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  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    It'd be a great move. That said... charlotte isnt known for making great moves. The only great move theyve made in 10 years was drafting Melo. So i dont think there's anyway that father time gets it done. He's too busy feeding his ego and MJ is too busy... idk golfing?

  • andy lee
    andy lee

    I’d imagine rozier would have to be a part of the deal not only to fill/match salary but bc idk if he’ll like playing backup to Melo and mitchell, he certainly didn’t like playing behind kyrie in Boston. Utah wanted over 6 Firsts from NYK, Charlotte doesn’t have as many Firsts that can be traded, but I do feel they have better young players that can be offered if NYK doesn’t offer RJ

    • Surprise623er

      @-- ok but would you trade Mitchell for that if you were the Jazz?

    • Sif

      @-- no shit

    • --

      I'm taking Mitchell over rozier if the trade could happen

  • Mr Faulk
    Mr Faulk

    With the talk of Gordon Hayward to the heat... I could see a 3 way trade where Herro goes to Utah, Gordon to Miami and Mitchell to the hornets. Of course it's other players and picks to be sorted out but would scratch everyone's itch...

    • Tlaie

      @Mr Faulk I know what you Tryna say I’m just letting you know any trade involving herro will be big fish hunting we wouldn’t trade Herro for Hayward

    • Mr Faulk
      Mr Faulk

      Nah I aint the Gm. I'm going off of the speculation of yall not having the ammo to get Mitchell and the rumors of Gordon being yall next option. I could care less how it all turns out but don't act like you aint seen the rumor mill on all players mentioned.

    • Tlaie

      We not trading herro for Hayward you crazy if we somehow did trade herro we’ll want Mitchell

    • Jacob Lozada
      Jacob Lozada

      @I don’t know milk Yeah that sounds like a sheeeesh moment

    • I don’t know milk
      I don’t know milk

      Herro for Gordon 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  • patrick roland
    patrick roland

    He won’t solve the defense issue but they can space the floor a lot more with the additional offensive threat.

  • Madara

    this would be phenomenal trade that never even crossed my mind🔥🔥🔥

  • Felix Candelaria
    Felix Candelaria

    Great video Brother. I would lose my mind if the Hornets landed Mitchell but it will take a huge haul of players and draft picks and that's the issue. I've been a fan since 92ish...all I want for Christmas is a playoff series win!

  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    The Hornets would trade Kai Jones, JT Thor, Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier for an all star caliber like Donovan Mitchell.

    • patrick roland
      patrick roland

      Kai Jones and JT Thor would shine in a different system. They are going to develop to be great players. Would be sad to see them flourish somewhere else

  • Swish Culture
    Swish Culture

    Donovan Mitchell and LaMelo would be a sick backcourt. DO IT Charlotte! Don't think about it! Move Hayward and Rozier if you have to.

  • Beth Dxn
    Beth Dxn

    Believe Jazz are using other teams to leverage NY into a panic buy. Don't think Utah is really interested in Charlotte's assets compared to what NY can pony up. Trading for picks could be problematic as Mitchell will improve the standing of whatever team he goes to thereby lowering the value of the draft picks so the package of young players might be the more important factor. Would be willing to deal Rozier, Kai Jones, James Bouknight and PJ if that would get it done. Mark Williams should not be on the table.

  • Life of Ryan RC
    Life of Ryan RC

    Real one. We know melo is going to the very top ✅ Everyone besides melo MUST BE expendable at this point ✅

  • Daniel Juarez
    Daniel Juarez

    Not sure if this has been talked about yet, but do you know if Ball in the Family is renewing a season or if it got canceled?

  • Indigoriel

    gelo 53 on what %? dkm should know

  • Elijah Shaw
    Elijah Shaw

    Terry & Haward would be gone & anyone else other than Melo can go.

  • TheRealJayfye

    That duo won’t work unless Melo gets much better defensively! No way you have 6’1 Mitch guarding the guys like Lavine , Booker etc

    • Samora Plays
      Samora Plays

      I dont see Gordon or Terry defending better then Donovan so how would it not work precisely? Getting a decent defence built around Donovan and melo is easier then having to overpay on 2 contracts (the earlier mentioned Gordon and Terry) and try to make the play offs with this mess they got now (pretty sure miles bridges isn't coming back after the whole wire debuckle)

    • Surprise623er

      @Apple Pie nah, he's a decent on ball defender

    • Apple Pie
      Apple Pie

      @Aquarian Warrior I agree. I did save a video of it in my phone. Lamelo is a low key good defender.

