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Jose Mourinho invited 15-year-old ball boy Callum Hynes to join the side's pre-match meal ahead of the Premier League fixture against AFC Bournemouth to say thanks for his helping hand in Harry Kane's equalising goal at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium!
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  • adz123888

    Such a well spoken and polite kid. A credit to his parents.

    • Anakoni Levy
      Anakoni Levy

      When a kid is a criminal also credit to his parents.

    • Leon Bowles
      Leon Bowles


    • BigmanJon 09
      BigmanJon 09

      @Ramin Golabi u zoo mean

    • Walking Far Away
      Walking Far Away

      Indeed 🙏

    • Theo

      @Shower Head fiends?

  • ExecutorCR

    I love how Harry took care of him. Such a captain Spurs has.

    • shaGuaR

      @Ver AJ bro he has some problem, dont make fun of him without knowing shit, and he is in very good place in his life, speaking well doesnt even matter to him, grow up and learn to respect

    • visan ion
      visan ion

      @The Wolverine i didnt say he was good leader :))) but hes coleagues werent to his level.....great striker.....if you take son and kane out of spurs theyre relegation fodder :)) this year conte bought some good players but in the years passed....if mourinho couldnt do anything with them no one can

    • The Wolverine
      The Wolverine

      @visan ion trophyless leader and bottler lol 😂😆

    • visan ion
      visan ion

      Kane is the leader......the leader doesnt have to be the captain.....actually mourinho said this :)))

    • HarryPilks2012

      @Michael Lang man a captain isn’t just a person with an armband

  • Louie Van De Velde
    Louie Van De Velde

    This kid is so polite, we need more people like this in the world.

    • Nazri Buang
      Nazri Buang

      Lies again? Face Of Church AIA Money

    • Andreas

      We have plenty of them. Not belittling this great lad though.

    • Tovey Cen
      Tovey Cen

      @-_- lol. You just showed us why.

    • Iksvomid

      Make people polite again!

    • Nicholas O’Connell
      Nicholas O’Connell

      Or we need to be more like people like this

  • Finley Spear
    Finley Spear

    Guys no need to criticise about his manners and how much he says “thank you” let him be happy polite lad.

    • Daniel Watters
      Daniel Watters

      Exactly, kid was obviously nervous meeting them. Probably didn’t know what to say. At least he showed appreciation, very respectful and polite kid

    • D-stroyer

      @Lucius and u are still nothing compared to him that bpy is recognized and known by the whole squad and around the world..and nobody knows u lmfao

    • AE 13
      AE 13

      Probably these people from third world countries.

    • jamiejosh

      No idea why people would think it’s a bad thing. Manners open doors and it’s a credit to his parent, sure they are proud.

  • Ozlyx

    No one gonna talk how Kane introduced him to other players

    • Blazrr

      The amount of times he said good thank you

    • The Moravian Eagle
      The Moravian Eagle

      Poor fella couldn't understand him😂When Harry speak can we get a subtitles on please🤔

    • Will sr
      Will sr

      @SurrealScotsman i don't think so and i doubt they even knew it was being filmed

  • Ludde

    Didn't realise until the end that I've been smiling throughout this whole video

    • Reshab Agarwal
      Reshab Agarwal

      Hey me as well

    • Ludde

      @kiki ok haha :)

    • kiki ok
      kiki ok

      me too, heck I am grinning like a stupid hyena

    • Dani Nikolov
      Dani Nikolov

      You are not the only one my heart is so warm!

  • Natyn lo
    Natyn lo

    Harry kane tries to make this guy feel more comfortable while he is having dinner. What a kind captain

    • basma

      @Ritankar 💜 🤦

    • Ritankar 💜
      Ritankar 💜

      @Richard L hey u both first of all he is not the captain. Lloris is captain and 2nd is that he wants to leave now to his loyal club which is not good

    • Richard L
      Richard L

      Great captain.

  • NinjaLifestyle

    What a nice kid!

    • Aqua Mojavi
      Aqua Mojavi

      kept say thank you to everyone 😂 young lad was raised properly

  • Daniel Mckeown
    Daniel Mckeown

    He deserves it . . . the quick reaction is literally an assist.

