they just can't fit it in their office, makes me shrug. I always heard "no one needs a screen that big", but eventually everyone does! I've had Macs since the Mac Plus, but I have never owned a Mac standalone monitor, and never will. But hey, some people like the complete package and this fills that gap. Only sales figures will determine what the next round of Apple monitors look like. (edits for typos)

    • malice604

      @RL Media I agree that there is going to be a difference, I've just found over the past 40 years that 95% of people don't notice, and the 5% who do are usually the ones who create content themselves (and therefore aren't potential clients, anyway). That said, you have me thinking that I really should re-calibrate and see if there has been any shift since I first bought this beauty. That's just me being lazy :D

    • RL Media
      RL Media

      @Block Yeah it really is a mediocre display for the price. At $500, it'd be a decent deal, but at 3 times that, nahhhhh. Apple is really counting on people buying it just because it's Apple.

    • RL Media
      RL Media

      @malice604 Clients rarely notice color inaccuracies. You calibrate so you know your images look as intended when printed or that they look (relatively) consistent to your primary panel when played on other displays. I'd challenge you to run your calibration tool again and check the Delta Es, then compare it to a pro level monitor intended for that type of work. No shade, I used to use a TV, too, but once you work on a professional monitor, it's really rare for most TVs to live up to that standard. ...I do miss having 50" of real estate though- 32" just doesn't hit the same.

    • malice604

      @Сергей Валиуллин I do turn my head a lot. I think of it as neck exercise :D

    • malice604

      @Ano Muumit I just measured my viewing distance... 33" from eyes to screen. :O .. but, I do use it from a few feet further when I'm on my spin bike, or sitting back to watch a movie or play a game.

  • MP Lovecraft
    MP Lovecraft

    Some Apple stuff is awesome - the M1 MBA that I got for $899 has been amazing for the price, and my Airpods Pro were a bit pricey but solid. And then there's stuff like this... I'm sure there's people out there that are happy with their Studio Displays, but it's hard to come to another conclusion other than that it's expensive and unimpressive.

  • Barry Compton
    Barry Compton

    Love your stuff. Excellent writing and presenting. The segways are also good. You should do short circuit and quickly if you had the time. Riley etc could take some pointers.

  • mavfan1

    I just picked up a 48” LG c1 OLED for $899 and it’s amazing. Even the sound blew me away. Yes the studio display has a (crap) webcam and some ports but I have a thunderbolt dock and a MBP M1 Max so that’s not an issue. The value just isn’t there with the Studio Display and though that isn’t that odd for Apple it’s really out whack with this display.

    • Ashley Paul
      Ashley Paul

      I have an 55" C1 OLED in the bedroom and a Studio Display on my desk, and I honestly think the C1 has terrible sound, lol. I think my 14" MBP has better built-in speakers. Great picture on the C1, though, but honestly, I don't think the two can even be compared. Some people want to sit right in front of a high-DPI monitor and some people want to be far from a large low-dpi screen. For me, having to get a TV remote and being served LG menus every time I want to dock is not a particularly lovely experience, but I understand that other people will tolerate that in their workday. I enjoy both and don't think they necessarily compete with each other.

    • haphazard1342

      Definitely putting this and the Sony Bravia on my list for replacement monitors. Bigger screen, bigger text, little further viewing distance seems like a good trade off to me.

  • Mark Caldwell DoP
    Mark Caldwell DoP

    Completely agree & I stand by my original opinion that this was a product designed with the intention of having a 5K ProMotion panel that they couldn’t finish in time.

  • Stevie

    I love my iPhone 13 P M & my watch 7, but I can’t really seem to justify the rest. I love my second hand apple products too. I would buy more if they weren’t just SO expensive.

  • L33tAnubis

    The quality of this video blows me out of the water. In depth, thoughtful, and beautifully presented. I would love to see a documentary by the Mac Address team.

  • Ash Holdsworth
    Ash Holdsworth

    As much as I love these videos, why are they released so late? The Studio Display came out 3 months ago. It was a similar story with the iPhone SE video a few weeks back. I love Horst’s takes on these products, but potentially people have already bought them and have experienced the flaws for themselves by the time these videos are released.

