Keeping A Grocery Store Lobster As A Pet
Brady Brandwood
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What is it like to buy a Lobster from the grocery store seafood section and keep it in a saltwater aquarium at home as a pet? This video shows you just how this went.

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  • Ricky J Sports
    Ricky J Sports

    I didnt know that lobsters can live up to 100 years old. What a great video. I always feel sorry for those lobsters at the grocery stores waiting to get steamed!

  • Sarah Green
    Sarah Green

    I am now emotionally invested in the life quality of Leon the Lobster. Subbed.

  • Slavic Programmer
    Slavic Programmer

    Look how organized this lobster is: when he arrivee in the aquatium, he put the oyster shell on the other side of it, and when he got oysters as food and ate them, he put the shells with the other shell. Amazing.

  • Badass Nelson
    Badass Nelson

    I used to work in the seafood department of a grocery store. We had one lobster that wasn't for sale. I was told it was because they were conditioning the tank to get so an algee would grow in the tank that feeds the lobsters. I would occasionally throw a shrimp in the tank and that lobster would go nuts the second it saw the shrimp, run to it and gobble it up.

  • BAM BO
    BAM BO

    it is surprising how sophisticated a small creature like a lobster is. it cleans his living area, knows to clean itself, and knows when food is coming. makes me kinda sad that these animals are living in the tanks of grocery stores 😔

  • Alexa Fitch
    Alexa Fitch

    I love the way his look on his face comes to life as you give him a home and his life is spared. Poor thing having to to learn to use his claws again after they’ve been clamped shut. I imagine that can’t feel good either. I love how you give him the ability to exhibit his natural behaviors. This is the biggest reason I don’t eat lobster because of the way they are treated in captivity. Thank you for being a noble human being and saving a lobster’s life.

  • Suitov

    I love how you went from "might as well put something in this old tank" to "I should probably get a bigger tank for my good boy Leon". Pets really are like that.

  • VirgilsStudio

    For some random guy who started a new movement to rescue grocery store lobsters, you did a pretty fine job of making a documentary!

  • Darth Brstnitrx
    Darth Brstnitrx

    This is so wholesome. I love that Leon got a new home and all the lobster physical therapy he needed. Also, based on his tail shape he's definitely a Male. Male's tails are typically straight while females have a slight outward curvature ehare the tail connects to the body.

  • Brenda Trump
    Brenda Trump

    What a beautiful thing to watch him get his feeling back in his claws; you gave him love and helped him have a better quality of life.

  • Ann Seven
    Ann Seven

    I've often felt sorry for the store lobsters. This one's really lucky that you came along. You did a really good deed! 🦐

  • Maize S
    Maize S

    This is actually very cool to watch. I enjoyed seeing its attitude shift from "i know im a gonner" to "hey thank you for feeding me, im much happier now"

  • Kai O
    Kai O

    This man literally did what every 4 year old wish they couldve done with the lobsters at the grocery store.

  • Maverick44

    Leon is likely going to be around a long time. Depending on his species, he could possibly live to be over 100 years old.

  • Mackydoodle

    That’s so cute how Leon knew exactly what to do with the clam! I’m sure he was really happy to have some normal things from his former life before he was imprisoned. Bless you for saving him 💚

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams

    As I stopped too watch this, I questioned myself as too why?

  • M W
    M W

    Question: is lobster still your favorite special occasion food? Or has the developed relationship with Leon changed that? Just curious.

  • Lauren

    Just when I start to get extra jaded that the world isn't as good as I think it is...boom then I see this video and realize there are a lot of us still out there ❤️

  • USAirsoft

    Hopefully with this video going viral, you can afford that bigger tank and more much easier!

  • kravenofspider

    I always thought it was beyond cruel to boil anything alive. Bless you both and all for helping him out!