The most heated 16u game occurred between Bradley Beal Elite and We All Can Go which led to overtime and ended with people storming the court at The Warmup hosted by Made Hoops.
For those that are wondering why was the game "The most personal game?" According to fans/parents of WACG (We all can go), The team discovered national players such as Darius Garland, Francis Okoro, James Wiseman, Devan Cambridge, Tyger Campbell..etc and most of these players transitioned to go play for Bradley Beal Elite. Now, these two long-time rivals met and went straight to war and could possible meet again in the EYBL circuit.
Special thanks to Made Hoops!
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  • Ballislife

    What was the craziest rivarly you've experience?

    • Connor J Barrus
      Connor J Barrus

      My Freshman year in 2019, my school played our arch rival and we got into an all-out fight and let’s just say, I kinda started it. I went for a 3-pointer, and for no reason, got tackled by an opposing player. The other way down, I decided to get payback and when he went for a rebound, I clotheslined him from behind, sending him into the stands and from there, an all-out brawl occurred between my team and our rival, and half my team ended up ejected while somehow, I stayed in. Craziest rivalry game experience ever!

    • Huero Santos
      Huero Santos

      L. A. LAKER'S vs BOSTON CELTIC'S 1980s (Bird vs Magic Johnson)..

    • Kalel Keegan
      Kalel Keegan

      @Gustavo Tyler Instablaster :)

    • MarshICEguy0 0
      MarshICEguy0 0

      Leesvile vs milbrook

  • Chi-Town Concerts
    Chi-Town Concerts

    The green team is so undisciplined it’s crazy, even in their warmups. The white jerseys are actually a TEAM

    • James Ward
      James Ward


    • TacoJuiceYT

      @James Ward lmaoooo

    • James Ward
      James Ward

      @TacoJuiceYT hello there

    • Luka Doncic
      Luka Doncic

      @Chi-Town Concerts u play street ball in the burbs if this is considered “street ball” cause of trash talk.💀

    • lu Hez
      lu Hez

      @LifeOfJJ not basketball, not fun to watch

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones

    U know they a hood team when they got dark green jerseys

    • Dope&Unapologetic

      You ain't never lied about that. There's something about dark green Jerseys and an all black team with an all black coaching staff. This is why our folks have a rep, acting like a bunch of heathens.

    • ko_22

      Inglewood High 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • KK Cracked
      KK Cracked

      @Colin Schmidt not true lol if you actually play it t he you’d know

  • Jell Work
    Jell Work

    chill, the way #24 was talking pre game u would’ve thought he was on to sum😂 boy had 4 points

    • Eben Habte
      Eben Habte

      @A menace. fax always trynna find a problem

    • Angelique Gordon
      Angelique Gordon


    • Mikey🤖😂

      @Monstar think😂😂😂

    • Kii Motion
      Kii Motion

      He was talking about he wasn’t scared and he was confident

  • Alexx

    Funny how Cameron Fletcher didn’t talk shit a lot and now he’s committed to Kentucky. You should prolly stay humble #24

    • Anonymous sec
      Anonymous sec

      What’s his name ?

    • JuJu3x

      @YaBoiPoLo - naw u might be right i thought it was rocket watts from Michigan(d1) but people saying its sum dude who play at stratford in hs

    • YaBoiPoLo -
      YaBoiPoLo -

      @JuJu3x I thought he got kicked out myb

    • JuJu3x

      @YaBoiPoLo - he didn’t get kicked out he transferred

    • Montreal Flo
      Montreal Flo

      @YaBoiPoLo - what school did he get kicked out of

  • D1hooper Mike
    D1hooper Mike

    Bro I’ve never had anybody talk trash to me in the warm ups that’s crazy😭

    • W

      D1hooper Mike thas next level😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Official- BlxckOutBaby
      Official- BlxckOutBaby

      D1hooper Mike your profile pic is 24 your likes are 2.4 and your talking about 24

    • Jamarion And Jaquan Jackson
      Jamarion And Jaquan Jackson

      Right they always cool

    • Nicholas Avila
      Nicholas Avila

      U from Caledonia ? D1 hooper Mike

  • Mr McApplesauce
    Mr McApplesauce

    Never seen such a classless team and I played against correctional schools where the team was made up of convicts

    • zach buchanan
      zach buchanan

      @Wes Ward yeah I saw that 😂. I don’t think lebron gives af anymore lol

  • AstralHaze

    Can you really be mad at 24 when his leaders (coaches) are unprofessional?

