What The HELL Is Going On With PATRICK MCCAW And His WEIRD Situation!?
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So Paddy Mccaw is someone, who after spending 2 years at UNLV. Was a second-round pick in 2016, who golden state acquired from Milwaukee for cash considerations on draft night. At the time warriors executive board member, Jerry the logo west. Went out and said ‘teams are gonna be sorry they didn’t draft him’. McCaw spent his rookie and sophomore season with the warriors, contributing off the bench and even started 33 of his 182 games. During this 2 year stretch, Mccaw won 2 NBA championships and saw a tonne of playing time. Averaging around 15 minutes a game. Paddy was one of the young guys, along with the likes of Cook, Jordan Bell etc. The warriors hoped could groom into their go-to second unit guys, as the likes of Livingston, Iguodala etc continue to age. However, things took a turn for the worst, March 31st of this year. With 42 seconds left a third-quarter game against the Kings. McCaw drove baseline, only to be undercut mid-air by Vince Carter. Sending him down from a height in agony, McCaw laid still for 10 minutes before being stretched off and taken to hospital for further evaluation. The next he was released with a bruised lumbar spine. Less serious than expected, Paddy returned that season and featuring in game 6 the western conference finals against Houston. Ultimately come the end of the postseason becoming a 2-time champ. Now here’s where things get weird, following the 2017-18 season. Mccaw became a restricted free agent, however, he allowed the warriors 1.7million qualifying offer to expire, and has remained a restricted free agent since. He also refused to sign a generous two year 4 million offer against his representative's wishes, freezing them out and listening to his family.
McCaw’s decision to hold out appeared more bizarre by the week, but he clearly wanted a longer term deal which would avoid him being a restricted free agent, as well as more consistent minutes than he thought he would get with the Warriors. Ironically McCaw probably would have got those more consistent minutes this year had he been on the team after Nick Young departed. Instead, training camp invites Alfonzo McKinnie has taken full advantage of his opportunity and hasn’t looked back since. It literally wasn’t until today, 35 games into the season. When McCaw accepted an offer, however, this offer came from the Cavaliers. A 6 million 2 year deal offer sheet, that the Warriors have the right to match if they choose to. A stance they’ve remained committed to throughout this process. At this point for Golden State, it’d probably just be best to let him walk, he’s made it abundantly clear he doesn’t want play for the Warriors. Who have up to January 7th to waive him. I’ll never quite understand why someone would opt out of being apart of a dynasty like the warriors, I’m sure the possibility of having 3 championships at age 23, would do him better in the long run than the couple of million he’s left on the table. For an extra couple of hundred thousand a year, Mccaw is going from arguably the best to the worst team in the league. At the expense of a highly probable third championship ring? In my opinion, I feel this is a decision he’s gonna wind up regretting. I wouldn’t wanna see McCaw go out like Norris Cole did, who likewise was drafted into luxury winning 2 championships with the heat. Cole was out of the NBA by 2017 and has since played in Israel and Montenegro. I guess you can never fully blame a man, for chasing the bag. Understanding that an athlete has a short shelf life and all, but to be honest. In Paddy’s case, I can’t understand why you would rather sit out a third of the season. Than be continue to be a part of something special. Here’s hoping McCaw can come out and til us whatever’s going on in that warrior's locker room, that drove him outta San Francisco

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  • Yung Don
    Yung Don

    He’s got 2 championships on a team filled with all stars. He wants to shine and that’s why he went to the cavs. More playing time, more chances to shine rather than doing all that on a super star team

    • ddelaron

      He gonna regret it

    • Yung Don
      Yung Don

      @klynch572 facts

    • klynch572

      @Yung Don only time will tell

    • Nova

      Never wanted to play for Cavs

    • Tay Boogie
      Tay Boogie

      Just to get waived by the Cavs after 3 games lol

  • Sonam Lhendup
    Sonam Lhendup

    DKM been giving us the good content. Keep it up

  • JustCody

    Imo I think that this is a bold move for him because he thinks he can improve his game and create his own legacy separate from the dynasty in golden state and I fully respect this move and I hope he adapts his game into something special otherwise there is no point in leaving golden state

  • Graham Hang
    Graham Hang

    Mccaw does not want to be on a super team. He wants more minutes and maybe he feels that he is better than certain superstars on the GSW team. He wants to see if he has the ability to be a max player like anyone else in the league. His best shot is to play well on a bad team. He needs those minutes though or he'd made a mistake to sign in cleveland.

