Inside the Craziest Mansion We Have Ever Toured With Underground Nightclub
Enes Yilmazer
This week we are in the South of France, touring the magnificent Palais Venitien, a recently built Italian style mega mansion with exquisite finishes. This is the most expensive property we ever toured! Follow us on Instagram @EnesYilmazer , @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312!

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Property Address: Cannes, South of France
Specs: 9 Bedrooms, 12 Baths
32,291 sq ft / (3,000 sqm)
6.18 acre lot / (25,000 sqm)
Listing Price: €120,000,000 / $141,000,000
Property link:
Listing Broker: Magrey & Sons

Magrey & Sons Website:
Magrey & Sons Instagram: @magreyluxuryrealestate
Magrey & Sons IRglo channel:

Designed and Developed by: COGEMAD
COGEMAD's website:
COGEMAD's Instagram: @cogemad

Listing Description:
"The Palais Venitien holds endless wonders! To the east are the Iles de Lérins, elongated islands of green against the blue of the sea. To the south, the Mediterranean stretches to the horizon. To the west is the gulf of La Napoule and the Estérel mountains where the setting sun provides a breathtaking display of colour each evening, while, behind the Palace to the north, in the Croix des Gardes massif - now a protected, un-constructible park - roll the first waves of a vast, un-spoiled, natural landscape, stretching over the hills to the distant mountains whose snow-capped peaks contrast dazzlingly with the blue sky in winter."

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Created by Enes Yilmazer (DRE 02077182) - @EnesYilmazer
Filmed by @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312 , @Dal.Davis
Edited by @AyersWorld , @Jaysonk0312

Enes on Tiktok:

Time Codes:
00:00 - Intro & Exterior
05:36 - Entry & Formal Living Rooms
08:00 - Formal Dining Room & Main Kitchen
12:13 - Entertainment Space
15:27 - Guest bedrooms
18:37 - Backyard & Pond Area
22:26 - Hot Tub / Outdoor Spa
23:58 - Indoor Pool and Gym
25:25 - Chef's Kitchen & Garage
27:31 - Nightclub & Theater Room
29:32 - Second Floor Landing
32:25 - Kids' Bedroom
35:03 - Primary Bedroom Suite
39:10 - Night Tour & Final Thoughts

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    Enes Yilmazer

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    • Monica Lol ajja
      Monica Lol ajja


    • Relax Music
      Relax Music

      Who is cleaning this house 🙃?

    • Ela Dumitru
      Ela Dumitru

      Who this crib is?? Amaizing, love it🥰🥰amaizing yards and views and love the last bathroom with jacuzzi and columns😍😍

    • Emre Demirtaş
      Emre Demirtaş

      Abi aklıma harika bir fikir geldi. 10 numara içerik. Bu evlerden birini çekilişle birine hediye et. Böylesine dahiyane bir fikir sunduğum içinde bana İskender ismarlayabilirsin. Teşekkür ederim

    • Ryan Akiki
      Ryan Akiki

      Would you happen to know what is the minimum amount of staff needed to maintain a home like this, especially the grounds? Just curious. Absolutely an amazing home 🏡.

  • Dexlwl

    This mansion is simply phenomenal! I loved the tour and the video edition🤩

    • Lemon'S

      Lise Öğrencisiyim IRglo'dan Gelir kazanmak için bu kadar insan içinizden 9 kişi bile ab-o-ne olup bildirimleri açarsa birazda olsun moral vermiş olurlar. ♥

    • ytrebiLeurT

      I hope the toilets are pure solid gold but you can´t eat it, lol

    • Carlos V.
      Carlos V.

      this mansion is simply absurd! I love the tour too.

    • BirdPlay_Shorts

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    • BirdPlay_Shorts

      @Enes Yilmazer Can I get a shoutout

  • Caocao8888

    Magnificent house and interior design. It makes those expensive white boxes in California and Vegas look boring. Enes really keeps the pace moving nicely, and Mikey’s camera work and editing are first-rate.

