Ballet Theatre Week Vlog // The Sea Princess
Luna Montana
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Luna Montana
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  • Verity Gazzard
    Verity Gazzard

    I love this so much Luna thank you!!!!!! Your new found healthy relationship with ballet is such an inspiration to me. I love ballet and I want to be able to enjoy it without hate. You’re a beautiful dancer ❤️❤️

  • Alexandra

    9:06 “so has anyone listened to harry‘s house?“ hahaha these are the important questions

    • hell0.ren91

      Omg yessss

    • { S u n F l o w e r ♡
      { S u n F l o w e r ♡


    • Kaylee Styles-Tomlinson
      Kaylee Styles-Tomlinson

      Brooo yes

    • Emma Veit
      Emma Veit

      Omg yes i was looking for a comment like this 😂

    • jenny panthöfer
      jenny panthöfer

      i was about to comment the exact same thing xd

  • micah davis
    micah davis

    OMG you don’t know how long I have been waiting for this video!! I’m so proud of you and how far you’ve come with your relationship with ballet!!!!!

  • Anika Meisel
    Anika Meisel

    I’ve been waiting for this forever!!! Between you and Madame Olga, I’m planning on taking ballet at my university next fall. I danced for 13 years but quit and now I’m a violin major

    • flower_ chain
      flower_ chain

      Who is madame olga?

  • zoe z
    zoe z

    i love these! they make me feel reminiscent on my ballet years

  • Sen

    rosin in the shower is such a theatre thing. ugh the nostalgia hit like a sixteen wheeler. great work!!! and that clip on stage was amazing!

  • Sky Jaquez
    Sky Jaquez

    Living for the ballet videos!!

  • Weston Collins
    Weston Collins

    this video made my heart swell with joy. this spring i was lucky enough to also dance an underwater ballet. not the same one though. tee hee. my studio did the production of the little humpbacked horse and i was a frescas whatever that is. i had such a good time and i am so happy to see you flourish too. ps you also remind me of our OWN ocean queen named téa!

  • Madelyn Ferguson
    Madelyn Ferguson

    This video is everythingggggg! I literally squealed when you showed us the cat!! You're such an amazing Sea Princess!! ✨💕✨ Love you

  • Sydni A Underwood
    Sydni A Underwood

    Luna literally reminds me of Phoebe from Friends! Also I love the multiple uses of rosin (violinist here) lol

  • Maria Botha
    Maria Botha

    Luna you should do a musical I feel like you would thrive in one

  • linds & reagan
    linds & reagan

    omg yay so excited !!! i thought you said there wasn’t going to be a theatre week vlog but i’m soo excited! thank you so much ! i’m so proud of you 💖

  • Ransford Rowe
    Ransford Rowe

    Always great to see Luna dancing on stage

  • nicole zhang
    nicole zhang

    i got back into dance because of your ballet theatre videos

  • Nadia Barmasse
    Nadia Barmasse

    I was waiting for this ! ❤ When you're dancing, you always look so happy, so graceful and elegant ❤

  • Mathea Bautista
    Mathea Bautista

    I love your vlogg!! It’s so clean, calm, and relaxing!

  • Anna

    Your first costume is so beautiful, and looks stunning on you!!

  • Shoyo Hinata
    Shoyo Hinata

    "Okay all the lobsters, everybody come set up" Yes m'am

  • Lulu Ognam
    Lulu Ognam

    Luna, you're such an amazing dancer. Love your channel.

  • Felicity Engel
    Felicity Engel

    I LOVE all of your dance content, please never stop posting them!!💜

  • Laura Elaine DeSilets
    Laura Elaine DeSilets

    Luna you are a 🌟 star... You dance with so.much elegance and grace ! Love watching you !!! Hope you get your part... Life us good for you now. Enjoy it 💓💓💓

  • Ramandeep Nijjar
    Ramandeep Nijjar

    Wow you looked incredible and danced so beautifully!

  • AylanaAppa

    Been waiting so long for this vlog!! Great job luna, love uuuu 🫶🏽

  • Lauren Schenck
    Lauren Schenck

    You will do amazing job! So proud of you Luna 💜

  • Life with twins
    Life with twins

    Hi Luna I love you so much and you have inspired me to be a dance teacher when I’m older and to have my own dance studio you are one of the best people on IRglo and your videos are very interesting and helpful

  • Niamh Harika Şen
    Niamh Harika Şen

    i am a figure skater but i recently attended my first ballet class! so watching this excited me for my next class on friday!

    • Anna

      ah im a figure skater (and former ballerina) too!!! how was your ballet class?

  • Aaliyah Madrajat
    Aaliyah Madrajat

    I can’t be the only one who has been inspired to do ballet by Luna and now enjoys it so much. Thank you so much Luna I love you and I hope you enjoy healthy relationship with ballet that you have formed is incredible and inspiring.

  • gi gi
    gi gi

    ahh love the Benin the scenes vibes! It's so interesting to watch it not in the "final form"

  • Lauren Schenck
    Lauren Schenck

    LOVEE your costumes SO Gorgeous!! 💚

  • Lauren Schenck
    Lauren Schenck

    Happy Friday Luna have a great weekend xoxo 😘

  • Rachel

    Been waiting for this!!! Super excited for this!

