The REASON Why LIANGELO Doesn't Have A Signature Shoe Like LAMELO & LONZO BALL!
- DaKingMoneyYT

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  • DKM


    • Brandon 4L
      Brandon 4L

      DKM Young Flxcko Jr done

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    • Domanic Burnett
      Domanic Burnett

      Noah Pride You act like he the only one with a foreign in that family

    • flvcko

      DKM 2K18 done

    • Noah Pride
      Noah Pride

      Stfu his dad bought him a Ferrari

  • Damnnn

    Also Gelo couldn't go to the WWE thing because of NCAA, also he was at UCLA during da show

    • 4ransom 4
      4ransom 4

      Yea he was moving in

  • Caleb13Evans

    Gelo doesn't have a shoe because he is already in college and he is very underrated

  • Rick Rijuana Productions
    Rick Rijuana Productions

    LeAngelo gone be a monster. He's the most physical out of the brothers

    • Abby Renee
      Abby Renee

      Matt Norris and all 3 Bros have horrible shooting from all of the have there elbow a mile away from them

    • Abby Renee
      Abby Renee

      Matt Norris you obviously have never watched this kid play he has a lot of potential strength and physicality but terrible shot iq terrible shot selection all of his highlights are him hoysting up contested 3s and he dosent doesn't make anyone around him better I think he had the most potential out of the brothers but he has a lot to learn

    • Matt Norris
      Matt Norris

      Rick Rijuana Beats dude seems way more efficient than Zo & Melo as well. Takes smart shots, has a really smooth, natural looking jumper, good range and he'll only develop physically playing College ball as well which is scary. Doesn't have the same level of showmanship as the rest of the family but I feel like he could potentially be a main stay in the NBA for a long time if he continues to develop his game. I think of the 3 of the boys, Melo's probably the most likely not to make it pro in the NBA... not because of a lack of talent but he's had his head pumped up so much and hasn't really developed a whole lot of maturity or discipline playing in High School and I feel like College ball would be the only real way he'd genuinely develop that so this shoe deal could fuck him up.

  • Big Mo BITW
    Big Mo BITW

    I feel that Gelo will make an excellent transition to the NBA, and will be too rookie calibur. He has the most "nba ready" body. He has the best jumpshot out of the 3. And he has the best basic fundamentals in the game. Always at the right spot, at the right time with the right plays, with the least mistakes.

  • Will Pasta
    Will Pasta

    Y'all acting like this man doesn't love being out of the spotlight... Has Gelo ever said he wants to spotlight? No so leave him alone and stop trying to make him sumthing he don't won't to be lmao 😂

    • V 21
      V 21


    • Will Pasta
      Will Pasta

      When you bust a nut but she keeps sucking I spelled it like that on purpose bud.

    • KingDizzy00

      Tay-K's Fingers want*

  • Jason Johnson Jr
    Jason Johnson Jr

    Bruh, it's because he wouldn't be able to play in NCAA. He'll get one the same time Lonzo got his.

    • Bryan F.
      Bryan F.

      qs10101 Lol you were calling someone dumbass when you were actually wrong 😂

    • Dylan Bruce
      Dylan Bruce

      qs10101 yeah he can he just has to go as a walk on he can't go on the UCLA paid scholarships but he ain't hurting for money so he can pay to go to college and still have his signature shoe

    • qs10101

      Corrine Evans no he can't dumbass. You don't know how NCAA works do you?

    • Corrine Evans
      Corrine Evans

      Lamelo can still play in NCAA lmao

    • Shaykhiem Griffin
      Shaykhiem Griffin

      Flexxjay thank you I'm tired of explaining this to ppl

  • FeedGotcha

    Gelo can't because he's in college , once he's done he'll get a shoe, they should be 295 though

  • Lets Be Real Podcast
    Lets Be Real Podcast

    I feel for gelo and I hope he ends up being the best out of the 3

  • Daniel G.
    Daniel G.

    Gelo's gonna have a signature at the end of the season like Lonzo's

  • ralford Kinney
    ralford Kinney

    When Gelo makes it to the NBA, he should sign with Nike.🔥

  • Bird Tinoco
    Bird Tinoco

    To me lonzo is the best all-round player out of all 3 of them

  • Bayanmstfa

    Le'Angelo is me favorite ball family member ❤️

    • Biggie Cheese
      Biggie Cheese

      Bayan Mustafa the shittiest ball player

    • Kingace

      Bayan Mustafa boii if you don't get

    • Jay Mixes
      Jay Mixes

      Bayan Mustafa how you can't even spell his name right

  • Jackson Mattix
    Jackson Mattix

    The master plan is that since lonzo is already on the lakers, liangelo wont be an early first rounder, he might be a little later, which is likely where the lakers pick will be because of lonzo, and then since lamelo isn't going to college now he will be a free agent and get picked up by the lakers

