NO RULES FIFA 19 | Harry Kane & Fernando Llorente v Davinson Sanchez & Mousa Dembele
Tottenham Hotspur
Harry Kane and Fernando Llorente take on Davinson Sanchez and Mousa Dembele in EA Sports FIFA 19's new game mode - no rules!
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  • lil dunya
    lil dunya

    I want to tackle people but I cant tackle anyone - Dembele 😂

    • Fariz Fareey
      Fariz Fareey

      Hes to kind

    • Moses Kuyoro
      Moses Kuyoro


    • Voxify

      I see u every where lmao

    • Adam Gray-Medd
      Adam Gray-Medd

      How is beter at fifa

    • Work Harder
      Work Harder

      He is dealing with the ea bullshit aswell 😂😂

  • Daveezyyy

    If you think you are worthless and useless- think of the referees assistant runnig down the line in a no rules mode 😂😂

    • keenan alaraaf
      keenan alaraaf

      1:11 - 1:50 Bayern goal song

    • Eleni Yiangou
      Eleni Yiangou

      @Rahul Nagda Kane is so funny Funny funny people everything in my life

    • Rahul Nagda
      Rahul Nagda


    • good heavens
      good heavens

      Throw ins?

    • McOliver E.
      McOliver E.

      Good times 😪❤

  • andy peacock
    andy peacock

    At least llorente is getting a game...

    • Simi Johal
      Simi Johal

      Cantspellpeanutwithout NUT FUT RATING ...... 111A2678974


      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Shade

    • Tottenham Edits
      Tottenham Edits

      Anyone here when he’s getting all our goals

    • Lonelybear1024

      Ah thats hot

    • Jamie Stanton
      Jamie Stanton

      look at him now

  • GG

    I love davinson he seems so confused as to what’s going on

    • Heath

      George Greenham «no offside, ahhh»😂

  • Haay K
    Haay K

    Kane and Llorente’s laugh 😂😂😂 So hilarious lol

  • Stian N
    Stian N

    Best video ever! What I have been loving the most since Harry became our main man is the chemistry in our beautiful team

  • took181

    That Lloris pass out is reminiscent to the World cup final

    • Marzbarz


    • Fuzzygames 2.0
      Fuzzygames 2.0

      Do not swear

    • Natalie O'Farrell
      Natalie O'Farrell

      Yes it is

    • Anas Haziq
      Anas Haziq

      took181 oh shit hahahaha

  • John Harris
    John Harris

    I love how they celebrate like they actually scored a real goal..... Authentic footballers

  • Shavnik Shetty
    Shavnik Shetty

    If Moussa dembele played the UCL final we would've surely won it ... Miss you Moussa 😭😭

  • Rhianna Lewis
    Rhianna Lewis

    Harry's laugh is so contagious

  • Miss Impossible
    Miss Impossible

    Harry's emotions are incredible! 😉😉😉

  • LiquidSnake

    The team struggled from start of 2019 or even a little earlier than that as Mousa was never truly replaced. What a presence he was on the pitch.

  • Aung Khant
    Aung Khant

    “I can’t even tackle you” Harey Kane - “I know” Hahahaha

  • omar.adhima

    1:47-1:50 Moussa's face killed me😂😂😂😂👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾♥️

    • JensTeo Nicolaisen
      JensTeo Nicolaisen

      Adhima Ntlakana it’s Mousa

  • KJ

    Son and Dele vs Lloris and Lamela

    • 어서오고

      근데 꼭 외국인들은 영어 써달라함

    • Samuel Bautista
      Samuel Bautista

      @G M WTF

    • AAJJ789


    • Nicki Antara
      Nicki Antara

      No,Son and Aurier vs Lloris and Dele

    • Gavin Grant
      Gavin Grant

      Shigga Omega gazzaniga

  • Kudakwashe Calvin Gahadzikwa
    Kudakwashe Calvin Gahadzikwa

    Sanchez : I cant tackle you Kane : I know. Legend

  • Memento

    Llorente...Gran jugador y persona

  • James Harris
    James Harris

    Much more content like this please.

  • 5Oblivion

    "Kieran Trippier I tell you what, that boy..." It's funny cause Tripps is 3 years older than Kane xD

    • Georgios Kyriapas Paniaytou
      Georgios Kyriapas Paniaytou

      5Oblivion yh 😂

    • Sununu Bah
      Sununu Bah

      Mind you Kane is senior for him in the squad that’s why he refer to him as that boy

    • Sununu Bah
      Sununu Bah

      Mind you Kane is Senior for am in the squad that’s why Kane refer to him as that boy

  • Mbulelo Gumbe
    Mbulelo Gumbe

    All these foreign players speak English better than Kane

    • Fiyago

      not funny, he has a speech impediment

    • Mitchell White
      Mitchell White

      Georgios Kyriapas Paniaytou yo I support Tottenham but you don't see me being triggered, so why are u

    • Dumbeldore

      @Tushar Bithle 4-0

    • Alfie Spencer
      Alfie Spencer

      @Bosnia he has a speech impediment mate

  • a a
    a a

    1:26 never seen Kane move so much 😂😂😂😂

  • Gitarreensolo

    My favourite video of the week. Please make more videos like this!

