How Many Multiverses Are There?
History of the Universe

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  • History of the Universe
    History of the Universe

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    • Lil' Black Duc
      Lil' Black Duc

      ..How Many Multiverses Are There? = A fantastic fairytale in people's imagination. 😁 😂 🤣

    • Eliza Jayne
      Eliza Jayne

      So far ... two universes .... The dark universe we are in ... The light universe beside us .. Our galaxy is inside another world... You spy , I don’t.

    • Lucidly Thinking
      Lucidly Thinking

      @Pomorchik I think I meant to enjoy and take it slow. Instead of worry. It’s all awesome and I want to know more. I like throwing ideas out to get conversations started. I like the details I guess.

    • 3dgar 7eandro
      3dgar 7eandro

      Just thank you for this... Really thank you for giving us this amazing piece of documentary full of incredibles universes and parallel realities... excepcionally well explained, so please keep discovering and finding the answer to those fundamental questions the keep us awake at night 😁👌

  • Jauphrey

    Man, there's a lot of bad in the world today, no doubt, but the idea that I can sit here and learn stuff like this FOR FREE and as...basically just a relaxing's incredible. Each of us can educate ourselves on nearly any topic whenever and wherever we want. Thank you so much for this. And of course your narration, scripting,'s all absolutely top notch. Thank you, thank you.

    • Benjamin K
      Benjamin K

      I'm trying to pack in as much knowledge before this all falls apart heh.....

    • The COVID-19 Coronavirus
      The COVID-19 Coronavirus

      ✊🏾amen Jauphrey

    • Kirk Bailey
      Kirk Bailey

      @Alpha Beta Not very supreme then, are they?

  • Dick Armstrong
    Dick Armstrong

    Awesome presentation. Thanks very much for making this public, it's important. I've studied these science courses from many other courses but this brings together so much coherence and understanding.

  • joho0

    This is easily the best documentary on the subject I've ever watched, and I've probably watched them all. Being old enough to have witnessed the discovery of the CMB, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the discovery of most of the "zoo" particles and the birth of supersymmetry and M-theory, it's incredibly rare to find an explanation that weaves these complex subjects together so succinctly. This explores the history of modern cosmology very nicely and brings our current understanding of the universe and the "Theory of Everything" into clear focus. I especially enjoyed the exhibits shown, such as Hubble's handwritten research on Cepheids in M31. Really phenomenal work here.

  • Brosetta Stone
    Brosetta Stone

    crazy how deep and detailed this video is yet the whole topic is just a guess at best. ''We don't even know what actually happens when we think, so how can we know truly know anything?'' - Michael Larsen a.k.a Eyedea

  • Jen V
    Jen V

    The voice of the narrator and the way he modulates it are both so important! They can make a difference in whether you are going to enjoy or lose interest in watching. I appreciate the way you speak and pause to highlight certain words; it is part of what makes these videos so inspirational! Thank you for this new content; I cannot get enough of it!

    • James Barlow
      James Barlow

      That never matters to me. This isn't Disney. I don't learn for entertainment. I don't live in America and am not a frivolous, valueless person, sorry (not!).😂

    • Radrook2

      Very true. There is a propensity for some narrators to speak at machinegun-like velocities. This narrator speaks at just the right pace.

    • NoddyGirl

      Yesss! You're so right. Example - I love the content of Unexplained Mysteries albeit it can be a bit click baity and not up to date information but the subject matter interests me. But I just can't get through their videos without clicking out because and only because the narrator is just so meh. Monotone. No expression. Total snooze fest. So many people have commented on it I'm astounded they haven't switched to someone else by now. Even semi positive comments mention that they use his videos to fall asleep to. Go watch ASMR if that's what you're looking for or them hertz meditation videos. Videos with these topics should keep the viewer interested and engaged. Not put you to sleep 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • WoOsKii 1
      WoOsKii 1

      I appreciate the narration, I really do, but I think the writing and structure are what really pull me in... Always easy enough to understand even if I don't fully understand everything, and when I do understand everything I see the big questions in a different way than before, which is the seemingly intended result of the excellently written narrative.