  • Jay Mixes
    Jay Mixes

    Long story short he is in college and ncca be tripping didn't wanna watch vid saving ppl time

    • Deloginos56 78
      Deloginos56 78

      King JLH thx

    • abram chavis
      abram chavis

      Hey nobody is setting infront of nobody. So I see why the name calling if a person is wrong or you disagree with them would you be calling them these names. Smh. Let's have a good convo for once without ppl calling names.. DAMN I SOUND LIKE THE GIRL FROM BOYS IN THE HOOD. CAN WE HAVE ONE NIGHT WITHOUT SOMEBODY GETTING SHOT. LOL SHUTUP BITCH

    • abram chavis
      abram chavis

      Well said he's in collage do he can not have a shoe. That's why the youngest child is fucked. He can't go to college in the US plus the father took the youngest kid out of school because the new coach said he's not going to shoot the whole game. I hope the best for them all I understand what the father is doing. Nobody is going to make money off my kids when I can. An ppl don't understand that. I get it. But the shoes are ugly as fuck. LaVar should be mentoring kids because he's not really a bad guy. Everything he does is working so that mouth it's working. I don't know if anybody had noticed but there are better players it there then his boys in high school that I never heard of but because LaVar is so loud an out spoken. Shaqs son is very good. Also Ron Artest kid is nice. All 3 of his boys need to hit the gym. The middle kid had beefed up an I think he's going to be a big surprise.

    • Daniel

      King JLH haha for real lmfao

    • jman 4263
      jman 4263

      thx. im out

  • ItzParadoxx

    The Lambo is Melo's, the Ferrari ia Gelo's

    • WoahCam _
      WoahCam _

      XxUncle DrewXx d Dunn is butt hurt 😂

    • D Dunn
      D Dunn

      Its Deebo you're an idiot who do you think paid for the damn car? Lavar did an they're leased through big baller brand

    • XxUncle DrewXx
      XxUncle DrewXx

      D Dunn no nigga lamelo got it for his birthday and gelo just got it not a company car

    • D Dunn
      D Dunn

      Kayin Harris they're both Lavar's because their company cars

    • Brian Bernal
      Brian Bernal

      Kayin Harris really Melissa has a lambo

  • oldman baller50
    oldman baller50

    He can still play college ball he just has to give up his scholarship and walk on then he can play

  • Nin

    Liangello needs more respect man people don't talk about his 70 point game but they talk about Lamelo's 92 point game

    • A1

      Why are you guys supposed about those 100 point games their fake they handed the ball to him

    • Nathan does ASMR
      Nathan does ASMR

      I could have scored 70 if I chucked up like 50 shots or whatever it was

    • Charliezard

      Sheff TV idc how much he cherry picked because he dedicated the game to awareness for a classmate that needed a heart transplant

    • Infamous Person
      Infamous Person

      Because 92 is always better than 70 let alone done in a younger age nigga!

    • Nayirrr

      TheAkuma7 - fr melo cherry picked for like 30 of those points and gelo got his with out cherry picking

  • Martin Da Goat
    Martin Da Goat

    I mean it's quite obvious why Gelo can't have his own shoe right now

  • Christopher Lamply
    Christopher Lamply

    Liangello has the best jumpshot to

    • JaySw34

      eric martinez i thought he meant tho

    • Freddy Faz bear from sonic
      Freddy Faz bear from sonic

      Dont you mean *too ?

    • bapefan 1949
      bapefan 1949

      Christopher Lampley ikr it looks wet like water


      Christopher Lampley on me his shit 💦💦💦💦💦💦 as hell

    • Skrt

      Matthew Williamson Gelo's jump shot isn't broke it looks good

  • Fawaz

    Maybe because he doesn't get enough love look at the little things IG followers gelo ain't even in the millions while melo and lonzo is and I feel like gelos class is the hardest from the 3

  • Samih Karroum
    Samih Karroum

    I love your content keep it up

  • Vxolt

    he's under uclas rules now , after the season he'll get one

  • Perfect Cell
    Perfect Cell

    You telling me Gelo wouldn't even go in the second round tho

  • Daron Bush
    Daron Bush

    Melo can still go if he rwmoves the show from the store before he officially enrolls

  • qs10101

    He already signed to UCLA... That's the reason.. if he had a shoe he would be in the same boat as melo

  • Unspherdcomb6

    Honestly he the one id buy shoes from in this family he probably got the best style out of all of them

  • Shifan Shaffe
    Shifan Shaffe

    LIANGELO can't have a signature shoe or any endorsement for him at all since he is in the NCAA, it's a rule there

  • Risky-Tearzz

    Done P.S. I think he'll gat his shoe at the end of his season Luv The vids

  • Tavius Hunt
    Tavius Hunt

    Lavar is a genius brah! The plan has worked and is still working !!!

