Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra - Unboxing and First Impressions
Flossy Carter
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra - Unboxing and First Impressions
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  • Flossy Carter
    Flossy Carter

    #Squad Roll Call

    • Vernon Lee Warren
      Vernon Lee Warren

      Does this work on At&t?

    • Talea Mullings
      Talea Mullings


    • Priyadeep Sen
      Priyadeep Sen


    • Rusty Griner
      Rusty Griner

      Victorville california

    • Krishna Vamsi
      Krishna Vamsi

      Full review???!!!!!! Waiting from many days

  • S.R

    I knew floss would be a hype beast for this and he didn't disappoint.

    • Youssef Ayman
      Youssef Ayman

      +1 👌😂

    • Swizzler 80
      Swizzler 80

      It's a phone for geeks😉

  • Magnorphieous The Great
    Magnorphieous The Great

    NO level of extremely overblown production values could ever measure up to how flossy's videos make me feel. Love it bro

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      I really appreciate that bro🥂

  • M

    You know big Floss is legit when he refuses to do his reviews except with a retail version. Respect, brother ✊🏽

  • Matthew Morante
    Matthew Morante

    You know it's the phone to buy when floss is out here getting all hyped up

  • Annon-Ski

    This review right here is the review I have been waiting for. Flipping mega beast phone. IR Blaster and a charger too? This was destiny from the strong showing of the m10 ultra. Xiaomi has dropped the mic.

  • DAN VX
    DAN VX

    Thank you so much for this honest review ❤️ Xiaomi deserves the crown for this masterpiece. Haters and fanboys criticize Xiaomi for nothing. This phone already changed the whole tech world 🔥

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard

    I've seen hundreds of Flossy vids at this point, and that smell test still gets me every. Single. Time. One of my favorite parts of the videos 🤣

    • Rafael Antonio
      Rafael Antonio

      Hello there and greetings from Puerto Rico..... Can you please do a review of the Asus Zenfone 8 Flip?... It seems to me its an Asus Rog 5 without the gaming stuff!!!

  • Trakusenpai

    Floss, thanks for keeping this phone in perspective by showing the predecessors and related models.

  • Phone Battles
    Phone Battles

    That zooming in on the planets is a really cool idea.

    • Carnage Killer
      Carnage Killer

      Yeah iam about buy the 11x pro bro I wooooo iam excited 😊 🤗

    • mascaltzone7

      Yeah, thats what Galileo said

    • Derman Dincdogan
      Derman Dincdogan

      Its just the pictures if you use 120x times planetzoom you can see that in Reality on the moon lmao 😂 just zoom in to the moon and you will see the american flag

    • Nothing

      First before this blow up

  • iseetrolledpeople

    Apple fans looking at the dongle and the brick: Yeah that must be a 50000$ phone.

    • TewksburiZ

      @Venator I don’t have a problem coz I’m rich.

    • Venator

      @Vic Just buy a solid mid-range phone.

    • Venator

      @TewksburiZ You wasting your hard earned money 🤦‍♂️

    • Vic

      @James Cash a thousand bucks max. We all agree an ultra, high spec, high memory, better camera and better/stronger materials is a technological wonder. My first phone was a Ericsson T10 flip-phone back in 99'. Now we have supercomputers but those greedy companies keep raising their prices.

    • Corey Gilmore
      Corey Gilmore


  • Hariharan Balaji
    Hariharan Balaji

    I think the excitement while using this phone says a lot, ain’t seen this hype for any Samsung or Apple phone from floss in years

  • Fortress Most
    Fortress Most

    Killed it Floss. Can't wait for the full review. Xiaomi is taking over.

  • Albert Diehl
    Albert Diehl

    9:09-9:14 The best smell test I’ve ever heard from Floss from my headphones! 9:15 “This one smells like flowers!” 😂🤣🤣 ❤️

  • thehawkstv

    Great video. I love how Xiaomi has the IR Blaster. It's definitely handy.

