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  • Sarmad Kiyani
    Sarmad Kiyani

    so nobody's gonna talk about Allen's brilliant catch 💯

    • Rosann Rosann
      Rosann Rosann

      We don't need to say it.. Guess who ..?❤️

    • Gaurav Rawat
      Gaurav Rawat


    • V

      He is an Alien👽

    • Rebel shah
      Rebel shah

      I am going to talk

    • JOY YT Gaming
      JOY YT Gaming


  • Radium

    Lendl Simmons , the underrated legend from the West Indies . He always does his job but no one recognises it. According to me he should be the man of the series.

    • RaJu BoY GaMiNg
      RaJu BoY GaMiNg

      hey man wht u saying ........wht about nicholas pooran ?????

    • koko yem
      koko yem

      Dave v saovvdz sad nvbbbjb vh to vhvhc. C. Hcvchv ggvgcs. Nnn

    • Ziyan Akhtar
      Ziyan Akhtar

      It should be mitchell marsh

    • Yash Kasbekar
      Yash Kasbekar

      @im_faizan 48 lewis was also part of mumbai indians 🤷‍♂️

    • Rajdeep Sannyas i
      Rajdeep Sannyas i

      @im_faizan 48 wwfitin

  • OFG

    West indies can be considered serious contenders for this year's T20 world cup Well because they have done the wise thing by calling their big names who were busy playing in foreign leagues for money and now they gave restructured the side👍👍

    • Abdul Fahad
      Abdul Fahad

      Nice joke🤣

    • OFG

      @Saikat Banik he's finished

    • Saikat Banik
      Saikat Banik

      Except Sunil Naraine



    • मोनू रावत रावत
      मोनू रावत रावत


  • Abhishek Nishad
    Abhishek Nishad

    When t20 world cup is near West Indies suddenly start winning matches and players get in form😂😂😂😂

    • Priya Mullangi
      Priya Mullangi

      This didnt go well

    • Shashank Sitafale
      Shashank Sitafale

      But Australia wins the t20 world cup 😂

    • Seenuseenu Seenuseenu
      Seenuseenu Seenuseenu

      @Anuj verma f

    • Sm Public Gaming
      Sm Public Gaming

      And All are saying Windies are 2021 strong est team and they win t20 world cup

    • Plant Base
      Plant Base

      We've had 3 decades of dominating everyone else.

  • Harsha Nagudu
    Harsha Nagudu

    I cant imagine 20 overs format without west indies

    • Mwchang Jamatia
      Mwchang Jamatia

      Don't forget the reason behind the decline of Windies cricket is also t20

    • prakash .g orton
      prakash .g orton

      Yes ,infact cricket became more interesting when west indies started playing T20

  • sun witness
    sun witness

    Lewis 79 runs just 34 balls❤️❤️. 9 sixes and 4 fours 🔥🔥

    • Waish Ali Khan
      Waish Ali Khan

      Just 9 single

    • Sajjad Ali
      Sajjad Ali

      irglo.info/from/crlmbmB4dqiehIE/fy-lm-h-y.html bn

  • Kapil

    Question: most powerful hitter in the world Answer: Windies team😂😂

    • Radhe Krishna
      Radhe Krishna


    • Ᏼᴘ'ɪᎪᴍ•ʙϴᴛ

      @Azlan khan bhi 90 meter ke sixes ja rhe kya farak padta h boundry se boundary choti to Windies walo ne Australia ke liye kar diya ki sixes mar sake

    • sz

      @Azlan khan dude no no no

    • Azlan khan
      Azlan khan

      The boundary is short that's why they are hitting well pakistan is best in hitting no doubt

    • Priyanshu singh
      Priyanshu singh

      @Raunak Kori LOL u clearly said Best cricketers not best hitters 🤦‍♂️

  • Anirudh Bhaskar
    Anirudh Bhaskar

    Simmons and Lewis will be the perfect opening pair in upcoming T20 WC for windies team🙏

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      Giggles adorably

  • Rahul Gautam
    Rahul Gautam

    Zampa at the end of the over is like "Fletcher ko rehne dena tha" 😂

    • Rishi Kumar
      Rishi Kumar

      Didn't get the whole of it

    • Rishi Kumar
      Rishi Kumar

      Ek commentator har baar sirf ek he baat bolta hai


      @Ilyas which friendship


      Sahi bola Gayle ne toh pel diya usse 😂😂🤣🤣

  • ವಚನ್ ಎಮ್
    ವಚನ್ ಎಮ್

    0:28 That sound from the bat gave me goosebumps!

