&AUDITION - The Howling - Episode5
The day of Round 3 performances.
The stage is much bigger than what the members were used to during practice, and the three teams are thrown off during the rehearsal. Will they be able to perform their choreography to the best of their ability?
Also, the 15 members check on the current status of the &RING. They learn that in Round 3, the number of &BALLS they receive will be announced right after each performance as everyone looks on.
Team C Riders pour everything into their performance that their legs almost give out, while JO of Team Full Count breaks down in tears after their performance. Meanwhile, K of Team Wangwang receives tough criticism from the producers for the first time.
Will the 15 be able to fill up the &RING and debut?
&AUDITION - The Howling -
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  • Jot


    • J u n g w o n ♡︎
      J u n g w o n ♡︎

      fr fr he’s underrated

    • VLOGumentaryesh


    • moonmaarri

      @Supergreen412 I think the problem with Gaku and Yuma/K’s choreo were that it was so similar to seventeen’s. They did change some parts but the choreo for the choruses were so similar if not the exact same as seventeen’s. So since this was to create your own choreo challenge, that’s where the issue arose. Not saying FUMA’s choreo wasn’t similar to seventeen’s in some spots but compared to the other 2 his was the most different overall.

    • Sushidashi

      Yesss I’ve been saying this since ep1

    • Kelly Pope
      Kelly Pope

      @rachana rai me too. His gentlemanly like calm attitude is appealing. We don’t see enough of him

  • enna

    "we'll debut" honestly, K has always been our rock from the start. I personally don't know what I'd do if K wasn't their to reassure everyone that it'll be alright, I know he has his struggles too and that he might have been bottling his feelings up, but I just really appreciate him for everything that he is doing. He isn't just fighting for his debut, but for all of the 15 members to debut

    • DON'T


    • Mimi

      Definitely Deja Vu - Jo and K’s moment is so reminiscent of Jay and K’s sweet hug/moment in Iland.

    • enna

      @미카엘라 씨 definitely, I can't wait for everyone to debut, especially the 4 debut members, they've waited a long time already

    • 미카엘라 씨
      미카엘라 씨

      That gave me major iland flash backs 😭😭 and k has grown so much I really appreciate that he kept all the things he learnt from iland to improve himself i rlly wanna see him debut now

    • D X
      D X

      @Charmain Campbell This plus during the previous episode he mentioned RM's advise about leading from behind. He's putting it into practice. 💖

  • Daniela Aguirre
    Daniela Aguirre

    You can clearly tell that the 4 debuting members stand out a lot

    • DON'T


  • Ate Ya Mei
    Ate Ya Mei

    Why is no one talking about HAYATE's visuals. He's like that 'bad boy' main lead 😭

    • Rupa Taikam
      Rupa Taikam

      @DON'T wow YOU don't read my pfp 😶 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lmao

    • DON'T


    • Ning Ning
      Ning Ning

      Well then we need to talk about it more 🤗

    • raine putosa
      raine putosa


    • Maram Mayar
      Maram Mayar


  • Reese

    Fuma is better and better every episode. He has to debut!! His singing is so stable, his dancing and choreography is really eye-catching, he has great leadership skills, he has such a fun personality, and he gets along well with everybody. Not to mention that he looked SO HANDSOME this episode. Hybe PLEASE don't let Fuma go, he is your ace!

    • DON'T


  • Ailee Lay
    Ailee Lay

    K and Nicholas are such amazing performers. They seriously need to debut.

    • Kpop._.worlddomination

      @Gwen M loves Kpop, CEC, & More they might not though

    • Gwen M loves Kpop, CEC, & More
      Gwen M loves Kpop, CEC, & More

      They’re already gonna debut though

    • Im Blessed
      Im Blessed

      The i-Land boys are sure to debut afaik, taki, ej, nicholas and k

    • rany del angel s
      rany del angel s


    • Shwetha Pg
      Shwetha Pg

      Can't agree more. I always supported them since iland. Unfortunately they didn't made it there. Hope they debut this time

  • dhaygdhig

    K and Taki's live singing and rap really proves that they are debut ready. I'm glad that they can debut on a group they can call their own.

