“We have to try to improve” | Antonio Conte reacts to defeat against Sporting Lisbon
Tottenham Hotspur
Hear what Antonio Conte had to say after Spurs' 2-0 defeat against Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League
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  • Eshet Chayil
    Eshet Chayil

    This defeat was on Conte. The tactics including the replacement tactic almost are messy. The opponent team's manager said they would have to cope with fast Sonny, so they were cutting down their offensive power because of Sonny. However, Conte dropped Sonny and conceded two goals. Disadvantages of Conte's tactics come to light these days. Perisic is so slow and often missing passes and only good at crossing a ball. And Emerson is bad at cross and pass. These two wingbacks Conte needs for his offensive strategies are killing play speed and suck at defense for defenders. These two wingbacks show weaknesses of Conte's tactics.

  • Farfromit

    I started to think Conte’s current tactic scrifices Kane and Son too much. I understand we needed a different game plan than just Kane and Son show but right now nothing’s working as it seems. Two wingbacks are just playing too deep but one of them can evne make a good cross, and the other one isn’t helping Son and Kane much. Why sacrifice two top players we have???

  • chris kudos
    chris kudos

    The combination of the front three attackers is definitely the best when SON-KANE-KULU works properly. Look how many attack points they scored last season. We should stop playing tactics where the Wingback doesn't even cross properly and make use of the tactics we are originally good at. Perisic-Richarlison is a good attack option but they should be an option when the attack doesn't work out, not a priority option at all.

  • jymoon

    If you use Perisic, just drop Sonnny. If you use Sonnny, start Sessegnon together. Perisic played like winger not wingback and he is too slow so make tempo slow too. Can we use another tractic like 433? 343 did’t fit very well in this team.

  • greenapple

    Sonny has to go to the other club if Conte uses him like this continuously !!!!!

  • yongdu ryu
    yongdu ryu

    In addition, if Son Heung-min is replaced out, he does not betray the belief that his opponent will score a goal. Now Son Heung-min has to look for a new team.

  • karuna

    It's not that Son Heung-Min can't do it, it's that Persic is ruining Son Heung-Min.

  • js95 sj95
    js95 sj95

    The last season were much better

  • greenapple

    Conte + Perisic + Royal kill Son + Kane + Kulu, a fantastic combination ... Especially Son + Kane duo .... I want to see them again....... !!!

  • greenapple

    Perisic + Son ..... not good. Don't make them play together. Perisic takes all the space for Sonny .....

  • YJ M
    YJ M

    If Conte continues to play like this, I don't want to watch Tottenham anymore. Sonny should play as a winger. Conte is using Sonny as a defender to make him look like a striker. Even now, I hope Conte will know what the problem is.

  • win_nasdaq

    If Perisic keeps his play style as slow move & high cross only, we give up our counter attack.. then we need 3 forwards who can score goal with header.. very simple attacking pattern.. i dont know why spurs forgot what they did well just 3,4 months ago

  • Whatever

    Do not ever blame Sonny when you are killing his play, Conte. Seems like you don't know how to use him right. It is way over past the time to change your tactics. Be flexible and listen to your coaches, players and fans. It is not just for your pride and to brag your stubborn tactics that the whole team plays. Where are the spurs that we saw last season? Now all the players look tired, frustrated, and definitely not happy. Do you really not see what we fans can see even over the TV screen?

  • Eugene Jeon
    Eugene Jeon

    At this game, Conte made a big mistake: Perisici was too weak and slow. Kane looked so tired.

  • CSH

    Sonny has to go to the other club. Many people only downplay Sonny.

  • 동호 윤
    동호 윤

    Sonny! This is not the same Tottenham Hotspur you loved anymore! The club, manager, and fans seem like they already forgot about the devotion you have been serving for the team over the years. I really wish you would go to Levy' office and show your madness to him and say, "I'm not happy at all with this freaking terrible tactic. If you're going to keep using me like this, then please go get another player and just let me move to another club!"

  • Horatio Hornblower
    Horatio Hornblower

    This loss is on Conte.

  • Sa Ra J
    Sa Ra J

    Son ~! You definitely have to leave this team now. This team only pretends to be for you and is actually ruining you. I don't know, but now I'm sure~ I'm still ruining all your strengths~ Hurry up and go to another team that wants you so much~ Son! I keep cheering for you~!! Cheer up!


    People talk about only SON.

  • kim kay
    kim kay

    Everyone who says Son is out of form just think about how can he perform well when they are not passing the ball to him ! they are not using him!! Perisic is poison to Son. What in the world is going on behind the scene! Please sell Son where he is wanted. There are a lot envy and jealousy going on instead of playing a good game! Conte , this so call tactic is not working! Why ruin the formula that works ! Pass the ball to Son and Kane!