    • Sehales

      The average apple fan and regular consumers will not even watch this or any video. This is more for the tech enthusiasts, but focused on Mac. Having it earlier is fine but probably does not matter much.

    • AutumnVolume

      I guess, but personally I think it's a bad idea to buy a brand new product such a short time after its release anyway - no matter what the objective pros and cons of it are, it couldn't hurt to wait at least a few months to allow the manufacturer to sort out the Rev. A bugs.

  • Eoin Moran
    Eoin Moran

    It falls victim to the pricing ladder issue. Apple target their add-on costs so that you start to think to yourself oh well I may as well actually get the next model up instead. Given how expensive the Pro Display XDR is it requires the studio display to be unreasonably expensive. If apple merely supported the iMax to be used as an external display then this issue would be solved and they could have the studio display still be expensive but not with these daft design compromises.

  • TheGadgetPanda

    Yep, I bought the Mateview for my Studio Max. After the cash back deal it cost me £400. Would I have preferred the fancy Apple Display? Honestly yes. But is is really £1100 better than the Mateview? Of course not. It's more than good enough at a third of the price.

  • Joey Ebeling
    Joey Ebeling

    I always try to convince friends upgrading their computer setup that their monitor is the most important part of the computing experience. it doesn't matter how fast the system is, if the monitor is bad, the experience will be worse for it.

    • ashlie higgins
      ashlie higgins

      It does, I went from a cheap LG 4K monitor to a 42C2 and the whole experience is nicer, plus this is an OLED which is cheaper than the apple display.

  • Rusty McKrazy
    Rusty McKrazy

    I love this channel. I have not owned an apple device since the iphone 4 so I really don't have a vested interest in apple. However they drive the market trends so I liked seeing what they are up to. Additionally I deeply respect Johnathan for being both a die hard apple fan but also a rational critic. LMG made the right call starting the channel and hiring this host. I would fire Colton ten more times for this level of quality content.

  • rob / 𝚛𝚞𝚋𝚋𝚝𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒
    rob / 𝚛𝚞𝚋𝚋𝚝𝚘𝚜𝚑𝚒

    I bought one recently and honestly really love it. If money isn't a concern for you, this display is pretty awesome. Really really love it.

  • Jacob Montgomery
    Jacob Montgomery

    This channel fills such an important niche! Jonathan’s presentation is impeccable - a truly open-minded review of apple products without sucking down the koolaid!

  • Nahid Islam
    Nahid Islam

    I was expecting it to have the same display as the 14” MacBook Pro in 27” but it’s not and that’s the most disappointing part; it’s the same exact screens as the 5k iMacs

  • Thomas Krueger
    Thomas Krueger

    I feel like sometimes, Apple just makes something so they say they offer it. They don’t even like making some products and price them accordingly. Apple just knew they should probably have a mid tier monitor in the lineup but didn’t want to dump time and resources into it. Reuse some panels, go with the first design they draw and price it ridiculously. Rinse and repeat.

  • Paul Gray
    Paul Gray

    Great review. Most excellent observations about the whole port position - a huge opportunity missed. Clearly, Apple has a right-arm bias when they could design things to be easier for both.

  • archlinuxrussian

    I bought a used 27-in LED cinema display a few years ago off of Facebook marketplace, and I use it with my custom Linux PC. It has been great, minus having bad glare from a west facing window :-( But the feature set, having relatively good built-in speakers, but mainly having a built-in USB hub and being 1440p, our features that I do not want to ever compromise on again.

  • harm van zon
    harm van zon

    For me it’s always been function over form. So if I can have 2x 4K monitors, decent webcam and good speakers for the price of one of these displays. The chose is made. I work in a studio (13 designers) where we all have a dual monitor setup. Imagine buying everyone an height adjustable monitor for… €2239,00, which is the price here.

    • harm van zon
      harm van zon

      @DarkPa1adin You can calibrate monitors. Also in my experience is not as big an issue.

