drone catches crazy clown at abandoned water park (it was going down the slides)
drone catches crazy clown at abandoned water park (it was going down the slides)
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    • Ana Pooh 🥰
      Ana Pooh 🥰

      You got all the most funniest ridiculous I just want to freaking and then I hate I don't like when you got to do you draw videos every time you freaking turn like a corner or something I freaking clown I freaking some monster or some kind of freaking jumps out

    • Rhonda Norberg
      Rhonda Norberg


    • Patricia Burr
      Patricia Burr


    • Tiana sheldon
      Tiana sheldon

      Hi ☺️👋

    • Tiana sheldon
      Tiana sheldon

      Hola soy Dora:]:[

  • Infinity

    I love how he said “Let’s try not to let him see the drone.” But he literally just grabbed it

    • Maria Koivisto
      Maria Koivisto

      I love your videos you are best kisses Maria

    • Ami Tetreau
      Ami Tetreau

      Same so funny 😂

    • Tahlia_playsroblox

      When I haven’t watch the whole video?

  • Vijaya The Walkerz
    Vijaya The Walkerz

    I think the drone company will become rich cuz of this guy

    • Goldenboy Sky
      Goldenboy Sky


    • Allyssa Gunderson
      Allyssa Gunderson

      Pff no kidding almost every drone video he loses it lol 😂

    • Leila


  • Kiana Tyler
    Kiana Tyler

    Holly crap that scared the hell out of me I almost had a heart attack when the clown jumped out of nowhere and took down the drone

    • _gachagirl123

      Lol same😂😂😂

    • Ben_roblox

      What chapter was it

    • Leruo Mongalenyane
      Leruo Mongalenyane

      U can lie

  • Annabelle

    14:11 I jumped so hard that I almost broke my roof………LOL

    • Jenny Lopez
      Jenny Lopez


    • Melinda


    • Anna James
      Anna James


    • nataliaromanova

      Wait why


    Love your videos bro keep on doing it because you’re obviously doing something right to make people happy

    • Jamiesha rdbc.eyRnrgrorrb
      Jamiesha rdbc.eyRnrgrorrb


  • Trennedy Johnwell
    Trennedy Johnwell

    14:22 i jumped so hard an almost peed myself

    • Delilah Marin
      Delilah Marin


    • Robel Desta
      Robel Desta

      Bro why did I saw ur text it got me

  • Renee Pitre
    Renee Pitre

    I love your videos ,I watch them everyday.

  • TocaBocaistakingover

    I'm looking out the window for clowns now because I'm watching this at 3: 00AM!!!!😱 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • grxcie z
    grxcie z

    Be careful with your drones because you lost a lot of them already kyle

  • Danilo Borja
    Danilo Borja

    Me: i wanna go to that water park Me: *sees clown* Me:* NEVER MIND WHERES MY BLEACH HOLY WATER AND BIBLE*

  • Amira Shane ricamora
    Amira Shane ricamora

    I LIKE HOW HE SAID "let's try not to let him see the drone." BUT HE LITTERALLY JUST GRABBED IT BRUHHHHHH XD

  • Girls&Gals

    from 4:22 to 4:26 there is a clown just in the very shallows of the water you can barely see it but yeah :) Also i love your stromedy they are so entertaining hope you have the best new year ever!!!!!!!


    You guys make me face my fear now I’m not afraid of clowns thank you for being my hero!💘💖

  • Brynlee Newman
    Brynlee Newman

    Me when I was a kid:I LOVE CLOWNS Me now: I HATE CLOWNS!!!

    • Spooder-Man

      @Brylnee Newman same

    • Mitzi Minty
      Mitzi Minty

      I now


      Yh I agree, people ruined the cute clowns because the were like nice cute toys for kids and now they turned it into scary things.

    • Konnor Watson
      Konnor Watson


    • dark order
      dark order

      Me when I was a kid I used to love clowns me now I hate clowns

  • SarahLou_20

    When the clown came out of green tunnel and jumped…I literally had a “sTrOp” and jumped 1-2 inches on/in my bed

  • Allyssa Gunderson
    Allyssa Gunderson

    When the clown came out of the top of the green 🟢slide I literally basically jumped right out of my skin and through the roof

  • Glowingvelos

    Kylie/stromedy “I don’t think he sees the drone-gets closer”

  • Siti Norliah
    Siti Norliah

    I like this channel😙love from malaysia!