    • Anonymous sec
      Anonymous sec

      where’s he now?

    • Rocket BTW
      Rocket BTW

      His coach is really good lmao

    • king D
      king D

      @melvin ok and it’s all competitive

  • Josh Ross
    Josh Ross

    Brad Beal really knows what he is doing to keep his players in check

  • Ballin4Life Dae
    Ballin4Life Dae

    #21 is in the white is now at Kentucky and #3 on white is at UNC. #24 in green can be found in your neighborhood doing community service

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin

      He's 21 white

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin

      Camron at FSU now I think

    • Chantee Alicia
      Chantee Alicia


    • Marquis Blakemore
      Marquis Blakemore

      @James Wiseman so who play college ball and what’s his ig

  • S1N 99
    S1N 99

    #24 stats 15 trashtalk 5 rebound 4 fouls 3 points 100 claps 15 shouts

    • Zach R
      Zach R


    • Trey Jones
      Trey Jones

      Rockay 0

    • Jay Bukkets03
      Jay Bukkets03

      Drewskipapalewski he has over 5 d1 offers😭😭

  • Bron

    2 years later now #21 going to Kentucky. Humility can take you a long way

    • Jeffrey Li
      Jeffrey Li

      Cam Fletcher now at FSU!

    • Tr3y.Saff0ld

      Number 2 plays d2 ball at tusculum he went to the state tournament last year but it got canceled last lear bc of covid

    • JT DiLauro
      JT DiLauro

      @Peechos Jr Lawrence

    • Peechos Jr
      Peechos Jr

      @JT DiLauro Keyshawn what

    • JT DiLauro
      JT DiLauro

      @Peechos Jr keyshawn

  • Seamus O'Malley 2
    Seamus O'Malley 2

    Now #21 on white, Camron Fletcher, is committed to Kentucky

    • 35rich

      Don’t forget Caleb love

    • Lamar Jackson
      Lamar Jackson

      Ethan Leclerc nah caleb is

    • Hoops HyPe 4
      Hoops HyPe 4

      Mershon D did i say he wasn’t? lol my point exactly

    • Mershon D
      Mershon D

      Uh Caleb love is a unc commit

    • Hoops HyPe 4
      Hoops HyPe 4

      why y’all not talking bout caleb love lmao

  • Noah Vigil
    Noah Vigil

    16u? The pregame was crazy. Can't believe they got bunnies like that at 16.. Great game I liked how they all walked off with no fights, love the intensity.

  • Randy Jackson
    Randy Jackson

    The talent with this generation of players is unbelievable!

  • j S
    j S

    That green team need coach Carter ASAP

    • Eben Habte
      Eben Habte

      @Matthew Yap talk to me when u get sub

    • Eben Habte
      Eben Habte


    • NoOne OfImportance
      NoOne OfImportance

      @Matthew Yap Just so you know they fucking hard fouled and possibly injured one of them.

    • Adam Turner
      Adam Turner

      Hahaha spat my drink out. Great comment.

    • Jay 3000
      Jay 3000

      Team had no discipline what so ever, starting from the coaching staff

  • Marlon Hester
    Marlon Hester

    Sad thing about this is for 24 this will be the highlight of his entire life.