    • TheRealJayfye

      @Aquarian Warrior lmfaoooo how often do you think that’s going to happen ??? Melo BBQ chicken vs Tatum

    • TheRealJayfye

      @Aquarian Warrior lmfaoooo how often do you think that’s going to happen ??? Melo BBQ chicken vs Tatum

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor

    Shieeeeeeeet! If we (the Hornets) can land that big kahuna, we are a legitimate 2nd round playoff potential type team automatically. Add the right pieces around them and possibly one more star (maybe a big?), and you’ll have a legitimate championship contending team! I hope we get him. Charlotte winning a championship would make Michael Jordan the greatest thing to happen in basketball without a shadow of a doubt, and it would solidify LaMello as a certified gangster and top NBA player. Imagine the Hornets vs Golden State for a 7 game NBA finals. People in NC love basketball, possibly more then anywhere else in the world, it’s just our pro team has sucked for so long that we don’t give it a chance because our college teams have been so successful. Get a winning pro team though and the script will be flipped! The Hornets would sell out every game like they did when they first came out in the 90s.

  • MansaKuk

    But after getting him how we gone build around them if we trade away all our picks. Which is what's gonna have to be included in whatever we gave Utah. knowing that nobody comes freely to sign with us. I love it. But I dont see how we could keep building after having them 2

  • Mouse

    Ain't happening, Jazz just spreading rumours to push knicks to up their offer

    • Adam .t. Knight j.r
      Adam .t. Knight j.r

      Na y’all just don’t have the pieces bro

  • Jalen Mundy
    Jalen Mundy

    Fax bruh Mitchell is what we want Terry to be and all Charlotte has to do is trade for Mitchell abs the hornets have the assets

  • Stacked ENT.(T.Saka)
    Stacked ENT.(T.Saka)

    If this trade is done Charlotte has a chance to make the playoffs and I'll not even be mad at this. But Terry will be gone fr so it depends at this point.

  • dbzfan4ever mj23
    dbzfan4ever mj23

    If this happens there making the playoffs not even a question

  • G Notion
    G Notion

    Send Hayward back to Utah with young guys and picks

  • Eric Schaeffer
    Eric Schaeffer

    Mitchell was having knee issues vs hornets late last season that would be a concern for me if we giving up Soo many asssets for him.

    • Eric Schaeffer
      Eric Schaeffer

      Don’t get me wrong though it would be a great trade, we need someone on Mitchell’s caliber to replace bridges. We need to keep PJ for his defense and I’d say terry/Hayward go for sure and then probably a rookie like Kai or bouk along with our 3 2nd round picks and the 1st we acquired in the duren trade.

  • Mr King
    Mr King

    I want to see this happen. Mann...

  • K H
    K H

    Too bad their defense will get worse if he goes to the hornets, I’m curious to see how many points they’ll give up lol

  • Shanna Gee
    Shanna Gee

    Terry & Gordon And draft picks for Davon Mitchell

  • Chhengman

    I dont see it happening but thatll be dope melo throwing a lob to spida but spida needs to go to new york lol

  • BYT Beats
    BYT Beats

    Melo and Mitchell would be cold

  • Pasuhdena

    They better get this man

  • Bill Bob
    Bill Bob

    its like what miles bridges was on his way to donovan mitchell

  • Joell Ashby
    Joell Ashby

    id get donovan then sign liangelo

  • Thanos

    Please give us that gelo 53 point video!

    • Surprise623er

      Yes with all the misses and turnovers and lack of defense

  • Trey Kennedy
    Trey Kennedy

    I hate that SGA always gets left out of these convos..

  • Josh Ohare
    Josh Ohare

    Terry Gordon pj Thor and Kai Jones and all them stupid 2nds from the duren trade which we should never of done

  • thereal DG
    thereal DG

    Yea not gon cap this roster bullshit, coach is mid at best, the gm so nonchalant wit his job…im tired of not seein melo in da playoffs

  • Yankee Suave
    Yankee Suave

    I’d rather see Charlotte trade lamelo cus he deserves better fuck that orginazation they never do what’s right

  • D. Young
    D. Young

    They should’ve just drafted him

    • D. Young
      D. Young

      @Slïm3 Wöck Cliff wanted Mitchell, look it up

    • Slïm3 Wöck
      Slïm3 Wöck

      Monk was a better prospect at that time. No one seen Mitchell becoming this good

    • Apple Pie
      Apple Pie

      You can't go back to the past.

  • noahvsthewrld

    Gordan Haywood finna go back to the jazz we get spida😵‍💫


    We the people of the United Charlotte hornets, in order form a more perfect union, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and ensure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  • Like Minded
    Like Minded

    Nah, LaMelo Ball right now is better than Donovan Mitchell.

  • ItsDonovanDlsr

    wwwwwwwwwww video like all ways dkm

  • Sheriff Jalloh
    Sheriff Jalloh


  • Tyshawn Roper
    Tyshawn Roper