He Hurt His Arm So I Helped Him ❤️🥺
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He Hurt His Arm So I Helped Him ❤️🥺
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  • Rosana Maria
    Rosana Maria

    someone also noticed that when he takes the money his arm fixes it instantly

  • LlamaFreak

    I love how every 2 seconds he goes 🤫

    • Руслан Кириленко
      Руслан Кириленко


    • audro

      he does i counted xD

  • Minty cookie
    Minty cookie

    I love how Justin slapped Adam with money

  • Brody Weedon
    Brody Weedon

    It's so happy when you help him

  • ehhhhhhhh

    Can't someone notice that he's closed his eyes for a long time when he failed the water bottle flip bc when he was done he should of open em and none realized that's paper with a red crayon

  • Exploring the Way Podcast
    Exploring the Way Podcast

    I feel bad that he broke his arm even the song went good but even that you have you do all the work it’s good to make your friends think they won🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I will now pray for you guys🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • gacxxatulipp

      ✨FuN fAcT iT’s PaPeR✨

  • Sushi

    I love how when Justin was fixing the blue bottle he did a liiile dab- lol

    • Jackeline Maribel Quiñonez Ayala
      Jackeline Maribel Quiñonez Ayala


    • Fernando Adriano
      Fernando Adriano


  • Sakina Kazmi
    Sakina Kazmi

    I love how the cast is since toilet paper

  • Dianna Llamas
    Dianna Llamas

    Y’all see that he has a paper over his arm right?

  • Kyren Pierce
    Kyren Pierce

    Guys he didn’t actually hurt his arm but I feel bad for him though I really hope he’s ok

  • Regina Serang
    Regina Serang

    Editor/Adam mom: what the heck Other haters : they stole thumbnails bruh The fans : no they didnt your just jealous they got for subs then you

  • Meggan Powell
    Meggan Powell

    OMG!! He “totally broke his arm


    We all know that he does not have a broken arm do it when he actually brakes his arm

  • Brielle Ochinang
    Brielle Ochinang

    When she draws on the paper it looks funny

  • Isabella Allen
    Isabella Allen

    I almost cried actually no I did cry it is so sweet of you to help him

  • querenciia

    He didn’t break his arm guys he just showing kindness

  • Bao Bao
    Bao Bao

    Rip Adam Adam: *dies from getting slap with moneys*

  • Ericka Mendez
    Ericka Mendez

    You should always be nice to everybody

  • Pat Mcnair
    Pat Mcnair

    I love how he hurt his arm so he covers it in toilet paper and drew on it it with red sharpie omg I feel so bad

    • Williamhamster

      @Rich bacon yep

    • monkeyshane9


    • Rich bacon
      Rich bacon

      It’s just cringe

  • Rachel Wersted
    Rachel Wersted

    All he has on his" broken arm " is paper with red crayon on it

  • Blaise&Elysium

    "he hurt his arm so i helped him🥺" Him Moving His Arm Freely-💀

    • Gary Arcilla
      Gary Arcilla

      Its his other arm

  • Shawona Johnson
    Shawona Johnson

    That's so nice of Justin but Adam still needs some milk

  • Pizza The Goat
    Pizza The Goat

    Respect is the key

  • UBY

    Producer: how fake do you want this to be? Them: YES

    • محمود العمر
      محمود العمر

      @BomberKnight ضض

    • BomberKnight

      Its not fake when the viewers have no idea what is going on

  • Divya Saran
    Divya Saran

    "He broke his arm" picks up cash with same "BROKEN" arm at the end

  • Michelle pappy
    Michelle pappy

    How fake do want this to be Him: Yes

  • Dodo Marzouk
    Dodo Marzouk

    How can I be so proud that you

  • Erica Hollie
    Erica Hollie

    His arm is “totally hurt”

  • 100 %
    100 %

    He hurt his arm….. and then in the end he’s shaking it around

  • •°Itz_Luna°•

    Pls don't hate on lankybox they just want people laughing happily and being happy.

  • Jason Blalock
    Jason Blalock

    I love you guys so much the funniest person in the world

  • Micah Daniels
    Micah Daniels

    Adam’s mom: How fake do u want this? Them: Yes

    • Kakashi

      its just a video for kids so shut up

    • Just a partygoer
      Just a partygoer

      They don’t have a mom or a dad

    • Mariela Luna
      Mariela Luna


    • Qasim Mirza
      Qasim Mirza


  • ~Puppet~

    Lanky box steals ideas along with thumbnails, don't support them. The sounds are cringe also.