    • Western

      @Luka Doncic he on the bench still

    • Luka Doncic
      Luka Doncic

      @Western he play’s overseas my guy

    • Western

      @Nyel barreto he’s on the bench bozo

    • JT DiLauro
      JT DiLauro

      @Washington Guilherme mike Wallace he plays overseas

  • Adamabss

    These guys need to be shown coach carter asap. Shame on the coaching staff for letting their players act like morons on the court. Completely took away from the intensity of the game.


    one of my fav HS games, always go back & watch this one

  • Jordan Kreps
    Jordan Kreps

    I love the companionship and teamwork of the white team. Always putting each other first and blocking out the disgusting green team and 24.

  • Prints Nozfuks
    Prints Nozfuks

    Hard work pays off 💪💪💪

  • preston nguyen
    preston nguyen

    some great talent from both teams. visiting team needs a better coach.

  • DeiVid Martinez :v
    DeiVid Martinez :v

    he held himself very well, I would have started fighting from the beginning

  • SGT Shield
    SGT Shield

    4:50 wtf was that?? No way he actually tried to block him, dude wanted him hurt.

    • AJ23

      @SGT Shield Yeah, a hard foul

    • SGT Shield
      SGT Shield

      @Sean Stewart he grabbed his wrist

    • Sean Stewart
      Sean Stewart

      That was just a hard foul

  • Timmy Jordon
    Timmy Jordon

    In the first 10 seconds I already wanted the white team to win

    • Retro mar
      Retro mar


    • Western

      @Rico Suave You’re a Trailblazer fan, your opinion dose not matter


      @B Roe who tf is racist? Both teams are of the diaspora.... Man im confused

  • Ray S.
    Ray S.

    Does someone have an update on #24 on the green team? He's so undisciplined. I'd be highly surprised if he's playing college basketball

    • Geo Rockmann
      Geo Rockmann

      @Haris Usman whats his name?

    • Haris Usman
      Haris Usman

      @noah netwal he plays for Michigan but is bench

    • Big Mooga
      Big Mooga

      Last time I heard of him he went to a Juco college

    • noah netwal
      noah netwal

      Yeah I heard from a homie he got a full ride scholarship to clown college

  • The one and only PowerMovesBoy
    The one and only PowerMovesBoy

    I love how #24 ran his mouth the most, but all he did was get techs the whole game lol.

  • jace wigzell
    jace wigzell

    16:40 why his elbow snap in backwards like that

    • ZAy Edmond
      ZAy Edmond

      not his elbow

    • Caleb Ballentine
      Caleb Ballentine

      double-jointed elbow

    • dannex98

      Double jointed

    • Makin' Moves 215
      Makin' Moves 215

      Yoo htf did u c that n now i cant stop seein it

    • L S
      L S

      Double jointed

  • Bryan Cruse
    Bryan Cruse

    Games not over until the score is finalized with refs and they’re off the floor. Meaning, a technical can and should’ve been called when the green team rushed the floor. Horrible program and coaches. All staff involved with this game should never be involved in any sports again.

    • Lucas

      Lorenzo Valdez n alotta players in auumight jus be with the team for the weekend so theres no chemistry

    • Lorenzo Valdez
      Lorenzo Valdez

      AAU is a different world entirely....especially for the refs. In HS and college there is campus police and a school administrator to help enforce any techs or ejections in response to “close” calls made. In AAU the teams are paying $$$ to play and the tournament holders want those teams back over and over to keep making money. So whose back they got??? It ain’t the referee’s. Typically AAU is more rough, less calls are made and a lot of teams are poorly coached. Discipline and teamwork are not the focal point most of the time.

  • Dave J
    Dave J

    That was an embarrassment to the game of basketball. Who lets their players act like that? The coach running across the gym at the end of the game...what a fool.

    • Luka Doncic
      Luka Doncic

      @Theran Johnson but they lost?? so much for getting in their head right

    • Ro Gotti
      Ro Gotti

      Kalu Abay are u serious? Jimmy V ran after winning a national championship Doug Collins NBA finals this is a got damn AAU pool play game. Coach is classless and it’s rubbing off on his players

    • Theran Johnson
      Theran Johnson

      Atiba Tolbert they didn’t get into the other team head. Nobody on Bradley Beal elite said a word to a player on the green team unless spoken to first. If anything the white team got into the head of the green team.

