NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Hype Boy' Official MV (DANIELLE&HAERIN ver.)
NewJeans (뉴진스) 'Hype Boy' Official MV (DANIELLE&HAERIN ver.)
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Producer: MIN HEE JIN
Music Video Director: Dongle Shin
ⓒ 2022 ADOR. All Rights Reserved.
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  • Becca _
    Becca _

    This was such a cool listening experience, clicking through all of these videos and finding out about the story, it almost felt like playing a mini game

    • antisocial

      @Instagram User Abe besharam nikal yahan se

    • kinoko


    • Abby Jensen
      Abby Jensen

      @Terri oh thanks! I notice that in the song as well, they look at each other for a part of the choreography

    • gloria ibarra
      gloria ibarra

      OMG!! Yesss that’s how I see it 😂😂😂😂

  • Just_a_Mei

    does this feel nostalgic to anyone else? feels like early 2000's girl groups. i love it 🤩🤩

    • Dalia85


    • Erica Chairunnisya
      Erica Chairunnisya


  • MJ J
    MJ J

    이뮤비가 좋은게...마지막에 다같이 모여서 춤출때, 시선이 자유로움. 카메라에 구애받지않고 시선처리하는게 너무 좋음..

  • Angielina Alva
    Angielina Alva

    Ok amo esta a canción y las vibras que da, además del concepto que le queda perfecto a las chicas 💞

    • Agusgus


  • Pamela

    This story makes me cry 😭 The way Danielle and Haerin smile at each other while dancing, holding hands and running together after stealing that guy's clothes is so cute😭😭😭

    • mika

      @Breeze the dude 2-timed the girls and instead of the expected drama that would come out of it, they just decided to ditch him and stick with each other

    • 鲸鱼幽默感

      @Breeze they two girls are couple

    • K-Choi

      @Breeze basketball guy cheated on them at the same time.

    • Breeze

      What's the storyline?

  • Marisukemaui

    History will call them "best friends"

    • lvsgrl

      @Geometry Prats ya

    • Geometry Prats
      Geometry Prats

      @Arianne Guiot It's not pinned...

    • Geometry Prats
      Geometry Prats

      @lvsgrl en realidad, no. XD por eso lo dejaron a libre interpretación. Mejor tú deja de llorar solo porque no piensan igual que tú.

    • Arianne Guiot
      Arianne Guiot

      The fact they pinned this comment...I can't

  • E.N. Edits
    E.N. Edits

    GOOSH, I think Danielle's gonna be my bias in this group. I really like her voice and her visual is insaaaane 😭💖

    • Chana Cohen
      Chana Cohen

      @♡︎TooTuo♡︎ sameeeee

    • nana

      ikr she's the one who caught my attention first

    • Dia Finne
      Dia Finne

      Yeah and she has this care free, best friend vibe

    • Redamancy

      YES SAME!!! She attracts my attention and her smile is so contagious, also she seems to be enjoying the performance a lot!

    • ixora

      Same bestie!!

  • DoKyeomentary

    CONGRATS, GIRLS!!! Attention is now on number 1 position on Melon top 100 chart! Hype Boy is on number 6. Great songs, indeed!

    • antisocial


  • I'm not straight,
    I'm not straight,

    okay i kinda like this concept kinda fruity lmaoo, haerin is currenty my bias and dan is my bias wrecker CONGRATS GIRLS !! i just preordered your merch

  • Gur (규리)
    Gur (규리)

    I love Danielle's voice. Her vocal tone caught my attention and I just had to see who was singing that part.

    • sparey kuragi
      sparey kuragi


  • Piinkblinks

    im so obsessed with this group 😭😭

    • Nicole Gutierrez
      Nicole Gutierrez


    • NewJeans 4th gen queens
      NewJeans 4th gen queens

      @digitalcatssss you're not a kpop stan ?

    • Hilda Mutiara
      Hilda Mutiara

      same sist same

    • U like twice?? So marry me 🫣💗
      U like twice?? So marry me 🫣💗

      Same 😭😭

    • Yaa Agyekum
      Yaa Agyekum

      Me too!