    • shadey sandwich
      shadey sandwich

      Great narrator but i didnt understand anything past level 1

  • Erik Swiger
    Erik Swiger

    After years of contemplating this stuff, my current favorite idea is that our reality was created by some kind of Mind somewhere, and any full comprehension of this reality must incorporate consciousness into the model.

  • Neil Smith
    Neil Smith

    Space being infinite is a very hard concept to imagine. It makes me tingle just trying to think about what it means.

    • Rainclouds Radio
      Rainclouds Radio

      I think it's harder to imagine the universe as finite. I mean, what's on the other side?

    • Manish G
      Manish G

      circle/sphere is also infinite...

    • evitanigaminU

      @S. Fleming Who determined that?

    • peyotrip

      now try to imagine it is finite :)

  • Khanh Nhan
    Khanh Nhan

    Watched it from beginning to end, I must say, it’s really comforting to learn that the entire universe is about the self and its consciousness. I always get existential crisis and alone, whenever it comes to space; so I find it interesting, heartwarming even, after watching this video. I thought I would lose interest but I didn’t. The narrator’s voice is mesmerizing. The content is well-written and nicely arranged.

    • Sin526

      This is some of the finest content on the topic ever produced. 👌

  • John Piers Cilliers
    John Piers Cilliers

    Perhaps the most insightful hour, six minutes and 21 seconds I've had the privilege of being immersed in. Absolutely outstanding. Thank you.

  • Kieran Hosty
    Kieran Hosty

    This video has more content that many actual documentaries and is an obvious labour of love. I was absolutely right to subscribe to this channel. Well done on this incredible creation. (people seem to think I'm gullible or something, no. I applaud the work that went into collating all these different theories and presenting them in a single work which still manages to be very watchable. We still have plenty of physics left to uncover.)

    • Peter Codner
      Peter Codner

      @Pomorchik to what is whatever Einstein may have said relevant? Any length of time that cannot be directly immediately personally experienced is a mere cypher - utterly meaningless.. It is utterly meaningless to speak of lots of X if you cannot define X or say what X is -it is merely playing with words. You carefully avoid defining the universe-probably because you simply*cannot*, save in terms of cognates and synonyms, other universals and vague generalities. At best it is a vague generalisation or compound image.

    • Peter Codner
      Peter Codner

      ​@Pomorchik I you please , but what*is*it?-a vague generalised woolly idea, or something more than that I can become familiar with, or experience the extent of the very small flat in which I live, can I experience you famous and imaginary(it can be no more than idea or compound image) " the universe. I can not only experience the full extend of my flat but also its position relative to similar phenomena-for want of a batter word, is it possible to experience the universe in an identical fashion? Apart from some vague reference to the conditions in which I find my self -or my general context, what exactly *Is* the universe"? If I cannot experience it as I experience any other where-I-am, how *can* I experience it? Is it not irrefutable that " the universe" can only possibly be a generalised idea or a projection from a number of piecemeal seriatim experiences glued together with imagination, or if you will, arranged on the table of my associative apparatus or mind -i is a species of projection or compound that simply *cannot* be experienced as anything other than that, and*certainly cannot be experienced as I experience my flat?-it is a vague generaliastion and cannot posibly any more than that. How would you*Define*, not dedescribe* the universe if you can detect the very significant difference btetwen a description and a definition, which I am sure you can, since you abundance of wits is obvious. Surely it is only possible to discover or experience whatever " the universe might be from a vantage point that is not itself the universe-whatever that might be , or a part thereof? IIs the universe anything other than a term for all that is, and if not, for what is it a term? It may be that one of your functions can detect the risk of finding yourself in the paradox of universals, which is broadly similar to the sceptic's paradox, with which you are no doubt familiar since you are plainly not deficient in learning. Presumably you are familiar with conceptual and definitional impossibilities. I it not inescapable that" the universe" can be *no more* than idea or species of compound image?-It takes place or exists(another useless word) in the associative apparatus or mind. It is not as if I can go outside where-I-am and simultaneously experience it*as* where-I-am or as the poet once put it:"Where can I go that does not turn into where I am?" That is equally true of the imaginary " the universe" is it not? inseparable