    • DON'T


    • SeeTangBoys Entertainment
      SeeTangBoys Entertainment

      I love K but as Soma said K tries to sing as quite as possible to focus on his dancing more

    • K

      Yes they're both amazing❤

    • aizen Mitzoki
      aizen Mitzoki

      I love k and taki the most they are the reason why I'm still watching this show since I'm disappointed since I watch them from the I land because they are eliminated but I'm fully happy if they whare both debut

  • Jilda Tupuza
    Jilda Tupuza

    Me encanta la vocal de Harua y Jo , el carisma de Hayate y Yuma, Fuma tiene talento de coreografo....¡Definitivamente K es el maestro de los conceptos!

    • DON'T




    • Sushidashi

      Jo improved but he’s still pretty lacking. Like he isn’t debut ready at all. Funny how he went viral on tiktok for literally looking like Ni-ki and Sunghoon from Enhypen but that’s basically it.

    • Elaysia

      YESSS!! 🤗🤗

    • baby huiyeon
      baby huiyeon

      Jo improved so much... even i was suprised!! Lets hope he improve even more!!

  • ZaeG

    K’s wise words about “one day in the future you’ll be grateful for this day” he is so strong minded! We love you K 🫶🏼

  • rachana rai
    rachana rai

    hybe please dont let go of Fuma...he is a gem in all aspects, humble personality, great voice, great choreo skills plus dancer and a killer smile

    • Aaron James Quiroz
      Aaron James Quiroz

      Finally, I met people who has the same feelings❤️

    • Chelie Mae Apao
      Chelie Mae Apao


    • Karylle Rentoy
      Karylle Rentoy

      This is fr omyghod pls!!

    • Liela Bulagnir
      Liela Bulagnir


    • Elpink /
      Elpink /

      Like that smile furreal tho🫠, they better not spite him like they did K🤦🏾‍♀

  • Díaz Arcos Secia Berenice
    Díaz Arcos Secia Berenice

    FUMA tiene que debutar, no tengo ninguna duda de su gran talento!

    • DON'T


    • Yelenia Moreno
      Yelenia Moreno

      Definitivamente! En este desafio quedo mas que demostrado lo talentoso que es 💖

  • El Felizardo
    El Felizardo

    Soma is creating an unstoppable idol with his words. Cheering for you K! You’re a star ever since iLand days. Knowing K’s attitude, he has a growing mindset. He will take that comment to heart.

    • nellie

      @Sushidashi Well lets not forget that Iland was under mnet 🤭

    • Sushidashi

      @James Desipeda yup I agree so much. The vocals in I-Land were heavily autotuned while on this show, you can hear all the voice cracks which makes the trainees that do have stable vocals all the more amazing.

    • Sushidashi

      Yesss Soma knew that K had everything to be a monster rookie or monster soloist like Rain or Taemin. Like I swear K just needs to train his vocals more because it would be a shame to waste all that talent in stage presence, dancing skills and leadership just because he’s average in singing.

    • El Felizardo
      El Felizardo

      @James Desipeda I agree. I appreciate Soma-san and Sakura-san's coaching as they both give constructive criticism so they can perform better on the day of the performance.

    • James Desipeda
      James Desipeda

      That's what I love about this show, compared to I-Land. I felt that I-Land lacked that feedback regarding the trainees vocals. Even if they actually did, they didn't show much in the show itself. With &Audition however, there is a fixed judge that is focused solely on their vocals, while dancing or without dancing. I'm glad that Soma is really honest. K is an amazing performer, but there is something about his vocals that really felt lacking to me even though he is very stable. Soma has put that feelings to words very clearly. I'm sure K will improve that, he seem to really work hard especially if there are criticisms to his craft. Not sure if this is correct as well but I can hear them singing live in this show compared to I-Land, where to me it sounded all pre-recorded (except for the vocal battle I guess)