  • aliya

    Haerin is definitely gonna be my bias she is so stunning also her voice DAMN slayyy girl

    • WILLA

      Same she's 4 yrs younger than me but still chose her as a bias she so talented and pretty

    • Linda Thao
      Linda Thao

      @Stella hi

    • Stella


    • Linda Thao
      Linda Thao

      @H.M reacts same

    • H.M reacts
      H.M reacts

      She's my bias 😍

  • hiba ziadeh
    hiba ziadeh

    I love how Danielle and Haerin are sharing eye contacts during the dance. SO CUTE.

  • 콩이

    일단 노래가 넘 좋음.. 거기에 멤버들이 다 이쁘고 춤까지 완벽... 이렇게 입덕인가.............ㅋ

  • Андрей А.
    Андрей А.

    Очень красивый и яркий клип и девочки огонь. Настоящая молодёжная музыка, которая заставляет вспомнить свою молодость. Успехов девочкам. Очень классно 2:50 ))танцуют

  • ninjaos77

    they did exactly what they wanted, and not to mention their music so far is absolutely amazing 😭 fr caught our attention bro

    • al kabanda
      al kabanda

      @Instagram User u crazy

    • maria sutherland
      maria sutherland

      @Instagram User nobody asked

    • Rida shaikh
      Rida shaikh

      @Instagram User ok

    • Instagram User
      Instagram User

      і hатe Hybe Labels and і lоve ѓаріиg ѕмаll сhіlↁѓeи because My content is better!! 😂

    • Maddie


  • CS Palakul
    CS Palakul

    So blown by Danielle’s charisma and her dance lines. ❤

  • Freddy Salazar
    Freddy Salazar

    Me encanta este tipo de voz donde no la fingen como la de una niña de 5 años

  • jangsam

    중독성 쩌네.. 어제부터 몇번째 듣는지.. 개인적으로 이곡이 가장 좋음.

    • 박은진

      근데 앨범에 수록 된 곡들 다 좋더라 듣다가 다 중독됨 앨범 사고싶을정도임…

    • Tita Juniati
      Tita Juniati


    • gsb ga ng
      gsb ga ng

      네 250입니다

    • 올로에

      저도요 처음엔 어탠션 도입부가 너무 취향이라 어탠션 많이들었는데 이젠 하입보이만 들음..

    • lordsauron

      곡도 곡인데 보컬이 귀에 착붙

  • hiba ziadeh
    hiba ziadeh

    Danielle's voice at 1:11 is so soft and smooth. These girls have amazing potential.

  • Kayniesha Burton
    Kayniesha Burton

    I feel like these girls are going to be huge. Their voices, their style, their sound. Everything is different yet so special about these girls. love them already

    • jungshook


    • Iyahayah Terre
      Iyahayah Terre

      Ikr best group I've ever seen

    • nenoke doken
      nenoke doken

      Yes ! People try to break them so hard because of their young age but I can see them being huge in the future!

    • Muhammad Surya Atmaja
      Muhammad Surya Atmaja

      I'm not sure, because the music is niche. I like it though.

    • Kayniesha Burton
      Kayniesha Burton

      @Lotsielots not true. Some groups continue to show their vocal abilities throughout their careers. There are very few but there are some. But I do hope these girls continue to bless our ears. And they are still very young with such rich voices.


    I'm attracted to this song becos of their challenge dance with Niki San and now I'm in love with this group already.The song is just my type and I swear i love Daniele so much😭💙

  • Lu Ni
    Lu Ni

    Haerin is too pretty And she has a very unique voice , she's my bias

    • rosiesblossom ~ hiatus
      rosiesblossom ~ hiatus


  • wind

    이슈,논란,외모,국적 등등 노래를 제외하고 외부요인으로 이슈가 된 걸그룹이 아닌 순수하게 노래가 듣고 싶어서 찾아보게 되는 걸그룹은 진짜 오랜만인듯

    • Allan M. Hanson
      Allan M. Hanson

      This girls have everything to become a worldwide success. The 20's Spice Girls.