  • rubsoraus xxx
    rubsoraus xxx

    Harry's "I know" at 5:12 was so cute 😍

    • Michelle

      Absolutely right and also his laugh 😍

  • Tech Gamer
    Tech Gamer

    1:49- 😂😂 He nailed it

  • Sma fa
    Sma fa

    Harry Kane is not only a good footballer but also a good gamer 💖👌👍

  • david cox
    david cox

    So funny i love Dembele's comment ' i want to tackle people! but i can't tackle anyone !!' lol Come on Spurs your fans have spoken !! we want to see Son and Dele vs Lloris and Lamela you know it makes sense !!! #COYS

  • Nnenna Nwanwene
    Nnenna Nwanwene

    1:49 I guess Lloris is still drunk😂😂

    • 삼두룡THD(Triple Heads Dragon)
      삼두룡THD(Triple Heads Dragon)

      Best Scene LOL

    • Ashley Estrada
      Ashley Estrada

      Good one

    • Winterweek

      More like karius mistake

  • Roxanne Rocks
    Roxanne Rocks

    Ive met Kane before he's so friendly

  • igrap

    5:34 was hilarious 😎

  • Hubbu

    1:25 - Kane with a pitch-perfect WIlhelm Scream!

  • Mayer

    Caraca o Kane joga muito

  • Cirkin Way
    Cirkin Way

    love watching these grownup lads here😂 miss llorente and dembele so much!!🥵

  • Rósa Isaksen
    Rósa Isaksen

    I swear Mousa is one of my favorite people ever😂

  • Cxqle

    5:39 kane is loosing it😂

  • Music and Football Playlist channel
    Music and Football Playlist channel

    Moussa Dembele LEGEND! 😍😍

  • MrTry

    I'm pretty sure Moussa had square and circle missed up and didn't know 😂😂😂

  • Paulo dybaler
    Paulo dybaler

    Kane He score in real world He score in Fifa But most inportantly 5:37

  • 존잘홀란드

    Kane is good at the game too❤❤

  • Verena Lang
    Verena Lang

    I love that video so much! It made my day! 😂😂⚽

  • Prateek Rout
    Prateek Rout

    "This is how we like it, no rules". Mousa Dembele 2018

  • Dream 1882
    Dream 1882

    I miss dembele 😭😭

    • Farid Es Salhi
      Farid Es Salhi

      Amazing how ALL current spurs players are unanimous saying Dembele was their best player

    • Music and Football Playlist channel
      Music and Football Playlist channel

      Legend 🙏🙏

  • Даниел Георгиев
    Даниел Георгиев

    Harry Kane is amazing in fifa19 and real life

  • Andrea Saavedra
    Andrea Saavedra

    Those laughs though 5:34 😂

  • Lina Gerber
    Lina Gerber

    British accent is always hard to me lmao, especially Harry kane 😂 The sound of Harry Kane’s laughter is really coooooll lolololol

    • rockzs74r

      Harry Kane didn't speak English. Let alone their accent. He speak Roonish Language with proper Rooney accent

  • GeTroy

    Every club should do this 😂😂

  • Takyon

    Harry is actually pretty decent in playing fifa

  • KB7Production ™
    KB7Production ™

    Moussa Dembele 2018 "but we are a team, we are fix everything , it's about fixing things"😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ọlàbánjí D. Akinpẹlú
    Ọlàbánjí D. Akinpẹlú

    This is beautiful! 😍

  • Skye Ridler
    Skye Ridler

    Moussas laugh is hilarious 🤣

  • Fish

    The First Goal just an Classic Kane Goal 😂

  • Undis Closed
    Undis Closed

    Miss you Dembélé. 😓😭


    Can’t remember the last time I saw kane laugh so hard like this🥲

  • blackjack650 jones
    blackjack650 jones

    Moussa and davinson be loving no rules!

  • Deason Xu
    Deason Xu

    4:20 that's a red card for Lloris he clearly made contact with the ball using his arms!

  • Bruno Caique
    Bruno Caique

    1:29 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Bruno Caique
      Bruno Caique

      @alfrejimglez 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Dembele

    • alfrejimglez


  • Ryan City10
    Ryan City10

    Llorente and Harry Kane laugh is so funny lol 🤣

  • Dez

    Llorente's laugh is absolutely fantastic

  • Tommy's Party
    Tommy's Party

    5:30 Pocettino s angry at Sonny lol

    • Jürgen Neychname
      Jürgen Neychname


  • Siliconn

    Kane looks sooooooo happy lol😂

  • Shaheen 123
    Shaheen 123


  • Kompoism

    0:49 Harry joins the long list of people that have been mugged off by Mousa!