    • Slayer Beastyt
      Slayer Beastyt

      Not so good👎

  • saveen fernando
    saveen fernando

    Fabian's catch was out of this world 🔥🔥🔥

    • MR. VIKAS
      MR. VIKAS

      Ipl ocsan big price

    • King Kartabyo
      King Kartabyo

      @Ulfric Stormcloak 11:39 onwards

    • Ulfric Stormcloak
      Ulfric Stormcloak

      Pls tell the time.

    • Shahbaz C
      Shahbaz C

      staggeringly good catch! my jaw dropped

    • Archie Tulloch
      Archie Tulloch

      Polwarth parish service

  • kashif shaikh
    kashif shaikh

    I don't know why but i still enjoy MS Dhoni and CH Gail's sixes.. They r unbelievable 😘😘

  • Sawaid Khan Junoon
    Sawaid Khan Junoon

    Good to see such a positive attitude & energy in West Indiesian team. 🙏


    11:40 what a catch by Fabian Allen 🔥


    Fletcher is the best consistent batsman in category if inconsistency..

    • Tharani Tharan
      Tharani Tharan

      @Shashank TRIPATHI yea I love roy intention even if he gets out I love seeing the intent

    • Shashank TRIPATHI
      Shashank TRIPATHI

      @Rohit Gajwani of course brother hales too is so aggressive.. now livingstone But I personally adore roy his aggression..also when he gets out 😅😅.. I love him

    • Rohit Gajwani
      Rohit Gajwani

      @Shashank TRIPATHI but their are much better players then him in eng team even Alex Hales who is not in the team is better than him Bairstow is not able to open because of him

    • Shashank TRIPATHI
      Shashank TRIPATHI

      @Rohit Gajwani roys attitude is enough

    • Om Prakash Behera
      Om Prakash Behera

      @Guy Aaron Finch right?

  • Ajinkya Rahane ✔
    Ajinkya Rahane ✔

    so nobody's gonna talk about Allen's brilliant catch 💯

  • Levinho Lite
    Levinho Lite

    11:41 that was amazing catch I have never seen before

  • Shakeel Akbar
    Shakeel Akbar

    No teams can cheer like Windies ❤️👏🏻🇱🇰

  • Chirvi family
    Chirvi family

    Evin Lewis is just amazing. He smashed 79 runs from 34 balls including 4 sixes and unbelievable 9 sixes, 4 from Mitchell Marsh's over.

  • Sabit Ahmmad
    Sabit Ahmmad

    Can you believe it!😱😱 Fabian Allen!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 What a fielder!.

    • Kanishk Dohare
      Kanishk Dohare

      When he was in Punjab Kings he drops many catches 😂😂

    • Sunny Garad
      Sunny Garad

      Jadeja ka fan hai

    • Kevin Williams
      Kevin Williams

      Out of this world💯

  • Ajinkya Rahane ✔
    Ajinkya Rahane ✔

    so nobody's gonna talk about Allen's brilliant catch 💯

    • Zohaib Khan
      Zohaib Khan

      Player like babar

  • Ajinkya Rahane ✔
    Ajinkya Rahane ✔

    so nobody's gonna talk about Allen's brilliant catch 💯

  • Praveen Kashyap
    Praveen Kashyap

    West Indies is literally toying with Australia 😂. They are not even trying

    • Hammad Nizami
      Hammad Nizami

      @J PRAJ its because austraila only did well in their home ground

    • J PRAJ
      J PRAJ

      @Tushar bro its not their B team its their main team😂.. Australian players not in good touch like they used to do before

    • animesh das
      animesh das

      @Tushar Finch, Henriques, Marsh, Starc, Hazlewood, Zampa, Carey, Wade, Behrendorf, Tye. You call it a B team

    • Naveendra kurrey
      Naveendra kurrey

      @Vaishali Redkar qPb1ct ,

    • Vaishali Redkar
      Vaishali Redkar

      @Tushar 0

  • Rosann Rosann
    Rosann Rosann

    That leg-side hitting of Lewis is my favourite cricketing shot ..❤️

  • Ammar Yasir Shah
    Ammar Yasir Shah

    Run out by Pooran Was equally Brilliant to Allen's catch

  • Abhishek Dhingra
    Abhishek Dhingra

    The utmost EASE with which Windies beat other teams in T20s is amazing.