  • Tramique Sutherland
    Tramique Sutherland

    He already has a ring. He wants to go somewhere else to build up his career, He’s tired of the limited minutes. It’s the same thing that happen to ian Clark when he was on the Warriors. The Golden State era is done after this Season

  • Pinoy Reformat
    Pinoy Reformat

    Mccaw wanted max cash in his next deal nothing more. The 5.2 million offer from the Warriors was an ideal deal for him. He probably already knew at that time that he was going to get more minutes because top brass wanted to prioritize developing their young talent instead of building their second roster with veterans. Not even Jerry West's team wanted Mccaw. I'm sure their is something other than business between the Cavs and the Warriors. In hindsight, if not for the emergence of Golden State, the Cavs could have more than one championship banner hanging in their arena. Signing Mccaw, could just be the Cavs way of getting back at Golden State a bit.

  • Ya boi Aids
    Ya boi Aids

    Off topic but related to the intro about Markelle, another reason he’s a ‘bust’ is that he needs the ball in his hands to be consistent and good, but Simmons is the PG and that hurts his development and return to injury

  • G De Souza
    G De Souza

    Golden State was grooming him to take over just like any other rookie but yet he wanted the spotlight now. Sadly, this impulsive decision may ultimately ruin his career (If not the chance at another Championship). So he goes to the Cav's which is the worst possible decision not only because they have been trading players like crazy due to terrible contracts but with so many young players all wanting to play he may easily find a nice spot on the bench with limited play-time not winning games or championships. Your time was coming young blood, but we all know what happens to baby birds when they leap to early...

  • Mason Murphy
    Mason Murphy

    It’s really not hard to understand his situation. He waited out a larger contract and got one from the cavs. The warriors had to match it if they wanted to keep him. They didn’t. Simple

  • Jimmy Jams
    Jimmy Jams

    Honestly, I don't think championships matter to some of these young role players. If you might be out of the league soon or in McCaws case probably another 7-9 years, you gotta cash in and take care of yourself. If you're not a top 50 guy, you could care less about legacy.

  • Blaise

    Why would he give af about those rings? He's a ROLE PLAYER. Ain't nobody gonna remember him in 10 years. Get that BAG.

    • Eric P
      Eric P

      What bag?

    • Uglah Boi
      Uglah Boi

      That’s why he’s leaving

    • Chocolate

      Blaise he could be a star he just hides in the shadows because he is a bench player. He could be really good. He shows out in the playoffs especially in the wcf where he was benched and got 18 points and 3 steals in a game

  • Snicky G
    Snicky G

    Many, many, many people are asking...What the hell is going on with McCaw and his weird situation? So...the Raptors signed him and I do not believe he has scored one point for the raptors far! In the raptors/rockets game, McCaw was in the game for one second at the end of a quarter and he managed to foul an opponent shooting a 3-point shot. The player made all three shots. This sounds like an amazing addition to the raptors team!

  • Just a Brooklyn Nets Fan #31
    Just a Brooklyn Nets Fan #31

    Damn he was a good player on the warriors that was gonna probably get more minutes then break out at age 24 or 25 and be apart of the warriors young stars sad to see him leave but I hope he's doing gud on the cavs.


    Pat McCaw is now a unrestricted free agent meaning he can sign with any team now. That's exactly what he wanted.

  • Titterman The1st
    Titterman The1st

    The fact I'm watching a video on Pat McCaw just shows how much power your channel and the warriors have lol

  • Oswald PH
    Oswald PH

    If his relatives influenced PatM regarding this, It is because of that last injury he had against Sacramento which could have been a career-ending injury. I can guess what words were used by his family. "You don't control the future even if you are too careful, what happens if you end up being crippled with money less than what you deserved." something like that. And I won't blame the guy if he's going for the money this time since he already has 2 rings and nothing else to lose if he leaves GSW.

  • Dark Wings
    Dark Wings

    I think it’s his decision. I think social media and media in general always publicizes people’s privacy.