    • Atiba22

      Missouri Fishing the green team played hard and with passion I've played alot of basketball against meat head jocks too and they played with the same passion for competitiveness and the sport. They played a more renowned and ranked opponent and got into to their heads to scrap away with a victory how could you hate on such effort

    • Dave J
      Dave J

      Atiba Tolbert Atiba Tolbert no. I played a lot of basketball against “meathead jocks”. Team in white was classy. Green team is trash. Comments at the end about the “white boy ref” totally unnecessary.

  • Morgan Abretske
    Morgan Abretske

    “Now coming in at 6 foot 3, number 24, NBA Youngboyyyyyyy” 👏🏼

  • Labib Uchiha
    Labib Uchiha

    21 waited for game to start so he could catch lobs on 24 head

  • Luciano Glades
    Luciano Glades

    Man watching this pisses me off. I hate the attitude of these guys. They have no respect for the other players even the refs. They need better coaching

    • TJ

      @Austin Cotmon yeah better coaching, Coaches don’t allow their kids to act like that when playing basketball because that’s their team reputation on the line and the players reputation on the line. Who cares about the win when you acting like you never had any home training and can’t control yourself in a game situation. They would’ve probably gotten scholarships if they changed their attitudes. Because colleges don’t want to deal with toxic players, and if they act like that there is a high possibility that their parents act like that and coaches don’t want to worry about the players let alone the parents

    • TJ

      @Isaiah Retiz but that’s not basketball

    • Y

      @Austin Cotmon Players with bad attitudes dont get scholarships. Yall should want the best for these kids.

    • Austin Cotmon
      Austin Cotmon

      Better coaching? They won, yall just really wanted green to lose. They got in white teams head which is apart of the game.

  • Harold Jones
    Harold Jones

    This is a rare occasion where I feel like the losing team should have skipped the handshake the coaches for the other team were just as out-of-control is the players

  • OneMorePizza

    The adults are behaving worse than the kids, shameful.🤦🏽‍♂️

    • MysT Rain
      MysT Rain

      They are high schoolers

    • Dj Dorris
      Dj Dorris

      Jackson Reed could’ve just said that’s ghetto ppl ain’t have too add the black part

    • KRB

      You've obviously never been to an aau game before

    • Braiden Tackett
      Braiden Tackett

      LilMousegang - your a fricking tennis player kid

  • jai jason
    jai jason

    What the hell happened to basketball. Disrespect all over the place, parents rushing the court, winning team trying to fight. Wow

  • Bryan Pelfrey
    Bryan Pelfrey

    Legend has it, #24s blocked ball is still in orbit.

  • Jaydo Margiela
    Jaydo Margiela

    i still come back and watch this like 5 times a year

  • Ty Davis
    Ty Davis

    They doing all that over a 1 pt win 😭😭 and 24 had at least 5 mins of play time yo foh 👎🏼.

    • Austin Cotmon
      Austin Cotmon

      Yea cause its a W

    • God GivenLove
      God GivenLove

      They won

    • Marquis Blakemore
      Marquis Blakemore

      They still won 🎯

  • Marquis Blakemore
    Marquis Blakemore

    Love 24 game plan and is drive. But I will say this with number 3 and 24 Cam was to play them now they would Kill them lol but the other team can say they beat some Good D1 college players and could still be going to the league. Praying for Cam to get through that messed up tragedy

  • Dee Deshane
    Dee Deshane

    Green(1) played with pure fundamentals and never was taken out of his mental game. Good game!