  • Matilda Greaves
    Matilda Greaves

    As long as they keep making drone vids the drone place wont go out of business

  • Ben_roblox

    14:24 this part scared the HELL OUT OF ME

  • Freddie Lavender
    Freddie Lavender

    The clown is just having a good time

  • Kerry

    i love how he said “ let lose the drone

  • Jayleen Blanco
    Jayleen Blanco

    This looks like some where I would go out the summer

  • Kayla Briggs
    Kayla Briggs

    I’m so excited I’m sick but it’s totally worth being sick to get to watch another video of yours❤️

    • Alexandra Tsiampas
      Alexandra Tsiampas

      same with me i'm sick too at home watching this instead

  • Georgina Yates
    Georgina Yates

    The reason that you loose all your drones is because you get so close to trees, ground and the clowns

  • Michael Burling
    Michael Burling

    You’re the most epic IRglo ever

  • Random.Stuff17

    I don’t know why but I’ve watched this like 7 or 8 times.

  • Lou Delvecchio
    Lou Delvecchio

    And I was thinking about going to a water park.....nope this shit is freaking the crap outta me

  • Bee Kind!
    Bee Kind!

    “We don’t want him to see the drone” *continues to fly the drone in his their face multiple times*

    • •: ˖ ࣪ sophie 𖥔 ࣪
      •: ˖ ࣪ sophie 𖥔 ࣪

      Literally that’s so stupid

    • Fallen 倒れたシャオ
      Fallen 倒れたシャオ

      @Pxstet UwU because they wear a mask

    • Pxstet UwU
      Pxstet UwU

      Yeah the Clowns are blind😅😅

    • Yadira Barrera
      Yadira Barrera


  • Ashlee Cornelia
    Ashlee Cornelia

    Me:screens My brother: what's wrong Me: a clown in the corner My brother:omg 😳.

  • Gacha Queen
    Gacha Queen

    God bless kyle he risks his life for our entertainment ( message to stromedy please be carful

  • rweller78

    When the clown got the drone it was like a jump scare it scared the heck out of me

  • Zurie Saitovska
    Zurie Saitovska

    When i see stromedy with clowns or when he gets like attacked i get a bad anxity

  • Nancy Algaba
    Nancy Algaba

    The clown is going to get so mad when he sees this vid XD

    • Pxstet UwU
      Pxstet UwU


    • Lisa Garretson
      Lisa Garretson

      He's definitely going to break the drone they probably hate you for it but I dont

    • Laurel Charlton
      Laurel Charlton

      And he no they were there and he mite be a killer clown 😣😣 ??????? Bye

    • 3s Sayfol
      3s Sayfol

      And he will break the drone! Get it. 🤡

  • Alyboo

    imagine the drown company is the clowns lol

  • Andrew Delacruz
    Andrew Delacruz

    Stromedy- the hardest thing is getting the thumbnail. Me- the hardest thing is me wanting to go out there

  • Brittany Pound-Quick
    Brittany Pound-Quick

    12:31 the clown watching the drone in the woods

  • Alexandra Tsiampas
    Alexandra Tsiampas

    i like how stromedy zoomed in on yanas forehead when they we saying " WhAT HELL aRE yOu D0iNg"

  • Icey Savage_
    Icey Savage_

    14:11 I jumped so hard🤣🤣🤣

    • Ham boui
      Ham boui

      @Maria Basulto ibgyg

    • Ham boui
      Ham boui

      @Jack Nicol Swindale jdi

    • Ham boui
      Ham boui

      @Icey Savage_ jjj

    • Allan Walizer
      Allan Walizer

      Omg same here 😂😂😂😂

    • Paul Gabriel Castro
      Paul Gabriel Castro


  • michael wilson
    michael wilson

    I think he’s going a little obsessed with clowns

  • mmCreeperHead 1
    mmCreeperHead 1

    14:24 this scared me.

  • Einfach _lea
    Einfach _lea

    Them:dont go near to Clowns Also them:1 cm next to it I mean like WHY?!

  • Abc Def
    Abc Def

    Imagine u took the drone inside of the slide half way dowb and a clown went onto the slide lol

  • Mr.PaisaVasool

    ‘how fake do you want it to be?’ them:YES..

  • eva moura
    eva moura

    Okay I love Your shows They are the best I might watching them every single day not every day Kinda hard for me to stay distracted with different ones and yeah I'm 6 years old6 and And I love Love

  • life wit maica
    life wit maica


  • Stephanie Cole
    Stephanie Cole

    When Andreas said lets go mr flip flops i just started laughing

  • Julie Blanco
    Julie Blanco

    Me thinking like: hey… I feel like I remember this…. WAIT NOO I WENT HERE

  • Maja Velicki. N.
    Maja Velicki. N.