  • Samantha Lee
    Samantha Lee

    ballet week vlogs are my fav 🥺

  • Aero Cecilia
    Aero Cecilia

    LMAO THE GIRL IN THE BACK WHO SAID "Has anyone listend to harrys house" YES GIRL I HAVE

  • audrey

    the girl who mentioned harry’s house is my spirit animal

  • Rouse Dobrev
    Rouse Dobrev

    I love the Video but the "all the lobsters come here" had me pausing the video because I could not stop laughing. 🥰😅

  • Brigi Anna
    Brigi Anna

    i love your ballet videos!

  • Simply Ayaii
    Simply Ayaii

    OMG cant wait i luv ballet!! 💕

  • Lauren Schenck
    Lauren Schenck

    You are a miracle on this earth most amazing inspiring remarkable unbelievable blessing angel and ever ballerina ever and so proud of you and best and most sweetest women ever and so amazing and amazing and inspiring and I love you so much xoxo 💖

  • Pauline

    This is my inspiration to keep on dancing

  • Danny Lipska
    Danny Lipska

    I just know you would be perfect for Mamma Mia the Musical. Idk random thought haha

  • Lisa

    i love ballet Luna :)

  • Caroline F
    Caroline F

    I love being busy too! I hate when I have nothing to do.

  • Christiane Raphael
    Christiane Raphael

    Your cat is soooo Cute!!!👍🏻💐😻

  • fred6059

    What a great performance. You are so delicate and graceful.

  • Lauren Schenck
    Lauren Schenck

    Your kitty is so cute 🥰

  • Emily Bradshaw
    Emily Bradshaw

    It's it beautiful with the lights so nice to see from a different angle so pretty

  • ramooy eido
    ramooy eido

    You are very unique and special, and your beauty is extraordinary and unparalleled, as if you are from another world

  • Liv 😵
    Liv 😵


  • Luke Roberts
    Luke Roberts

    You’re an awesome 😎 IRglo channel.

  • Lotta Fischer
    Lotta Fischer

    Omg girl… I don‘t know what it is but you‘re glowing🥰 love yaa

  • Lauren Schenck
    Lauren Schenck


  • _fxiry

    I got this at the right time - my show is tomorrow

  • Bumers Stock
    Bumers Stock

    I ♥️♥️♥️ Luna , this much 🤗🤗🤗

  • peritheplatypus

    childhood dance friends hit different 🥺😤

  • Blake Alice
    Blake Alice

    Ahhhh omg love all the ballet vids

  • Cati Catania
    Cati Catania

    i love seeing you dance😍

  • ur parental guardian🌚
    ur parental guardian🌚

    omg luna is back💕💕

  • ssimulation444

    this is my comfort channel

  • Isabel Combo
    Isabel Combo

    been waiting for this VLOGGG

  • Elvira

    theatre week vlogs are the best

    • Chrissy Elric
      Chrissy Elric

      I agree!!

  • skye


  • Josh Kimble
    Josh Kimble

    Luna Today in your new video show how to do crunches the right way when doing a workout at home without hurting your neck???? Luna you have amazing 6 pack abs. Good work. Reply to me and show how and explain???? You inspire and motivate me and others. Thanks.

  • Nadia

    You look gorg 🤩

  • Sophia Rennison
    Sophia Rennison

    I love ur hair ❤️

  • Sophia Dinges
    Sophia Dinges

    How do you do your Hair, it looks so gorgeous! 😭 Or is it your natural wave?

  • Steve Cowell
    Steve Cowell

    Omg such a goddess 💯🤯😍

  • Eduardo Padilla
    Eduardo Padilla

    A base stuck in the board would be excellent for your camera or phone

  • Jana

    not the “soo has anyone listened to harrys house” HAHHHDDH

  • lucy

    omggg im in love with shadow

  • Forrest Buehler
    Forrest Buehler


  • Sweet summer
    Sweet summer

    I was looking out of you uploaded,yay ✨😩

  • Jjballetduckie .M
    Jjballetduckie .M

    so early omg!!!! you are beautiful i love your videos!!! 🫂🫂💝💝!!

  • Ivanovski

    Wake up luna Montana just posted a new theatre week vlog

  • Madison Vilhauer
    Madison Vilhauer

    Miss me didn't launch until 2001... It was popular in the early 2010s. Don't age me like that lol.

  • HI

    Omg do you still have your dog?

  • Sara Jørner
    Sara Jørner

    I really miss your old intro, it's sad every time you change it!!

  • Ella Watson
    Ella Watson

    LUNA where are your white pants from theyre so so so cute i need them

  • Kayla MacEachern
    Kayla MacEachern


  • Josh Kimble
    Josh Kimble

    Luna you have amazing 6 pack abs. Good work. Today Luna in your new video show how to do crunches the right way when doing a workout at home without hurting your neck?????? Show how and explain and reply to me Today in your new video???? Thanks.

  • hejira

    You may have seen me comment before asking about you clothing but I gotta know where you got the black king sleeve you’re wearing in the intro