SOCCER vs BASKETBALL: Magnus Effect BATTLE! | How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous
Yep - back to the good old Mauvoisin Dam for some more Magnus Effect goodness! Gee it was a good-old time. Cheers!
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  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous

    Let's not have another football/soccer debate please.. also how good was the outro /10?

  • ZD925

    I'd like to see this run again with a motor to induce the spin before allowing it to drop. That way, the same amount of energy can be put into the angular momentum of each. For example, it's a lot harder to spin a tennis ball, even though it's lighter, any faster than a baseball of similar size. I'm betting they were more closely matched on rotational speed than angular momentum.

  • Hydra Hunter
    Hydra Hunter

    2020 Still best outro ever 😂

  • DoubleJ

    After watching them for a while, it’s interesting to see a video from a year and a half ago to see how much they’ve changed. 😆

  • WickedWizard13

    you guys should test the effect on wiffle balls that has lots of holes so I bet the flight would be amazing

  • Ben Stanford
    Ben Stanford

    Keep up the awesome videos!!

  • JackOfTrades

    i think the magnus effect would work better on a bowling ball, also the whistle should be awesome

  • levlylove

    So I'm assuming these videos were all shot on the same trip and you haven't gone to Switzerland multiple times, but I'm curious... did you do them all on the same day? And if not, did that mean you had to get permission multiple times to throw stuff off the top of of the dam? :P

  • Stephen Boddie
    Stephen Boddie

    Do a front spin so it comes back and bounces off the wall repeatedly!

  • 0MindSwept0

    Dam, the distance gained by adding a backspin was balls

  • Mark Linton
    Mark Linton

    I love the spontaneity of your outros, they make the videos come across as quite natural.

  • Phri Pheoniks
    Phri Pheoniks

    literally laughed out loud at that outro xD

  • Jordy Holland
    Jordy Holland

    Use are really squeezing everything out of this. 😂

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer

    Still my favorite outro

  • Sheepdog Outdoors
    Sheepdog Outdoors

    The puppy realizing what he's in for😂😂😂

  • Dean Ocko
    Dean Ocko

    Do a smooth object so we can see if the ridges on the surface of balls create the effect or accentuate the effect.

  • sassa711ify

    You guys are hilarious!😁

  • TrikeRoadPoet

    Make a simple 'c-frame' of wood with a hand drill with some sort of cup on the side of the ball to spin a ball to a high RPM, this would be one end of the c-frame shape. On the other end of the c-frame put, a simple spring loaded cup to push the ball into the drill cup. When at speed, pull the drill away (against a simple spring to keep tension, (making the c shape wider to release the ball) and you can release the ball with just spin and no other forces involved. Now you can control spin and see what balls will do at various speeds, and see just how far you can make the Magnus effect make a ball 'fly'. Wonder what a 2,000 rpm ball might fly like? If you need a drawing, let me know and I'll send one to you for explanation.



  • Isaac Krieger
    Isaac Krieger

    You should try the Magnus effect on a ball filled with water