Drone catches Jeff The Killer at his hideout in this scary forest! (he was so angry)
Drone catches Jeff The Killer at his hideout in this scary forest! (he was so angry)
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  • L3G3NDARY JINX on 1fps
    L3G3NDARY JINX on 1fps

    Bro that looks like a dollar store Jeff also he got lit on fire also he can even travel fast

    • Kimberly Caldwell
      Kimberly Caldwell

      "looks like a dollar store Jeff the killer" give them a break they're high schoolers. I found the video to be lots of fun myself

    • bjarne nordlund
      bjarne nordlund


  • Aphmaufan123

    Imagine being in Stromedys video in this video and someone crashes the drone and they sent you out to get the drone

    • Diana Bourton
      Diana Bourton

      Cap its fake anyway because at a certain time you see him I saw zipper

    • Max Hamilton
      Max Hamilton

      Karol reed that’s fake u know

  • Haifa Farook
    Haifa Farook

    12:02 looks like their is something in the well bottom left

  • Mr. E.
    Mr. E.

    The amount of new Jeff the Killer lore in this video was incredible. I came for the cringe, stayed for the real time lore creation

  • Dragon_boi

    15:48 the way he walked in front of the doorway Immediately made me think 'jack sparrow' 19:46 you can clearly see his shadow on the left

    • Dragon_boi

      @Pauline Reyes sorry i meant left its fixed now.

    • Pauline Reyes
      Pauline Reyes


    • Jaxon Donithan
      Jaxon Donithan

      I’m sorry but left

  • gothicangel8684

    14:12 it looks like hes pulling a knife out

    • Liznavy Castro
      Liznavy Castro

      @Macy Malcolm that is so gross what are you Talking about

    • Liznavy Castro
      Liznavy Castro

      That’s so true

    • 《◇Ms.Gorl◇》

      It. Does

    • Macy Malcolm
      Macy Malcolm

      14:12 yea it kinda does but i think it was a weed -~-

    • Darby Starr
      Darby Starr


  • Gavin Magnus's Biggest Fan
    Gavin Magnus's Biggest Fan

    17:27 look between the wood I think I see him? 19:47 look at the left there is a shadow

  • Caroline Shovlin
    Caroline Shovlin

    What if he’s trying to alert you about something!

  • CryBaby Hero
    CryBaby Hero

    Legend says that Jeff the killer is still hiding from Stromedy .

    • Miriam Vargas
      Miriam Vargas


  • Tobin McGill
    Tobin McGill

    15:08 you can see his hand

  • Layla King
    Layla King

    The sad thing is, I can’t tell if this is real or somehow fake. I mean, all you’re videos are amazing, but it’s hard to believe that Jeff the Killer is real. I’m not judging your videos. I love them.

    • Max Hamilton
      Max Hamilton

      @Lesly Espinoza what do u mean

    • Lesly Espinoza
      Lesly Espinoza

      I see Jeff the killer

    • Conrado Michel
      Conrado Michel


  • Mystic Cancer
    Mystic Cancer

    THEM: *screaming* ME: *covering the screen so i still watch it but not the screen*

  • Dominic LaMarco
    Dominic LaMarco

    There’s a body under the bridge at 5:34 minutes

  • Oskar Jaworski
    Oskar Jaworski

    Stromedy: be like it's like we're a police The drone: be like helicopter helicopter

  • Daffy

    15:09 in that door way you could see him peeking out oh wait you saw that :p

  • shush wemburg
    shush wemburg

    Them: omg bro like I’m soo scared they gonna grab the drone Me: PULL THE DROWN UP PULL IT UP!!!

