If you ever see this on your car, DO NOT pick it up and call 911 (it's a tracker)
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  • Mads Oc
    Mads Oc

    The intro contradicts the title but I have a feeling it’s staged

    • Camille Glasper
      Camille Glasper

      No doubt

    • _Phoenix_

      Bruh it is there is no doubt

    • Skainzz

      Me too

    • Tanya Milley
      Tanya Milley

      I think so too they seem like bad actors lol

  • Onixs

    Isn't it funny that I've seen that "tracker" in a fishing shop and it said fishing magnet

  • Cadence Olivo
    Cadence Olivo

    The video that says "if you find green paint on your wheel on your car don't get in your car" it made me think that I think my mom should buy a dust cover

  • Mayito B
    Mayito B

    When you were flying the drone I saw someone running on the road and he looked suspicious

  • Bella Morgan
    Bella Morgan

    I live in a big house and I looked everywhere and I found one camera in my room my mom and dad said we never bought a camera like that it has to be someone stalking you but you’re gonna call 911 and I said don’t call 911 I’m just gonna throw away the arson if it happens again let’s call 911


    12:12 You should've showed the middle finger to him to tell him to frickin back off. Or u will call the police!

    • svaate rockstars
      svaate rockstars


    • MoseyGamesYt

      damn son

  • Softie_PlayzYT

    I watched this all the way through I checked my car and I saw the tracker everything u tried I saw it

  • Jeff Ammer
    Jeff Ammer

    Look at this theres a ladder on the side of the house 45:01

  • Bella Morgan
    Bella Morgan

    Him: dude we freaking just turn this neighborhood into Star Wars

  • Scott Ayres
    Scott Ayres

    You are right the green popped up on my phone.I THREW IT AWAY AND MASHED IT!

    • Lunarshining

      Bruh it’s a fucking fishing magnet

    • Trinity Clarke
      Trinity Clarke

      did you do the flashlight thing?!

  • Mr_Tuna

    "nothing no nothing" there is legit a ladder on the floor 47:12

  • Patricia Anderson
    Patricia Anderson

    Thank you for telling all of us this it really means a lot to me because now I can be even more aware my surroundings thank you for telling for all of us that it just really means a lot to me and probably all the others because now we all can be aware of our surroundings I know I'm just saying the same thing over and over but it just means a lot so probably all of us bye

    • I.B.R Animations
      I.B.R Animations

      I feel like it's fake

  • Cadence Olivo
    Cadence Olivo

    And I think you should have painted your drone green so you can let him think that nobody spying on him

  • Theanimesquad -_-
    Theanimesquad -_-

    I love how Justin said “what should we do” with a chainsaw in his hands 1:01:18

  • Herobrine

    I saw that a day ago we took it to our house and left it on my moms car.

  • Thanisorn Morris
    Thanisorn Morris

    After i watched this i got so scared so i checked my house and found a camera

    • game wit kyroiek
      game wit kyroiek

      You sure

  • Sheilla Figueroa
    Sheilla Figueroa

    Me: huh let me just pick this up and g onto the store that I am right next to and put this behind a box of diapers and they thing it’s me

  • fxiday_light

    LOL this is so funny because it's fake.I was laughing so hard when the man looked at the drone and then one of the guys said I don't think he noticed it yet

  • Cashton9000

    Right when you started launching the drone I saw that there was a green light flashing on it

    • Zoe Robert
      Zoe Robert


  • Quentin play’s
    Quentin play’s

    I don’t know why they have not called the police yet

  • Kenny Debrie
    Kenny Debrie

    omg i live half a mile away thank you bc me and my mom checked are car's and we found them!!

  • Holly Vest
    Holly Vest

    Well I think They used a Ladder to get on the roof 🤨

  • Gamer Stevens😎😜
    Gamer Stevens😎😜

    You have done this video before I loved it and I love these kind of videos I’ll see you when you did the zombie potion

  • Michael

    I "love" how they made this video 1 hour long that's at least 1 quarter of the whole titanic movie

    • Emily Rothwell
      Emily Rothwell

      Yes trueeeee

  • marioman666

    i feel like he's being targeted because he has a mansion

  • cohen pitts
    cohen pitts

    if this were real then that person wouldn't waste all his cameras on just one person

  • Phaze Mello
    Phaze Mello

    •-• god I love how people like clearly staged videos. That hook-magnet "tracking device" is a heavy-duty magnetic hook. It isn't a tracker. And it is so easy to tell that it is fake/staged.