    Stromedy”how do we find so many clowns?” Me”because you fake it and dress your friends up as clowns😑”

  • danyelle hampshire
    danyelle hampshire

    Stop playing with the clowns they're my friends and also I'm their leader so you better watch out cuz we're coming toward you so better watch out people

  • Schock Girls
    Schock Girls

    The thumbnail looks like me going down the slide

  • Kylie Fitzgerald
    Kylie Fitzgerald

    I think that he's gone nuts, clowns are so scary, especially these ones.

    • muaj

      They're not real

  • Sukhwinder Kaur
    Sukhwinder Kaur

    14:22 i nearly died i was so scared i nearly peed myself


    Me: bruh you literally went down that was on purpose I know

  • Maria Alejandra
    Maria Alejandra

    When the clown captured the drone I yell so loud I almost lost my voice

  • Mr mango
    Mr mango

    I love when some one says nah nah I'm not doing that and then he says chicken🤣🤣

  • Young Jay
    Young Jay

    When he said "Clowns are in the U.S" I've been paranoid as hell

    • Hygeniclogic2

      Same dude

    • Harri Davies
      Harri Davies

      @Jay what?

    • Jay

      @Harri Davies you don't even sure dude

    • Caitlyn Craven
      Caitlyn Craven


    • Victoria Freeman
      Victoria Freeman


  • Haifa Farook
    Haifa Farook

    14:22 i jumped so hard an almost peed myself

  • Brooklyn_family_vibez

    Whenever I watch your video’s and there scary music sometimes I leave the videos lol

  • PreppyxAvi

    I love ur vids and it is fun when I watch u guys explore and do this clown vids but ikk u guys are faking it or it is fake clowns bc I saw their human hands in some off the vids and I saw their skin at their neck and stuff

  • piper's bby girls
    piper's bby girls

    Stromedy: the drone company loves me bc im buying their stuff Me:i have been buying from macdonals and they Hate me Its bc whrn i went to macdonals they gave me my wrong order and put toilet paper in my food so i threw a tantrum

  • Robby Cox as BRUCE WAYNE
    Robby Cox as BRUCE WAYNE

    He’s trying to go up the slide Kyle

  • xoxo_lora

    I’m confused, how do they not hear/see the Drown

  • lovedove1331

    The clown is literally blind they put the drone right in front of it and the clown didn’t see it

  • Michelle Winkler
    Michelle Winkler

    I would have learned to walk there. I'm so scared of Clwons

  • Tanzia begum
    Tanzia begum

    The clown scared me when he broke the drown

  • Brooklyn Whatley
    Brooklyn Whatley

    oh my God, when I came back from the store, I saw a clown Robert into a shop, oh, my God, it's so weird, do not gonna leave it at that water park, open a waterpark before, when it was never a band and has seen literally clown in the bathroom, can you believe that you guys need to hit the bathroom, cause they got a bathroom theory, 2 it's a lot of clouds, I would take a left this gonna be a clown, because me, my mom went over travel, hunt for clowns and without a huge clown, we fly their driving out there to just so scary, so so scary, please take a left, you will see a clown

    • itsMJbtw


  • Emily Green
    Emily Green

    That just scared me I got jumped!

  • SuperSonicGbotto

    I love how stromedy says cut cut


    Me trying what the hell you doing then my self remembering that my voice is crocky lol

  • ashly owens
    ashly owens

    and it was funny how your friend freaked out when you said you saw a clown

    • Carolyn Vilchis
      Carolyn Vilchis

      You are right it was funny

    • Mona Haugen
      Mona Haugen


  • Gigi Golden
    Gigi Golden

    Every time I see your vids 1. you see clowns 2. you scare me because the clown grabs the drone 3. you lose the drone 5852 time. p.s i feel bad for your bank account because you lose the drone so many times keep filming

  • Karen Gilbert
    Karen Gilbert

    This is my grandma’s tablet and I’m watching it on there and when the clown popped out I’ll literally bought a heart attack it scared me half to death

    • Party of 7 Blogs
      Party of 7 Blogs

      Me too it was so scary

  • we just play games because we are stupid
    we just play games because we are stupid

    Why did the clown sit down on the slide and try and slide down three times even knowing he's not even going to go down lol

  • Kevin Holley
    Kevin Holley

    I wish I was a port of the squad so much

  • Nancy Algaba
    Nancy Algaba

    The clown looks so depressed XD

  • Marie Brock
    Marie Brock

    The end scared me and my cousin really bad

  • Jenly Mahusay
    Jenly Mahusay

    How much money does stromedy has in his bank Account from buying all those drones

  • Amy Mason
    Amy Mason

    He definitely going to take the drone