  • The Explorer
    The Explorer

    Allen is the best find of the series for West Indies, absolutely amazing all round performance.


    Great Performance by the entire West Indies Team in this series.. 👍👍

  • Murali Narayan
    Murali Narayan

    Okay this catch at 11:42 is one of the most amazing catches, next to the one Jadeja took against New Zealand in 2020 💯


    That catch by fabien Allen is the catch of the year so far for me. SIMPLY FREAKING AWESOME

  • NickWan

    Congratulations WI Grabbing The T20 Series. AMAZING Disply Of Team Work 👏👏👏

  • Shakeem Brown
    Shakeem Brown

    Allen. Best catch in the whole series 👍

  • Abdullah King
    Abdullah King

    11:44 Allen 💣 blast Catch ...humongous

  • Shivam Patel
    Shivam Patel

    What a team 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt

    Love to watch windies ❤️ especially lewis flecture and poran

  • Leon Forrest
    Leon Forrest

    Outstanding performance 👏. The fielding is unbelievable; that one handed catch are instances that can determine a win or a loss.💯🍾

  • Be Happy Music
    Be Happy Music

    Love to see Windies winning and dominating against Aussie... Reason unlike Aussie they don't bullying or do sledging they just enjoy there game. Love from India😊

  • Ajinkya Rahane ✔
    Ajinkya Rahane ✔

    so nobody's gonna talk about Allen's brilliant catch 💯

  • Asif Ali
    Asif Ali

    Watching the series... I can say one thing WI is the team which set the level for every team.💪

  • Som Dutta
    Som Dutta

    West Indies are my favorite T20 team, apart from India. They have such amazing hitters in the lineup, one after the other. If not India, they should win the T20 WC.

  • Digimon

    Can't imagine T20 without West Indies

    • niranjan kumar
      niranjan kumar

      T20 ain't cricket

    • Raghul Anand
      Raghul Anand

      @I Smesh Your micChicken fool

    • prince madana
      prince madana

      @I Smesh Your micChicken IPL had already done it

    • Nikolani Moskvin
      Nikolani Moskvin

      @I Smesh Your micChicken 😂😂😂😂

    • Hassan Yahya Mir
      Hassan Yahya Mir

      @I Smesh Your micChicken Hi

  • Animals Family
    Animals Family

    What a incredible match😍💥

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    0:28 That sound from the bat gave me goosebumps!

  • Prakash Ravi
    Prakash Ravi

    When it's comes to the six hitting ability I really admire west indies...west indies always keep t20 cricket adventures...


    I am Indian but I love the way WI play's over power game play 🏏🏏

  • Richard Andrews
    Richard Andrews

    This is the Best Format for west Indies having been great at Test Cricket in the 70s and 80s its nice to see the West indies do well in the t 20s good batting many power hitters good bowling and very good fielding just a shame they cant transfer this back to test Cricket even if they couldnt be as dominant as before at least they could be competitive

    • Kamar Douglas
      Kamar Douglas

      So true

    • Richard Andrews
      Richard Andrews

      @Guy Yes your right there batting is woeful and inconsistent and they dont have the as many fast bowlers as they used to but they are bringing som talented players through though they dont ahve the depth as they days

    • Guy

      They don't produce fast bowlers like they used to in back those days , plus they couldn't find talent like lara again ,heck lara can score more runs still at this age compare to their current test players

  • hammad siddique
    hammad siddique

    Greatest catch ever by Allen❤️

  • The Positive Studio 13
    The Positive Studio 13

    West Indies give their heart and soul in T20 cricket. Great ambassadors of the game.