  • Rivera’s Vlog
    Rivera’s Vlog

    8:52 anybody noticed that 21 kick number 45s ankle 😂

    • AJ23

      Nobody talks about this 😂

    • Jeffrey Wall
      Jeffrey Wall

      I thought I was only one😂😂😂

    • DeezGhoGh

      That's dirty as shit i didn't even notice

  • Mason Williams
    Mason Williams

    Phil Russell (#1) Went D1 Camron Fletcher (#21) Went D1 to Kentucky Caleb Love (#3) Went D1 to North Carolina I haven’t heard of anyone on the green team😭

    • Mason Williams
      Mason Williams

      @TI84SATACT I didn’t know what they was saying either but that sounds about right😭

    • TI84SATACT

      @Mason Williams It's funny my takeaway was different....all else being equal, hard work is more important than talent! It was difficult for me to make out but I also believe that's what the Green team was chanting!

    • Mason Williams
      Mason Williams

      @TI84SATACT I’m just saying that attitude doesn’t get u anywhere in life I’m sure they don’t give a shit about a AAU game from like 3 years ago where they haven’t reached their full potential

    • TI84SATACT

      So you’re saying a team with THREE D1 commits just lost to a team 0 D1 commits?

  • Daniel

    24 had more techs than points 😂

    • Anonymous sec
      Anonymous sec

      Where’s the dude now ? 😂

    • Huero Santos
      Huero Santos

      Probably more felony's than points

    • Richárd Pálfi
      Richárd Pálfi

      Bro was talking shit just to have 6pts

    • PLUG INC
      PLUG INC

      @Marquis Blakemore did you find it

    • JayAndJay

      No but he fr did have more fouls than points

  • Trey lefeged
    Trey lefeged

    after re-watching the layup at the end with 4 seconds left the ball was still in his hand when the buzzer went off. was really close but they missed that one. is what it is though.

  • Mr. Rodgers
    Mr. Rodgers

    Kid with the loudest mouth gets 3 fouls including a tech in the first 3 mins 🤣🤣🤣

  • oliver Donoghue
    oliver Donoghue

    You can tell the coaches for green team went for just athleticism rather than skill, cause they were fully bricking threes and layups

  • vinuzo

    Imagine I fully that 24 was like a 4 star recruit at the start by the way he was talking😂😂😂

    • Courey Carr
      Courey Carr

      If I’m not mistaken this man dropped a whole 3 points 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Edvardt Osmanov
      Edvardt Osmanov

      ひseth no he meant because of all the talking 24 was doing he thought 24 was gonna drop 50 or something.

    • ひSB

      Is 4 star not good now???

    • Jeff ,
      Jeff ,

      vinuzo facts

  • Zayybaybeee

    I respect #21 n #22 no talk just buckets🏀😤

    • guillermo avalos
      guillermo avalos

      Whos 21?

    • Rico Suave
      Rico Suave

      All these comments for a L dass cool

    • carlos gonzalez
      carlos gonzalez

      Came back to this vid to see if 21 was committed somewhere turns out he committed to Kentucky

    • 𝕭𝕽𝖄𝕬𝕹

      yo don’t leave my man out #3, he’s a walking bucket too

  • Eli Carlyle
    Eli Carlyle

    Shoutout Caleb love with that chasedown

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett

    Great heart and play. But attitude from the get was something else no wonder the refs favored a other team. And at the end to storm the court and basically clap in faces is just disrespectful to the game. Lots of emotions going through but gotta keep that respect there. You only won by 1 point, a win is a win but you take much more from the way you win.

  • Tony Blaze
    Tony Blaze

    The most unprofessional team I've ever seen.

    • Cal Dunkin
      Cal Dunkin

      Antonio LaMontagne I’m just trolling bro! I woulda snatched my son off the fucking court at halftime

    • Tony Blaze
      Tony Blaze

      @Cal Dunkin I'd be ashamed If my son were apart of that team. Acted like that and that's the last time he's playing that season. Not about being an amateur or professional, it's about having respect.