  • Abdulmalik Abdullahi
    Abdulmalik Abdullahi

    Definitely the strongest smell test till date

    • CamoTech

      Damn that smell test hit different

    • Steve G
      Steve G

      The phone smelled like heavy duty constipation to me LOL.

    • Bookerer

      i thought you were lying but you're totally right bossman

  • omar jibrel
    omar jibrel

    This is a sick phone, it’s great thanks flossy, I hope to see the full in-depth review

  • Jarrett Decker
    Jarrett Decker

    This was awesome, to see Floss get so hyped on a phone... haven't seen that for a while. With Sammy saying no Note 21, this Mi 11 Ultra could be the king this year.


    Xiaomi always making beautiful smartphones and colours. That camera system needs to be put on work 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • PROXYhx

    Xiaomi has done a great job again, great as always Floss. Can't wait for the Red Magic 6 full review, I have to pre-order that thing man ✊

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard

    Man that rear display makes so much sense, that needs to become a standard feature.

  • VJ Joseph
    VJ Joseph

    Great to see you covering the new ultra faster than other you tubers. Quite impressive.

  • Vernon Lee Warren
    Vernon Lee Warren

    Samsung would only be in serous trouble if Xiaomi advertised there devices in the U.S., and also if they got with a major carrier. These devices are simply amazing!

  • Noel Deasy Cars
    Noel Deasy Cars

    One of the most entertaining tech videos I've ever seen.

  • coRbs Crib
    coRbs Crib

    Holy sh*t! What a phone, I am impressed, and I love Samsung. Deeeeeeeply invested in the ecosystem.

  • JamPanther88

    As a Samsung user I gotta say this phone seems AMAZING!! If it was normally sold in America Samsung would be in trouble trouble! I'm at Note user so I like the stylus and I use the Dex mode often. So Samsung will be my choice but it's hard not to want to use this phone!!!! Props to Xiaomi 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Shadi Ibrahim
    Shadi Ibrahim

    The best reviewer on IRglo got Floyd in his intros??? Man. You deserve that recognition, congrats!

  • Shannon Rolle
    Shannon Rolle

    Even though I don't really buy everything floss reviews I'm here to support floss the content here is always good and straight to the point

  • Marilyn R
    Marilyn R

    Who needs morning coffee when you got floss and white shoes! 🤣🤣🤣 floss always delivers. Never disappoints. 💯

    • Vrishad Kokken
      Vrishad Kokken

      As a coffee addict I agreee

    • John


  • BebéTechManiac 2018
    BebéTechManiac 2018

    The protection mode you mentioned on the Xiaomi is call Secure Folders on the Samsung phone. Works great that mode on Samsung. You can add files and apps to that mode, is like working on a second profile.

  • MrVegas

    What I want to see is you getting through your full review while remaining in control. lol. Don't think its gonna happen but I'm about as pumped about this one as you are. Be well Floss. On a side note: I'm concerned that Shoes could need some cat therapy from your excitement. Should be good so I'm waiting on it.

  • Cameron Sendar
    Cameron Sendar

    one thing I love is the swipe down on backside fingerprint to open the notification menu, so something I'm curious about with this phone is that can you do something similar to that on the ultra with the back display

  • Jan 123
    Jan 123

    Floss, a question no Mi 11 reviewer has answered yet: does it also charge with a Qi charger or do we need to use the proprietary hardware from Xiaomi?

  • Christian Alboroto
    Christian Alboroto

    Talking about funeral and then pulling a Samsung box I deadass laughed so hard 🤣

    • Ajani Allen
      Ajani Allen


  • TheNickno

    Hey Floss, the secondary display can be used if you plan on taking a selfie with the rear cameras.

  • Miss Z
    Miss Z

    Lol that smell test 😂 btw I wanted to upgrade my oneplus 5 to the oneplus pro 9. But wow this one looks very interesting! Can't wait to see the full review!

  • Válter Reboredo
    Válter Reboredo

    Awesome phone! 👌 Great work from Xiaomi!

  • Frag Head
    Frag Head

    Watching this now and i have to say, the Xiaomi was a monster 👻 but now with the s22 ultra? Samsung is back baby!