    • 하류

      쿠키로 이슈됨😅

    • 대식가채채

      저도 길가다 노래 듣고 입덕 ,,

    • milk tea
      milk tea

      어디서 흘러나오는 노래 듣고 이거 부른애들 누구지? 단순궁금으로 찾아보는거랑 다르게 뭔가 좀 찐으로 알고싶다... 색다르다 느껴진 친구들은 뉴진스가 첨임

    • gsb ga ng
      gsb ga ng

      포로듀서 250이자나요

  • 시미

    너무 좋다 충격적이다 진짜... 노래도 좋고 멤버들 매력도 장난아니고 또 뭔가 기획이 자연스러운 느낌이 나서 더 편안함 ㅠㅠ 어텐션도 맨날 듣는데 노래 음원 나오면 하루종일 들을 듯

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose


  • Jeez

    Not only the girls are cool but listening to them makes me think I’m cool too 😎

    • Jeez

      @Jeannehobbies you’re more cool 🎧

    • Jeannehobbies

      You’re cool !

    • minoo 21
      minoo 21

      exactly :)))

    • jungshook

      Same lol

    • vxsrosie_


  • 록록록

    지금까지 여돌 하이틴 컨셉 많이 나왔는데 새로운 느낌을 이렇게나 줄 수 있다는 점이 신기하다 뉴진스 정말 기대된다

  • Adriana Fomi
    Adriana Fomi

    This music IS very nice to listen i think that they will become very popular

    • antisocial

      Entire k-pop industry jamming to hype boy

    • bucin nct bangtan
      bucin nct bangtan

      @Kal V. i just watched reign and show this comment..

    • Kal V.
      Kal V.

      Who are you? Nostradamus?

    • Adriana Fomi
      Adriana Fomi

      @라이언 that is true i love their songs and visuals they look so natural i will continue to listen to their songs and encourage them

    • 라이언

      They literal popular now in sk among big groups.

  • Momo

    I love Danielle's accent when she sings the line "you know I hype you boi"❤️

    • MJ


  • 3 3
    3 3

    민희진 선생님…. 진짜 개천재아님..? 솔직히 하이브 일처리 별로여서 르세라핌도 그렇고 맘이 안갔는데 얘네는 진짜 하이브 아니고 민희진그룹이다 정말 고급트렌디 그자체 스엠의 그 고급짐이 민희진이였구나… 스엠이 아니라 민희진을 좋아하는 거였어…. 최고다 아 음원듣고 싶어 현기증나

  • Daisy

    To be honest first I wasn’t extremely into the idea of 4 different versions of the MV but I kept my mind open since you never know if you will actually like it till you seen it but then I saw them all and it was amazing. Each MV have it own story and own main characters. In the predebut song ‘Attention’ you could see how they shine as a group but with all the different MV’s with the song ‘Hype Boy’ you can see how they individually shine and it’s beautiful :”)

    • Glennza Gelasius
      Glennza Gelasius

      But these 2 girls' versions are in 1 mv so each of them dont shine too much

    • Chloe Alamsyah
      Chloe Alamsyah

      the definition of don’t waste the footages

    • seul hee
      seul hee

      @La Horca they're promoting the members equally through this idea, though?? i dont really see anything wrong with it

    • La Horca
      La Horca

      Still is waaay too much and they could have done different songs with each video... is definitely a weird decision and i spect they don't repeat it lmao.

  • 물컵

    오늘 뮤비만 각각 10번씩은 본듯... 스토리가 다달라서 안질려... 노래도 너뮤 좋아...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜ

  • chan's left eye bruh
    chan's left eye bruh

    OOOh this was so refreshing to watch. The guy cheating on both of them with each other, they finding out and sticking together to get revenge. Honestly they have great chemistry. As tHEYRE ROOMATES. But yeah I like how theyre promoting this song, its definitely my favorite from them.