  • Flaco

    “It was such a nice gesture, he didnt have to do it.” The maturity and humility is so warming to see

    • Brice Pyrt
      Brice Pyrt


    • Kwabena Asiedu-Sekyi
      Kwabena Asiedu-Sekyi

      I bet you... So so so humble

    • NK DoSon
      NK DoSon

      yeah thank you

    • Oliver Harris
      Oliver Harris


    • Made In Moseley
      Made In Moseley

      Trust me absoloute legend of a kid man

  • Jonathan Georgiades
    Jonathan Georgiades

    Even as an Arsenal fan… gotta respect this kid’s vision and the entire Tottenham faculty for doing this. Jose and Harry deserve absolute praise for this.

  • Adamas Rizky
    Adamas Rizky

    this is how a Jose Mourinho appreciates someone. RESPECT

    • Rafael Santos
      Rafael Santos

      @Stephen Uytterhaegen oooooooor resting him for Premier League games since the schedule is horrible rn

  • Pak Kagewa
    Pak Kagewa

    Thank You Jose Mourinho for doing this. It really means a lot not just to this kid but to the rest of the world. Humanity restored. Thank You.

  • Iqbal Aulia Rachman
    Iqbal Aulia Rachman

    0 game, 1 assist. Dude's a legend

  • Sayan

    Media hates Jose but no one can deny his professionalism. He's a classy manager, achieved a lot in his managing career. Inarguably one of the Greatest Managers of all time ❤️

  • Dan B
    Dan B

    Bless him, he was so nervous but very well mannered, good upbringing, there's hope for the future generations

  • soul lifting TV
    soul lifting TV

    This lad is well trained by his parents. Good mannered always saying thank you.very respectful

    • rajgus

      Man said trained😭😭😭😭😭

    • Matrix

      @JustSpacing 😂 that was 👍

    • JustSpacing

      Well trained ☠️. He’s not a dog. We usually say “well educated” or well raised

  • George

    Everyone is saying “omg he says SOOOOO MUCH thank you” what would you do, he was so nervous to meet all those players, I would be too

  • The Punchable Face
    The Punchable Face

    He's a legend and he thoroughly deserves this moment.

    • ap maz
      ap maz

      Not really a legend for giving the ball back quickly but ok

    • Rroxez 49
      Rroxez 49

      @Joe Smith wtf is 200 gonna add to his millions 😂

    • Onda_Dr_Quinn

      Lets not throw that phrase around. Great kid tho

    • PashaHadi

      I am not a totenham fan but this moment was absolutly special 👍🏽

  • tee-lee

    wtf, he's way more well spoken than most english professional players

  • CREST Caleb
    CREST Caleb

    Callum could not stop giggling when he met the players what a legend

  • YasainT gfx
    YasainT gfx

    All of this is so wholesome the kid and the spurs respect for them went so up after this

  • Honey Lindsay
    Honey Lindsay

    The number of times I've watched this has reached the unhealthy level. He's just so adorable. Well played Jose.

  • Peter Meyer
    Peter Meyer

    CL games: 0 Assists: 1 In a league of his own.

    • Luan🇷🇺


    • Tye

      @Brars yann dude he was Joking

  • Lucas Jones
    Lucas Jones

    Hes so humble he werent even big headed. Genuinely appreciative kid

  • Siyabonga Cyprial
    Siyabonga Cyprial

    The boy is well raised he have respect for people older than him❤️



  • Knight OfWind
    Knight OfWind

    Great experience for a kid, he'll never forget that.

  • Jacob McCarthy
    Jacob McCarthy

    Absolutely brilliant from Mourinho. The lad deserves it.

    • FallenOut Diverge
      FallenOut Diverge

      U know it was foul before right

    • R M
      R M

      The boy deserves this moment

    • duta minanda
      duta minanda

      Mou is always surprise me

    • I can't describe
      I can't describe


    • YB ONE
      YB ONE

      Lovely bit of PR to boost the image of the club.