  • Jam Tahil
    Jam Tahil

    How did he move his hand when its broken

    • Queen Karen
      Queen Karen

      Arm not hand

  • Dominique Cavallo
    Dominique Cavallo

    He wasn’t even flipping them right he was just picking them up and dropping them

  • TemplatePlayz

    I wouldn’t believe that if I was waited that long

    • Bamwn Brahma
      Bamwn Brahma


  • Josephine flower🌸
    Josephine flower🌸

    Always help friends out❤️

  • ꧁☞𝑉𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑎𝑔𝑒𝑟☜꧂ • 999y ago
    ꧁☞𝑉𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑎𝑔𝑒𝑟☜꧂ • 999y ago

    His arm is meant to be "hurted"

  • TDblaze

    The amount of times he shushes the camera is unpredictable

    • Nurul Ummairah
      Nurul Ummairah

      @Harful Jaat look o

    • Nurul Ummairah
      Nurul Ummairah

      @Harful Jaat OK

    • Harful Jaat
      Harful Jaat

      @Murniati Harun oppp

    • Murniati Harun
      Murniati Harun


  • Wilson Chong
    Wilson Chong

    Poor Adam hope you feel better

  • mister cream
    mister cream

    I loved how he freely moved his hand

  • Osvaldo Pascual
    Osvaldo Pascual

    What a thick heart Justin you so nice hope u go farther inyo life :)

  • The chefing cooking last course  videos
    The chefing cooking last course videos

    Stop stealing people thumbnails

  • Fire & Water Gaming
    Fire & Water Gaming

    the fact that he shushes the audience every five seconds

    • Lexoehlke


  • Typical TG
    Typical TG

    He was so kind

  • shoto todoroki
    shoto todoroki

    He broke his arm but used his broken arm to pickup the water bottle

  • n a l a
    n a l a

    Who else counted how many times he went 🤫

  • Connor Townley-Doyle
    Connor Townley-Doyle

    My dude put paper on his arm then at the end he was fine wtf

  • Mar alj
    Mar alj

    I am so So so so happy for Adam I love you lankybox💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Michael Gabriente
    Michael Gabriente

    That's why I'm being mean at Justin the whole time because he's silly but when I enjoy there videos I changed my mind

  • Clive Antcliff
    Clive Antcliff

    Can someone put a count in the comments for the amount of times he put his finger to his mouth

  • Animatronic Reaper
    Animatronic Reaper

    I lost my only brain cell after watching this

    • Flabbyface

      Bros telling me to shush like I’m not even talking 😂

  • Queen Madisha
    Queen Madisha

    Keep on helping😭😭😭😭😭

  • Joetta Hicks
    Joetta Hicks

    Adam need some milk so he's not landing up

  • Nastya ice
    Nastya ice


  • Mary Simmons
    Mary Simmons

    “His arm hurt so I helped him Me:BOY IF U DONT TAKE THAT GOOFY ASS PAPER OFF YO ARM

  • Kiro

    Man moves his arm perfectly fine

    • Brody

      Ikr this is why I stoped watching lankybox

  • robertcifuentes03

    Bro you literally copied almost all your videos from sketch

  • basana ramachandrarao
    basana ramachandrarao

    Him with a broken arm lifting a bottle Me be like: yo what the

    • Renna Lasater
      Renna Lasater

      True it’s fake

  • Mirela Selimovic
    Mirela Selimovic

    I am SO shocked how Justin and Adam are pretty Brothers

    • Maria Irazu Perez Garcia
      Maria Irazu Perez Garcia

      Justin is handsome

  • Leo Bajza
    Leo Bajza

    I love jr belies but the most thing is when u help each other:) :D

  • XCY

    When the arm heals instantly at the end:

  • Jamie Bentrup
    Jamie Bentrup

    It looks like this man's cast is made of paper

  • No name
    No name

    The fact he's using his unbroken arm..

    • Adriana Lima
      Adriana Lima


    • Junio

      What money does

    • avery

      fr get better acting skills

  • Emma Rakobowchuk
    Emma Rakobowchuk

    Them: how to fake do u want to do it? Him: yes

  • Dom Giordano
    Dom Giordano

    He really hurt his arm

  • AlexanderTheOkay

    I feel bad for the guy with the cast

  • Dylan Kok
    Dylan Kok

    You keep coping thumbnails

  • Sunny Tran
    Sunny Tran

    Me: how many times are you gonna do this video justin:yes

    • michael damian
      michael damian


    • michael damian
      michael damian

      Why yall always say yes not alot??? Its werid

  • Mr.Mr.Mr.