    • Shrabani Pradhan
      Shrabani Pradhan

      @Rod Rodriguez american houses development also protect environment's not about environment it's about architecture history

    • Itobore Wealth
      Itobore Wealth

      His watsap availability is sure 👆

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      Itobore Wealth


    • Itobore Wealth
      Itobore Wealth

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      Glendora Beavers

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  • shreklover666

    The reason why I love the backyard the most is that it feels so oddly nostalgic to me. In The Netherlands, we have a huge theme park called the Efteling that goes for this kind of vibe a lot. As a child, I went to the Efteling a few times and it is one of the only things I can remember from my childhood, reasoning why the backyard feels so nostalgic.

    • shreklover666

      @Flipper de echte // Mijn jeugd is verpest

    • Flipper de echte
      Flipper de echte

      De befteling


    Parabéns pelo vídeo, é um sonho este castelo 🇧🇷

    • luzia ailva
      luzia ailva

      @ANGELA POMPEU eles tem uma na França também


      @luzia ailva não esta do vídeo é na França e a que está perguntando é em São Paulo Brasil.

    • luzia ailva
      luzia ailva

      Essa não é a casa da família Safra ?

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      Usman Abdulkarim

      supuestamente lindo, también un sueño

    • Usman Abdulkarim
      Usman Abdulkarim

      una casa muy hermosa

  • truthseeker444

    Truly spectacular! It is so refreshing to see a beautiful house, with such masterful use of colour, I am so over black/white/battleship grey houses! Everything in this house was so perfectly proportioned, just amazing. And I enjoyed seeing Enes so enthused :-)

    • Morrisonscott429

      Hello dear, how are you doing?

  • Kaysha

    I used to spend summer in Cannes & Nice. What a property. Huge... Another great tour guys 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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      hasan türkmen

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      hasan türkmen

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      Def great .

    • Amber Rose
      Amber Rose

      @Enes Yilmazer Absolutely the most beautiful property you have toured! Thank you for feasting our eyes to opulence at it's best!

  • Waikiki Smoke
    Waikiki Smoke

    Honestly this magnificent house was presented by your team amazingly and I just wish the video was longer. The property was so huge and grand and colorful. Beside the Blue Heron Houses I fell like this is a house that is worth the asking price and is a bargain.

  • Ya bişey dicem de
    Ya bişey dicem de

    Her detayını ağzım açık izledim gerçekten nefes kesici bir yer. Anlatımızınız da ayrıca mükemmel

  • mxolisi shongwe
    mxolisi shongwe

    It's incredible how these guys tour these houses. They give you all the details and the camera angles are sick 🔥🔥. They make you feel like you are there with them in these properties wow beautiful.

  • Mystical Gent
    Mystical Gent

    Everyone involved with building this home deserves awards!

  • Enes Yilmazer
    Enes Yilmazer

    This home is unlike anything we have ever toured! This tour may be our best video yet. Our team has worked so much on this edit, I hope you all enjoy it. Cheers

    • Chelon Gogan
      Chelon Gogan

      Very beautiful. I'm praying for all of you dear people to seek the Lord . Our life on this Earth is very short. Jesus LOVES YOU . GOD BLESS

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      Amigo Paz

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      It's incredible! Great job

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      @Edward Versailles Is my Dream Stay and this Work of Art proves it can be Re Mastered

    • brightshis

      You are the definition of a True Sales Captain 🙂 Marvellous Description and a Lovely Man to Look at 🌹 God Bless 🙏

  • cease19811

    The house is nice of course, but I love how Mikey is always on que with his filming and focusing on what your currently talking about not focusing on the floor when your talking about cabinets, the amazing filming makes long house tour smooth, that outdoor hot tub and night club are my favorite

  • Xavier  Reginald
    Xavier Reginald

    I think this pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security rather having different investments is the real deal

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      Ayyan Hekeem

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  • Kai Knehans
    Kai Knehans

    We gotta acknowledge Mikey, what an incredible camera dude he is. Love the work from both of y’all! Keep it up!! ❤️

  • Jackie Voorhees
    Jackie Voorhees

    Architecture on this home is just phenomenal. Such a beautiful place.

