UCLA TRANSFER DORM TOUR! || Deluxe triple dorm
Nicole Do
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I wanted to show what the transfer dorms look like here on UCLA's the hill. To apply on your housing application, it will be under "Transfer LLC" in the Live Learning Community section of the application. Shown in the video is a deluxe triple located in De neve. Hope this helps any prospective students!
** most deluxe rooms will have the same layout as the one depicted regardless of whether it is transfer housing or not.
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  • Jessica Pate
    Jessica Pate

    I just submitted my housing application and this was SO helpful thank you!!!

  • megz

    Tysm for this !! :D one question- is there a specific choice you need to select on the housing application that ups your chances of being in a transfer dorm? I really want to but I’m scared of not getting an offer for it 😖

    • Nicole Do
      Nicole Do

      Hi! I would suggest ranking deluxe triple/deluxe doubles as your first choice considering the transfer dorms only has those two options. I’d also suggest only opting for one LLC rather than multiple since it’ll ensure you’ll get into the transfer one. Lastly, if you have roommates in mind you would all need to have the same room type rank and opt for the same LLC. Hope this helps!

  • Seongmeen 성민
    Seongmeen 성민

    i love this it’s so cute

    • Nicole Do
      Nicole Do

      appreciate it bestie 😭

  • Cecilia Nguyen
    Cecilia Nguyen

    Lovely video Nicole

    • Nicole Do
      Nicole Do

      thank u Cece 😭

  • sadxz zxa
    sadxz zxa

    Me gusta mucho tu música y tus videos cortos. 👍 uno de 19yearsold.Monster Quiere compartir videos como el tuyoh para conseguir el cariño que no tiene.

  • Ava !
    Ava !

    For deluxe doubles in holly are they bunk beds?

    • Nicole Do
      Nicole Do

      Hi! For deluxe doubles they are not bunk beds. They’re twin xl’s w regular bed frames with room to put storage underneath

  • A Girl In KNUST
    A Girl In KNUST

    Love you

  • Cecilia Nguyen
    Cecilia Nguyen