The Mannequin Man (2022) | Full Movie [4K Ultra HD]
When a fellow student casts a dark spell using black magic, he unleashes something evil that goes on to terrorize the city's residents... slowly society begins to fall apart as the Mannequin Curse spreads rapidly, It is up to a group of kid's to unravel the mysterious phenomenon and figure out a way to stop it.
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Directed by: Kyle Godfrey
Director of Photography: Alex Lieu
Edited by: Kyle Godfrey & Alex Lieu
Score by: Filip Olejka
( Extra Crew Credits on Screen )
Jana Sosic as Sam
Kyle Godfrey as James
Julian Dipaola as Roman
Keanu Bertrand as Ethan
Leah Latino as Victoria
Alexis Ricordi as Robert
Andreas Eskander, Stevie Gluftsis, Ariel Coviello, Kameron Marshall as Frat Kids
( Extra Cast Credits on Screen )
Produced by Prime Capitol Entertainment Ltd.

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  • Stromedy

    Hope you enjoy the movie, we decided to release it for free for everyone to enjoy! *SHARING* this movie would really help because if we hit 1 Million views we will make *The Mannequin Man PART 2!*

    • Nana Kingsley
      Nana Kingsley

      Please do a movie about clowns

    • Kayla Birt
      Kayla Birt

      Great movie stromedy great thrill and I got me scared and wanting to watch more A+ u guys should do a Halloween special when it comes up Halloween that would be so cool xx

    • Shine



      It was pretty romantic also roman was a bad ass

    • April Maynard
      April Maynard


  • CallMeMing Shorts
    CallMeMing Shorts

    The production value for this is insane 🔥🔥 Would love to see the same characters in a second film solving another mystery 🥲🥲

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      Like “The Whale Man”.” Robert(Played by Alex) uses the spell on his computer by chanting “Spirits of IRglo Premium, we welcome you.” Make yourself present and come through” 3 times.” The computer will always show the commercial, and they will only speak English when you cover your ears.” Anyone who uses his computer or touched by an individual cursed person is now cursed by the spell and can only speak whale language and eats non-cursed humans.” Almost every one was cursed in the movie(except for Victoria(Played by Leah)), and she reversed the spell at Robert’s house by chanting “Spirits of IRglo Premium, we abandon you.” Make vanish, you shuold no longer come through” 3 times, and she disconnected the cable.”

    • Tammy Topp
      Tammy Topp

      This would be scary to experience in real life.

    • clowning

      This is the best movie ever

    • Sharleen Foster
      Sharleen Foster


    • Tonya Williamson
      Tonya Williamson

      @Maher Ullah yhhhh

  • Aliyah Rivera
    Aliyah Rivera

    “James” was literally so brave this whole movie behind everyone while walking,going up to the door by himself, opening the door by himself,getting out the car and more

  • Jenny Godfrey
    Jenny Godfrey

    As your mom, I’m SO, SO proud of your work in this movie!!! I could always see your talents from an early age & this movie is only proof of it!!!! This movie is FANTASTIC & to think it’s only your 2nd feature film & you’re only 23 years old!! SO proud of the entire cast & crew too that was involved in this movie!! There is SO much talent here that shines onscreen!!! LOVED being a part of this film too!!!…dream come true!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We love you!! ❤️

    • Xander's Brother Roblox - Adventures
      Xander's Brother Roblox - Adventures

      Stromedy is a very food actor

  • C4SPER

    Scarier than any horror film I’ve seen on the big screen within the past few years - you’re going places bro! Everyone did such a good job on this and it deserves a lot more credit!

  • ~Flxral~

    We need a part two Kyle!! The ending was such a cliff-hanger and I loved it. Thanks so much for posting this on your main channel and not just for the Stromedy Squad that have join your group!

    • Carol Dutton
      Carol Dutton

      Good message

  • CallMeMing

    The cinematography was insane! Can't get over how good the One-Shot scenes were, the tension during all of these were so good 😳 Really enjoyed the movie! Major insidious vibes with the creepy expressions and music 😱 Everyone in the film did such an amazing job! Can't imagine how much work went into this. Really setting the bar high for what IRglors are capable of. Such a massive inspiration :')

    • Jane Campbell
      Jane Campbell

      Ur right

    • Vann Charchalis
      Vann Charchalis

      (Vann charchalis#@)

    • Vann Charchalis
      Vann Charchalis


    • Rongchaicho

      @6._zay -_- ??

    • 6._zay


  • Neil Magrath
    Neil Magrath

    Simply awesome, brilliant film. Eerily creepy mannequins. Great characters, great plot, great acting, very plush film. I liked the book, reminded me of the Necronomicon. And a nice romantic touch too. You people are artists, and bring so much joy and entertainment. You deserve success, and all the good things in life. I hope you will make more of these films.

  • Abigail Orrender
    Abigail Orrender

    This movie was amazing. I can't wait for a part 2. I was scared. I watched part of it last night and had the watch the rest during the day. Definitely creepy. But excellent

  • Tim Klein
    Tim Klein

    I FREAKING LOVED THIS MOVIE DUDE! Me and my sister watched it together! It was incredible!