    • DarkPa1adin

      But you need equally calibrated monitors otherwise teamwork will fail due to inaccurate colour representation

    • Ghost-User

      Get one for the house then? At least try it in the store if you can. It’s a luxury professional purchase. Like many things you can get by with less, but you would also benefit from it as well.

  • Patent Nerd
    Patent Nerd

    I have the VESA mount Studio Display and it is glorious! I don’t regret it at all. My job requires reading and writing all day and the text has never been sharper. It’s also lightning fast when connected to my M1 MBP. Video conferencing looks great with the firmware update. Sound is not outstanding but good enough to forgo speakers. When you combine it all together I think it’s worth the price.

  • Jimmy D
    Jimmy D

    The points you've made about the monitor are the reasons I hesitate updating to the new Mac Studio. I wish a greater monitor was made available without going to the Pro Display XDR.

  • ThoughT

    Though I’m writing this on an iPhone, I’m fairly anti-Apple in all other respects. I do appreciate good design, emerging tech and all things computers, however. I like this channel because he doesn’t praise for the sake of praising, but instead only when it’s earned. He’s not trying to gain brownie points from the diehard Apple community, but instead the respect and trust of the general user/consumer. That’s vital and he’s nailing it. Well done.

  • TheAbc45678

    The missing feature (for me) is a built-in KVM, to let me connect multiple Mac Minis.

  • Silver Joystix
    Silver Joystix

    I left the Apple ecosystem this year. It's the best decision I have made in a long time. The Studio Display was my breaking point.

  • werty werrtyson
    werty werrtyson

    Considering you can get an entire computer the iMac including a good display for the same price this should have been way more impressive for the cost. It is crazy that this is their budget display. What if you want to connect a Mac mini and want an Apple display? The cheapest option is a display that cost twice as much as the Mac mini. That just makes you use a PC display. They should have a much cheaper option.

  • Seb Luke Travis
    Seb Luke Travis

    Let me tell you the best in class use case. Back in 2015 I bought an Intel Macbook pro 15 inch on an in store deal for approx 1950. Back then, I needed portability due to the way the tech world was with office work and client visits. in 2020 we had the pandemic, and the world changed where we could work remotely, in fact it was encouraged. All of a sudden I could comfortably get by with having desktop. I then sold my 2015 Intel Macbook pro for 500 to a DJ. I bought an M1 Mac Mini for 550 and a used like new 32 inch AOC 4k monitor for 350. I had vouchers from work on Amazon as a bonus and used that to buy a Keychron keyboard, a Logitech MX Master and a Dprofy soundbar. Honestly, I have no intention to change for a good while no matter how many events Apple has. That is how you get the optimum out of Apple without spending too much. I am a Product Designer, and I am pro already Apple - just ask my salary. Please don't spend money you don't have to.

  • Sung Kang
    Sung Kang

    The big thing drawing me to the Apple Studio Display is just the build quality. You can see it in the Huawei monitor, the screens shakes a lot when the desk shakes a bit. My LG 5k also has that problem when I'm typing pretty hard which is annoying.

  • Manuel Quinones
    Manuel Quinones

    It’s so weird that I never see the LG 32UD99 or 32UL950 ever mentioned on here. I’ve had both for over a year and with my Mac Studio, the layout looks very Apple to me

  • Nathanael

    Personally, what I would've liked to see on this screen: - Mini-LED - HDMI 2.1 port - Multiple Thunderbolt 4 ports - At least 120Hz - Removable power cable - Height adjustable stand as a standard

    • Photo Bunny
      Photo Bunny

      It would need more than HDMI 2.1

    • J MS
      J MS

      @iammike Yeah that's the main (only?) downside vs the XDR, personally have no idea about scaling on macOS, just mentioned it since it has most of the features you and Nathanael wanted and wasn't sure if you'd heard about it.

    • iammike

      @J MS My only hold up on that would be the 4k resolution. Means for a true 2:1 retina resolution I'd only get the equivalent of 1080p screen real estate. Pushing to 1440p wouldn't be pixel to pixel pure and causes some fuzziness.