    • lankybox and panda fan
      lankybox and panda fan


    • Naomi Ruth Narvaez
      Naomi Ruth Narvaez

      Same her lol

    • {Bumble_Bee}

      Same! I know its fake but I still get so nervous and literally scream "PULL THE DRONE UP"

    • Dannz

      its not drown,duh

  • Game and real xavier
    Game and real xavier

    It seems like someone’s filming this with there phone/camera but not with the camera

  • soviet union
    soviet union

    fun fact or no:somebody just dressed as jeff the killer

  • Lois Guardado
    Lois Guardado

    I can't believe Jeff took the drone and broke it 😳 and at least you got it on camera 👌👍.

  • Morgan Bohannon
    Morgan Bohannon

    6:16 I saw him go by the window

  • R D
    R D

    Stromedy: “My name’s Jeff” Me: that’s a dead meme

    •  • ItsNarratorSystem •
      • ItsNarratorSystem •


    • Lisa Maccormick
      Lisa Maccormick

      No no it is not dead no no square bi

    • Elfy_Aves

      R D lolllll

    • Bob

      IT'S MY NAME JEFF!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😠😠

    • Jim Oler
      Jim Oler

      Ahhhhhhh my tummy hurtsssssssssss HELP

  • Freyja Baker
    Freyja Baker

    i love how i searched up jeff the killer outfit and clicked on the first link and it came up with the esact out fit ' jeff ' is wearing. Either way nice vid i love ur channel, keep up the amazing work!!

  • Nezuko-Chan’s twin
    Nezuko-Chan’s twin

    6:10 was funny “I heard he drives a pickup truck”lol

  • jayden plays
    jayden plays

    Imaging that when they where talking Jeff the killer popped up at the car window and pointed his knife at them

  • °strawyesi°

    Me watching this at night 😭🥺

  • Lea Rapada
    Lea Rapada

    Justin is funny I can't stop laughing 🤣

  • Stormy

    fun fact about jeff the killer: he threw chemicals at his face and burned his face off when he was in jail thats why his facee looks that way

  • Rebecca Willis
    Rebecca Willis

    Maybe when you encounters another one of these things he could like fly the drone straight at them and cut them with the propellers

  • Ice krim
    Ice krim

    theres like a ghost killer here theres always something scary going on in yhe middle of the night

  • CGL Guiltless
    CGL Guiltless

    11:58 i saw a sewer he maybe in there left bottom and 15:08 did you see him behind the wall 16:14 17:19 i saw his torso

  • Zero Vector
    Zero Vector

    15:09 his hand was on the wood on the left side

  • roxanne cross mn
    roxanne cross mn

    i'v watched every single video but this is the most scaryest one i have seen so far

    • Aussie Outdoors
      Aussie Outdoors

      @Dexter Jones you know this is fake right

    • Dexter Jones
      Dexter Jones

      Yeah gotta agree

  • Helen Armstrong
    Helen Armstrong

    I saw Jeff's face! 6:39

    • kassem Ghabriss
      kassem Ghabriss


  • Freyja Baker
    Freyja Baker

    me : reading comments and seeing about jack sparrow also me : me completely forgetting who jack sparrow is and imediatly searching him up Me 2 seconds later hating myself for forgetting who he was. -_- -_-

  • Vincent Spencer
    Vincent Spencer

    He's probably trying to play with you guys and then catch and then eat it thinking that it's alive

  • dragonkingfor1

    Stromedy loses drone also Stromedy/Kyle: Ok let's go to talk to him to get it back I think he will give it like its not nothing much Jeff: Yea sure take it but you will die Stromedy/Kyle: Ye sure just give me the drone

    • 00971507551070 Narag
      00971507551070 Narag

      It’s so scary

    • Philip Bolsover
      Philip Bolsover

      He's just trying to kill to get blood for paint

    • Jayde Tavares
      Jayde Tavares

      I love you 😘 so much love 💗

  • Jellybean

    ✨It’s not a mistake it’s masterpiece✨

  • The bacon boi
    The bacon boi

    I think while he’s talking in the car he’s causing traffic

  • HippoDude392

    honestly if Jeff was real then he could smell there scent on the drone cause they touched it ha out smarted Stromedy :)