  • Dranged 2k
    Dranged 2k

    Now he’s a 3 time champ 😂😂😂


    Patrick McCaw is my favorite player I understand he wants really get his minutes and time to show his skills but I know you can ball out I remember your rookie year in the playoffs you balled out but the Cavs damn lol But I know you will ball

  • RP

    He got two rings he accomplished what 90% of the NBA cant. This is his opportunity to make more money. He will get more mins and showcase what he can do. Although it will be on a smaller market and worse team but he had a chance to become 2nd to 3rd best on a team

  • milly

    As a cavs fan, I know he is just prepping for next season with the Cavs. Zion Williamson

  • Jerry T
    Jerry T

    He played hard for the GSW and 5 million for 2 years is bad and lacking playing time. Of course he is gonna walk

  • ayyymate

    just got picked up by the cavs, about-a lead em to 2 championships like he did with the gsw

    • David Williams
      David Williams


    • Jordan Curry
      Jordan Curry

      Yeah ok buddy you do you

    • klynch572


    • supercarnitas

      Yeah him and his two points and three turnovers. Pat bet on himself and lost

  • WildYoungC

    DKM I'm sorry but I highly disagree with what your saying, just because the warriors are a great solid team doesn't mean there always gonna win the championship, I strongly agree that the warriors are not winning the championship this year.

    • Sue Prator
      Sue Prator

      Are you a psychic? You don't know anything for sure. Of course they aren't the same team.........but it is not like they have lost everything. Stupid to even say that at this point........unless you are some kind of psychic......

  • Mighty Lioness
    Mighty Lioness

    It's time for Carter to go ahead and retire. I've listen to Carter on a lot of talk shows, he has no problem bragging on what it takes to get the job done. He didn't like the fact that Patrick was going up on him and succeeding. It was a dirty move Carter made and you can see the evil in his eyes when he did it. Could have ruined the man's career.

  • VaderXHooper

    He already has champions but he wants to be a star

    • VaderXHooper

      @OGGOAT_ _ Fax but he thinks he's good😂

    • Allan Anaya
      Allan Anaya

      Klamp iOS put me down to remember it too. He is just a role player who got a big head from winning championships. Like he’s the one who won them lol he got carried on one of the greatest teams ever and acts like he’s some sort of superstar out of a sudden lol literally if me and you were on the roster we would have 2 rings right now too!

    • Sherm_42

      OGGOAT_ _ remember this comment

    • Zahir Adams
      Zahir Adams

      OGGOAT_ _ 😂

  • Jayy Macc
    Jayy Macc

    I have no issue with his decision. All I know is he better prove to mfs why he belong in this league. He better aim to be a superstar and not just a good player on a team.

  • Kenneth Pain
    Kenneth Pain

    Dude you have no idea the situation hes in with the organization so dont think hes a sellout just to get another ring and besides he feels in Cleveland he will get more minutes which is probably better for him. DKM wining isn't everything

  • Muscle Man
    Muscle Man

    If I were Patrick McCaw I would leave to because there is no way we’re getting a starting role on the warriors rn

  • Zahir Adams
    Zahir Adams

    Dude averages 4 points for his career. Who does he think he is lmao 😂

  • Anton Friberg
    Anton Friberg

    It has nothing to to with ”securing the bag”, the offer is only 800.000 dollars more than the one from GSW (he is an nba player so 800k isn’t so much so that it would affect a decision). This move is about him wanting playing time to develop himself into a really good player. I believe he can do so and Cavs is the best team for him to do so. As you said, they are the worst team in the NBA so he can get a lot of playing time. He wants to develop himself into a star rather than just sitting back and stay as a solid roleplayer

  • Officiall_KekoTv ‘s
    Officiall_KekoTv ‘s

    I don’t blame him for leaving them he can be a good role player or maybe a star player for a team one year he good enough and plus it seem like he going for that big contact cuz as good as he is wat 1.5 million going to do then they try give him 5 million that following year naw that’s not enough for a good bench player like him

  • YungNando

    When players start thinking about money and not skills , shit can get a lil bumpy I seen it happened many times before

  • LonJay Luenig
    LonJay Luenig

    I don’t think he’s better than devin booker, he plays for a trash team, as a great player. He’s not known at all for being an elite player. He left too soon imo. My point is, It isn’t until your team starts to win when you can upgrade to the AllStar level. Look at khris Middleton on the bucks, dude was dropping AllStar numbers, on par with AllStar’s like Paul George. He didn’t become a star until his team started winning. Gain experience, gain weight, gain wins. And you then gain a career. Curry could have left the warriors, got more money too; but had time during his years to show what he had. Now look, he’s the scariest player in the nba, revolutionizing basketball.