  • norbi 7
    norbi 7


  • ash


  • Marynil Villagracia
    Marynil Villagracia

    Okay, but Danielle is such a lowkey queen in this MV. She watches over the girls as they moon over their crushes in the MV but just gives off overall “these are MY girls” vibes 🔥

    • Yei-Jop Bitiés
      Yei-Jop Bitiés

      *'yines'* (J-nes) es el nuevo fandom de New Jeans

    • Robin Andrew Tuzon
      Robin Andrew Tuzon

      @Jessica Cristina i mean it’s pretty obvious, we know that

    • Jessica Cristina
      Jessica Cristina

      @Marynil Villagracia they are a couple

    • Jessica Cristina
      Jessica Cristina

      @Robin Andrew Tuzon Daniele and haerin are a couple

    • Jessica Cristina
      Jessica Cristina

      Danielle and haerin are a couple

  • 4nwjns

    the eye contact when they're dancing wow

  • NewJeans 4th gen queens
    NewJeans 4th gen queens

    im obsessed with this song especially this MV

  • 그래퍼

    노래 개좋네 ㅇㅈㅋㅋㅋ

  • 반짝

    이건 진짜 케이팝 뮤비 역사에 오래오래 남을거같아 다니랑 해린이 얼굴합도 미쳤어 ㅠㅠㅠ

  • Kep1er K-Reacts!
    Kep1er K-Reacts!

    Danielle has insane visuals, already my bias in New Jeans! Haerin also looks gorgeous

    • antisocial

      I think so! she definitely gonna take the visual position

    • Dia Finne
      Dia Finne

      Definitely, that's what I'm saying,l think I'm in love 💕

    • dulce mami
      dulce mami


  • 결

    다니엘이 보면 볼수록 연기력이 미침

  • 김다솜

    다니엘이 자연스러운 연기를 개잘함 2:23 부터 여자애 보낼때 표정, 춤출때 표정, 옆에 애 머쓱하게 툭툭 치는 표정..

    • 설당

      다니엘 표정이 진짜 미쳤아여ㅠ 연기하면 진짜 잘할듯!!!

    • sedu

      진짜 표정연기 찐이당.. 농구놈이랑 첫 3자대면하고서 빨고 있던 사탕 해린한테 건낼때 그 표정...

    • conperv

      Who is Daniell?

  • O_O놔두세요

    이거 앞부분에 남자가 사탕줄 때는 뭐야하고 쳐다만보고 있어도 친구가 먹던 하트사탕 주는건 바로 받아먹는 거 나만 개킬링인가 겁나 좋은데

  • sweetie paris
    sweetie paris

    FOR THOSE WHO COULDNT UNDERSTAND THE STORY: 1st scene: danielle's cp homescreen photo is with THAT boy who was also flirting with HAERIN.. she realized this when she saw that GUY handing the lollipop to haerin which is the same as hers.. so she compared her text messages with haerin and there found out that the guy was not only texting danielle but also send messages to haerin.. so danielle teamed up with haerin and the other girls to seek revenge-go to the guys locker room and stole the guys clothes .. as u can see from the video- the guy was only wearing a towel because he couldnt find his clothes and found out that the girls took it. then in the swimming pool area DANIELLE & HAERIN were looking at each others eyes and realized that FRIENDSHIP is more important than just a BOY.. so they chose to be with each other .. FRIENDSHIP over BOY..

    • GEL

      wait people are misunderstanding this??? it's so simple lmao

    • Oliver Spiler
      Oliver Spiler

      bros before h03s

    • sweetie paris
      sweetie paris

      @Love Nala welcome 🙂🙏🏻

    • Love Nala
      Love Nala

      Thanks i could not read the messages and understand what's going on lol

  • Amarant Tribal
    Amarant Tribal

    The melodies in this song are insane, so refreshing instead of the usual over the top and over produced groups with songs that are just noise.