    • Cal Dunkin
      Cal Dunkin

      Lol you’re asking an amateur team at an Amateur Athletic Union even to be professional. 😂😂😂

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I remember watching this and thinking #3 had potential. Now he’s a 5 Star UNC commit

    • Rocket Fatts
      Rocket Fatts


  • Steven Marshall
    Steven Marshall

    The whole green team is an example of how not to be sportsmanship wise in a game cause the coaches need to do something about that

  • Joshua Rhodes
    Joshua Rhodes

    Crazy how before U didn’t know who these people were but now I know everybody and realize how tuff this game was

  • 1974spr

    Quick question..... Why in the HELL would you want the swat when you could catch the ball and get the steal? I've seen it SO many times. Catch the damn ball, get it to your teammates and go for the points. What is the point of swatting it back to the other team?

  • Hudson Gibbens
    Hudson Gibbens

    I really thought #24 was finna be good 😂

  • Zaid Khanqashi
    Zaid Khanqashi

    24 got the loudest mouth, but the quietest game 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

    • Marquis Blakemore
      Marquis Blakemore

      oc vert how can I find more videos what’s his name

    • Daqwrld

      nah if you watch other videos of him playing hes actually cold asl just not in this game

    • Joy Rene Hassell
      Joy Rene Hassell


    • R2CapturedFaun 4
      R2CapturedFaun 4

      Fritz Kato nobody can be worse than lamello in high school

  • Jsstn

    Most unprofessional team and coaches I’ve ever seen 🤦‍♂️

  • Steve Mccart
    Steve Mccart

    I cant believe there is a coach that would allow his team to be so undisciplined. #24 should have caught a knee in the nuts.

  • Tyler Barton
    Tyler Barton

    I feel bad for 24. It looked like an off game😭

  • Denasia Canady
    Denasia Canady

    12:47 dude did ah whole death drop💀💀

  • BoutaBag Dj
    BoutaBag Dj

    Cam be having me weak he be puttin his hands up fast as hell😂

    • Ethan

      😂 Bro is smart asl he don’t wanna get ejected.

  • k justbert
    k justbert

    that green team had no class what so ever!!! they aint even got a coach they got the uncle that live w granma and dont bring nun on thanksgiving

    • beast gamer
      beast gamer

      @Johnathan Smith jit we all have and that’s a man

    • Johnathan Smith
      Johnathan Smith

      @beast gamer I've been round lesbians enough to know the difference

    • beast gamer
      beast gamer

      @Johnathan Smith no it wasnt that was a man

    • Raph Jones
      Raph Jones

      @Bucket Prod. the #21 kid that went d1 is now kicked off Kentucky bb team for crying


    The green team: Hard work work Also green team: runs a zone

    • J. Winston
      J. Winston

      @Cj Arrington its not hard work is the point, relax

    • Cj Arrington
      Cj Arrington

      It’s called strategy. Why play man and give the other team the advantage?

  • chanfam

    Idk why everyone hating the Green team, they funny asf😂

    • TJ

      Yeah they are funny but when you thinking about it professionally when it’s in a basketball setting with cameras and college coaches. They funniest and being toxic is the last thing a lot of people is thinking about

    • Eli Scott 0
      Eli Scott 0

      The amount of trash they talk makes me laugh 😂

    • B Digi
      B Digi

      All this talk about rivals and all that BS, doesn’t mean you have to act like animals!!!! Probably burnt down a Wendy’s after they won. GTFOH!!!

    • chanfam

      Joshua I'm white bro, shit😂, I can kinda dunk at 5'11 but nah, I've played against some pretty tough teams before, especially in gym rats, and spooky nook tourneys

  • Aaron Zhang
    Aaron Zhang

    who knew Cam'ron Fletcher and Caleb Love played on the same team

    • Daniel Harrington
      Daniel Harrington

      yeah caleb look so different with the short hair but he is from saint louis so he should be on bradley beals aau team

  • Brinza Boyz
    Brinza Boyz

    Who else knew in the first 1 minute of the video they weren’t going to like 24 ?