  • Michelle M
    Michelle M

    That 2nd display is 🔥 I could see myself using that a lot.

  • Richard O.
    Richard O.

    Floss feeling the hype like I have been for the past few days, I was like when is Floss version coming up. I gotta be honest with you bro, deep down i feel the hype it's worth it. Xiaomi just raised the bar so high that it might take other brands years to catch up. Giztop better have alot in stock, I'm selling off my samsung for this

  • SeanSM

    Agreed, a lot of manufacturers don’t know the meaning of Ultra 👍🏽

  • CamoTech

    Xiaomi killed it this year !! Poco X3 Pro + Poco F3 + Mi11 Lite 5G + Redmi Note 10 Pro + Mi11 Lite 5G NE !!! So many amazing phones. Hard to pick one.

  • Swift breed
    Swift breed

    Rear display might become a thing looks great no more having to make sure you lay it upside just for time and such

  • smell my fart
    smell my fart

    I would love to see the benchmark tests of the S21 Ultra and the Mi11 Ultra using the Geekbench 5 app in the full review.

  • Mrwhosethesus

    "You ever went to a funeral, and you see a body going to the ground, you get ready to drop that flower on that body" I died

    • My Queen
      My Queen

      @Notorious RGB babygurl Lisa fame saujaboi ?

    • Nelson kipkeu
      Nelson kipkeu


    • Notorious RGB
      Notorious RGB

      The first thing I thought when reading this comment was that one Soulja boy song😹

  • Dr JMun
    Dr JMun

    As is typical of Floss...GREAT unboxing. Floss unboxing is more informative than other’s full reviews. Great to see the 2nd screen supports notification flagging.

  • Spc Jefferson
    Spc Jefferson

    Watching on my s21 ultra like dang I need that phone 😂

    • Ty Long Kicks
      Ty Long Kicks


  • Thanos The Farmer
    Thanos The Farmer

    I'd take this over the S21 Ultra any day of the week 🔥

    • Nnnnaaabro

      @Thanos The Farmer naaaah. Buggy and shit

    • Thanos The Farmer
      Thanos The Farmer

      @Venator Software is smoother tho

    • Venator

      You don't care about battery life and software experience?

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem

    I'd go with the mi 11 ultra over the Samsung s21 ultra any day.

  • Bassboy1987

    Even as much of a cynic as I am, I know I can always trust a Flossy Carter review!

  • Jacob Fernandez
    Jacob Fernandez

    "On a scale of 1 to 10 I'm giving this a triple major go" hahaha fucking love floss

  • Ali

    I bought my Xiaomi mi note 10, 2 years ago. It's the best phone I have ever used. Big battery , fantastic camera, great performance and battery lasts for a full day.

  • Lindseyyah

    That phone is a beast... although I wish it had expandable memory

  • Dan Buckley
    Dan Buckley

    I think Floss may have blown a fuse with that smell test. Pure gold.

  • CV Tech
    CV Tech

    Easily the best smell test of all time. Beast mode phone!!!

  • Wayne Williams
    Wayne Williams

    The Snyder cut! 😂 I never cease to get a laugh at your reviews dude!

  • Lawrence F
    Lawrence F

    M11 ultra may have won the specs game over the s21 ultra but the S21 has the best matte finish!

  • Malcolm Herrera
    Malcolm Herrera

    Floss, show us the practicality of the dongle being included in the box in the full review, show us the charging speed xiaomi vs samsung side by side in real time for a minute or so, and show us a 100 vs 120x zoom photo I can't wait to see that. Maybe even show some ir blaster uses

  • jimmy James
    jimmy James

    This xiaomi is killing it!! Keep it up

  • Jerry Ramos
    Jerry Ramos

    I love watching your videos. Always makes my day 😎 And funny as heck 😂 Especially them smell tests

  • Anastasia Basta
    Anastasia Basta

    Drinking my morning coffee watching Flossy unboxing the most unticipating phone of the year!! It really can't get any better than this!! Best videos!!🥳❤️

  • Remy Hendra
    Remy Hendra

    Nice impressions man! I was just wondering if you'd ever test all these international phones with US carriers. Whether they'd work with Verizon/TMo/ATT.