  • better then u gamin
    better then u gamin

    I think he gonna get everything the other two got like u said he is in collage so he can't have his own show yet but I do think he will go to the nba I think all of them gonna make it to the big stage

  • Jacob Carlson
    Jacob Carlson

    I think LiAngelo is the best I made a bet with my friend that he will get drafted first round

  • Yes you are correct, but
    Yes you are correct, but

    LaMelo was a sophmore this season, a Junior soon so he has 2 years left before College!!! Melo and Gelo will play 1 year in UCLA together then both heading for draft 2020. Gelo 2nd round, Melo 1st round. Gelo is changing his body...needs to be a 3 and D guy in NBA. Like a Joe Harris (Nets) or get his body right and be like a Danny Green (Spurs) Fcuk NCAA

  • Mike Saiz
    Mike Saiz

    Have to call BS on this one. Just think Lavar is giving all the attention to the other two. Why can't Gelo have his own shoe. He could have his own shoe, they just wouldn't be able to sell it. If that were my three son's I would treat them all the same. custom shoes for all 3, however only 2 can be manufactured for resell and profit.

  • Havoc

    Gelo gonna be nice people are sleeping on him.

  • DooleyDuzzDis

    Watch Liangelo be the best ball brother!! Just give it time..or maybe

  • Kenneth Goff
    Kenneth Goff

    I'm subscribed because this guy actually is on gelos side because gds highlights sure doesnt do that

  • JabelFr

    Hey DaKingMoney I remember you since 5k subs, you've come a long way you will hit 20k by the end of the year

    • DKM

      JabelPlayz that's lit

  • Tre Jones
    Tre Jones

    It's because he could of had it last year but now he would be ineligible for NCAA

  • Justin Walker
    Justin Walker

    To save 5 minutes: the ncaa rules don’t let him advertise while he’s under their contract

  • YungBoySway

    LiAngelo is the takeoff of the ball brothers, amazing but underated

  • Bosche

    I think he bought him the rarri cuz he gets his shoe last


    He doesn't have one because it will effect his edgebillity.

  • Extra Spiceyy
    Extra Spiceyy

    He might sign up with Nike or adidas

  • Jap Dcp
    Jap Dcp

    Lavar is a master at being a businessman. Before lonzo was in college, people said liangelo was ass. He wouldnt make it to the league out of the 3. My hs said it, comment section everywhere. Up until lavar officially said it. He said it so liangelo could have more supporters. I mean think about, when he said that, people said "i hope liangelo is the best out of the 3." Only lavar can turn liangelo more popular by downing him and not "caring about him" because hes his father and no father should do this. If lavar didnt do this, liangelo would still have haters. Lavar salute 💯

  • Xav M
    Xav M

    He's in college. College doesn't allow it. LaMelo and Lonzo are more marketable.

  • Tavius Hunt
    Tavius Hunt

    Gelo is under the NCAA... that's why if he did the NCAA will sue for profit shares or full profit... zoo is NBA melo is high school.... gelo will in my opinion be the best of the ball brothers

  • polo424242

    People are sleeping on this kid. Mark my words. When the careers of the balls brothers are over. LiAngelo will go down as the best of the three. I do believe it will be tight between he and Lonzo (Melo's gonna the next Austin rivers. cough journey man cough) they will have good careers but something in Liangelo's game just screams good old fashioned basketball and fundamentals. Modern day Larry bird I say

  • Mitchyy2times

    Bro Liangelo gone show everybody that he's more than what ppl see him as.

  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage

    No way it's all part of his plan.... gelo can handle his own at the collage level and lavar has come to the realization that melo stock will drop if he goes to collage players will expose him coaches won't start him because the lack of defense and lavar knows that gelo stock can get a higher and he has time to improve and learn at the collage level and raise his stock lavar knows gelo good he like a draymon and Barkley warped in one

  • etivac _999
    etivac _999

    Liangelo is lavar's secret weapon he's like an egg still in the shell wait till he comes out of the shell lavar already said it liangelo is the strongest of them all

  • Paul Reedus
    Paul Reedus

    Melo can't play college ball because of his shoe deal. No college = no NBA... Unless he goes overseas first

    • DKM

      Paul Reedus yeah I made vid on it

  • Connor Wilson
    Connor Wilson

    Before you watch this 5 minute video I'll just tell you the reason: college basketball (NCAA) doesn't allow players to. Time saved

  • Thomas B.
    Thomas B.