  • Timothy Morgan
    Timothy Morgan

    As an architect that has designed estate level homes, I am fully aware the amount of the extensive effort it takes from both the design team and the construction team for a project of this scale. There are hundreds of people required to design, construct, furnish and manage a project of this scale, not to mention years of work. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship are exceptional. Each room is an exquisite project in itself. The landscaping and site design are superb. I tip my hat to the project team.

    • Tim Toolman
      Tim Toolman

      Art Vandeley, is that you?

    • aaa energiaypotencia
      aaa energiaypotencia

      As you say... it´s mind blowing all the brain and muscle work !!!

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer

      well said

    • Princess Azula
      Princess Azula

      Dude you're awesome.😎👍That is all.☺

  • KP RC
    KP RC

    This house is waaayyy too much. Much more than you can ever need. Stunningly luxurious and heavenly.

    • FstSergeant8595

      @gaby severino I see it more as a property where you could invite your extended family/friends over for multiple months instead of just having your family live in it.

    • No Cap Barnz
      No Cap Barnz

      nice if you have a family of 15 minimum

    • gaby severino
      gaby severino

      I agree, it is a little scary and it does not give home vibes. Is too much if you want to live a relaxed life with family and kids.

  • Lesley Chen
    Lesley Chen

    Honestly i love huge mansions like these. Makes it feel luxurious, but imagine if you misplaced or lost something in a estate like this, it would be my worst nightmare

    • Prisha Jain
      Prisha Jain

      if you have the money to buy something like you wont be worried about losing something

  • CARabin

    I’m just speechless… this is the most spectacular property I have ever seen… Even just watching it made me feel soooo good😌 Great job guys🤜🏼🤛🏼🏆

  • WV Girl
    WV Girl

    Absolutely stunning. I wouldn't change a thing. This was a well thought out plan and the furniture matches the design just perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  • LADB Restoration
    LADB Restoration

    Thanks for touring a mansion in France ! Merci ☺️

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer

      You are so welcome! thanks for having us!

  • Alegra DuBois
    Alegra DuBois

    Hi Enes, I have watched you since day one and what amazing videos and contents on your channel! Despite the success you continue to appear down to earth and accessible. Thank you for showing us such exceptional properties. The chandeliers look like Murano glass chandeliers. Cheers

  • Elba Elba
    Elba Elba

    Absolutely the most beautiful building I have ever seen. When I look at the price tag, it seems it is not a bad price for such a beautiful place. I just feel my throat close when I think how much it would cost per month to keep it looking like that especially when you have people living there. I guess the money spend to keep it looking like that can buy a few houses for avarage other people. I hope whoever buys it , will use it for some good as well.

    • Les Jensen
      Les Jensen

      I'd love to see the electric bill, even with no one living there.

  • C W
    C W

    This house deserves an endless list of positive adjectives: phenomenal, magnificent, superb, stupendous, splendid, sublime, sumptuous, gorgeous, grandiose, lavish, opulent, palatial, and on and on!

    • Indah


  • Ascension 2000
    Ascension 2000

    Easily the best I've seen on this channel. So beautiful and classic. I like that it looks like a real home instead of a hotel.

  • pablobierzo15

    This is so far the best home I’ve ever seen in my life. And it has made me reflect… We (mid-income people) tend to picture ourselves closer to the people who live in luxury properties than to the ones that have just a simple roof and four walls. But WE ARE NOT. We are much further away than we can imagine from people who live in this kind of houses than from people who do not make ends meet or doesn’t even have a roof to sleep under. This houses are palaces most of the people will never own. Please do not forget to support the ones in need, because that’s how the world becomes a better place, you could be the one who needs help tomorrow. Aside from this reflection, nice work Enes, Mikey and all the team, as always. I’ve enjoyed the tour a lot, the property is stunning and I’m grateful that you show us this amazing places.