    • Peter Codner
      Peter Codner

      @Pomorchik when thosethat's the of "an expanding universespeak off the universe what exactly do you suppose those that speak of it have in mind? - What they suppose or imagine to be "expanding, or more to the point what you think they mean by "the universe"? - Do the even trouble themselves to define of what they are speaking when they speak of "the universe Is it not the case that it is such a vague generalised idea that it is little more than the equivalent of an unfocused photograph or merely a blur? I wonder if there may not be a paradox of universals, which is rather similar to the sceptics paradox and the atheists paradox. I wonder if they fully understandwhat is behind the word universe in terms of associations or images or ideas- which is to say they have some sort of idea of the universe but they cannot discover exactly what it is because it is so vague and generalised or blurred, that it is impossible to discover - even for themselves exactly what they mean by "the universe". I'm fact I have yet to encounter anyone that can even begin to define whatever they mean by "the universe", I think because it is such a vague generalised idea as to be no more than a blur

    • Peter Codner
      Peter Codner

      @Pomorchik is it not correct to say that if*"tthe*" universe is "*the*" universe, there is only one of it, or it is not*"the"*universe, moreover it is simply assumed to be very large or so much greater than any particular person or apprehending apparatus, that for all practical purposes it is infinitely large, moreover that can only be a guess or assumption because it is not perfectly true to say that "the universe" is in reality no more than a vague generalisation, or a compound of a number of piecemeal seriatim experiences glued together with what can only be called imagination, so it turns out to be exactly as no more than a vague generalisation or idea- or image in the associative apparatus than any universal that cannot be directly immediately personally experienced, because by definition all universals are imaginary in the sense that they cannot be directly immediately personally experienced as* they are imagined, so "the universe" is simply a portmanteau term for everything beyond the ken of apprehending apparatuses on one particular planet in it, it amounts to no more than a vague reference to what is as-is-said "out there", and if that be right - which it must surely be, it is nonsensical to speak about "the universe"" expanding, because from what advantage point is it possible to suggest that it is *expanding* that is not itself the universe, or a part thereof? You might well be able to suggest that particular instances of what appears to be a greater whole appear to be moving apart from one another but that tells you nothing whatsoever about whether or not the greater whole is itself becoming even greater, nor could it possibly, for the simple reason that is impossible to get *outside* "the universe" which, - by any sensible rational definition of universe, is a definitional impossibility, and no doubt you appreciate that there are a variety of different species of impossibility, particularly definitional, conceptual, and practical, or experiential. For all practical purposes "the universe" can only possibly be something that is imagined or a compound of a number of piecemeal seriatim experiences that are not imagined, glued together with what can only possibly be called imagination, which makes it a projection of sorts, does it not? I do not suggest that those that see things through their telescopes are imagining what they see through their telescopes but that in practice they imagine that there is more to it than that, that they cannot see through their telescopes- in fact they *assume* that there is more to it than that, because they are forced to make the assumption, because there is no advantage point from which you can observe "the universe that is not the universe itself, because the very idea of universe is that there is only one. - it is a concept like unique, because if there is more than one universe you are going to have to redefine universe, because the term is all embracing by definition, from which it follows logically that if there is more than one universe,*neither*of them is "the "universe which is why the term multiverse is gibberish - it is simply playing with words. What we supposed to be the case cannot be met by tthe word universe - it requires the idea of more than one universe, in which case, as night follows day,*neither*of them adequately fits the term universe which either means everything or or it means absolutely nothing and it follows from that that if universe is meaningless so is multiverse; that latter is semantic and conceptual gibberish- it simply conveys lots of meaningless things; what you observe or calculate does not fit the definition of universe, so you simply redefine universe which some would call intellectual dishonesty or simply mumbo-jumbo, exactly the same as saying it looks like a duck quacks like a duck and swims and flies like a duck and has the beak and feet of a duck, but we're going to call it a kangaroo. If the universe does*not*mean everything, what the bloody hell *does* it mean? it can't be sort of everything or nearly everything any more than a woman can be sort of pregnant or nearly pregnant or an object nearly unique or sort of unique or very unique because both unique and universe are absolute terms, or they mean absolutely nothing. Either you make up your mind what you mean by universe or you don't- if universe doesn't mean everything it means nothing, or is utterly meaningless, but what the advocates of multiverses say is don't worry about what we mean by universe just ignore that and use another word instead don't worry about it being a duck just call it a kangaroo; that is conceptual semantic and definitional gibberish.