    • J MS
      J MS

      @iammike Have you looked into the PA32UCG?

    • iammike

      Honestly, they'd have had a sale with me with just mini-LED and 120hz. Especially 120hz.

  • TizzyD

    The Studio Display should have been the 27" iMac with an M1 or an M1 Pro in it. That is what I truly hoped it would have been rather than just a parts bin mash up with a screen from an old 27" Intel iMac, webcam from the MacBook Pro and an old iPhone CPU

  • Jarrad Tait
    Jarrad Tait

    Props to Jonathan for being immune to the apple juice that most of the industry happily gulps down. Some of these apple products are so boggling

  • vongodric

    I saw it in Apple Store recently and was shocked how thick the bezels still are. Monitor is also quite thick. Nice looking, but not really spectacular.

    • Hayden Melrose
      Hayden Melrose

      @Songstriker Apple's own MacBooks - using much thinner bezels - don't suffer from backlight bleed much at all. The bezels could have been much much thinner. Though, you could make a decent argument for them in the way of color work and perception of color.

    • Songstriker

      @SixUnity Yes they do. All IPS panels suffer from this. It's just a matter of how much you're willing to tolerate.

    • SixUnity

      @Songstriker laptops like the dell xps have no backlight bleed but very thin bezels

    • SixUnity

      @Matthew Bovenkerk wider lens doesn't mean that it takes up more space 💀 it's literally just a different shape glass

    • Songstriker

      The thicker bezels help minimize backlight/edgelight bleed, which is an issue that plagues most IPS panels in my experience. Apple has tended to do a good job keeping that under control with most of their displays.

  • Meoiswa

    This display is just an apalling value proposition. The only reason it exists is to wrung out money from customers who forget there are other options than those listed on the Apple Store. Thw fact that its 200$ less than an entire iMac with the same display is baffling. Not to mention the oxymoronic mounting mechanism that looks apalling when adapted to VESA, but not being available with a rotating mount. Apple shot themselves in the foot, REPEATEDLY, with this one. Its like three or four different teams designed the display individually with no cooperation whatsoever and costing 4 times as much to Apple, hence the elevated pricetag.

    • Nate P
      Nate P

      It is not the same display if you look at the part number it is an entirely new display I forget which IRglor pointed this out but it is something a lot of people get wrong it is a completely new display. The stand issues is frustrating to say the least and personally I really wish they had an option without the camera. The fact is you can get 3 monitors with this pixel density a 5k LG (which is a plastic monstrosity with 6 year old panel technology that should have been revamped by LG by now) or 5K from Apple or a 6k Apple display that is $5000. I don’t understand the plug not being removable, height adjustability not being their is stupid, and again webcam is useless to me personally. BUT when you get down to it we are talking $300 between the Lg and studio display and I would say the aluminum alone has to eat up some of that cost, better glass on the front, newer panel, better speakers, the fact that the A13 can be utilized in the future for cool stuff like airplay to me makes that $300 easier to understand.

  • Huey

    Everytime I see these videos and LMG Clips, it gives me more of a reason everytime of why NOT to buy Apple products because they pull so many of the stupid choices. For a company that is so huge they appear to not understand their audience at all. Plus with all of the anti-consumer non-sense it gives less of a reason.

    • Textmeontelegram👉 Snazzy Labs
      Textmeontelegram👉 Snazzy Labs

      For 👆 your giveaway package 📦 . You won something special 🎁.

  • JFProductions

    WOW. Although I'm a regular LTT viewer, I'm also a PC user, so this may be my first Mac Address video... it feels so different! The editing, the writing, and the cinematography has such a different tone and pacing from the other LMG channels. The whole video is very sleek and polished -- it feels analogous to the industrial design of Apple products themselves. Great job!

    • Telegram ①⑤⓪④⑤③④⑤④⑦⓪
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      Thanks for watching ⬆️ Congratulations you won a package Dm to claim your prize

  • Naman Goel
    Naman Goel

    If your “favorite” monitor is a 27” (or more) with 4K resolution, you don’t get the studio display. There is one reason it exists: Retina resolution. It’s expensive, yes. But there’s literally nothing else on the market except the LG that is a truly high-density display.

