when you see these clowns in the water on speed boats, don't let them get on your boat!! (Run Away!)
when you see these clowns in the water on speed boats, don't let them get on your boat!! (Run Away!)
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    Me first time watching the video:Justin!Step on it dude.Justin:I’m trying.Kyle:It feels like we’re in a POLICE CHASE.The girls:AHHHHH🤣🇨🇦🏝🗺🚤

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    The amount of money he pays everybody to say there are clowns 💀

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    I loved it when they where doing circles around the clowns and you should also try to talk to them and try to be friend I know it’s a weird idea but just a suggestion

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    These Clowns Were Crazy But I Was Wondering Why Did You Go That Far Away From The City

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    You: i’m pretty sure there’s like people kayaking! Me: Who the heck would kayak in the biggest and deepest ocean in the world?

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    The clowns are actually old man Dressing up lol lol love you guys so much

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    I'm scared even tho I'm not there those are one of my BIGGEST fears

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  • Chilling with the boys
    Chilling with the boys

    When the clowns were chasing you guys it looked like a boat race to the finish line (aka the safe zone) and it looked like you guys were going to win 10 thousand Dollars if you won

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    Camera at the back:normal sound Camera at the front on the face:loud sound

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  • Minecraft dude.  (Don’t mind the pink)
    Minecraft dude. (Don’t mind the pink)

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    hi stormedy you are healthy, hope you are always healthy and greetings from Malaysia

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    I get scared for me but mostly for u guys! Please take care! LOVE U ALL!❤️

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