    • Eddietubecollin-oficial channel
      Eddietubecollin-oficial channel

      @Tim Klein i replied right now

    • Tim Klein
      Tim Klein

      I KNOW RIGHT MAN! Sorry that nobody replied to your comment! I will love you forever bud!

  • Brian Phelps
    Brian Phelps

    That's one of the best movies I've ever watched!!!!! Thanks Stromedy for making this keep up the good work.

  • Infinity

    That was great acting and when Jana was reading the case about Robert I saw Mr.Beast surviving 100 days 😂😂😂😂

  • Brysonboiyeet

    Kyle I am so proud of how this movie did! You should start directing more movies! THEY are amazing. I’d would have loved at the end if Robert came back and saw his book and have a grin with the book at the end

    • Colt stender
      Colt stender

      Kyle is in the movie to 7:50 to.

  • Seth Freese
    Seth Freese

    This was such a good movie I can’t tell you how many jump scares there where. And all of the camera work was good and the music really fit in with the scenes

  • Sierra Cassady
    Sierra Cassady

    Great movie Kyle! Keep up the awesome work! Such a great actor alongside IRglor, can’t wait for part 2!

  • F1rocks 2190
    F1rocks 2190

    Kyle is not only a great IRglor he’s also a great actor. Keep up the great work 👍

    • faze Ali plays on yt
      faze Ali plays on yt

      @F1rocks 2190 215

    • E Samuel
      E Samuel


    • Leon Worthington
      Leon Worthington


    • F1rocks 2190
      F1rocks 2190

      Wow 201 likes 😯

    • Killer gamer
      Killer gamer

      @Keira -may Do you have a crush on joe mama

  • Simon John
    Simon John

    This is insane,keep up the good up, would actually like to see a part 2 in the second film if u can stromedy love ur vid keep it up :(❤️✌️👍

  • susan medhurst
    susan medhurst


  • Madyson mahony
    Madyson mahony

    This was amazing!!!!! I didnt expect james to become a mannequin !! Keep up the great work Kyle!!!!

  • asuscrazzz

    We defo need a Mannequin Man 2, great film I loved it !!!

  • I love Louis Tomlinson
    I love Louis Tomlinson

    Not gonna lie but I have never screamed so much and so loudly before in my life … my heart is pounding 😂 Great film Stromedy keep it up!

    • Robloxgamer123

      @man in woods it’s called editing

    • man in woods
      man in woods

      @Robloxgamer123 if it is not real then how they moved in front oh his car? i see flaw in your argument

    • Robloxgamer123

      @clown army spies it’s not real. It’s just a movie

    • clown army spies
      clown army spies

      Is the mannequin man real is it possible for a mannequin come to life please tell me or I will die of fear

    • Emanuela Tarazhi
      Emanuela Tarazhi

      me to man😮

  • Rivnat

    What A Movie!A Masterclass.One Of The Greatest IRglor Movies I've Ever Watched!10/10.Love The Cinematography Was Amazing!lets Get It To A Million Views Guys.Keep The Goodwork Up.

  • Archer’s BB Guns
    Archer’s BB Guns

    I got so scared the whole movie, I just kept saying to myself, “It’s just a movie, it’s just a movie, it’s just a movie.”

  • Pluz x
    Pluz x

    i love this movie this my fav i love how they put so much effort cant wait for part 2

  • Sashank Chandrasekar
    Sashank Chandrasekar

    Absolutely AMAZING movie! Everything was perfect, from the visuals to the music. I enjoyed it so much!! Can't wait for Part 2 :)

    • Bruhhh

      Yassssss queeny

    • James


  • Limit

    What a good plotwist at the ending! Didn't expect that at all, keep up the good work!

    • Robloxgamer123

      The book turned back to the page on its own (maybe by a spirit) and went to the page that you can bring the Mannequin Man back to life so maybe there might be a *Mannequin Man PART 2*

    • karorol 123
      karorol 123

      They kiss

    • • 100 years ago
      • 100 years ago

      THE mannequin was stromedy

    • Djgillers

      What was the plottwist?


    the camera angle the cinematics everything was amazing it was like a zombie apocalypse but even better ive been watching you since 2015 i love you and your vids

  • Little and Big Brother
    Little and Big Brother

    Me: *watching and needing to go to the bathroom* My brother *standing still for 10 seconds* Me:AHHHHHH


    I repeated watching this movie for about several times , because this movie is insane 🥰🥰🔥🔥🔥🥶

  • Ella Judge
    Ella Judge

    How was such a good movie? Keep up the amazing work can’t wait for part two!

  • HiveAlert

    This Movie Was Amazing I Enjoyed watching it keep up.

    • HiveAlert

      Btw I meant to say keep up the good work at the end.

  • Artifact37

    I just loved this movie, good work mr. Kyle, indeed good work loved the cinematic version also

  • 777X-WRLD999

    I feel like theres gonna be a number 2, this a very original idea, Kyle, you should continue this series

  • Alice Da Costa
    Alice Da Costa

    Fantastic job!!!...Amazing actors 👏 It is a 10 Congratulations Kyle!!!...You can really do anything you want!!...Well done ✔️ We all loved it 😀 👍 😊 ❤️ 😄 💙

  • Jeronimo McArthur
    Jeronimo McArthur

    Stromedy I gotta say this movie was amazing Hollywood should hire you guys in a heartbeat I never seen a horror movie like this good luck with the sequel if you make it until then PEACE!