  • Jon Chiappetta
    Jon Chiappetta

    Great review video of this monitor and some of the underlying complaints surrounding it and the competitors. There seems to be a split between 4K 120Hz gaming monitors (with various sizes & designs) and then only a couple 5K 60Hz ones available. It makes it hard to select a nice looking one without compromising in another area!

    • chidorirasenganz

      @Jake Townend it’s not poor scaling but efficient scaling. Multiplying by two is easier than multiplying by a fraction. Also with retina scaling you are getting a screen 1440p with twice the amount of pixels so everything is sharper. A 4k screen is only 1080p with retina scaling. 4k is fine for content consumption but for creation (as apple positions themselves as making tech for creatives) the more pixels the better. For example you can preview a 4k video at full resolution and still have plenty of space for UI elements (4k is roughly half the amount of pixels of 5k). And of course camera have much higher megapixel counts than 4k (8 megapixels) and of course illustrations can be bigger as well. Also higher PPI screens are easier on the eyes for reading. So even basic office work is better with more pixel dense displays.

    • Jake Townend
      Jake Townend

      I think 5K is generally a Mac thing, it's relates to Mac os poor scaling when not in 100% increments, an issue windows doesn't appear to have or maybe people just don't care? 4K is generally the standard because there is no 5K media around, movies, streaming services, pre rendered game content etc all usually target a maximum of 4K resolution and the panels are much cheaper because they are used in TVs as well so have economy of scale.

  • Pierce McMenamin
    Pierce McMenamin

    Really well scripted and edited! I agree with everything you said. Gotta be honest though, was not feelin' that Huawei monitor, still would rather have the studio display.

  • John Mushitu
    John Mushitu

    The production on this channel is just amazing...and I feel like that's an understatement

    • Justin

      This one was directed and produced by Linus himself! That's awesome

  • Toran Shaw
    Toran Shaw

    Don't think I'd be getting an Apple monitor any time soon, as they're far too over priced for what they are. I'm also not too keen on the restrictive nature of the Studio Display...

  • macbitz

    I have a 2020 27" 5K iMac with two external monitors attached (a 27" Dell and a 28" Lenovo). My biggest complaint is that macOS does *NOT* properly support two external monitors. This isn't something new either, it was the same with my 2013 27" iMac.

  • Faraji Starks
    Faraji Starks

    Hey Jonathon! Great insights and I share your frustrations with this monitor price bracket from Apple. I picked up a Vesa mount studio display to pair with my 16” m1 pro machine. As a photographer, I really do benefit from extra pixels to review my images in 1:1 display ratio. I’m happy with its clean aesthetic, color profiles from software, webcam for zooms, and the speakers are amazing. The short TB4 cable included is frustrating. I would’ve been happy to pay 2k -3k for a mini led display with all the existing features and a removable power cable. I nearly went for the asus pro art series, but fell in love with the clean aesthetic of the studio display. I decided to keep it, begrudgingly.

  • Artur

    I love Promotion on iPad iPhone and my macbook 16” - its outrageous that Apple didnt release a monitor with it cause switching from 120hz to 60 hurts every freakin time...

  • Isengardtom

    Nice video. It’s a nice display but I agree it’s not worth the price. Should be about 300 USD cheaper or it should include the height adjustable option at the base price.

  • Divyang Choudhary
    Divyang Choudhary

    Can you review more monitor/displays options that works well with M1 MBPs (preferably for 16" M1Max) ?

  • Ethan Hsu
    Ethan Hsu

    Eve spectrum is a wonderful substitute for the Studio Display. It’s 4k, 144hz, Colour Accurate, Really well designed, and has a usb hub with daisy chain capabilities. Price? $800

    • KeeseToast

      Are they even being delivered already?

  • drag

    Ahh yes, my favorite pastime from now on is watching full-fledged consumers bragging about the smallest thing that their overpriced *$1600* monitor doesn't have included.