    • Phaze Mello
      Phaze Mello

      No hate or anything, just make it less obvious that it is staged

  • Ben Apata
    Ben Apata

    I saw those cameras at my friends house and this car that’s parks in his backyard woods. And it’s still their. Ty for this content bye.

    • car dude
      car dude


    • Jamie Smith
      Jamie Smith

      Love you too and maM and Dad 💞😘 you too love you too love you too

  • Martin Dickinson
    Martin Dickinson

    this helped me so much thank you

  • InvisibleMan

    1:02:39 next time if someone does something similiar to this and is in ur house at the same place he got away the let someone go down the stairs and lock him there that way he has nowhere left to go

  • Dawn Deville
    Dawn Deville

    Let’s just go by your house didn’t see who was right behind y’all I don’t know what are you doing he was followed you

  • Molly Claypool
    Molly Claypool

    Funny how you guys always uses the drones

    • Meghan McCarthy
      Meghan McCarthy


    • Hudson Southern
      Hudson Southern

      It’s funny that they don’t call the cops

    • Candace Tschakert
      Candace Tschakert



      I know right but it's a little funny that thay do that every video

  • Jennifer Genesi
    Jennifer Genesi

    Omg it’s so weird when you looked under your car and boom you just found the tracker

  • T-BoniasRemade

    Title: DO NOT pick it up Literally the start of the video: take it off and throw it away immediately

  • Beast Mode
    Beast Mode

    17:11 how the dude just stood there

  • Jodie Bain
    Jodie Bain


  • Shamira . Avakin
    Shamira . Avakin

    I would have called the cops instead of using a drone a drone can't stop the guy 🤦🏾‍♀️

    • glitchh Gaming
      glitchh Gaming

      I agree but if the drone has a fucking Machine gun but small And shoot em xD

    • Sue Mancini
      Sue Mancini

      I agree

  • Willie Rule
    Willie Rule

    Kyle my son Damien says he wants to say hi to you hi me and my five-year-old son sit and watch you every single day before bed he loves watching the crazy stuff you guys do and all the clowns and I’m interested too we’ve been subscribed for a long time thanks for the good content. This is a message from my son Damien. High Kyle that was my son Damien saying hi

  • Darius Flores
    Darius Flores

    Yeah I know it's a middle thing with a hook so you just have to take it off and throw it into outer space like right now

  • Jace Tyler Saguindel
    Jace Tyler Saguindel

    i think he is gonna place more each time when u get rid of it

  • Ldadg Goellnitz
    Ldadg Goellnitz

    Lmao that's a wreath magnet.. I have one on my door 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shmaudson

    the most obviously staged video I've seen all year long, made me laugh the whole way through with how ridiculous it is XD

  • Samuel U
    Samuel U

    47:11 there was a ladder he could have used it

  • jelly cow
    jelly cow

    Before you send me flying the Drone I saw blonde-haired person walk by on your property that could be the person you need to get more information on that person we will the whole video watch it again to fix this this is not a joke

  • Domin

    That tracker looks like a shower hook from target

  • Alexis fam
    Alexis fam

    I love his videos it’s fun

    • Maya Brown
      Maya Brown

      I love your dog 🐕

    • Maya Brown
      Maya Brown

      I love your dog pick

    • Vlog squad
      Vlog squad

      Im fine now

    • Vlog squad
      Vlog squad

      Fun fun I’m. Scared I live in Ethiopia

    • Alexis fam
      Alexis fam

      @Tactical Creampuff thank you he my dog and he is crazy well he’s my family dog

  • ♡Oʙᴏʀᴏ Sʜɪʀᴀᴋᴜᴍᴏ♥︎
    ♡Oʙᴏʀᴏ Sʜɪʀᴀᴋᴜᴍᴏ♥︎

    I found one that looked exactly like this on the ground :^

  • DanyTejada

    Have you not thought about the question when he said we're hearing you thunder has to be more than one 😰

  • Alex Ricketts
    Alex Ricketts

    I know what that guy is doing he's hacking your location

  • NightMare

    I kinda feel like this is staged, but what do I know.

    • GoldFishy

      POV: Saying something is cap because you didn't experience it yourself. Couldn't be any more cringe

    • hunter

      @GoldFishy cap

    • hunter

      IT IS

    • GoldFishy

      It actually isn't, I literally live in the same neighborhood. And I found one on my dad's car. I Also know because the same dude followed us till we called the police.