  • Primrose Neog
    Primrose Neog

    5:20 "i think it is a prank, we played so much better" Yeah that's spurs right there

  • kr4zyy

    Maybe they double pressed shoot which can screw up the timed finishing

  • Neeraj Joshi
    Neeraj Joshi

    Man I miss Dembele

  • Firsto Frado
    Firsto Frado

    I'm surprised Kane didn't​ claim every goal

  • YC Lee
    YC Lee

    Mousa is just so funny😂

  • kylere2k9

    Kane although you can’t tell what he says... is a true English fifa player lol! Takes the piss after scoring! 😂

  • helena

    This video is so lit 🔥 #COYS 💙

    • nawfal effendi
      nawfal effendi

      what is lit??

  • Jacob Lawrie
    Jacob Lawrie

    Dembele's laugh at 1:28

  • Guy

    Llorrente found it too funny when harry said davinson nice hair 😂

  • mari

    i find dembele so facinating

    • Music and Football Playlist channel
      Music and Football Playlist channel

      @MvDs Belgium 🇧🇪🇧🇪

    • Lego Cole
      Lego Cole

      @mari they are greedy for sex,DUH

    • mari

      why are you guys like this? Is everything okay at home?

    • MvDs Belgium
      MvDs Belgium


    • mari

      Ahmed Amin my bad pal,really don’t care for my spelling when it comes to the internet


    Tottenham are the best I love the look of new stadium I had season tickets 2 seasons in a row I watched you vs Barca as well you played well

  • soleil

    i miss you, Dembele and Fernando 😢💙

  • Bobby Carlos
    Bobby Carlos

    No rules means Kane can claim as many goals as he wants. Edit: I know its a dead meme.

  • Jx7bb

    I miss Moussa 😕

  • 우진강

    No Harry Kane He is Happy Kane.

  • Muhammad Ikhwan Baharuddin
    Muhammad Ikhwan Baharuddin

    We miss you Dembele

  • Sukrant Bhat
    Sukrant Bhat

    Kane putting himself in 10 behind Fernando, he used powers of Foresight... he's playing like a number 10 now

  • bigu236

    we need to have more of these...

  • MouraThat

    March 2019: This makes me miss dembele even more.

    • Farid Es Salhi
      Farid Es Salhi

      Best spurs player according the whole team

    • Music and Football Playlist channel
      Music and Football Playlist channel

      Our legend - even a Premier League legend 💪💪

  • Gacha CYZK85
    Gacha CYZK85

    1:49 Lloris back at it after the WC final

  • 반란의도시

    I still miss Dembele...

  • rajat Jain
    rajat Jain

    dembele scoring against dembele was the funneist moment for me.

  • Mr Sunglasses
    Mr Sunglasses

    0:14 - ‘’this is how we like it, no rules’’ hahhaha.

  • Cory Wall
    Cory Wall

    About time Kane gets a rest

  • Relentless Blur
    Relentless Blur

    Nice to see Kane brought along the kitman to have a game of fifa

  • McOliver E.
    McOliver E.

    Good times 😪❤

  • Riddhiman singhalia
    Riddhiman singhalia

    We want new part of no rules fifa 19 (2022) waiting for it spurs

  • þrophecy

    5:20 Dembele about to say "we are so much better in real life" but stopped short.. 🤫

    • The ClappedChild
      The ClappedChild

      þrophecy because there was a chance

  • Hugue Chery
    Hugue Chery

    That video was just lit. Now Lloris vs Gazzaniga. Lets go you Spurs!

  • Prateek Rout
    Prateek Rout

    5:37 great shot


    THIS LAUGH 😂😂😂1:52

  • Christine Daae
    Christine Daae

    I miss Moussa :(

  • LFC-HRC-77

    Wow look at Kane dribble!

  • Rajeev grg
    Rajeev grg

    Spurs with that Bayern Munich’s after goal song 😂 You know what I’m trying to say 😂

  • Ahmet Çağrı
    Ahmet Çağrı

    Harry knows how to play :D

  • Marzbarz

    1:30 Dembeles laugh xD

  • Davi Cavalcante
    Davi Cavalcante

    4:14 close your eyes and just hear the voice 😂😂

    • Caio Lago
      Caio Lago

      You is a Brazilian guy hahahaha, this humor is brazilian

    • Alvin Guiao Valencia
      Alvin Guiao Valencia


    • Abdirahman Sabria
      Abdirahman Sabria


    • Kaleen さん
      Kaleen さん


  • Devin Adhim
    Devin Adhim

    harry and llorente first goal reaction was funny

  • Juan Diego Herran
    Juan Diego Herran

    Sánchez el mejor🥇⚽