  • Etesech

    Las amooo, Danielle es la más bonita que haya visto en mi vida

  • 이유나

    노래 듣고 설레서 무한반복 하고싶은 느낌 진짜 오랜만… ㅠㅠㅠ


    Esta canción hace que mi ánimo suba 🙌💖

  • chuuggumi

    this group is interesting..these mv versions and the way they just released attention all of a sudden...and the fact that every b side has a music video wow one lucky fandom YOU GUYS LMAOAOAO

    • starrbitz

      @Eylül Ceren Kapucu loona too omg yesss haseul's solo was literally shot in Iceland lol

    • chuuggumi

      @Eylül Ceren Kapucu yess

    • Eylül Ceren Kapucu
      Eylül Ceren Kapucu

      Stan loona and new jeans

    • chuuggumi

      @sara HELPP

    • chuuggumi

      @sara LMAO

  • Angela Bermudez
    Angela Bermudez

    The song is so addicting and the mv itself, they'll be really popular and successful in the future!

  • 핑크깜찍이

    다니엘 최공...❤️ 이 할미는 여한이 없구나..

  • 사람사람

    민희진은 진짜...진짜 대단한 사람이다.... . 뉴진스 파면 팔수록 민희진의 기획력에 감탄만 나옴

  • PHillEs

    데뷔 자체가 레전드네. 걸그룹만 20년 덕질해온 나로선 한마디로 충격이다. 그 어떤 걸그룹이 데뷔했을 때보다도 신선하다. 이건 뭐, 그때그때 유행따라 컨셉 맞춰 데뷔하는 걸그룹들 수준이 아니라 완전한 세대교체를 선언한 듯한 출현이다. ㅇㅇㅂ랑 ㅇㅁㅅ 데뷔 당시에도 쇼킹하긴 했는데 얘네들은 그걸 훨씬 넘어서네. 헐...

    • 그린파크

      @경계성 그게 그냥 예의임... 직접적인 언급은 하지않는 것이 암묵적인 룰이랄까,,

    • PHillEs

      @경계성 어 너도 여기저기 다니며 덕질해봐 내 애들 말고 타그룹 언급할 땐 자연스레 초성을 쓰게 될테니.

    • 경계성

      여기 트위터도 아닌데 뭐하러 초성으로쓰는지 진짜 이해안감;

    • G G
      G G

      @minmin 엔믹스인것 같아요

  • Nerd

    The way every MV has a scene where the girl looks at her crush and then in this one Danielle and Haerin just look at eachother im SOBBING

  • Andressa Da Silva Teles
    Andressa Da Silva Teles

    Eu escuto todas as musicas toda hora, estou viciada🥰

  • aur

    came back to watch the mv again after slightly knowing ab the girls based on how they talk and carry themselves in lives and broadcasts! i kind of saw danielle being the bright and cheerful one in the group but i'm honesty so surprised when it comes to haerin! i did not expect her to be shy one! in the music videos she keeps on giving me the "you can't sit with us" it girl vibe! i'm enthralled to find out that she's the exact opposite. but she is sophisticated and elegant nonetheless. my haerin is doing soooo well! tbh ar first, i didn't like her AT ALL! but come on i can't wait to see more of her. no wonder the public's eyes are on her

  • Daniele Pagliarini
    Daniele Pagliarini

    Já é minha música favorita do newjeans

  • 샐리in neverland
    샐리in neverland

    I can't stop myself from coming back to the 4 versions every hour... I'm officially obsessed with this song.

    • armele

      same i listen to this song sm its addicting and never gets old

    • Trang Nguyễn
      Trang Nguyễn

      same to me

    • Elisabed Chankseliani
      Elisabed Chankseliani


    • Kaya

      Samee, i love this song and their concept

    • kingme_makeus

      Same here

  • I'm Tee
    I'm Tee

    damn dude they haven't even been here for a month and they're already slaying!!