  • Random Dave Vlogs
    Random Dave Vlogs

    This young man deserves this, what a great young man. Lovely lad, and a great gesture from Jose and the players. 🙏👍

  • Mehdy

    Very very nice gesture for this. Amazing teams and people. It's a dream for this young. I say just thank you to spurs for this.

  • Ejeikwu Theophilus
    Ejeikwu Theophilus

    His sense of urgency cannot go unnoticed. At least not when Jose is involved. He wants to win at all cost.

  • 762 mm
    762 mm

    That's heart warming ❤

  • James Lee
    James Lee

    Nice of Kane to take him around to the players himself, top bloke.

    • Aadeeshvar Singh
      Aadeeshvar Singh

      @sukki even united

    • Abram Kai
      Abram Kai

      He is the Captain, so he has to 🤭

    • Bonhomme

      That’s my captain

    • hungry

      @ben ban 🤣😂

  • TheWiseGuy

    He’s a great genuine kid. He’s extremely grateful and didn’t take it for granted

  • Lhingneo Haokip
    Lhingneo Haokip

    He's really a nice kid. polite ..may God guide him to his dream

  • Ed Holmes
    Ed Holmes

    What a gesture! Big up you Jose Mourinho!

  • 。

    He will forever be remembered as THE Ball Boy.

  • The Sesh Is Never Over
    The Sesh Is Never Over

    wow what a great kid. what an honour & well deserved for the assist. I cant get this smile of my face

  • Erdi Çakır
    Erdi Çakır

    The happiness on the child's face is worth everything 😊

  • Dunco3550

    What a thoroughly decent set of professionals they are. And credit to Jose for organising it.

  • Kane Newman
    Kane Newman

    He’s clearly been taught respect and manners. More than most of the people commenting on here. I bet he will remember this for all of his life. What an opportunity for him

  • Impy Worm
    Impy Worm

    Imagine he grows up to play for Tottenham that would be epic

    • Ghost

      @Dab Frog huh what u mean 💀

    • Ragnars Spicins
      Ragnars Spicins

      To late? Jamie vardy!!!

    • tml

      @Seif Amir He would already be playing on an elite team. He's a ballboy.

    • GOAT

      @Aidan Jane McIntosh nowadays they’re all youth players. This helps to keep people sabotaging games with time wasting and etc


      @Aidan Jane McIntosh it can’t bealong time ago bruh.. Jose did not become ma


    What a breath of fresh air... humble, mannerly an just delighted to do his job... genuine kid! Most footballers are like this too until they get that 100k a week contract... money kills the beautiful game!

  • Lasse Jakobsen
    Lasse Jakobsen

    Big respect to Tottenham and to the coaching staff to let this boy come inside to greet all the players - from a Chelsea fan

  • Hutt13

    The best thing about this boy is how he can do 20+ hand shakes without bluffing one and missing

  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy

    Great Kid, Memories for Life to tell his Grandkids, Fantastic,💯💯✅🏁💖

  • Matt Ward
    Matt Ward

    Humble little lad. Well spoken and uses his manners. Dont see that a lot now a days. His mum and dad must be proud. Merry christmas buddy.

    • Jempung H
      Jempung H

      I feel like it's not that special in such a situation

    • mattyy101

      Not in London, you do plenty elsewhere

    • James Bond IV
      James Bond IV

      Yep! Very rare indeed! For each one like this lad, there are 87567345547467565878 other kids who are.........................

    • Jake Hopgood
      Jake Hopgood

      Thanks for putting exactly what I wanted to comment. People dont understand nowadays how important mannerism is

    • Syarif Syafudin
      Syarif Syafudin

      Well spoken indeed

  • Tatung Bamang
    Tatung Bamang

    A champ in the making... I'd like to see him on the pitch 10 years from today.

  • Jim T
    Jim T

    What a great little lad. His parents raised him well. And Kane demonstrates yet again why he is a great captain/leader.

  • kacper2727

    It's nice that the players thanked him for the assist!!