    • Georgia Lewis
      Georgia Lewis

      IT IS

  • Sameer Rana
    Sameer Rana

    Title: "DO NOT PICK IT UP" Intro: "PICK IT UP AND THROW IT AWAY!" Really :(

  • BennieTheCat

    I like how Justin still is not wherein a shirt haha😂

  • Rachel Blythe
    Rachel Blythe

    38:00 I saw someone in white trying to break into a window

    • Kodyburns6

      good eye I have glasses and I can’t see it

  • Tilted Gold  Fortnite
    Tilted Gold Fortnite

    When i try to make a random excuse about sneaking out the house 17:32

  • Shawna Hancock
    Shawna Hancock

    Andreas shoul have said when he snuck into the house “ cutting tees huh?”

  • MobileAndPcPro

    Honestly I feel like all these videos are staged but honestly irdc these are still really enjoyable

    • MobileAndPcPro

      also entertaining

  • Brittany Crowe
    Brittany Crowe

    It's the guy he has put a tracker on my car before because I have seen him do it before he got arrested how is he out of prison

  • Aoibhe Foran
    Aoibhe Foran

    I'm your biggest fan I watch every video you post 🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♂️

  • Remi Popa
    Remi Popa

    That guys just had it in his pocket and when the camera checked the other car he put it under and they are just acting for views

  • Stacy Hill
    Stacy Hill

    Him: no I was just gardening Kyle: gardening Me: 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

    • Angy Galicia
      Angy Galicia


    • Jacob Cole
      Jacob Cole

      I wached this 100 times

  • _Phoenix_

    1:00:33 just run up to him and grab him he is on a ladder its simple af

  • Sameer Rana
    Sameer Rana

    Done I just subbed to all of you guys. Keep Up The Great Work.

  • akadraeb

    DUDE you need to start calling the police!!!

    • I’m sweaty
      I’m sweaty

      But they won’t because the videos are fake

  • Sheilla Figueroa
    Sheilla Figueroa

    You should of took the camrea and cursed at it and get the real person reaction

  • PeanutButr

    Lol Imagine if this was real lmao

    • Rocket Playz
      Rocket Playz

      Bro said “when I run air ends at Tim hortins

    • Rocket Playz
      Rocket Playz

      Lol I use those magnets at school😂😂😂

    • jojo PLAYZ
      jojo PLAYZ


    • I’m sweaty
      I’m sweaty


  • Photo Editeng
    Photo Editeng

    Omg I saw a tracker on my car and never took it off until I watched this video and I took it off

  • ethan peater
    ethan peater

    Stromedy I have seen someone in your house and then when you went to smash your phone there was someone in a black mask following you

  • Sarah Aberdeen
    Sarah Aberdeen

    On the 1:03:15 hour mark I can see him behind the railing


    Him:that’s magnetic Me:Let ME PLAY WITH IT

  • Lexie Holland Holland
    Lexie Holland Holland

    I want this to happen to my mom’s car 😢

    • sean hill
      sean hill


  • Enma

    And he was by the brush because I saw him when you guys did put the drone up so then I knew he was going to run by the school then come back soon so be careful

  • Ashley Cross
    Ashley Cross

    Look at the camera when he jumped

  • Brook

    There is someone behind the trees in you're backyard the time stamp is 39:35

  • Gladis Climaco
    Gladis Climaco

    I literally saw the guy with the ladder but that kind of reminds me of how you guys said you can't see things really well because of the tiny screen

    • The Fox
      The Fox

      i saw him too

  • Kendra Bare
    Kendra Bare

    I have so much security things in my house so no one can get in

  • Nova brasuel Brasuel
    Nova brasuel Brasuel

    He’s probably taking pictures to give to his boss we’re like the boss can pull up and call the dude is spying on you right now and he would be like hey is this the house they can probably he can probably he’s probably doing that


    Bro I had that on my car and I searched up a video this came up and it told me and it was also awesome

  • mike atyearim
    mike atyearim

    Another great Stromedy video!

  • Emilee Papenfuss
    Emilee Papenfuss

    The latter the guy was carrying was the one I saw on the side of your house

    • Candace Tschakert
      Candace Tschakert

      So that’s how you know these vids are not real mate

  • green queen 65
    green queen 65

    Literally when he was under you I started shouting jump off and tackle him to the floor