  • marie

    Rooting for EJ, you have so much talent and such a great personality. He has an incredibly calming presence, even through a screen. As for K, he is such a great performer and it’s finally time for him to shine by debuting. I also want to mention Yuma, he never grabbed my attention before but wow! His voice is something else entirely! 🙌🏼 As for the rest of the boys, you’re all amazing, I can’t think of one person who doesn’t deserve to not debut. As a person who has Japanese ancestry and speaks Japanese, this is the first (potential) Japanese group that’s gained my attention and I can’t wait to see what further they bring for us and how they can expand our culture worldwide! However, I wouldn’t be surprised if not all of them can debut, if you’re thinking about the group’s future success, Hybe might want a smaller group, who knows. Either way, love you all!

  • El Felizardo
    El Felizardo

    The debut line (Nicholas, EJ, K and Taki) really stands out whichever group they belong. I’ll add in my favorites, Fuma and Maki. Minhyung finally came out of his shell. He’s a baby 🥹 He improved!

  • aloi

    finally the praise that Fuma deserves!! C-RIDERS PULLED OFF CALL CALL CALL REALLY WELL! Yejun in particular reeeeally suited his parts!

    • R.Y.

      I hope Yejun debuts with them if that's what he wants, but he's so extraordinarily cute-it'll be a shame not to see him debut with a Korea-based Hybe group. If he joins the Hybe Japan group, he'll probably have much fewer interactions with, e.g., Soobin and other friendly faces at Hybe. Also, think of the difference in albums-photobooks are usually (much) smaller and shorter in Japan; there'll just be less of him in the albums (this assumes that there won't be Korean-format packages of the same Japanese-language albums, with much more included). Concerts overseas, too-there might be fewer of them than if he were with a Hybe K-pop group.

    • 쿵쿵.02

      The maknaes really did so well. They surprisingly pulled off the concept, meanwhile they're usually known cute.

    • Haley Mikles
      Haley Mikles

      I thought the same thing when he (yejun) was singing and rapping I got goosebumps

  • Milagros E. Zegarra
    Milagros E. Zegarra

    no sé ustedes pero yo lloré junto a JO y los chicos T-T

    • Fuyu Miyazaki
      Fuyu Miyazaki

      yo igual, es uno de mis picks y verlo así me dolió 💔💔

    • Alejandra Verbeek
      Alejandra Verbeek

      Yo igual, lloré con Jo 😭

    • Tianna Issac
      Tianna Issac

      It's like everytime someone cry I'm gonna cry to😭

    • Jin Margarette Valle
      Jin Margarette Valle

      Me too!

    • Choi Justi
      Choi Justi

      Yo también lloré

  • Melissa jeon
    Melissa jeon

    HYBE please don't make wrong decision, please let them debut all

    • Gwen M loves Kpop, CEC, & More
      Gwen M loves Kpop, CEC, & More

      @Gema Quintero that’s how treasure was originally supposed to be

    • Gema Quintero
      Gema Quintero


    • Gema Quintero
      Gema Quintero

      Being truly honest, i think 15 members is to much, specifically if all of them are dances and vocalists. Sadly, and even though I wouldn’t know how to do it, i would break them into two groups

    • Gwen M loves Kpop, CEC, & More
      Gwen M loves Kpop, CEC, & More

      @Lilith yeah like Yejun maybe 2-3 more years

    • Lilith

      I think some of them still need more training to be honest. They need to be confident in themselves or else it would be a nightmare to debut.

  • oddysseungz

    Saw comments about hybe needing to put fuma in the final line up and I think if anything, this episode exactly proves it! He is such a hidden ace in all aspects and the debut group would miss out if he wasn't there

  • soph

    I cried when Jo cried and I think the reason is because I see myself in him so much. I lack confidence and I don’t show emotions often because of how shy I am. I really hope Jo is able to finds the confidence to improve next round and show the producers that he’s ready to debut!!!