  • Abubakar Ijaz
    Abubakar Ijaz

    173 in 15 overs 🥶🥶🥶🥶 But 26 in Last 5 overs.......

  • Moazzam Shahzad
    Moazzam Shahzad

    After this, windies has become very strong and confident team

  • Hammad Siddiqi
    Hammad Siddiqi

    West Indies should start to donate their power hitters to other team's who lack power hitting 😂😉

    • Bengali Bhay
      Bengali Bhay

      @charles lol bro they have rohit virat and kl so no need of power hitters

    • Denhas

      @محمد احسنAs a Sri Lankan, I agree

    • Khalid Mahmood
      Khalid Mahmood

      @CRAXY YT I think you need to learn cricket

    • I Love Food
      I Love Food

      Every team has like 3=4 power hitters

    • Dr Ghulam Raza
      Dr Ghulam Raza

      India ko koi plz plz plz acha bowler donate karo it's very urgent

  • Ajinkya Rahane ✔
    Ajinkya Rahane ✔

    so nobody's gonna talk about Allen's brilliant catch 💯

  • Jarvis J
    Jarvis J

    If Russell would have managed to score those 11 runs, it could have been a dream 5-0

  • Abul fazal Ahmed
    Abul fazal Ahmed

    I really love lewis's batting style.. it's unique

  • ajay kumar
    ajay kumar

    Australia having another Watson like player in name of marsh🔥

  • Kavindu Sulochana
    Kavindu Sulochana

    Windies aint trying so hard.. they just keep on enjoying playing the game!

    • Ubaid king
      Ubaid king


    • balavadra goud official vlogs
      balavadra goud official vlogs


    • JOY YT Gaming
      JOY YT Gaming


    • Chasmatto Bhai
      Chasmatto Bhai


    • Nithy Rajah
      Nithy Rajah

      West Indies just don't play the game, they enjoy the game as always 💪🙏

  • Thomas Why u lying
    Thomas Why u lying

    Well done West Indies and Australia played with dignity and respect long may it continue..

  • Peter Green
    Peter Green

    That catch was one best I've seen, marvellous INDEED.

  • Jimmy Boss
    Jimmy Boss

    Congratulations Boys 🎉.. From Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

  • Tutul

    What a team!What a performance. Grand salute to this team.

  • Archit Bubna
    Archit Bubna

    Omg Fabian Allen's catch was sublime 🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • Jon Las
    Jon Las

    Well done WI !!! Magnificent catch that diving one-handed was :)

  • LS Nature & Creations
    LS Nature & Creations

    Allen got a brilliant catch 😍😍 Pooran's direct hit also brilliant 😍😍❤️🔥🔥🔥

  • Ajinkya Rahane ✔
    Ajinkya Rahane ✔

    so nobody's gonna talk about Allen's brilliant catch 💯

  • Naveed Khan official
    Naveed Khan official

    What a one handed catch



    • Information Central
      Information Central

      @Vishnu Vardhan thori kaam chor

    • dharmedara M
      dharmedara M

      @Aaron Alleyne n

    • Vishnu Vardhan
      Vishnu Vardhan

      11:40 What a gem fielder. Reminds me of Sir Ravindra Jadeja

    • Deepanshu Rawal
      Deepanshu Rawal

      @raymon time stamp plss

  • Ben Ten
    Ben Ten

    That was a hell of a catch by Fabian Allen

  • Rish Mailoorkar
    Rish Mailoorkar

    The reason I am happy with Windies back in form is due to their gentlemenship they are a great individuals unlike aus who use to sledge and all

  • Saarthak Gupta
    Saarthak Gupta

    THAT CATHCH AT 11.44 !!!!! AWESOME!!!!

  • Ahmad Republic PK.
    Ahmad Republic PK.