    • Peter Codner
      Peter Codner

      @SeaJay Oceans is that so? What experience have you of this whatever you mean by "perfect" world? Do you understand that perfect means completed or achieved or finished?

  • broskyification

    This is the most digestible video on this subject matter, and it’s inspired me to keep questioning, thinking, creating, and enjoying life like I did in my early 20s

  • Steven `Wilgus
    Steven `Wilgus

    When I was a young child, I happened upon a situation that opened my mind by sitting on my bathroom sink and positioning two perpendicular bathroom mirrors. One was a medicine cabinet mirror that set perpendicular to the larger plate glass mirror that opened the small bathroom space to the small room that contained them. I became fascinated with opining the smaller mirror to a position wherein I could peer into a multitude of reflections that increased in number by simply manipulating the angle of reflection. By looking at the image, I realized that I exist within a single frame that I recognize as my present existence. I also understood that I likewise exist in the infinity that rests beyond my mechanical capacity to arrange the angle of the reflection. My understanding of the possible realities grew into a broader understanding than my childhood peers could possibly imagine. Now I have a grandson who is interested in physics.

    • ayana mcallister
      ayana mcallister

      beautiful story & insight. thank you for sharing.

    • Brandon Adams
      Brandon Adams

      I did the same thing. I forgot all about that. Thanks for the reminder. I spent hours perfecting the positions and it absolutely left an impression.

    • Steven `Wilgus
      Steven `Wilgus

      @Abdalla Ahmed He's eleven.

    • Abdalla Ahmed
      Abdalla Ahmed

      And that grandson? His name was Stephen Hawking

    • Counter Culture
      Counter Culture

      @Geoff Logie I don't even think "symbolic." The whole point of the no self argument is that the idea of one, unified independent self is an illusion. The idea of any one, independent any-"thing" in the universe is an illusion. The self is merely a perspective -a window the mind looks through of an ever changing process. The multiple reflections of the face are perspectives emanating from a river of consciousness.

  • Brett Anderson
    Brett Anderson

    This is the most awesome video ever!! The graphics and visual complements to the explanations are amazing. I did feel the need to run at 1.5x due to slow speech. I'm out to find out the answer to find a world that works for everyone. Or a universe that affects the other and brings them into balance with each other, and then I suppose we create a big bang and create a new universe. It just boggles my mind!

  • Darius Serrano
    Darius Serrano

    As much as I've loved each of your videos, this has to be the one I keep going back to the most. I'm watching this for my fourth time, and I still feel like I've barely held onto anything.

  • Victor Freij
    Victor Freij

    This must be the best video you guys and gals have ever produced. Simply a marvelous explanation of the entire pathway taken to come to this cosmological point of understanding. Well done!!!

    • Craven Moore
      Craven Moore

      I agree 👍 💯

    • John O'Neill
      John O'Neill

      Thank YOU!

    • Jozef Mak
      Jozef Mak

      ​@buddyrichable1 einstein was a boomer, but you d have to know politics in depth to know it, Tesla said it best

    • David

      I say there are zero multiverses. Please just accept that we just have one extremely large universe. Humans always try to simplify things that they don't understand.

  • Rafael Torquato
    Rafael Torquato

    I would like to deeply thank you all for this material. What a great relief to a troubled and constant curious mind. I wish that in at least one of those endless possibilities i can sit with people like you and discuss those questions on and on. You gave me something very precious to hold on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Isaac Graff
    Isaac Graff

    49:03 this simple video right here makes understanding quantum physics way easier, that little clip played and suddenly it was like the world got way clearer. That's just cool, awesome video!