  • Adolfo Rios
    Adolfo Rios

    Stop blaming his friends. McCaw is a grown man. It’s his dumb choice, let him own it. The team can’t pay an extra $10,000,000 just so he can make an extra $200k per year after taxes so he essentially just left a dynasty. He left a lot of learning and experience and playing time with hall of famers, in a team that has been delving deep into its bench, to go be in last place on the cavs in Ohio. He left millions of dollars in speaking fees and appearances in his post basketball future so he can make an extra 200k today, non guaranteed. I hope he and his family don’t blame his shit career on bad luck later because if he couldn’t score on a team where everyone is double teamed and leaving him open, he probably won’t score much somewhere else where he’s covered.

  • Mateo Clivio
    Mateo Clivio

    Cook it's there so he got no playing time, to me it's a great deal the Guy can play many minutes now in the cavs, can develop and work on his game, and may be had an a oportunity to be part of a new era there, Zion going to play along side him so he might not regret this at all

    • Tyron Wells
      Tyron Wells

      NBA RIGGED the draft he gonna go to NY or Chicago

    • Elijah Bacani
      Elijah Bacani

      He got no playing time because he was inconsistent at times and injured during others. When cook got most of the playing time, McCaw was out with an injury. And BEFORE his injury, he elected to send himself to the g league for a bit so that he could develop his game. If I remember correctly, he did well down there but when he would move back up, he would have trouble making the most of his minutes

    • Dorien Alston
      Dorien Alston

      Mateo Clivio cook and him don’t play the same position

    • Ambrizzle33

      mm smith I’m going to feel bad for Zion.

    • The Block Newz
      The Block Newz

      U tripping he got hella good minutes even as a rookie on a good team and they don’t play the same positions

  • EvilOrso

    McCaw won’t regret it lol. He’s got 2 rings he’s satisfied. He’s not going to get a chance to prove himself if he keeps being the 8th man of the bench on the warriors.

  • Killerjj 353
    Killerjj 353

    Vince Carter didn't even mean to under swipe him 😂

  • moneycash23 g
    moneycash23 g

    Good to see all the solid young guns leave. McCaw is a good player and has a pretty good potential as a defender. Gs gonna be lucky to get out the first round when kd leaves

  • CloutRemover

    Pat is nice he going to shine in Cleveland an land a solid contract after 2 years he is still really young an I deff think he is better than cook

  • ClampgodEJ

    Fultz cant be a bust if he’s injured. Guys who are injured and cant live up tp there potential because of injury are not busts.

    • Uglah Boi
      Uglah Boi


    • Kelvin Hono-ranio
      Kelvin Hono-ranio

      @The Boii Yeah he was good, but then he was still called a bust. Just that people kinda forgot him as they are focusing more in the present NBA busts like Fultz?, Wiggins *cough*

    • The Boii
      The Boii

      Max Violet some people don’t call Greg oden a bust since he was so good in college and if he didn’t get injured, would be one of the best in the NBA

    • BrooklYN

      Exactly even Greg Oden ain't a bust

    • Kelvin Hono-ranio
      Kelvin Hono-ranio

      Bennett was also injured and hes called a bust. Greg Oden was also injured and called a bust. Now tell me people are not busts if they're injured?

  • Wooski Onehundred
    Wooski Onehundred

    I still don’t understand why Vince would do that

  • Paolo

    Hope he fails, he probably will, these players always feeling entitled, thinking they're the shit, pathetic

  • The King-Danchie State of Mind
    The King-Danchie State of Mind

    He rather build his own legacy! Great Pat.

  • アーロン

    You guys don’t get it. It’s not completely about money at this point. Yes of course he wants more money but he also wants to hoop with more freedom. Playing for a championship team as a young guy won’t get you much playing time or responsibilities.