  • Jorge Lala
    Jorge Lala

    Maki lo hizo increíble hoy, y solo recibió un elogiooooo, siempre lo dejan de lado, pero el desde el primer episodio demostro ser bueno en el baile y el canto, espero si logre debutar, porque el nació para estoooo

  • Rano Mikael Jallorina
    Rano Mikael Jallorina

    Maki just keeps on getting better and better. This kid will surely debut and become successful.

  • Camila Cleves
    Camila Cleves

    Viendo la presentación de Nicholas realmente tiene mucha presencia escénica, se ve super genial y la coreografía de Fuma 10/10

  • rj

    today's favorites for this episode based on the performance are: C-riders- Yejun 19:27 19:47 20:40 Full count- Harua 37:33 38:03 38:27 39:12 Wang wang- Yuma 1:00:17 1:00:42 1:01:04 1:01:41 1:02:05 1:02:10 my bias is yuma, my vocal king (mainly b'cos of vocals)

  • 𝙑𝙚𝙧𝙞

    52:19 When K said to Jo 'you will be thankful for today one day' it made me tear up. I am very impressed by K and his professional stance to his career, it is certainly something that the other boys can learn.

    • Aesthetic Bunny Girl °•°
      Aesthetic Bunny Girl °•°

      Can you please explain about this audition I don't really understand

    • Hal

      plus mnet can’t edit anything out

    • Faw

      The way he is being potrayed here and the way he potray himself is so different from I-Land. Seems more lively here too! He’s definitely grown alot

  • Jilda Tupuza
    Jilda Tupuza

    El hecho de que Fuma haya creado por él mismo una coreografía así de cool...wow y es buen líder también 👏

  • ash

    i have never felt so attached to someone other than jo, hikaru & harua. AAAAAAA LETS DEBUT MY BOYS !! 😭🤍

    • Dianajoy Dalagan
      Dianajoy Dalagan

      Gaku and Hayate

    • Ed

      Add Gaku and we'd both have the same list

    • Dianajoy Dalagan
      Dianajoy Dalagan

      SAME OMG

  • Hey It's Ayra
    Hey It's Ayra

    I want them all to debut, including Jo, Junwon, Hikaru, the shy ones

  • Rhea

    I can’t help but notice the similarities between Harua and Sunoo. A bit feminine but it really suits them. Also amazing vocals that will surely become even better after a bit of training. After seeing Sunoo in I-Land and now in Enhypen, we have witnessed how long he has come and how much he has improved along the way, not to mention he was great to start with. It makes me wanna see Harua going down the same path. However, we haven’t seen Hurua’s duality yet and I personally, would love to see him in a masculine and fierce concept. We all already know how versatile our sunshine Sunoo is. Gosh, those smiley eyes which also can radiate a very cold tsundere energy. Anyway, I just wanted to point it out. Love all of them from the bottom of my heart! Enhypen is 7 in our eyes but 23 in our heart. Whoever debuts from &Audition - The Howling alongside our 4 boys from I-Land, they will still be 15 in our heart. ENHYPEN and &AUDITION, FIGHTING!!!

    • niia b
      niia b

      I had been thinking that Harua reminds me of Jungwon; he has a unique voice and at the moment I can’t remember why else. But now that you say he’s similar to Sunoo I can really see it!

    • Sophie Bordador
      Sophie Bordador

      We have the same mind girl 😌

  • Jot


    • Just Kpop
      Just Kpop

      FR. All of the team had a great performance but C RIDERS was really my favorite.

    • Gopika Menon
      Gopika Menon

      ACE FUMA ❤️

    • 티파니Tiffany


  • Sophia Sun
    Sophia Sun

    fuma is so insanely talented the choreography for c riders was amazing! nicholas really stood out too, and junwon is so stable! C riders as a whole made me so proud.

  • Micaela R.
    Micaela R.

    The chemistry between Nicholas and Fuma during the performance was insane. Fuma would def be a great addition to the line up 😌😌

  • Maria Bíscaro
    Maria Bíscaro

    O Fuma e muito talentoso merece entrar no grupo.

  • Marlene Luciano
    Marlene Luciano

    All of them are talented in their own way.. it’s about time for K to debut and lead the group of these young man. They all Performed amazingly!