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      They all work with AT&T, none of them work with Verizon

  • El Santo
    El Santo

    “Xiaomi is out here sponsoring funerals”😂🤣😂🤣👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Stephen Poirier
    Stephen Poirier

    FLoss is the only tech reviewer I watch who gives any credit to Samsung Dex. I don't know why people don't pay more attention to it. It's one of my favorite features

  • TFerg Photog Remix
    TFerg Photog Remix

    Flossy posts a video and you just gotta push your whole schedule back.

    • R ken
      R ken

      lol I know

    • Robert Marks
      Robert Marks

      ❤👍love thiz comments

  • Lyles music
    Lyles music

    Flossy is the best tech reviewer !! He keeps it gangsta lol

  • jimmy James
    jimmy James

    I expect this phone be a beast since Its the ultra and it sure was. 67 watt fast wireless charging. I REPEAT

  • Justin Blackwell
    Justin Blackwell

    Great video as always Floss. My question is, how you gonna call the Z Fold 2 the best phone of the year but never post the real review of it. I was hyped for your real review before I got mine.

  • duke togo
    duke togo

    I wanna know what that back display can do I've always thought that would be a good feature.

  • Traypeats

    "If ur gonna have the balls to get rid of the headphone jack, atleast have the courtesy to give us the dongle in the box" 🤣🤣

    • Edwin Wallace
      Edwin Wallace

      FACTS... Or give us Bluetooth headphones/earbuds

  • Kizzy SoKizzy
    Kizzy SoKizzy

    I bought my first Xiaomi phone because of your review last year (Mi 10 Pro 5G Global Edition) I definitely loved it. Only issue is it didn't have 5G (or barely 4Glte) on both T Mobile or At&t here in the US. My question to anyone or @flossy does the Mi 11 Ultra work here in the US on 5G networks? Does it matter if it's the China version or Global? I don't wanna buy another one and it barely runs 4G nonetheless 5G

    • JuN Lethal Poet
      JuN Lethal Poet

      I would suggest checking the compatible cellular bands for those frequencies that the phone supports and check the cell phone carriers bands that they use for cross referencing. That's a sure proof way to make sure it will work the way you want.

  • SL

    Watching the review on my Mi 11 ULTRA. Had the Samsung S21 Ultra for a month then traded in for Mi 11 Ultra, no regrets so far.

  • E .W
    E .W

    It's not even a contest anymore. Xiaomi kills it!

  • Railway Adventures
    Railway Adventures

    @FlossyCarter totally with you on the missing plug issue!! I'm due for upgrade this year as my S8 plus is finally getting old after 4 brilliant years... I'm already worrying about if I choose a Samsung s21 plus or ultra how I'm supposed to charge it!! I have a Samsung active watch 2 so although those watches can work with other phones I've been told and read they work better with samsung phones... if other companies can do it then so can samsung and apple... cause people are gonna have to go buy a charger anyways so not ready saving the planet. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Revanth Surapaneni
    Revanth Surapaneni

    I'd like to see how good the selfies with the main camera will be while using the second display

  • Mr Bungle
    Mr Bungle

    Looking at updating to the s21 ultra, but will hold off until Floss does the full review on this. The rear display is interesting but is it really useful, we'll see. Entertaining as always, cheers.

  • CDB

    I like the phone!! Excited to see your test results. Cause there’s only one tech reviewer I trust enough to buy! 🤑

  • Nick Etheridge
    Nick Etheridge

    I wanna know all about this phone. Every little detail. Been waiting about a month for info. Was going to get a s21 ultra. Now its tight between mi 11 ultra. Will the extreme fast charging be the deal breaker? Which has the better camera? Is samsungs screen still king?

  • delbomb3131

    The purr game is loud on this one. Love that 🐈

  • Josh De Jose
    Josh De Jose

    Hi Floss, will you also be doing the mi11 alongside the full review of the mi11 ultra like what you've done with the OnePlus 9 and 9 pro? Love your videos a lot! 😁