  • Rachel Pollard
    Rachel Pollard

    I saw something walking in the window

  • Adriana Sanchez
    Adriana Sanchez

    Jeff was right there right next to the bush in the past when you’re near that house



    • Random stuff
      Random stuff

      I saw it too glad I am not the olny one

  • You are noob haha
    You are noob haha

    It’s so funny when you say the baby voice during the starting of the video lol

  • Dakota Miguel
    Dakota Miguel

    16:51 is the best part

  • basketball_youngboy

    17:27 you can see him moving throow all the boreds

  • Maggieb Ogden
    Maggieb Ogden

    I’m seriously covering my eyes when I see Jeff the killer!

    • SSskully5o

      It’s cap 🧢

    • boby onethebest
      boby onethebest

      yea right

    • Surya Narayana
      Surya Narayana


  • Lacostes Lac
    Lacostes Lac

    Bruh you know the part when you see him it looks like a costume

    • The All Seeing Lie
      The All Seeing Lie

      @Max Hamilton so how the fuck was his knowledge accurate? It was based on a fake pic

    • Max Hamilton
      Max Hamilton

      @The All Seeing Lie I know

    • The All Seeing Lie
      The All Seeing Lie

      @Max Hamilton his knowledge was completely accurate? The white face picture from the website known as Jeff is a 100% confirmed fake picture…..

    • Buckleupsam

      It’s fake

    • Max Hamilton
      Max Hamilton

      Thx for pointing this out now I won’t be terrified but anyway his knowledge was completely acarte

  • Harper James Seven Ricafort
    Harper James Seven Ricafort

    15:49 its just a normal day oh look a drone

  • Imaan Bhatti
    Imaan Bhatti

    I wanted to say that how do regular people turn into crazy monsters when there angry

  • Flippy2274fnf

    If you stop at 11:17 It looks like something is running at you

  • Brenlyn Debenham
    Brenlyn Debenham

    Lock the doors when you're doing this


    Advice : When you see the person you want to see or to spy don't do the latter. When you see the target for your video . GET OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY. You see him for a minute with distance for a minute , the go .

    • Rengoku master
      Rengoku master

      Go back

    • Cory Ball
      Cory Ball

      10. Courtneee


      @Sajjad Aslam ya

    • Sajjad Aslam
      Sajjad Aslam

      @Daniel Griffin don’t be rude

    • Verabella White
      Verabella White

      Move to Alaska BOY

  • lili zewde
    lili zewde

    12:32 That’s creepy

  • lili zewde
    lili zewde

    16:15 why are you going to him that’s scary

  • Arrica Sutton
    Arrica Sutton

    I really just love all his videos and I watch them every day I’ve watched every single last video of his I haven’t mostly liked them because I’m currently cleaning my room but yeah

  • •{Itz_Maxine}•

    3:05 Bruh that part made laugh while eating chocolate🤣

  • almadogcat

    stromedy: don't go in there every one: DONT GO IN THERE Justin: Go's In there edit: thanks for all the likes

    • Nateesha Brodie
      Nateesha Brodie


    • Buckleupsam

      @almadogcat nice profile picture

    • Kylie Brittain
      Kylie Brittain

      That's such a good meme peace

    • Haley Henderson
      Haley Henderson

      Yes don't don't go there

    • almadogcat

      @Harry plays roblox you just go to the 3 dots on the side of your comment and it will say edit

  • Dakota Miguel
    Dakota Miguel

    7:10 when he said OH OH OH I was thinking he saw jeff the killer

  • Robert Benbrooks
    Robert Benbrooks

    Every time they go low next to the house I flip out because they could come out at any second and grab the drone and jump scare me😱🫠

  • ♡ Luvly Ellax 🖤
    ♡ Luvly Ellax 🖤

    8:02 The rope moved

  • Emily McMurtry
    Emily McMurtry

    6:39 is where I see him in the barn

  • 123whydontwe

    Stromedy: DON'T GO IN THERE! Also Stromedy: FOLLOW HM, FOLLOW HIM!