    • Robert Williams
      Robert Williams

      @Allan Anaya all thems have development teams. Smh. Talking out your......

    • Haylee Rue
      Haylee Rue

      (Not arguing) he was already averaging 15 minutes for the Warriors which is pretty good coming from second string.

    • Allan Anaya
      Allan Anaya

      Have you seen his skill set? I get that he wants more and is hungry for success by himself. That’s awesome. But he has to look in the mirror and be realistic about what he can really do his game is nothing extraordinary, he’s a decent role player but cmon he’s not some superstar. He should’ve stayed in Golden states system since he knows it and is structured, klay has been off all season. Imagine if he was there to take some minutes from klay, could’ve showcased himself to get more responsibility. Now he’s on Cleveland, unstructured not winning team with no coaching or any development team.

  • Suzy Applegate
    Suzy Applegate

    As a worriors fan I am more worried about what is going on with Kalyn and dramond

  • p b
    p b

    There is one thing you forget. Fultz can actually score more than 2 points

  • Samuel J
    Samuel J

    I think he was betting on himself but I woulda taken that $5M now and stayed with the dynasty. Get all that TV time and get popular and then leave when the dynasty ends and get your bag

  • Jeremy B
    Jeremy B

    The Norris Cole version 2.0 has begun he’s waived by the CAVs so it definitely backfired. Sometimes not worth listening to family

  • Dawaun Smith
    Dawaun Smith

    After 2 rings he’s trying to secure the bag... can’t knock the hustle

  • iAmDCraze

    Klay hella streaky. He dropped 32 on the Blazers last night!

  • MrMikeTheHebrew

    He wants to fulfill his potential plus he wanted to save his body and Norris Cole wasn’t given a great chance by the Miami heat so what yeah he got rings when Norris came into the league he made an impact then was benched and never developed and had that bad playoff series when he last played for thunder

  • oldman baller50
    oldman baller50

    If he’s good enough he should leave. Why would you want to play 12 minutes a game and be a small piece of the puzzle when you can go somewhere else and possibly play more more notes and show what you can do when given a bigger role. I would much rather see a guy think he can do better by getting more minutes and go somewhere he can show it, than be happy being a role player. At 35 yrs old that’s when you do the role player thing not at 23 climb that ladder and show people what you got young fella!

  • James Tabula
    James Tabula

    I’m a bandwagon warriors fan and I can care less where Patrick comes back or not Afonso is way better

  • Cool niggas vlogs Junior
    Cool niggas vlogs Junior

    Smhh he betrayed the Warriors he signed with one of the Warriors enemies amd besids MCCaw is dumb he went from playing for the best team in the league to playing on a horrible team and the Cavs are trash😂

  • Swoooshh Star
    Swoooshh Star

    he just wantend to secure his future..he experienced a worst injury last time, i think his afraid that when it happen again and he's still on the same team and a same salary that will be the end for him.. that's why his not chasin for a ring besides he want some bucks for his family..😉

  • Lil Uzi Vert
    Lil Uzi Vert

    He’s actually nice should’ve had some better offers

  • Deon The Prodigy
    Deon The Prodigy

    Watch him get to Cleveland and not play 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Elijah A Ortiz
    Elijah A Ortiz

    It's a good decision the man already has 2 championships but he wants to go down as more thank just the guy with 2 championships on a team of all stars he wants to be at there level it even higher

  • herman miller
    herman miller

    Ended up with the Raptors at $777,777 prorated. He has only succeeded in poisoning his reputation and that will ultimately cost him 10s of $million. He is not on the Raptors playoff roster and probably will have to find another job next year.

  • jair maldonado
    jair maldonado

    Bro even if the warriors win the title and he gets his 3rd championship, no one is going to remember him years down the line because of it. Might as well get his money

  • J

    I forgot he existed until this video. That will be his legacy

  • JBargs

    He's not going for money. He's going to my Cavs who have some below avg sg, so he'll get some good playing time to prove he's actually more than a bench player

    • Joaquin Cosio
      Joaquin Cosio


  • cooljay21

    McCaw do a good decision. Not dick riding on the Warriors and he will grow more in other teams.