    Liangelo ball is my favorite he should get to buy his self shoes like Jordan 14s

  • Ethan Hoang
    Ethan Hoang

    Real talk gello is built to play football not basketball 😹


    Ones liangelo reach the NBA he gone be sparked

  • DB Wallnut
    DB Wallnut

    I bet you if liangelo becomes a legend and his brothers don't I'm going to laugh at lavar so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Sandoval
    Alex Sandoval

    Liangelo is awesome

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah

    Lavar should get his own sig

  • Christian Julia
    Christian Julia

    Gelo will be a star

  • Dave Montoya
    Dave Montoya

    He needs signature shot

  • Tristan Hathcock
    Tristan Hathcock

    LiAngelo is getting a shoe it will be in 2018 lavar has even came out and said it him self

  • Kentavius Matlock
    Kentavius Matlock

    Liangelo will make it to the mba

  • KiddBulaa

    Maybe he doesn't want one and he's trying to play college ball unlike melo 🙄😐

  • ben sprattgard
    ben sprattgard

    He couldn’t go to the wwe event cause UCLA practices has already started

  • JoeCnNd

    Liangelo seems to be more grounded and knows he wants to go to college even just for a year.

  • Matthew Merritt
    Matthew Merritt

    He can’t have a shoe because he is sponsored by under amour for college🤦🏻‍♂️

  • dre

    Cuz he's in college that's why, he'll get one once he's leaves UCLA

  • Kevin Ford
    Kevin Ford

    He should make a cell phone and call it the "Hello Gelo"

  • Vizzy Jay
    Vizzy Jay

    because liangelo is the forgotten ball brother than even lavar doesn't have hope in

  • Jay Savage
    Jay Savage

    Liangelo is getting his signature shoe in April 2018... BBB announced it

    • DKM


  • XxUncle DrewXx
    XxUncle DrewXx

    Bro lamelo got the lambo, zo got a RR and gelo got a ferrari

  • Leonel Thomas
    Leonel Thomas

    He don't need a shoe signature look at the life he have with that supper car. He going to the NBA draft next season maybe in the 2 round.


    He's going to Ucla NCAA won't allow a shoe deal.

  • SuperCompGameplay

    Why did dude need to waste 4:39 just to say the NCAA doesn't let them represent other brands 🤦🏾‍♂️you don't even have to watch it to know that

  • Edgar Rodriguez
    Edgar Rodriguez

    That brand look to cheap for the price they ask for bbb

  • Ty Deverney
    Ty Deverney

    Turned on post notifications p.s great channel

  • Austin Amante
    Austin Amante

    The reason Liangelo doesn't have one is because his dad doesn't believe in him as much as the other two

  • Ryad Berkat
    Ryad Berkat

    "Do you feel left off big baller brand?"

  • Camden Fountain
    Camden Fountain

    Love your videos

    • DKM

      thanks bro

  • Alt Acc
    Alt Acc

    I thought Gelo had the rari

  • Isaiah Taylor
    Isaiah Taylor

    LilDicky gets more credit as a ball brother than Gelo

  • Colin Barkett
    Colin Barkett

    Gelo lowkey the best player overall and has the baddest girl

  • anass jebali
    anass jebali

    finally someone spoke about this

  • Osiel Rodriguez
    Osiel Rodriguez

    This video literally could've been 12 seconds long. "Hey guys makes sure to like comment and blah blah blah.... He doesn't have a shoe yet because of the NCAA rules but next year he will, thanks for watching"

  • Roy Jerome
    Roy Jerome

    gelo will be the best ball brother

  • Joel Segura
    Joel Segura

    Lamelo can go to ucla he would just won't go under scholarship he would have to go as a walk on

  • Hesi GangD
    Hesi GangD

    Melo is in the lamb not gelo buddy fix that

  • Ryan Andrew
    Ryan Andrew

    Cause he's in College and the NCAA doesn't let players Promote anything

  • Cade 007
    Cade 007

    It's because he's in college and NCAA wouldn't allow that

  • Marco Franchetti
    Marco Franchetti

    He has his own kicks just didn't put them out or wear them yet because he on an NCAA scholarship and don't want to lose it

  • jbreeze161

    Gelo is good, he got his rarri

  • Tim Hontonares
    Tim Hontonares

    LiAngelo will be like a Draymond but better and buffer. Less defensive, more offensive. But most importantly, he won't kick dude on the nuts and blow a 3-1 lead.

  • DevThaYoung Kxng
    DevThaYoung Kxng

    Mo bombs was lucky he was getting money from an agent when your not allowed to they wouldn't have found out if it wasn't for his brother

  • WarMarchine 11
    WarMarchine 11

    NCAA simple....they'll kick him out of Ucla

  • RiZe Rewind
    RiZe Rewind

    it's bc ucla won't let him until april lavar said it

  • Cooper A
    Cooper A

    It’s because you aren’t allowed to have a signature shoe in college

  • Aidan Looby
    Aidan Looby

    Liangelo kinda isn't left melo can't where his shoes yet

  • Blazin Kicks101
    Blazin Kicks101

    I would buy gelos and zos but not melo

  • DKM

    I meant to say ferrari but said lambo by mistake, tried to play it off in the video by showing melos lambo 😂 yall are too lit