    • David Kohler
      David Kohler

      @The Crazy Amateur Runner Ha ha there are plenty of actual people living in houses costing 100,s of millions most of them got their money from throwing a pigskin around. Or driving a car fast and turning left. Or maybe just reinvesting their money when the time was right. Millionaires are born every day , 2021 seen more than any year in history. Whoever put their money in big Pharmaceutical two years ago is sitting pretty right now. This Mansion is so much more valuable than those Sterile boxes built in Belair and Beverly hills.. real timeless beauty, and quality, workmanship and materials.

    • The Crazy Amateur Runner
      The Crazy Amateur Runner

      the people living in that kind of houses are not people 🤔😬

    • O_O

      @Les Jensen its money parking or investment or money laundering .

    • Les Jensen
      Les Jensen

      @O_O I was thinking the exact same thing. I don't think people will ever live in this mansion - it's a museum and would be bought for investment purposes only... just as people spend millions on works of art. 100 people could easily live there and it wouldn't even be crowded.

    • Stan Livengood
      Stan Livengood

      @O_O , so far, not this one.

  • Michael Conn
    Michael Conn

    most of these projects turn into a tasteless monstrosity - this one came together exquisite , very nice designed and executed

  • tony Sloane
    tony Sloane

    Beautiful stunning palace … so well presented by you Enes … so beautifully photographed by Mikey as well … Bravo !

  • JD

    Damn I didn’t want this tour to end. Would love to own a smaller scale of this in the SF Bay Area

  • Alan Thompson
    Alan Thompson

    The opulence in design both internal and external is so gracious I thought the asking price for this property was under-priced for what you get with this property, this is indeed a palace, delightful.

    • Ēāřťhłīňğ

      If this was in Cali it's would be 500 million instead 😦

    • tachikaze222

      yeah I was thinking is this property 200X better than the median house in California?? Uh, YES!

  • india247

    I would've loved this to be a two or three part series so we could view every room of the house and the entire backyard. It was phenomenal. But now I want to see behind all the doors and into the staff quarters plus that amazing play area in the backyard. Keep up the good work Enes, Mikey and the rest of the crew. I love your videos.

    • aishatu auta
      aishatu auta

      Me too!

    • Anonymous

      @Enes Yilmazer I agree with wanting to see the staff quarters! Please try to include those in future videos. Whereas a buyers' primary concern is their own comfort, the comfort of staff is also important and something we consider. Happy staff leads to a happy home.

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer

      happy to hear that! hope this tour was helpful!

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini

      Notice in the night shots, the entry exterior staircase have LED lighting throught out!! Easily the BEST "house tour" you did yet!

  • Sandra Rawn
    Sandra Rawn

    🇨🇦 what a stunning, absolutely beautiful home! Love the colors, the 2nd floor kitchen very french! Wonderful tour once again guys! Thank you!

  • Squirllos Squirl
    Squirllos Squirl

    This is crazy but I love it! 🥰🥰 Absolutely the most breathe taking home period. There is no reason to ever leave! Well except for maybe the beaches and water sports of course. The colors, textures and glass everywhere is so inviting. Everything is perfect, even down to the knickknacks. Got to love those big chunky lamps (I want 1 now)! There is seriously nothing to complain about, well except maybe a wee bit bigger wine cellar because, you are after all in France!! Approaching the Palais that has Mediterranean views from almost every room, there is a circular drive with a massive water fountain in the center and very wide sweeping steps leading to the main entry. There's a private guest wing with 4 ensuite bath/shower rooms (2 are junior masters), a private family wing with 4 ensuite bedrooms (2 are junior masters), a full wing just for the amazing master suite. So that so far is 9 bedrooms and a total of 15 bath/shower rooms throughout the Palais. A total of 8 living/lounge rooms, 3 dining rooms, with 3 kitchens (1 in basement a very large commercial kitchen). There is 2 elevators (1 is glass), a 10 car garage, a nightclub, games room, full theater, wine cellar, turkish bath, spa massage / sauna / steam rooms, hair salon, with an indoor 15M pool. Outside there is a helipad off to the side, a tennis court, a jungle gym playground kids will seriously never leave, zip lines, gardens and water features everywhere, massive Koi pond right outside the back of the Palais, 25M pool next to the pond, 12M hot tub with 4 water jets features tucked away in a secluded spot. It has 7 staff bedrooms with baths/shower rooms, living / dining room and kitchen, a caretaker lodge and security apartment. Did I forget anything?? Wait, where is the bowling alley?? 🤔 Spectacular find and tour guys, I really loved it. The whole video I just kept saying OMG and wow over and over, I was speechless with all the beauty. This Palais is actually 20 minutes south of my dream home in Le Val de Mougins. You almost picked the exact spot I want to be in! 👍 😄

