Stromedy - Faze Kay is a Cutie (Song) - (Official Music Video) [US vs. UK]
Stromedy - Faze Kay is a Cutie (Song) - (Official Music Video)
Written By: Alexis Ricordi
Directed By: Kyle Godfrey
*DISCLAIMER*: Please DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the content in this video, All people featured in this video are adults and anything you watch here is done in a controlled and safe environment to serve a viewers entertainment purpose.
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  • Stromedy

    Faze Kay is a Cutie Patootie ❤️ Let’s get on the US vs UK card!

    • chance dorris
      chance dorris


    • eddienofear

      Hi kyle

    • Rosalieistic World
      Rosalieistic World

      It is not Jana it is Yana

    • Joshua caudill
      Joshua caudill

      I9 I love you Dominic quad

    • Joshua caudill
      Joshua caudill


  • Clair Jewel
    Clair Jewel

    Me and my sister died laughing at the very end

    • Amber Mulholland
      Amber Mulholland

      Me and my brother did to🤣

    • CYBER

      Ik right🤣🤣🤣

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      @Bartosz Penowski the spirits of Clair Jewel and Ella Sørheim wrote that

    • Bartosz Penowski
      Bartosz Penowski

      @Eddietubecollin-oficial channel wdym

  • Momma Meyah !
    Momma Meyah !

    Oh my god I did,not know you can sing its realy good

  • Jessica Hartman
    Jessica Hartman

    Wow kid got heart I give him that. Good luck brother.

  • Mackenzie Moody
    Mackenzie Moody

    Love you guys you’re the best

  • Jason Satiro
    Jason Satiro

    This was lit

  • BlueWasTaken7

    The fact that he legit revealed his adress

    • CYBER

      Idk about that you a stalker

  • chance dorris
    chance dorris

    Bro this is fire🔥


    Relax nd go back as “if u ever see this”😭😂

  • iyads gameing time
    iyads gameing time

    and if kay sends a diss track you both got tickets to hell

  • Gerone List
    Gerone List

    Damn sheeeeeeeeeeeesh. This sick dude plz teach me to sing damn

  • Sabrina cook
    Sabrina cook

    He can knock you out in the first round

  • glato

    1:42 best part

  • Kids Talents
    Kids Talents

    I love when he says I said I’m no shit at least I said it to your face

  • Real_SoulYt

    When I thought I saw the title I thought it was freaking faze rug dude

  • Tyler Kennedy
    Tyler Kennedy

    🤩 P-R-O-M-O-S-M.

  • Justin Central & Roblox
    Justin Central & Roblox

    Is that actually you’re voice?? Omg

  • RL_SavageYT

    Thought it was a battle of distracts lol

  • Light and darkness
    Light and darkness

    SICK SONG....😎

  • Rach Anne
    Rach Anne

    Instrument here I really like the way you do your music please make another one do you want to know how I’m watching it on my iPad

  • deku vs bakugo
    deku vs bakugo

    I love this song already and I didn't even watch it

    • Kensey Campbell
      Kensey Campbell

      @✨SUPREME TAIWAYNE✨ that is a harsh name


      Really nigga

  • Amber Mulholland
    Amber Mulholland

    Love it

  • Gotcha world 🌟
    Gotcha world 🌟

    Wow stromedy great song I only found out today that you posted it

  • Mohammed Alauddin Mohammed
    Mohammed Alauddin Mohammed

    Bruh people think he was reading the lyrics off his phone,but he was listening too the beat bc it was windy cuz you can see his hair blowing in the wind

    • hartly Godv
      hartly Godv

      Plus his hair is long so his hair looks like its floating..... 😂

    • hartly Godv
      hartly Godv

      No dude wrong they ar going to a studio he's reading it on a piece papper or something and he is editing his song on the beat and he films it on different places...😂

  • Gotcha world 🌟
    Gotcha world 🌟

    Wow stromedy great song I only found out today that you posted it

  • Brian Banda
    Brian Banda

    This went hard okay I see you 🔥😎🔐👈

  • reylispider

    the beat tho

  • Lexi Whitaker
    Lexi Whitaker

    🤣🤣🤣loved it

  • Vcs_Doge

    1:42 was the best part

    • Kyla Stockley
      Kyla Stockley

      There is no 1:42.

  • Rach Anne
    Rach Anne

    Hey capital friend it’s me a fan have you seen Sheila I’ve been watching your videos and they’re so good please make more from Shayla

  • Samet Yesilgül
    Samet Yesilgül

    My man really copied 21 savage "1234 ams in my bank account"😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

  • Ben gamer
    Ben gamer

    Stromedy he is fire can’t want for your next banger.He the best

  • Bajrami Bashkim
    Bajrami Bashkim

    Yo stromedy I didn't know your posting a new song my man but this song is firee

    • Bajrami Bashkim
      Bajrami Bashkim

      @Radi47 nobi reallybdindt know

    • Radi47

      Stop lying bro


    you have called out 3 people in a week your so thirsty when your so weak

  • SirQuackisTheThird

    First it was clown around then it was Milli man now this 👏👏

  • fans_de_santa fe klan,el tornillo, Richard ahumada
    fans_de_santa fe klan,el tornillo, Richard ahumada

    I really loved that song Kyle and the clowns around to

    • Kensey Campbell
      Kensey Campbell

      @✨SUPREME TAIWAYNE✨ that is mean stop being mean to the Stromedy squad and stop being mean to Kyle Kyle will get so MAD if he sees you HATERS being mean to The STROMEDY SQUAD


      I love the video too

  • Vexcital

    Gotta be honest kay and jarvis would destroy you

    • Vcs_Doge

      @Gaming ultra We all know that Stromedy is only Tryna fight kay for clout... If they did fight Kay would definetly K.O him first round

    • Gaming ultra
      Gaming ultra


  • MR.   S.W.A.T
    MR. S.W.A.T

    This meme was Sick 🤣🤣🤣 Dude i like this music 🎶🎶

    • Landon

      I got a heart from stromedy

  • jjordon686

    Man is still stuck in 2016 😂🤣

  • It’s wolf dude
    It’s wolf dude


  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill

    Is this a Diss track or a flexing video?