    Powerful inning 😍😍😍😍 by Lewis 79 runs in just 34 balls and Fabian Allen take unbelievable 🤗🤗🤗 catch

  • Abhiram Abhi
    Abhiram Abhi

    What an extraordinary and excellent knock from Even Lewis sir

  • Chandan Mallick
    Chandan Mallick

    WI got the best T20 team currently, what a overall performance they had throughout this series, Fabian Allen, jr. Walsh are added benefit now, am just awstruck with their performance

  • shantanu mishra
    shantanu mishra

    & this is when Hetmyer & Pollard are not playing🤦🤦 mighty Wendiees.🙌

  • Manu

    Always love to watch Windies t20i s ❤️

  • MC

    Congratulations West Indies on Winning This Series 4_1 🔥❤️

    • game changer TMC
      game changer TMC

      Dwl we gonna get you Babar

    • Sajjad Ali
      Sajjad Ali

      irglo.info/from/crlmbmB4dqiehIE/fy-lm-h-y.html bn

  • EDUCATION_शाला

    I think every west Indies player have great power of hitting sixes 🏏🏏🏏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • I Am Empress
    I Am Empress

    True champions well done Windies 👏.

  • Priyanuj Bairagi
    Priyanuj Bairagi

    West Indies is looking best now 🔥 want to see more powerful hits in upcoming t20 wc 😍


    Lewis gone fire🔥🔥🔥

  • Nawabzada Haider Ali Khan
    Nawabzada Haider Ali Khan

    The real contenders to win T20 world cup...what a squad they have just amazing hitters of the cricket ball...wow

  • Yogesh Gautam
    Yogesh Gautam

    What a catch by Allen 💪

  • A Charles
    A Charles

    That catch by Allen......exhilarating...sensational

  • Chamiru

    11:40 wow,what a catch😳😵

  • Shane McCarthy
    Shane McCarthy

    What a catch by Fabians Allen he really is an excellent fielder wow

  • Saurabh Kabali
    Saurabh Kabali

    Thomas dropped his pace when he was firstly selected in WI teams he bowls 90mph 145+ but now his full pace is only 135 such a shame at this age

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar

    I love West indies really. Wonderful, most formidable team. I don't remember anyone toying with Australia like this in my life. They look helpless. Also love commentary.. Love from an Indian.

  • A ح S A N       💛
    A ح S A N 💛

    WI team on Fire 🔥🔥

  • Baliyan Baliyan
    Baliyan Baliyan

    Fantastic catch of Fabian Allen and fielding is awesome of Windies🙏🙏🙏

  • zee

    11:40 that was one hell of a catch by Allen!

    • Krishna Veer
      Krishna Veer


  • Mathew Richards
    Mathew Richards

    Even lewis is in some cracking form bring it to world up please

  • Nafi Hossain
    Nafi Hossain

    These match were like my favourite web series 🤠

  • Balram Sharma
    Balram Sharma

    3:39 at this point of time Lewis just played 14 balls as 9 balls were dot balls And scored 15 balls

    • I•Killed•The•Monster

      Wtf are you trying to say?

  • Prabu K R
    Prabu K R

    Congrats West Indies 👍

  • Vibhor Mehra
    Vibhor Mehra

    11:40 WHAT A CATCH!! 🤯🤯🤯

  • Charith Sai
    Charith Sai

    Just imagine west indies is playing at sharjah 😆😆

    • S Jai Akash
      S Jai Akash

      West indies venues for upcoming world t20 Vs england dubai Vs south africa dubai Vs B2 SHARJAH Vs A1 abu dhabi Vs australia abu dhabi The team which finish second would have to west indies storm at small park ground sharjah RIP to that team 😭😭😭

    • Ajay Deol
      Ajay Deol


    • Shayan Shahab
      Shayan Shahab

      Or Nottingham

    • Siddharth Yadav
      Siddharth Yadav

      @Pratik Pawar to opposition bowler pele jayenge

    • Pratik Pawar
      Pratik Pawar

      @Asif Raj agar batting track hua to.

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari

    Serious contenders for the WT20... Great all around performance.

  • Priyanuj Bairagi
    Priyanuj Bairagi

    Lewis is playing the role of C. Gayle in now time 🔥

  • Pasindu Manulanka
    Pasindu Manulanka

    Well done boys ❤️❤️❤️

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga

    West Indies is back in form🔥🔥

  • Ricky

    That catch is 🔥

  • Thisara Hasaranga
    Thisara Hasaranga

    Fearless cricket ❤️🥺