  • Judith Coupe
    Judith Coupe

    Pure luxury, thank you for the tour 😊

  • Kimmy Kero
    Kimmy Kero

    Shame that it's never been lived in because its really designed to live in; does not look overdone and commercial, just very tastefully done and the quality is simply exceptional! Very European indeed!!

  • MissSmudge78

    That's not a mansion, that's a palace! Blown away. Thanks for the tour guys xx

    • Mark E
      Mark E

      @Guizee um are you acting dumb? you don't know the difference between a palace and a mansion?

    • Guizee

      @Mark E maybe you could explain us what the minimum size should be for a palace 🤔. Because your comment makes no sense !

    • Mark E
      Mark E

      not as big as a palace

    • Jose cortez
      Jose cortez

      It’s actually a McMansion

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer

      Our pleasure! it's a good one!

  • Everybody Hates Krys
    Everybody Hates Krys

    Mikey and Jayson are true bosses with these shots! Incredible property..thanks to all of you for giving us #lifegoals lol

  • Ewan Hobbs
    Ewan Hobbs

    The nightclub is simply stunning with the lights, the dance floor, the bar, the DJ booth, it would never get boring!

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    Reida Sowden

    Phenomenal!!! Just incredible!!! It’s a modern day palace ❤️

  • Bill Thomas
    Bill Thomas

    Enes and Mikey, truly the most spectacular property you have toured and presented on this channel. Thank you so much for bringing us these fantastic videos. Looking forward to more, thank you.

  • Lisandra S
    Lisandra S

    40 minutes on IRglo feel like an eternity but NOT with your videos... Your tours are just so good that we always want more! Merci Enes, I send you much love from France

    • Defund The Media
      Defund The Media

      Right no way that was 40 min. Lol what?

    • GT -C-
      GT -C-

      Indeed...the best place to see a beautiful home presented on Enes channel!

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer

      thank you so much Lisandra! you are the best!

  • Edward Oliver Dean
    Edward Oliver Dean

    New subscriber here! I love house tours! I usually just tour local houses and mansions here in the Philiipines. I guess it's about time to go international. I will dream of this tonight! 😀 The voice of Mike reminds me of Adam from Producer Michael.

  • Mystical Gent
    Mystical Gent

    I finally saw my dream kitchen. So much to love about this masterpiece home!

  • Gitesh chaudhari
    Gitesh chaudhari

    This Mansion is really really phenomenal!! And Specially I loved the Secluded Area Between the pond.....

  • Thorvald Johannes Pedersen
    Thorvald Johannes Pedersen

    Amazing house and a really good video. Of course because of the size everything is a bit fast, but one still get a very good look at the house and the details. You feel like going back in time to 1700 or something, in Frence or Italy - where things - at least for the rich - more or less looked like this. This could easily be a home for a 1700 prince or similar. Amazing and beautiful.

  • Benjamin Annor
    Benjamin Annor

    Ok I have 2 things to say: 1. Enes and Mikey have done enough cardio for an entire year just walking through this estate 2. That primary bedroom is a luxury mansion on its own. I mean, it has a freaking half bathroom on top of its main bathroom!

    • TheWholeWorldIsAStage

      If that’s your idea of cardio I can easily see why the world is over weight

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer

      haha nice! glad you like the house!