  • Valmiki Frankstan-Paul
    Valmiki Frankstan-Paul

    Fantastic video, I am on my 2nd viewing. The pacing, sequence, explanations, references and multimedia selections are top notch. It is very easy to follow for the interested layman. You’ve earned a subscriber.

  • Emilio Soler
    Emilio Soler

    Simply amazing. Thanks to everyone involved in this video, YT, all the scientists of course and even the voice actor included!

  • A Barbarian Horde
    A Barbarian Horde

    Watching videos on mutliverse theories always has the effect of grounding me. It makes me recognize the power I have to make choices, and to a great extend pilot myself into the universe I want to be in. In a way, consciousness makes us interdimensional beings that can phase through limited realities within the scope of time and space we are able to access. Life is like training wheels for higher dimensions. And so... If I am alive tomorrow: I will have pancakes.

    • Cats 2079
      Cats 2079

      @Eternal Bliss it’s seriously disturbing how many many people think like this.

    • adam kunzoon
      adam kunzoon

      @Eternal Bliss I think 9999% people are ignorantly accept God theory due to lack of knowledge about themselves who they Are as conscious beings and what relationship humans have with universe Which we are part of.

  • Ryan Dubyah!
    Ryan Dubyah!

    SO VERY MUCH to think about, it’s crazy!!! I love these vids, they allow my mind to wander as it loves the ability to do so! Incredible theories backed by brilliant minds, I couldn’t deny the possibilities if I wanted to!!

  • 3dgar 7eandro
    3dgar 7eandro

    Really wanted to thank you for giving us this amazing piece of documentary full of incredibles universes and parallel realities... excepcionally well explained, so please keep discovering and finding the answer to those fundamental questions the keep us awake at night 😁👌

  • DevilGodRX

    I imagine the structure of reality being like a giant infinite jawbreaker with each layer following its own set of laws

  • black cat
    black cat

    I love watching videos like this. I found all of the theories convincing. They all seem to have one thing in common. Multiple universes where anything is possible. Which leads me to have more questions. Like what if all of the theories are right? If there are multiple universes, who is to say that all of them are right isn't possible? I wish I had the access to those scientist's education so I could pop out some mathematical formula to prove this. Instead, I am just an undereducated observer absorbing the knowledge professed by brilliant minds.

    • Ashraile

      I am leaning towards the many worlds interpretation to be not quite correct, if not outright wrong. The thing is, whenever one stumbles across an answer in physics that is infinity or uncountable infinities (such as the infinite gravity singularity problem within black holes), it is a sign that the answer is wrong due to the math being incomplete, without exception. The second part is that infinity as a concept is highly unlikely to exist within the (finite?) boundaries of space and time, as it would take an infinite amount of time to reach infinity, so infinities should only exist in the higher dimensions 'outside' the universe. My best guess is that the many worlds interpretation of 'infinite universes' are actually unrealised potentialities in the 5th dimension (potential strings of time), akin to the infinite numbers between zero and one. Numbers themselves don't exist, only our interpretation of them, so when we say there are infinite numbers between zero and one, what we are really saying is that there are infinite potentialities of numbers between zero and one, because numbers are merely our way of defining an approximation of informational units according to our perspective. Of course this does not answer the question of what exactly makes the wave function collapse, so I guess physicists would be back to square one on the matter, and I just rambled on for nothing. xD

  • steve alston
    steve alston

    Kept me on the edge of my seat, I have heard most of the information in bits over the past few years, but never neatly pieced together in such an informative and enjoyable way. Thank you so much for the hard work you have put into this work. Awesome video. Love and Light to you all my friends

    • Gord Thor
      Gord Thor

      @P Harger I was actually thinking the exact same thing the moment right before I read your comment. It stands to reason though, regarding a topic intrinsically based on accepting reality as it is. Most topics of interest to people are based on emotional biases and that will always lead to a plethora of pseudo realities where people obviously won't agree on. It's a sad state of humanity and the modern day internet is greatly exacerbating the problem. I think the world needs much more science and critical thinking skills taught in schools from an early age. Too much self serving biases mixed with ever increasing technology will be the end of us if we don't make some changes. The saving grace for our ignorant and delusional ancestors was that they didn't have a lot of technology, which mitigated the harm they could do. We now have an internet that can propagate ignorance, delusions and tribalism far and wide, very quickly.