  • TRY David
    TRY David

    He’s not “Faze” anymore 💀😭

    • pongpang kuko
      pongpang kuko

      bro its faze song

  • Nathan’s Outback fishing and camping adventures
    Nathan’s Outback fishing and camping adventures

    This is such a cool song stromedy

  • Isodreams_x

    Dam this shit need get dropped on spoftify

    • Oghenetega Omene
      Oghenetega Omene

      no it doesnt

  • Peggy Sandberg
    Peggy Sandberg

    Omg the end i am freaking dead #cutiepatootie

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Much love from Woodbridge homie

  • Kevins Melderis
    Kevins Melderis

    You know if you talk about Jarvis and his faze key like that Jarvis will knock the sh*t out

  • Ben gamer
    Ben gamer

    We all can’t want to see your next banger video I would like to see stuff like clowns at your house and At school I think that would be cool to watch

  • Arsh Singh
    Arsh Singh

    How yall calling this fire...

  • StickyHands

    Faze will knock the Caucasian out of you 😂

  • 🔥Thunderxxx_Relay⚡

    but even if he is still out of faze he holds 3. something more subs than you so hopefully this is a joke

  • Gabby Brito
    Gabby Brito

    Happy valentines to everyone ❤️🥰

  • Owner

    sheesh man Stromedy just rosted Faze Kay

  • Dawn Bandoo
    Dawn Bandoo

    I live in the UK I am a huge huge fan of your vids . FROM MILAN

  • callie

    Listening to this after waking up before sleeping its giving me so many positive vibes❤ im so proud of u and im exicted for more coming!! I love u sm ❤

    • Saud Yusuf
      Saud Yusuf

      @callie you looking leng babes

    • callie

      @Saud Yusuf wht?

    • Saud Yusuf
      Saud Yusuf

      What you saying Bv

  • Stina Kayy
    Stina Kayy

    Letsss gooo 😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Richard Whited
    Richard Whited

    Nice video and song love it! Btw this is Rachel Gardner... Stromedy I know you remember me... Hope your doing 👍

  • Jadon Garner
    Jadon Garner

    Wow 🔥🔥

  • Joy Dreis Rd
    Joy Dreis Rd

    Omg I love it

  • Rrtro dean
    Rrtro dean

    I’m from uk in Liverpool so I want uk to win

  • joleigh_ross

    Hell no faze Kay going to knock you the hell out

  • Rhys Jones
    Rhys Jones

    Let's go Stromedy I'm a big fan

    • fanetbratina

      na it was trash

  • woawman

    my guy couldnt even do "SCARY CHARLIE CHARLIE AT 3 AM" video without shitting his pants even though he knew it was fake and now hes calling out kay like smh

    • E-boy Jamal
      E-boy Jamal

      @Kensey Campbell wdym itws litterally a disstrack how it is how much they love em??

    • Amir Nur
      Amir Nur

      Btw I am 15 so yea just saying incase you call a kid

    • Sanna Ali
      Sanna Ali

      @meme machine ik

    • woawman

      @drizzy M nah mans would get a vio so harsh he would get two hairlines. (yes that is true i have a kid in my school with 2 hairlines lmao)

    • Sanna Ali
      Sanna Ali



    FAZE KAY will win if you had a boxing match with him but here’s the thing you won’t.😂😂😂😂😂

    • Kensey Campbell
      Kensey Campbell

      No Kyle would win be nice

  • Ester Holcombe
    Ester Holcombe

    And I want to be a member of the staff

  • The screaming dolphin
    The screaming dolphin

    He holds his phone to read Lyrics bro

  • IsabellaHIXON

    Omgg I love it so much and I am the first one to see this I love it keep it up let’s goo!

  • Lects

    why is this whole comment section filled wit fatherless energy



    • Kenny

      Fax bro

  • FaZe Nicky FF
    FaZe Nicky FF

    1:45 bars!

  • Avya gupta blog!
    Avya gupta blog!

    this song is pretty cool and the raps are so cool

    • fanetbratina

      na it was trash

  • Blue flames
    Blue flames

    this is sick

  • Eray Guven
    Eray Guven

    Right at the end it’s 😂

  • T1 Sartgm
    T1 Sartgm

    i'd genuinely rather listen to soul train than this or maybe even blueface being completely off beat

    • Kensey Campbell
      Kensey Campbell

      Stop then GET OFF if you don’t like Kyle Kyle likes his fans but he don’t like his haters


    Did everyone forget this guy made vids with jaystation?

  • Prad's Magic##
    Prad's Magic##

    Ur the best Stromedyyyy, LOVE FROM Prad{Prad's Magic##}

    • Kensey Campbell
      Kensey Campbell

      Ikr he’s the best

  • fire wolf
    fire wolf

    This track fire though no hate to stromedy

  • Nour


  • PYRO MaderDog
    PYRO MaderDog

    Fire as you!

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    MaTruJ . •.

    Mind blowing

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    wsg Bryan

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