  • Meech Yaboy
    Meech Yaboy

    It’s the right decision just wrong city, Cleveland cursed.. he got his rings and who’s to guarantee they win it this year... he’s a good defender and has heart on offense.. it’s hard defending Kevin Durant everyday in practice then going on the court for 15 mins and only getting to shoot when you get a steal or in a fast break , most players chase rings when they get old and made all of their money, McCaw has his rings now he needs his money

  • MannyIsMood

    *i kinda fucked with Patrick he had some potential but it's not a big loss for us*

  • dreastyork

    Now he’s on the Raptors for the league minimum.

  • e 90
    e 90

    Basically he thinks he’s more important then he actually is to the team. Threw his toys out the Pram because the GSW didn’t want to pay his demands for a new contract. So has frozen himself out. Now he joins a team that are way past there best, star man just left for the lakers.

  • Live Simple
    Live Simple

    One good reason he doesn’t want to play with KD because KD is toxic🤔😂

  • Ray Villasper
    Ray Villasper

    He’s fucking lucky tho at young age he got already rings in his rookie and sophomore year

  • Polo johnson
    Polo johnson

    Why would he stay? Just for one more ring? I would rather go somewhere i'm going to get playing time hes young and wants to utilize his talents. He wants to play ball that's why they pay him he already has rings so he don't need to stay for one more. How is getting another ring better if he is on the bench? SMH

  • Alexander David Taki Dagami
    Alexander David Taki Dagami

    That number one "peck" tho HAHAHAHA

  • Gail Marie
    Gail Marie

    First Markell Fultz is injured so give him a break, damn. Second, McCaw just signed this morning with the Cavs & the Warriors have 2 days to decide whether they want to match the offer. You're incorrect, his injury (although not career ending) was serious & he was out till the very end of the season (pls get your facts straight). YES, in most people's opinion he should have accepted their offer. You make it sound like McCaw didn't re-sign because the "locker room" PLEASE, he felt he was worth more & it was too soon to expect more. Something nobody understood (bad advice maybe? Anyway He's a nice guy & I hope he goes to the Cavs & has a great season.

    • Nova

      Raptors lol

    • Haylee Rue
      Haylee Rue

      WayneHead Jas agree and honestly, not worth matching tbh, yes he’s a great player but if I was a GM I wouldn’t waste anymore time on him.

    • A-Mafia313

      Gail Marie I’m impressed 🙌

    • WayneHead

      Gsw already said there not matching lol

  • Kor Xiong
    Kor Xiong

    Am I the only one that thought he was still injured?

  • Ben M
    Ben M

    Shits going down in the Warriors locker room👀👀

  • Calhoun Sista
    Calhoun Sista

    Pat MCcaw got upset(and rightly so) when the Warriors brought in Durant's childhood girlfriend, Quinn Cook and all most from the "git go"signed Cook to a contract and gave him a lot of playing time. I love the Warriors but, the Warriors were wrong the way they handled Pat. Pat was good to us, he fit in, without seeming overzealous or like a fake ass kisser.

    • Calhoun Sista
      Calhoun Sista

      @Corey 😈 Why the hell would I care what you would "consider thinking"? Lol. You MEAN absolutely NOTHING to me. And your opinion on my observations, means even LESS. I am here giving a comment. I don't need to convince YOU or ANYONE else that my observations are valid or invalid. YOU are NOT my family, or my friend. So trust, and believe me when I say, " I don't give a damn."

    • Calhoun Sista
      Calhoun Sista

      @Corey 😈 I don't give a rat's ass when or where Cook first played, his ass has been given too much Warrior attention. Shawn is just now getting his groove back, because Durant's little pet got so much attention

    • Corey 😈
      Corey 😈

      If u really loved the Warriors, u would know we ain't play Quinn until Steph got hurt with the ankle injury in New Orleans. Even after he got that playin time, we never signed him to a bona fide NBA contract til late March/early April. Pat was hesitant and slumped his whole sophomore season. U actin like KD went to the front office and said "Sign my mans Quinn Cook to replace Pat." Quinn didn't jus get a contract with the team cuz he was KD's childhood friend. He worked his ass off, constantly playin in the D-League and signing 10-days with multiple teams and gettin cut after the contract expired. U may be a "Warriors supporter" but u ain't a real fan

    • Sue Prator
      Sue Prator

      Oh stop. McCaw was showing great potential...but Cook is a real shooter but he paid his dues big time. Went back and forth to the G League more than once. That is bull.