  • ram64man

    As amazing as this property is, I look at it and can’t help think that it’s lost it’s home feeling , more showcase or gallery than home

  • RareVideos فيديوهات نادرة
    RareVideos فيديوهات نادرة

    Top luxury. Hope to own one day a mansion like this. Thank you for the amazing tour.

  • Rod Rodriguez
    Rod Rodriguez

    A long time ago back in my college days, I worked at a private dining club in Austin, Texas (exclusive). The main dining room looked very similar to the one in your video. The base plate, water glass, wine glass, butter knife, looks all the same. Everything looks the same. The lobby sitting area looks the same

  • Uri Petus
    Uri Petus

    Just curious, how is the security system of this property? CCTV, motion, intruder detection? Would defiantly be worried about all that. And I totally agree w Enes, this is most stanning property I have ever seen, you can call it a peace of art for sure, attention to details, design,.... everything.

  • Crypto House
    Crypto House

    Enes and His Team have done amazing property tours, but I testify that indeed this is the craziest mansion tour ever on this channel.

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer

      I know its pretty crazy! glad you like our videos!

  • Livia Patricia
    Livia Patricia

    Sensacional!!!! maravilhosa este palácio😉

  • Clint Geldenhuys
    Clint Geldenhuys

    Hi Enes, is it possible to show the behind the scenes on how you prepare to present the home. I'd assume you spend a day getting to know the house first as the level of confidence you have presenting the features of the home is awesome.

  • David Solarte
    David Solarte

    This house gives me serious haunted house vibes but in kind of a good way, love it :)

  • Dee Marie Dubois
    Dee Marie Dubois

    I’m exhausted. I know both of you have to be worn out. What a home. There is nothing missing, nothing missed. Just incredible.

  • D. Paz
    D. Paz

    This is the most beautiful, complete home you’ve ever shown. It has such a marvelous sense of elegance and scale. Watching this video I was thinking about “The One” Bel Air, and how it doesn’t feel like you could live there. The home you showed in this video is warm and inviting and I could totally see living there with your extended family. Beautiful!!!

    • Axel Chertoff
      Axel Chertoff

      What video is "The One" Bel Air?

    • Edge

      Yeah, but can you “change the world” with pay-per-view boxing matches here? Or issue golden credit cards linked to some NFT assets? I don’t think so…

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer

      thank you so much! it's a good one

  • Koni Lee
    Koni Lee

    Stunning!!!! It's a modern day European castle or mega mansion. This tour was SO worth it. I love France for it's architecture, art, fashion, perfume and food. I always thought that the South of France was nice and quaint, yet sophisticated. This property proved me wrong. I love, love, love this house!!!!

  • Ane Carollyne
    Ane Carollyne

    O tour mais longo da história, haha linda!

  • ;) İdil Selin :)
    ;) İdil Selin :)

    Hiç bu kadar harika bi ev görmemiştim bu evin güzelliğini anlatmaya kelimeler yetersiz kalıyo sıkılmadan izledim aşırı güzel burada yaşayacak kişiler çok şanslı olmalılar😍❤

  • Katie Neuner
    Katie Neuner

    I absolutely love everything about this house, but my favorite part was the small kitchen with the green and blue. It was so cute!

  • Protiksha Hatibaruah
    Protiksha Hatibaruah

    Really didn't want this video to end. The property is magnificent and the overall architecture is INCREDIBLE!!!

    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer

      totally agree! glad you like the house and video!

  • R P
    R P

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    • Enes Yilmazer
      Enes Yilmazer

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    • Gerhard Schöner
      Gerhard Schöner

      @Suke interesting that you said that. I was thinking something similar when it comes to the overall architectural structure too. But the whole interior doesn't work for hotels at all. The interior is strictly for groups that know each other. Big tables, everybody eating and sitting together etc. So maybe more some kind of ressort that people can rent. For instance with your company, family, friends, etc. Still I'm pretty sceptical that would pay off - but what do I know?

    • Suke

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    • SistaSista2

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    • Enes Yilmazer
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