    • Marquis Blakemore
      Marquis Blakemore

      Marco 2x what’s his name

    • Aries Zafy
      Aries Zafy

      I like him

    • Aries Zafy
      Aries Zafy

      Initial Engineers I like him

    • Troy Johnson
      Troy Johnson

      He has the ability to go far!! But this is his career highlights ! Unless he changes his mindset

  • sugyeong workout
    sugyeong workout

    4:00 Savage moment I'd ever seen😂

  • King Mwila
    King Mwila

    I know I'm hella late to this, but number 24 is literally that one player that coach puts in that does all the trash talk for the team but can't ball to save his life. He only put up like 4 points yet he talked the most trash out of all of his teammates. It's games like these where you don't even need to talk trash. All you gotta do is show how good you say you are in how you play. Remember, don't be like #24 guys.

  • Slim Reaper
    Slim Reaper

    Who's here after Cam Fletcher started crying during a UK game?


    respect to #21 stayed humble and balled out.

  • c4 lol
    c4 lol

    15:27 latest call i have ever seen in a game

  • gxbe

    bro 21 made me crack up every time when he put his hands up

  • SidTheKid13

    Caleb Love (#3) (UNC commit) & Camron Fletcher (#21) (Kentucky commit) were easily the best on the court

  • lag ent
    lag ent

    Players are always a reflection of their coaches. I can guarantee the coach and #24 argue in practice everytime

  • Daniel Fan
    Daniel Fan

    smh idc what yall say trash talk is part of the game but the shit in warmups and especially at the end was so unnecessary... embarrassing especially for such an elite program

    • Phung Dang
      Phung Dang

      DDTV hgr

    • Bryan Rousseau
      Bryan Rousseau

      Agreed bro i trashtalk too but ion take it as far as #24 from the warmups and then at the end, its all bout emotion nd when it comes to becoming a superstar those moments u take to try and humiliate others cause they lost will cost u that opportunity bc u got scouts lookin to see whos most proffessional and who can handle themselves the right way and carry themselves the same without losing their shit when they win or lose we all lose its part of the game and life im genereal so ye im js i would break #24 ankles then shit on his life with a 3 pointer then just walk away with a shimmy shake like bish calm tf down and take notes

    • DDTV

      Agreed with his comment until I saw you had my name🤔🤔

    • Nick l
      Nick l

      The most pathetic thing about it, other than the thugs doing all the talking, is the dude at the end of the video making the racist comments about the "white boy refs". If the refs were black and a white dude was saying shit about black boy refs, all kinds of people would be crying "racist!!!" Oh, but wait, black people arent racist huh. Absolutely pathetic. I knew somebody was gonna be crying out something about the white refs before I even saw that dude say something. No, they weren't racist refs. The team doing all the talking was. The white players on the other team were getting fouled along with the black kids on the team and the refs showed no favoritism toward the white kids over the black kids on the same team. The refs looked like they did a good job. If it were me though, i woulda definitely gave out way more technical fouls, and definitely woulda ejected number 24. But what do I know? I'm white and my opinion don't count. Notice how uncivilized these guys are. You don't see white people acting like this. The problem is, too many fatherless bastards in the inner city. If they had a daddy around, they woulda got their ass beat for acting like that. When you got the repetitive cycle of thugs making babies they don't raise, this is what we get. And we wonder why there's so much black unemployment in this country lol. I know I wouldn't hire anybody that acted like that. Would you? Hopefully someday, blacks in this country will wise up and break the cycle and make something of themselves. Be civilized and treat your fellow man with respect and stop acting like a bunch of jungle animals.

  • C. J.
    C. J.

    as extra as #24 was being I was expecting him to do more........

  • Lightning Neely
    Lightning Neely

    The fact that Caleb Love is in this too😭😭😭😭

  • Deltron Playz
    Deltron Playz

    bro when i look back on this game and who was on that Bradley Beal team, bruh Camron Fletcher, Caleb Love, Phil Russel, that team was stacked with talent!