    • P Harger
      P Harger

      Yes indeed, couldn’t agree with you more. This is the kind of thing, that the inventors of radio and television dreamed of way back when, to educate the people of the world. Have you noticed, that the comments left for his videos, are all complementary, positive, supportive and intelligently written..? That’s something one rarely sees in the internet :)

  • Kim Morrison
    Kim Morrison

    This is such an excellent discussion on the topic, this is my 4th time watching it... binge watching and taking notes each time! Thank you!!!

  • Jerome Wilson
    Jerome Wilson

    Couldn't the effects quantum entanglement potentially influence the expansion of space itself?That would allow for the seemingly uniform process of spacial expansion throughout the universe. It wouldn't have to be static but a dynamic element.

  • Sindri Suncatcher
    Sindri Suncatcher

    I really do love videos like this. Thanks for y'alls hard work bringing us content like this!

  • Mafi Mtolo
    Mafi Mtolo

    wow I'm impressed and amazed about how intriguing and fascinating the information being put together, sought to explain how everything is connected more especially the quantum theory and where we fit in, in all of this, well done

  • Rain 03
    Rain 03

    This really puts into perspective how minuscule we are in the grand scheme of universal existence and yet how lucky we are to even exist in the way we do. It grounds me and makes me think how silly our everyday problems seem, they seem meaningless and makes me feel grateful for everything around me.

    • Juan Valle
      Juan Valle

      @Pomorchik yes we evolve constantly, from 3D we go to 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D and so on. We increase our vibrational frequencies and consciousness, the higher our knowledge and understanding of existence the higher is our frequency and we evolve to the next level of density or dimension. One can follow spiritual or physical evolution. But physical evolution is a dead end as you get stuck in physicality. But spiritual evolution is infinite as it explores every possibility and probability in an endless thoroidal fractality in the creation of every type of life.

    • Juan Valle
      Juan Valle

      @Hamster in order for a die to give a particular number it must have all the other posible numbers. For one possibility to exist others need to exist as well, nothing is by itself.

    • SMPKarma

      If we combine the anthropic principle with the "variations in laws of physics and conditions" multiverse theory, then luck has nothing to do with it. For example, thinking locally, we aren't "lucky" to be living on Earth as opposed to Mars or Venus - we couldn't live on either, so it's not so much luck to be living in a place that has conditions conducive to organic life. Which brings me to my second point. If we were to assume some form of multiverse with variable parameters, something that seems like the most plausible explanation right now, then you can apply the same principle to the whole universe. So it's not that we're lucky, it's more that something like us is inevitable, and we'd find ourselves in... us. And also, using that assumption, there are countless other lifeforms and civilizations, even in our universe. Which is great. We don't have to be special. I think many people need to be a bit more humble and realize that we are neither special, nor lucky in a sense. We live in an environment that *permits* human life, but that environment is subject to change. Subject to climate change. So we have to think long and hard about how we want to proceed*, because the universe doesn't give half a shit about us. Only we do, and we have to act accordingly. *I'm not placing the onus on the individual. Climate change is caused by multibillion corporations, either directly, or indirectly (such as forcing people to commute more by disallowing WFH or even as far as lobbying/bribing officials to design cities so that you can't get by without a car). So instead of focusing on taking cold and short showers, and carpooling, focus on activism aimed at passing legislation to limit those corporations. Or better yet, overthrowing capitalism and establishing economic democracy

    • milkrecu

      We all rely on our perspective. This becomes prison or paradise.

  • MintyLime

    Kinda crazy to think that even though they didn't know what they were looking at, humanity explored the stars long before they ever explored Earth. And even now we know far more about solar systems lightyears away than we do a mile deep in the ocean.