  • kolega47

    i mean when we speak about GSW and their rings he wont be talked about,he got 2so i can understand it


    Remember when people said embiid was a bust and next Greg oden 😂😂😂let Markelle get healthy first

  • Ru Brown
    Ru Brown

    you and who ever else agrees with you dont understand ...not everybody wants an easy way to championship or free ride some players want to earn it also work for it ..plus they didn't want him anyway ..like u said yall dont know the full story only what they tell you

  • E Redd
    E Redd

    Naw he Gucci he wasn’t a key piece in the rings so might as well go somewhere make more money and only have to beat Rodney hood for time. He got two rings already he chillin

  • Cam

    Idk about him being greedy with money... because like you said earlier in the video him not resigning with the Warriors was a family decision and on top of that, he probably understands that he’s not going to get enough exposure playing for the Warriors so he wants to go to another team that he will for sure play for... not everything is what it seems, just saying

    • LonJay Luenig
      LonJay Luenig

      ItsCameron TM the warriors organization is one of the most televised team in basketball. He needs to focus on how to get better, and what it means to be a champion and gain more and more experience. Also, he needs more weight with his height, that’s why he’s not getting money, he can’t defend. Exposure isn’t his problem. Well, now it is, going to the cavs. 😂

  • Willow and Luka
    Willow and Luka

    McCaw is allergic to snakes, that’s why he wanted out of GSW

  • -愛DemonTime

    Well Sixton and him and Jordan Cracksoon could be good

    • Idk fr
      Idk fr

      *Sexton* *Clarkson*

    • Ced Bing
      Ced Bing

      Boruto Uzumaki don’t forget Alec burks, he’s been doing the most work since he’s been there

    • ReeseSZN


  • JacksonAvery

    I don’t really like this video he doesn’t want to be a role player he wants to be a star which he has the potential to be on a team that is going through a rebuild he could benefit from this greatly

  • mumuvercettixo

    when we st. louis’s players get injuries we take hellas to get better let’s go warriors

    • Get Money or Be Broke
      Get Money or Be Broke

      Aye I’m from the lou too

  • moneycash23 g
    moneycash23 g

    It dosent matter being part of a dynasty. Being part of a dynasty isn’t gonna support you financially in the future is it?

  • 6inarowaye Lol
    6inarowaye Lol

    Yo can u do one on Brian Bowen


    You were wrong✌🏾 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • KvngKeon

    Klay back right at shooting and draymond and Kevin ain’t got beef no more

  • Bandz Yolo
    Bandz Yolo

    You can tell something is wrong with his shoulder 0:39

  • misunderstood 762
    misunderstood 762

    He wants to be Kobe not nobie

    • Smiley Miles25
      Smiley Miles25

      lil penguin 😂🤣🤣 right

  • Stanley Rosario
    Stanley Rosario

    Bro he wants to shine and play he does not give a damn about the bag or chip he just wants to play any actual ball player knows that this just shows your lack of actual basketball knowledge

  • Pure Jokes
    Pure Jokes

    He shoulda fucking stayed at GS. He would’ve made guaranteed money & bonus $$$ for the playoffs. His decision was literally idiotic. Still don’t understand why he wanted to not play

  • Fast Toyz
    Fast Toyz

    Shit the kings should of offered 6 mil we can afford that and we need some length in our rotation.

  • EliteSniper23

    He wants to be able to play more

  • Charles Thompson
    Charles Thompson

    He's pissed they gave his number away to Cousins.

  • D B
    D B

    Because hes not a big role in that dynasty and doesnt want to be in currys and klays shadow😂

  • Gavin Silva
    Gavin Silva

    Oakland*** not sf for now, but hey they will eventually move across the bay there in like a few years

    • Gail Marie
      Gail Marie

      This is the final season at Oracle

  • Jane Porter
    Jane Porter

    He doesn’t care about the money he wants to play

  • Kyeno Chen
    Kyeno Chen

    He is going to be drop out of league in very soon . He was just like how Norris Cole had his career . 2 champion rings in first 2 years , play well some games in champion team . But can’t be good in norm

    • mike Wilcox
      mike Wilcox

      +Kyeno Chen lol