    Nice job taking care of him

  • Brooklyn Lemmon
    Brooklyn Lemmon

    *Tapes paper scribbled on with red, tapes on arm. * "There, that should do it."

    • JessA

      Lol yup 😂

  • CarterxWalker

    He shushed the camera 16 times lol

  • k three
    k three

    Yes lord help everyone and help you too Thank god

  • One person
    One person

    I didn’t know doctors used paper for casts now

  • SilverbacksIly

    The fact his arm isn’t hurt it’s still sweet😊

    • Ramesh JM
      Ramesh JM

      Mad mad

    • Sur Yati
      Sur Yati


  • chub

    the fact that he is shushing us every 2 seconds

    • MAV Plays
      MAV Plays

      The fact your mom died from cancer

    • Pauleth Mercado
      Pauleth Mercado

      @Unicorn VS panda bvv Vvvvvvu9bt 8f7fi

    • Pauleth Mercado
      Pauleth Mercado

      @ĶhÂń FìxÙ glgh

    • Jayden Carter
      Jayden Carter


    • Unicorn VS panda
      Unicorn VS panda


  • Magorety Reveles
    Magorety Reveles

    Man he never broke his arm

  • Soledad mariana Fernandez
    Soledad mariana Fernandez

    Por que cuando ve el dinero magica mente se le cura el brazo 🤔


    He’s using paper as his cast.

  • taaj workout channel
    taaj workout channel

    The wrong thing I need to say is Adam need some milk 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🥛🥛🥛🍼🍼🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🍼🥛

  • bailee phillips
    bailee phillips

    Thank you box I'm your biggest fan I want you videos all the time 😁 for real nothing sometimes I saw your people copying you guys I thought always you guys don't want Roblox right now I am your biggest fan

    • The Wimers
      The Wimers

      Bro what ☠️

  • Maria

    The fact people actually believe this is true is just- no. No 😭😭

  • Alessandra Coquia
    Alessandra Coquia

    Is it only me or Adam grabbed the bottle with the injured arm..-

  • Curious Kids
    Curious Kids

    Bruh why is this channel still active? They were exposed for copying thumbnails. They’re cringe btw

  • Hilda Rodríguez
    Hilda Rodríguez

    Que buen amigo es espero qué así le valla mi ermanito

  • Suma Sri
    Suma Sri

    How did his arm become okay at the end

    • helpy frod
      helpy frod

      bro i miss old lankybox the guess the price and low budget music videos

    • Meekoman1156

      Not staged at all idk what your talking about

    • Marshmallow

      Yes magic

    • Alexander Barac
      Alexander Barac

      I saw that to and look how fake the cast is

    • Rafi Rafa
      Rafi Rafa

      its paper wraped around his arm so its a act and its cringe btw

  • Caleb Carinci
    Caleb Carinci

    Man did u get that cast for his arm at 5 below 😂😂

  • Jelly-Muichiro

    I never knew casts were made of paper

  • حاتم الغامدي
    حاتم الغامدي

    The guy on the left all time”🤫"

  • Mirela Selimovic
    Mirela Selimovic

    And Justin is a nice brother I love it

  • 박영TV

    친수를 생각하는 마음이 예쁘네요♡

    • Tania gil
      Tania gil

      si,sim,orayo 💜💜

  • garfield


    • Sheril Johancyss Valiente Castillo
      Sheril Johancyss Valiente Castillo


    • el parlantico
      el parlantico

      Is fake

  • Grateful Fishin’
    Grateful Fishin’

    Him every 5 seconds: 🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • Johan Flores
    Johan Flores

    Is his arm broken bc he was moving it every where

  • Rikko Railey
    Rikko Railey

    This youtuber deserves to be in youtube kids

  • MRBeast. 1
    MRBeast. 1

    I've played your obby and I've been through the whole thing.

    • Ryan Santos
      Ryan Santos


  • Kiwi Gachas
    Kiwi Gachas

    bruh literally every three seconds he shushes us like what

    • Yusuf Yeman
      Yusuf Yeman


  • Nurbek Jusupov
    Nurbek Jusupov

    Aww 🥰

  • Kiera Lea
    Kiera Lea

    Bro had to say ssshhhh so much time when we can’t even talk through the screen plus how did he not feel the money slap him

  • Jesús García
    Jesús García

    nadie: El chino cada 1 segundo: 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