  • Juan Robles
    Juan Robles

    34:10 "why is nature written in two languages, has always bothered physicists;" 🤣 amazing writing!

  • ReiffMurdaSquad Gotti
    ReiffMurdaSquad Gotti

    Goes to show how we're just a small glimpse of life, a glimpse of chance in a huge space of violent massive energy.

  • josephnappo

    In watching this video, I heard something I’ve never heard before. I’ve thought of this, I’ve always believed very strongly of this. I told myself I’d never look for this or talk of this and that it would have to find me. It was mentioned towards the end of the video and if you’ve never thought of this your conscious may choose to ignore it... but when I heard it i actually smiled. What I’ve thought for most of my adult life ( I’m 44 now) is that we, our universe, our planets, stars, everything is very small. Small as on a molecular level... example would be that looking in from outside our everything, you would need a microscope to see out plants and stars. imagine an atom in our bodies growing a species that became aware of itself and tried to figure out how it came about and where it was going. I feel that is what we are trying to do. On a scale so grand it’s utterly incomprehensible. There’s no way, as a human being, that we would ever be able to detect a conscious being, on an atom, in our bodies...

  • Ivann Souza
    Ivann Souza

    I thank youtube everyday for allowing the existence of channels like this, thank you guys for putting out another incredible masterpiece of a video, I loved it!

    • Jozef Mak
      Jozef Mak

      @Ivann Souza ?? 😅

    • Ivann Souza
      Ivann Souza

      @Jozef Mak ?

    • Jozef Mak
      Jozef Mak

      😅 you shouldnt really

    • Michael PRINCE
      Michael PRINCE


  • Walley

    I feel that the Type 1 multiverse seems correct. the multiverse is simply the observable universe from different perspectives. our observations of the expediential expansion could be a "Local" phenomena and may not be the case everywhere and from all perspectives. the fabric of space/time (or dark matter) could be like an ocean with currents. it could be expanding here while contracting somewhere else. this is my uneducated opinion.

    • Walley

      @Pomorchik Too many theories in physics today take assumptions to a new level though. A statement that says: "Our universe is so huge that what is not impossible is almost guaranteed to happen somewhere" is not based on facts as we know them today. Simply said, we do not know how big the universe really is.. so to then assume it is big enough to have near infinite possibilities is pure speculation. for all that we know, our universe may end just outside of our observable universe?

    • Walley

      @Tempestive the topic of the multiverse is more in the realm of philosophy rather than pure physics at this point in time due to our basic understanding of the universe. So all that we can do is follow what seems logical one step at a time until we verify a conclusion. speculating and following feelings has brought our species this far. if it was not important than we would have evolved without it.

    • adam kunzoon
      adam kunzoon

      You may be uneducated from physical perspective like me . I am genetics professor having zero degree in physics and mathematics probably we are sailing in same boat however we our logical and intellectual choice to accept the logic within framework of scientific research so far humankind have achieved till date. I DON'T consider you as ignorant but as a self introspective logical thinker.

  • wyldtv

    This is the most concise explanation of all the multiversal theories and ideas. This was the first time I've been able to distinguish them. Though I wonder which level does a reverse universe before Big Bang exists. Or an antimatter universe 🤔

  • Sidney Scallan
    Sidney Scallan

    Just brilliant and so well narrated. Thank you.

  • Cory Fritz
    Cory Fritz

    Amazing!!! Best explanation of the universe I have ever heard.

  • Jenny M.
    Jenny M.

    That was awesome. I am not an English-speaking native, but I understood the layers perfectly. Of course, I knew about the components as much as a non-physicist could. It was lovely to see how it all is woven together. Beautiful.

    • M

      Yes, creation by a divine all powerful God is amazing and a blessing.

  • Pink Phoenix
    Pink Phoenix

    This is a great watch! Cheers to the creator...amazing work.

  • NadaLibTard!

    I find these topics infinitely fascinating. I do wish my intelligence surpassed where I currently find myself. I would love to have made a career in the study of such matters. I could consume this information without tiring every single day. It is purely amazing.

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      HodL Zombie

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