  • Nutcraxer

    They all look so cute performing SEVENTEEN Songs😭😭 as a carat, I'm hoping to see &audition boys performing with SVT and other HYBE Artists!

    • nikooru-desu

      @Kpop in Your Area! mingyu was especially funny 😭😭😭😭 can't truly get enough of soobin's charms

    • Kpop in Your Area!
      Kpop in Your Area!

      @nikooru-desu I felt the same way! It was funny and loving ( ? ). I love the interactions and how they all would hype each up. And it also was funny to see Soobin collecting idols yet again 🤣

    • mimmartica

      yeees me too can't wait!!

    • nikooru-desu

      @Kpop in Your Area! the first one was amazing too 😭so happy to see hybe idols interact with each other 💜💜

  • Hepl.i

    Episode 5 definitely shows their improvement A LOT! They went from trainees to Idol standard in just 4 episodes! That’s honestly so impressive

  • SUGA-coated SWAEG
    SUGA-coated SWAEG

    Leader position fits Fuma really well 🤩 C-Riders really caught my attention~ they're so stable both in dancing and singing ❤❤❤

  • Camila Delgado
    Camila Delgado

    Jo was crying Doubted himself because of the performance and his team really got me crying as well and plus we didn’t get to see how much balls did they get and I’m really rooting for them on there next performance for round 4

  • Frechelle Abadies
    Frechelle Abadies

    I was sooo shock with Maki ! This is his best performance and also Jo.He improve well. Best performance for full count ,they grow so much as artist.

  • sideofzhy

    So, no one's gonna talk about how creative Fuma with those choreography? He did all of that! 😭

    • Sushidashi

      @Kelly Pope me too! I was worried that he was just going to be a token trainee so K wouldn’t feel old but he’s definitely debut ready.

    • Kelly Pope
      Kelly Pope

      @zeynep finally. I noticed him from day 1 n felt he was ignored. So happy things have changed

    • zeynep

      Girl.. this is exactly what everyone is talking about here and I'm just glad 😄🥰

  • 나비

    JO, you did great. It takes courage and talent to be where you are. Please don’t give up on your dreams to perform and do better. We’ll be next to you and waiting for your debut.

  • Milagros E. Zegarra
    Milagros E. Zegarra

    JO eres genial, no te rindas!! varios te apoyamos desde lejos, creemos en ti, tú también creé en ti 🫂

    • Tabata Torres
      Tabata Torres

      @luz Quispe pues son para llenar el &RING q es donde ponen las bolitas, si el &RING no se llena de las bolitas no debutan y si lo llenan pues si debutan, no sé si me di a entender

    • luz Quispe
      luz Quispe

      una pregunta para que son las bolitas ... aun no entiendo eso

  • P1ece of A
    P1ece of A

    Why is no one talking abt Maki's voals? His voice is so stable and it's so nice to listen to!! Maki for the main vocalist!!!!

  • kyloo

    i enjoyed full count team's performance the most. i cried so much with JO last night because of the feedback they got ㅠㅠ i hope the members know that they did well on their performance!!

  • Supergreen412

    Can we seriously just take a minute to appreciate Maki’s vocals? He really seems like the most stable voice to me and I love his tone🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

    • Pablo Pablo
      Pablo Pablo


    • Sarah

      So true! I totally agree!

    • Jenn Peralta Luna
      Jenn Peralta Luna

      Yes, maki is really amazing

    • Daniela Coco
      Daniela Coco


    • Checxy Vlogs
      Checxy Vlogs

      I AGREE 100%

  • Ada Ertl
    Ada Ertl

    C-RIDERS surprised me so much, they were perfect, it was very powerful!!! Just amazing !!!

  • Susana Mendoza
    Susana Mendoza

    Enserio amo las presentaciones de K, siempre tiene un lado increíble que mostrar y nunca me decepciona K fighting Amo a los 4 chicos del grupo debut siempre he creído que son increíbles y super talentosos. Wow Fuma es increíble, creo que es un gran candidato a debutar

  • YangGeul

    I really love Maki's vocals. So easy and nice to hear!