  • jae

    ustedes son mega increíbles, talentosas y muy hermosas

  • Dzs

    I have never had so much difficulty telling memebers apart in my 10 years of kpop stan.. I can´t tell who is who..they are all equally gorgeous of corse and this song is so addictive.

    • Dzs

      @Peachy Keen yea I was struggling at first but i guess I should trust my 10 years of experience learning faces and names xD

    • Peachy Keen
      Peachy Keen

      @Dzs I thought the same thing at first, Danielle clearly has a different face because she's half-White. But then I quickly learned their differences. Just take a closer look at their features. I think the fact that they all have very long black hair in the first video I saw of them made it harder to tell apart haha. Maybe that was intentional.

    • Dzs

      @hnyuq okk got it today. I can recognize them.. still have trouble remembering the h names xD

    • hnyuq

      @Dzs hanni kinda looks like a panda, haerin looks like this specific cat breed (but i forgot the name), hyein looks more viet than hanni, and minji kinda looks like nmixx jinni. hope this helps u a bit

    • Dzs

      @ᝰ is hard to also learn their names.. they are kinda similar except for danielle, she is the easiest to tell apart.

  • Angel

    This new group is giving me a new vibe. They're a kpop group, but the songs that hybe made for them, showcased a unique sound and appearance from other existing k-groups. And I am having a hard time to choose a bias, I love them all! 😩💞 Hoping for a smooth sailing career for the group. I hope they don't get pressured and criticized a lot.

  • Min._.Hafsa≮³¹¹

    We used to agree that their beauty is attractive without filtering words


    Esta canción es muy pegadiza 💖

  • 사랑Sarang

    2:29 Dani's smile is sooo pretty ugh! 😭❤️ Also the way they look at each other, it melts my heart away

    • 사랑Sarang

      @Dia Finne oh myyy yes yes yessss!!! I seriously love them so so much

    • Dia Finne
      Dia Finne

      So true, I'm so gay for her

  • ENHA's_ENGENE :)
    ENHA's_ENGENE :)

    Ohh dammnn this new girl group is definitely gonna rock it .....I'm the same age as them but they look so matured and beautiful...

  • Hatfa fontenele
    Hatfa fontenele

    I can't believe that he was playing both of them... i love how these two put him behind and where lovely to each other

    • Kristine Pearl Awa Ao
      Kristine Pearl Awa Ao

      i thought this was gxg TT

    • sevennine

      @mburst that part defo gave FRUITY

    • sevennine


    • billlieluvr

      @A Lumiuquer EVERYTHING IS FRUITY!!!!!

    • nellie

      Seems to me that the mv can have two meanings makes it more interesting and entertaining to watch XD

  • Bhargavi Bhat
    Bhargavi Bhat

    Their music as well as the video is so addicting! They give out 2010s vibes and I'm totally loving it. Their vocals have no forced effects to make them sound cute, they're just naturally soothing to ears. Rooting for them!!!

  • VeevesSweetbunny

    Reconheço uma obra prima quando vejo e afirmo q essa música é ❤

  • 유봄uboM

    고양이상이 진짜 뭔지 몰랐는데 해린이보고 고양이상이 뭔지 딱 알겠다 도입부 왜캐 이쁘냐고 빠져버렸다 진짜 완벽해 강해린.. 이 나이에 여돌입덕 할줄은...💕

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    nunthem kipgen

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    I just can't stop listening to this song. It's so addictive. Makes me feel nostalgic at the same time. And the way Danielle looks at Haerin was so lovely!

  • 시장에가면 중심을 잃고 목소리도 잃고
    시장에가면 중심을 잃고 목소리도 잃고

    해린이 진짜 고양이 그 자체....그리고 다니엘은 확신의 센터다 끼가 장난 아님

  • Nicole Gutierrez
    Nicole Gutierrez

    I love this song sm

  • Lorena Chapoñan Vidaurre
    Lorena Chapoñan Vidaurre

    Danielle y Haerin son tan lindas,además la canción me encanta

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    • Blonded Ocean
      Blonded Ocean

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    Frank Verisco

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