    • LB Bryant
      LB Bryant

      Joff de killa

    • Your_Afton_family17

      @Dennis Marshall Jef de killer

    • Your_Afton_family17


    • Michelle Russo
      Michelle Russo

      @Dennis Marshall Jeff The Killer

    • Dennis Marshall
      Dennis Marshall

      Jaff the klir

  • ClownL1a

    How fake do u want this to be Stomedy: yes

  • Neptune Object Cosmos
    Neptune Object Cosmos

    Bro Jeff’s house looks like it got destroyed by a hurricane or a tornado and the construction workers forgot to fix the windows lol

  • George Hawkinson
    George Hawkinson

    That looks fake and amazing 🤩.

  • Kenadee Andrew
    Kenadee Andrew


  • Moonlight

    Stromedy you make such entertaining videos, when im bored, I just rewatch all the videos you post #STROMEDY

    • Stormy

      @Timothy Granger so true

    • Teigan Anderson
      Teigan Anderson

      sma lol

    • Timothy Granger
      Timothy Granger

      You me to BTW do u make videos 1 time per day i even be watching old videos of you youtube account.


    We have to admit it his costumes are pretty scary and Sometimes funny!!

  • Corey Casey
    Corey Casey

    I could never be that brave and now he has scared me so bad

  • Avian Tejada
    Avian Tejada

    When you say all of the windows are broken if you see next to the trees all of the way on the left on the bottom then you’re gonna see Jeff the killer they’re actually black here I see why think everything just play back and yeah you’ll see him

  • Agatha Ang
    Agatha Ang

    I'm having goosebumps what if he jumpscares out of the drone

  • Sara

    Me : this is nerve wracking Them : * screams everytime they see him* Me : ladies ladies calm down

    • Pål Mesøy
      Pål Mesøy

      @Hayley Struffolino and same

    • Pål Mesøy
      Pål Mesøy

      Hehe tired_need_coffee

    • Pål Mesøy
      Pål Mesøy

      I also need_coffee

    • Hayley Struffolino
      Hayley Struffolino


  • Diana Bloodworth
    Diana Bloodworth

    Fun fact : jeff the killer is mainly a human. He survived a fire and he burnt his eyelids and cut a smile in his face. He also has a brother

  • Rosalyn_ _Gold
    Rosalyn_ _Gold

    Have u ever seen a zombie come out of a grave? And btw I love your vids specially the one that shows the “if you see this on your door run away”

  • Cayla Bowen
    Cayla Bowen

    Me saying bring back the drone to the car already 😬

  • chantelle samuels
    chantelle samuels

    I saw something last night it looks like a creepy figure

  • Nezuko Kamado
    Nezuko Kamado

    7:40 Ne and my cousin love your vids! and this part reminded us of a theory we had that his was his house his family mistreated him so for revenge he killed them and drowned his family's body in a river. This theory might sound silly but it makes sense what do you think?

    • SSskully5o

      It’s cap 🧢

    • The All Seeing Lie
      The All Seeing Lie

      What about the theory that the entire thing is fake? And this guys entire channel is fake? And you are trapped in a fake reality?

    • Stefon Lee
      Stefon Lee

      I aggre

    • Meow Goddess
      Meow Goddess

      it doesnt sound silly it sounds HORRIFING

    • Meow Goddess
      Meow Goddess

      @Alli_.love_ no need to brag how young you are like what love the name tho

  • LILkīttëñVïbës!


  • Apollo

    100 ft? thats like 100 meters "He can catch your scent and track you" we're talking about a guy with no nose what does he smell with, his eyes?

  • Nancy January
    Nancy January

    When you were by the car before you turned the drone I saw his hand😱👹😬

  • Wolfieship4 on tiktok
    Wolfieship4 on tiktok

    My sister and I love creepypasta we were pretty much raised by them