  • Ika Yuniarti
    Ika Yuniarti

    Gaku, fuma, maki, for me you guys look more and more prominent with your talent every episode ❤️

  • anna_18

    I feel like there aren't many people that appreciate Yuma enough. He is extremly stable, a great dancer and a mood maker. Yuma you definetly deserve to Debut along with the other amazing Trainees!!

    • アサヒ

      Yuma, Gaku, and Hayate are my favorites......

    • WhoLightsUptheWorld

      Ikr? I feel like the only one who is literally in love with him and his talent💖💖

    • Ellysya Elly
      Ellysya Elly

      istg he has all 😭🤟

    • Lourdes Criado
      Lourdes Criado

      My bias are K and Yuma💪

    • Sushidashi

      Fuma and Yuma are my picks

  • Nicole

    I like Fuma more and more each episode. I really hope he can debut!!

  • Cristina  Carrera Hidalgo
    Cristina Carrera Hidalgo

    La voz de Maki suena tan bien a pesar de estar bailando, ese niño tiene alto talento y potencial para más, nació para esto.

  • hyunjinie_lixie_chanie

    Since NOONE is gonna talk abt team WANGWANG,i will that choreo,vocals and the background vocals of one of members,i loved it so much,i was so immersed the whole time andi felt i was actually watching a show on music bank!

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam

    Fuma finally getting all the attention he deserves!!!! Yes! Soma is hella cute😍😓

  • 하니

    Call call call is one of SVT's hardest choreos. C Riders pulled it off really well!

    • Jill Duran
      Jill Duran

      @Hannah Durante indeed! If you're not a CARAT who constantly watch SVT's performances then you won't notice. You must be a carat yourself to even point that fact out which I really appreciated. The original choreography didn't change that much, he just added some moves and mostly used the popular moves in their choreo

    • Hannah Durante
      Hannah Durante

      @𝐤𝐚𝐢𝐲𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐢 A lot of it was still the same;;; watch Seventeen's choreo video for the song, he kept most of their moves

    • 𝐤𝐚𝐢𝐲𝐨𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐢

      yeah but they make their own choreo though, Fuma did

    • Gopika Menon
      Gopika Menon

      Hats off to FUMA for the choreography 🥲❤️

  • Thidachanh Visisombath
    Thidachanh Visisombath

    Yuma is really perfect guy!! He’s all rounder and can do everything He can dance, sing , compose song and create choreography Don’t sleep on him🥹 Let’s debut Yuma

  • Ana Isabel
    Ana Isabel

    FUMA is such an ace! He’s super talented, his vocals and choreography skills are amazing! I need Gaku, Fuma and Maki to debut!! Gaku and Makis vocals and stage presence was on point! Also, K, Taki, Ej and Nicholas are such performers, they stand out in any group! Tbh they are all talented and did an amazing job!

  • hwii shii
    hwii shii

    Performance wise, K and Nicholas ate this ep. Vocal wise Maki stand out for me :))

  • Sarah

    Maki and Yuma have beautiful voices and they are so stable... I really think they should debut!

  • A. Asmr
    A. Asmr

    I think Maki has the most stable voice out of all of them. I really like his voice!

  • Viktorianisches Huhn
    Viktorianisches Huhn

    I have fallen for Makis vocals - he is an amazing singer and I hope he gets the chance to debut with Taki (these two are so adorable)

  • VENUS 7
    VENUS 7

    Team WANGWANG fighting! me encanto la coreografia y toda la performance

  • Starlight

    Maki's vocal stability is amazing

  • Bruna Afonso
    Bruna Afonso

    I can't believe FUMA created that whole choreo... We must appreciate Fuma

  • Valentina Moreno
    Valentina Moreno

    K debería ser centro, lo digo en serio. Puede ejecutar cualquier concepto perfectamente!

