when you see this little boy inside of clown tunnel RUN away FAST! (he is evil)
when you see this little boy inside of clown tunnel RUN away FAST! (he is evil)
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    This "killer clown" never gets old tho lol

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      I think there are many clown dress like that

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      Lol I think he's 9 years old lol

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    This man is probably making children who watch these videos think that they will see clowns in the road randomly lmao

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    maybe stick a paper saying ''follow me!'' into a drone and fly it in the tunnel, that way the boy can see you are trying to help him and get him to follow the drone out, just dont lose signal tho

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    I fly my drown there and saw a little blood stream coming out

  • Are birds real?
    Are birds real?

    Doesn’t realize he’s actually George

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    Why does Stromedy squad always have to be the first to be in the tunnel and when being chases he’s last

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    Stromedy:I'm not going in there! Us:Lies,you end up every time going in there!

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    I like the Fact that at The beginning, The clown Almost never Sees the Drone and Somehow Doesn't Hear it when its Close

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    I love the movie It. The first time I watched It in a theater I enjoyed it so I considered It one of my favorite horror films.

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    That was insane, did the cops find anything?

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    13:59 theres a blue light inside


    Great job. love from india 😘

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    When you saw the kid it was gerougie poor him my heart fell so bad for him

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    Normal: oh what's gonna happen If a clown would come back to the start of the tunnel to grab the drone : ok this is the scariest video of stromedy

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    Ur so strong if i was you i can t even gowed to the bridge..

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    That clown is drunk! Me:ahh drunk clown must run over it!!! Clown: ahh crazy person!!

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    Isn' That an doll? 🕸cause it would move straight at the camera. 🤔 Though amazing video you're so brave.👏

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    every night when i sleep by my brother i stare at him because i thought he was that boy

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    I live in Gladewater Texas and there's a whole bunch of clowns in my backyard where the woods are

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    *casually sets up camp* I'm here to educate, to debate, to end click bait. Ask me a question and I answer it.

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    Just passed the most scariest in darkness tunnel of them all

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    I love you guys so much you guys are the best and you put so much effort in so much time into these videos just to make us happy❤️!

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    Thats litterally where they filmed the 'it' movie :O

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    1:27 thats the same house next to fishlock road

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    He’s trying to lurd you in

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    When you pointed the camera down the tunnel I saw a clown with a blue suit.

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    When the clowns come closer to the drone take it high

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    Hey hun how's things going with the kids and family 👪 I hope you have a good day

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    I'm afraid to leave the house when I watch this video. It's very scary. but why did you go in that hole. If attacked, what do you want to do?

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    I was so scared when you Georgie turned around

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    This couldn't be more staged having your friends dress up and the guy having to remember his words 😂

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      Yo truth

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      Remigio Gutierrez

      Is just so funny how they act and talk to each other like is so real lol I laugh at that lmao

    • Remigio Gutierrez
      Remigio Gutierrez

      This is hella fake just for entertainment 🤣

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      Matthew plays roblox

      lol we all know this is fake 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    That was literally scary

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      Salam dari Binjai

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    Lmafo my sis who's watching this thinks it's real,, she keep crying now every time i say "clown"

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      Gorgie is real I saw him in the and omost din't easape.

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      So true

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      @Silver yeah it’s fake but it’s really hard to think it’s fake

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      bro stromedy is fake bro he doesn't have a life.

  • Kylie Ripple
    Kylie Ripple

    That kid with the yellow rain jacket had to be Georgie from the movie IT!

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    Gudge studios

    Whenever stromedy is like “we aren’t going in” they end up going in

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      200th like

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      I wish they did not go in there omg that was hell scary

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    He's enjoying his day

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    man u already saw "It" then u must know Georgie is dead then what u ask this. 12:18

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    Them: go deeper inside the tunnel. Me: GET OUT OF THERE.

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    That Georgie looks so real dude

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    When I watch these videos they make me so nervous, because I'm afraid they could be anywhere.

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      @Gudge studios I know I just still don't like clowns and these vids

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      Me to ever since I whath it

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      Ima be yall twins

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      Ha no need to be scared the truth is there's one of his friend who wears the masks of these demons and acts and they film

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      Amanda Whelan

      Same it feels like real but it's not don't be afraid ok

  • Chloe 👧🏿 elj Arthur
    Chloe 👧🏿 elj Arthur

    Oh my gosh that looks pretty creepy George’s face look like he’s been trampled by the clown and it looks like a clown is been hurting George in the face neither think I know why Georgies arm is on being carted little bit because the clowns ate his arm but that was literally crazy day though it was literally crazy

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    I love The Videos i’m subscribed to you and I watch them a lot the videos

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    Ok is this fake ?, It has to be come on lol I laugh so hard at these videos but still love them & love watching them!

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    Me: points my tablet at the ground for no jump scare and I realized there's for jump scare Edit: thanks for 5 likes

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      Ryan s

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    Omg good job😱 when your friend got turn in too a clown you only got two more friends😱😱😱

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    It’s the kid that penny wise pulled his leg

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      I know

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    That clown is weird, he shouldn’t be on the road 😮

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    Little kid:help me Me:omg I am panicing

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    When yall said Georgie I was like what the heck I went and to Google and I saw the movie and I was like ok

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    Is this content even literally safe for meh 😌

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      It's fake.

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      Omg I'm a kid and I watch hunntr x hunntr


    stromedy says: follow him from up high drone pilot says: I am alr doing that and he is following him from 1ft distance lol

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    Chloe and Jadynn

    They are back from 2014 and here to get there revenge 😂

  • Mckenzie Amansure
    Mckenzie Amansure

    If my parents get a clown for my birthday im gonna scream i have a HUGE phobia of clowns i see one that clown might get injured even though im scared i WILL take it down i alwaysed imagined that i would fight a clown and well scare him away even though im scared

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    Andy Lee

    That was so scary probably that clown was penny wise you guys are very brave 😢😢😢

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    Ariel Grana

    Someone or something grabbed the drone!

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      Pubg Gamer666

      1-we are not blind 2-no it just lost signal

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      Ariel Grana nah it lost signal

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    Zero Vector

    5:46 I think that was a pile of blood 🩸😳

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    Zorz Tirant

    Sometimes i feel like your lying and sometimes i think your telling the truth 😕

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    Jaxen Jones

    good thing you guys are safe

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    Amielle 3343

    Them saying its a forest Me thinking its just a street full of trees ☺

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    Just XSツ

    2:11 "i didnt go to pilot school for nothin" Mark SEP 29 2020 tip of the day lololol

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      I’m in the navy

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      Haha liessss

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    Stromedy you always do videos with clowns on camera if it is one there’s more than one

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    When I saw Georgie's face I freakin out that was just Horrify

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      I want to say that is like literally scary

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    Me: **thinks that the boy was jeorgie from pennywise** Me: NANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERES A CLOWN AT THE FLAT SCREEN!!!!!!!!! Nani: its just a video hunny Me: ohhhh Nani: **gives me cotton candy,pop tarts,chocolates,and ice cream to me** Me: thanks nani My sis: no fair TwT Nani: awee dont be jealous here Nani: **gives my sis more snacks** Me: TwT Nani **sighs** here Nani: **gives food** Me: thx oh and here Me: **gives some food to sis** My sis: thxxx here have some **gives me snacks** Me: awwwww your so nice My sis: sisters forever!! Me: sisters forever!!!! Nani: awwww LOL


    Him:bro this clown looks drunk lets follow him to join him

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    that was a big risk for going into the tunnel that boy just give me a jump scared

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