  • Lucia Hinostroza
    Lucia Hinostroza

    Eso dice mucho de Mou como persona, sabe ser agradecido, cambio mi forma de pensar sobre, mis respetos

  • Frank Serpico
    Frank Serpico

    Love how Harry put his arm round the lads' shoulder and introduced him to everyone. My captain 💙



    • Doug G
      Doug G

      It's lad's

    • VM Hosen
      VM Hosen


  • Khala Ká
    Khala Ká

    What a humble boy! Good things happen to good people. How great would it be if in a few years from now this boy turns out to be a Tottenham star?


    Unbelievable experience for that little boy. Keeps saying thank you over and over cute! Real good manner hope he enjoyed it

  • Samuel Afram
    Samuel Afram

    This is Jose, the man who makes watching football so amazing and add flavour to the game. This us so amazing, it may seem as nothing but the guy sees it as a dream come through.

  • Tj Williams
    Tj Williams

    Bless him what a legend

  • YellowMellowMeadows

    I couldn’t stop smiling throughout the whole video. Being able to see Callum light up when meeting the lads is just too precious!! 💙💙

    • leeturnbull82

      Indeed. Such an incredibly sweet video.

  • M. Al Omari
    M. Al Omari

    Kane is a true captain. Look how he makes the kid feel comfortable and introduces him in team. Even in euro final he ran to Saka after he missed the penalty.

  • YOYO At once
    YOYO At once

    Never thought I would call a ball boy a legend!!! WOW

  • Richard Song
    Richard Song

    this is the best part about sports. to instill joy and a once in a lifetime full of memories for a kid is a class act.

  • Jacob -
    Jacob -

    That kid is SO geeked!!! I love it. Such sincere excitement.

  • OLBastholm

    His parents before he left: Remember to be polite and say thank you Ballboy: Yeah good thank you

    • Mark Ramlucken
      Mark Ramlucken

      To Jose n to Harry kane n all the players what a kind gesture for making the ball bo'ys day .It'll be etched for ever in his memory .HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Harry Kane

    • mehdizare2012

      XD he said that 100000000000000000 times

    • ZGamer360


  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez

    Kane a real one for walking him and introducing him ✊🏾👏🏾.

  • sandeep kumar
    sandeep kumar

    They way Kane introduced him with everyone is so nice to see ... respect for Kane has increased

  • Brenda Rita
    Brenda Rita

    Congratulations to the ball boy. Excellent. My fullest appreciation too...

  • Anthony Carreira
    Anthony Carreira

    Great story, amazing gesture from Mourinho and Tottenham

  • Onpoint Focus
    Onpoint Focus

    Mourinho really watches every single detail of the game

    • chempignon

      Great comment

    • Ariel Partida
      Ariel Partida

      The special one

    • Debate It
      Debate It

      Eric Gafurafura mourinho the greatest? You're talking shit there

    • Baris

      Ye's indeed😅💪

  • Y0ink_fps

    Great gesture from the team and manager, especially from the players. Harry leading the young lad around and meeting the team, but I think people should take note of who the young boy sat next to during the team meal. I think the players that sat down and talked to him while eating really stole the show (Lo Celso, Sanchez, and Gazzanigga). They showed that they are not only appreciative of the lad, but they’re also very down to Earth. Understanding that all that kid probably wanted was 15-30min of their time to chat like he’s one of the regular players, is pure class 👌🏼

  • jennyfromtherox

    I was at the game and he turned it round for Jose, he deserved a seat at the top table.

  • Random Dave Vlogs
    Random Dave Vlogs

    Absolute top lad! Well done buddy! You are an absolute credit to your parents! Don’t change, you are polite, well spoken and like I said a top lad! Nice work 👍

  • Beni K
    Beni K

    This must have been the kid's happiest day. More clubs should do this.

  • mediacenter man
    mediacenter man

    What a charming young man. So glad he was able to interact with the players like that.

  • Chris J Stone
    Chris J Stone

    Really well spoken and nice young guy, his parents must be proud.

  • sajin

    I m a Chelsea guy, but oh boy this kid is a gem, such humility and well speaking lad. You go make your parents proud everyday lad ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ken Tran
    Ken Tran

    One day, he will become a Tottenham Hotspur legend


    I’m a Chelsea fan, but this is incredible from the Tottenham staff and players!