  • Andyyy bb
    Andyyy bb

    Me encantaron todas las coreografias, me hicieron sonreír, muy bueno, los quiero mucho, espero con toda mi alma que si puedan debutar ❤️❤️😸

  • patchsox1

    K never fails to impress. I’ve watched him since iland and can see how much he’s improved, he’s the full package. Perfect leader too.

  • Emma C
    Emma C

    Yesss Maki receiving the appreciation he deserves FINALLY

  • Ashess

    I fall more into Gaku’s trap each ep. He’s so caring and motivating for his team!! I love them 😭

    • Taejin C
      Taejin C


    • areya


    • Rain Writer
      Rain Writer

      A whole mood

    • minamiyah _
      minamiyah _

      same ! he's so charming, you can't help but be drawn to him. I seriously hope he debuts 😩🙏

  • moon

    Call call call choreography is soooo awesomeee. I didn't expect to like it so much . Fuma is like a professional choreographer

  • KookBunny

    Me gusto mucho las voz de Yuma, obviamente K es muy talentoso por eso lo presionan, JO tiene buenas expresiones faciales pero siente demasiada presión, Minhyung mejoró bastante a comparación de las rondas anteriores, Nicholas demostró su buena presencia escénica, EJ ya está más relajado nos enseñó su lado lindo una voz dulce un baile armonioso y relajado, Fuma demostró su capacidad de liderazgo y lo buen coreógrafo que es se nota el talento y esfuerzo de todos los chicos ya espero el siguiente capítulo animoooo desde perú 💞

  • Sai Chine
    Sai Chine

    I want to say to jo that he did a great job I can see that he is improving every round, it's sad to see him sad but that's the part of growing, every trainees receives feedback like that to learn and to improve their skills, Still I really want to say to jo that he did a great job (*˘︶˘*)✧*。

  • Marusu Chan Vtube
    Marusu Chan Vtube

    I don’t get how the judges say “it’s easy to get to this level,” when really it is NOT. I just watched an episode of Produce 101 Japan, hoping to be impressed since &Audition boys are outstanding. The one episode just made me realize how &Audition boys are already the cream of the crop. They’re leagues ahead of other trainees. It is so not easy to get to their level.

  • ameachim

    Fuma is so great, he’s leadership is really wonderful. His Performance is fire🔥🔥🔥 Have stable vocals in a very challenging choreo

    • عاشقة BTS
      عاشقة BTS

      @HAECHAN Oh thanks for the info💗


      @عاشقة BTS it´s not a band yet

    • Jules is here
      Jules is here

      Absolutely agreed I feel line his leadership is the best one out of all of them ans he always surprises me on stage with his great vocals and amazing facial expressions!

    • عاشقة BTS
      عاشقة BTS

      @aurorabosco Thank you

    • aurorabosco

      @عاشقة BTS Fuma's team is called C Riders

  • Weird Animationz
    Weird Animationz

    I really hope in the next performance Jo and Harua get a chance to really catch the judges/producers’ eyes, I feel like they have so much potential and personality, they may have faced the cold comments this ep but they will come back stronger next ep. They are already great trainees and I’d like to see them shine with the others on debut day FIGHTINGG !!

  • Na Mim
    Na Mim

    Fuma!!!!, eres increíble. Te apoyaré con todo mi corazón ♥️

  • Jungwonito

    Si Fuma no debuta, esto será de las más grandes injusticias en la industria musical

  • KIRA G.
    KIRA G.

    TAKI, K, NICHOLAS, EJ im so proud of you boys! we can really see how you grow so much! you deserve to debut and everyone did really amazing!!

  • Thania Miraclara
    Thania Miraclara

    we haven't talk enough about yuma! his vocal sounds so stable and the way he hits the high note >>> HE LOOKS SO CUTE

    • iGenesis


    • Aroa MLSB
      Aroa MLSB


    • Trash Can
      Trash Can

      it makes me so happy that so many people appreciate him!

    • P1ece of A
      P1ece of A

      SO TRUE!!

  • laura reyes
    laura reyes

    Me gusta ver cómo mejora. Algo que amo es la forma en la que K apoya a todos como hermano mayor