  • David


  • Newton Roland
    Newton Roland

    such a nice kid! heartwarming at his politeness! shout out to his parents! :)

  • MyHome TuCasa
    MyHome TuCasa

    What a moment, what a lad....well done pal, well done everyone involved......gotta remember this for his whole life.....I do, and I wasn't there😂😂😂😂coys

  • Marsipulami

    Harry Kane is a great captain. Love this spurs team. You can sense the family vibe

  • G M
    G M

    How can you not like this team’s vibe.💯💯💯

  • Khanyisile Kuzwayo
    Khanyisile Kuzwayo

    He’s class. What a gentleman!

  • M

    Thats a good lad there, and good on Jose & the players to give him a day he will never forget.

  • David Satter
    David Satter

    Fantastic and heart warming Spurs press office take note and shout this from the rooftops and what a nice kid hope he is at the academy wish him a great future well brought up and a credit to his parents

  • Michael

    He has more assist than Pogba already

    • wicked


    • KRISHNA MOHAN Pathak
      KRISHNA MOHAN Pathak


    • Slothpizza MU
      Slothpizza MU


    • SwaggyKarp

      @ililli1lli1l lii shuush

    • Mr. Arya Stark
      Mr. Arya Stark

      And Pogba has more Trophies than all of Spurs!

  • EH

    Such a nice, humble and polite boy! This is really nice to see.

  • Lary Leru
    Lary Leru

    Jose probably stood next to him the whole time , telling him to eat everything from his plate .

    • Owen Harris
      Owen Harris


  • Ryan Hubbard
    Ryan Hubbard

    All rivalries aside fare play to him 💪

  • K.Malsawmtluanga PateaKhiangte
    K.Malsawmtluanga PateaKhiangte

    Nice kid.. so polite and respect to others.. be blessed..👍🏻👌🏻

  • Beydzhan Mehmedov
    Beydzhan Mehmedov

    Someone: “how old are You” Ball boy: “thank you”

    • Fitty right on point
      Fitty right on point


    • Beydzhan Mehmedov
      Beydzhan Mehmedov

      @Nicholas Stoult i am not ?

    • Layton Byrom
      Layton Byrom


    • Juan Torres
      Juan Torres


    • Kane Newman
      Kane Newman

      He’s nervous man. Not everyone is full of confidence all the time. Relax

  • Hamza Ramzan
    Hamza Ramzan

    Legend says he is still saying GOOD THANK YOU!

  • A. Kk
    A. Kk

    This boy was responsible for his work. He sets example for us to work with all our heart even if we are only ball boys or whatever. Hes faithful, God bless him🙏

  • Prince.mercado

    Well spoken and polite kid. His parents must be so proud. I love harry kane!

  • Ollie Gamez
    Ollie Gamez

    He’s so polite!! “Good thank you is his saying”😍😍

  • Ripple

    I’m a man united fan but this kid is really nice respect

    • Fajar

      Wen xrp $1?

    • 18-039_ Herez Grishmar Wienanta
      18-039_ Herez Grishmar Wienanta

      Feel sorry to man united, yesterday 6-1 :(

    • Sudip Dutta
      Sudip Dutta

      @mark Smith I can understand ur frustration being an Arsenal fan

    • Irish guy’s Scarf
      Irish guy’s Scarf

      Same and I support arsenal

    • Choong Suet Ling
      Choong Suet Ling

      o/ man u

  • Pecco Gamble
    Pecco Gamble

    Incredible class from Tottenham! Respect from a Liverpool fan

  • coder49

    What a great kid, at 16 he has that level of maturity - all the best to him

  • Martin sølvsten
    Martin sølvsten

    Polite boy. Great gesture from Mourinho and the team.

  • Urvaksh Kharadi
    Urvaksh Kharadi

    God dang I got Goosebumps at 0:35 when Jose walked towards him to appreciate him. Not a Jose fan but I could put myself and his shoes and dang the goosebumps were unreal