  • 《DG_PLAYZ:]

    Now I am just speechless of how good this is THIS IS FIREEEEEE

  • Pablo Martín Vintimilla
    Pablo Martín Vintimilla

    I ended up liking this movie! It was super easy to watch and that deserves some credit

  • Lilly Khan
    Lilly Khan

    I love how much effort stromedy squad put in to this movie

  • Eshal Hassan
    Eshal Hassan

    Omg this was literally so sick! You should really make a clown one since clowns really try to attack you lol but it would be FIRE If YOU DID A CLOWN ONE!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Felisha Sookram
    Felisha Sookram

    my two little brothers kept talking about this movie and I decided to watch it didn’t expect it to be so good❤️🥰

    • Sunita Seetahal
      Sunita Seetahal


  • Prasham Karunanithi
    Prasham Karunanithi

    This is an awesome movie Kyle. I mean the characters felt like amazing grown ups. I am eagerly waiting for part 2. Such a cliffhanger. I hope this movie hits 1 million views soon. Its kind of like the movie IT where teens escape the grasp of a evil clown but in this case the Mannequin Man. Idk about you guys. Every time when the main characters when they pass a frozen person you get the feeling that they are still watching you like 6th or 7th sense is active despite the person is active. Ep Kyle's mom with a Knife and the creepy restaurant lady smile with a coffee mug. It's like the Mannequin Man touches and brainwashed you to be evil, murderous and out to get you. Btw and Sam and James look like amazing couple together 😍. Both changed alot since the Road Block Clown video. Idk it could be a possibility that Kyle and Jana might end marrying in the future because the movie reinforced their relationship even more. Maybe the next movie after Part 2 could be Evil Santa, Creepy Killer Clown (Ronald Mc Donald, Crouchy the Clown Pennywise.) Werewolf maybe, Bigfoot, Everglades Monster 🤔🤔. Who knows Awesome Masterpiece Stromedy. Can't wait for part 2 👍🎉.

  • Rich forever
    Rich forever

    This is the most scariest movie I have ever seen. I have goosebumps right now but the movie is dope. The scariest part is when the people turn into mannequins and starts to grin

  • daniel katon
    daniel katon

    hands down one of the best movies I've seen in quite awhile

  • ItsTaipans

    Holy crap this movie is a *freaking masterpiece* , keep doing stuff like this and never stop🙏📈


      Hmm I I oh u up oh go oh no oh no oh no no


      Same 😃😃😃

    • Time for enjoying
      Time for enjoying

      Masterpiece is right

  • isla buffy
    isla buffy

    I’m literally nine and movies that I can watch like this on IRglo are life savers. Thanks, keep up the phenomenal work!

  • Lilly Khan
    Lilly Khan

    After many years of watching free movies on IRglo I am motivated to make my first comment: Congratulations on a thoughtful and professional effort that kept me intrigued until the end. Good luck within a highly competitive market and I hope to see more of your work in the near future.

  • Mac Zeiler
    Mac Zeiler

    this is a very good and interesting film keep up the great work i would love to see a part two or another movie!

  • Shah Wali Baqi
    Shah Wali Baqi


  • Amy Overton
    Amy Overton

    This has got to be the best movie. I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for the second movie. Keep up the great work Kyle!

    • Amy Delgado
      Amy Delgado

      We share a name that’s so cool!

  • Sarim Alvi
    Sarim Alvi

    The ending of the movie kind of made me cry I was very happy on the ending keep up the good work!

  • GDR

    I’ve watched it twice already and it’s still good so ima watch it a third time lol


    “James”: I wanna be a movie director Me: YOU WOULD BE GREAT AT IT

  • Cooper Stanfill
    Cooper Stanfill

    Kyle is not only a great IRglo he’s also a great actor keep up the great work 👍

  • Raya Lenibor
    Raya Lenibor

    Bro, that was incredible!! Loved every bit! Thank you for releasing it!!

  • m a d i s o n 🌷🤍
    m a d i s o n 🌷🤍

    Jana's acting at the end was so awesome

  • Killer gamer
    Killer gamer

    This was so fkn good lmao I didn’t get jumped scared idk why MAKE A PART 2 by far the best movie I’ve watched Stromedy I watch this at 3 am bro I swear I saw a fkn dark SHAWDOW go across my room i shit my pants and then the light flicked I FKN FREAKED OUT

  • Patricia Henderson
    Patricia Henderson

    This was such a good l hour movie, thank you stromedy and love you guys


    I love how this movie everyone’s personality change bc I watched your vids for 3 years and you were a playa in this show

  • Midnight Devil
    Midnight Devil

    THIS MOVIE WAS SOOO GOOD! You should make a clown movie next. That would be fire!!🔥🔥

    • Nana Kingsley
      Nana Kingsley

      Yes that was exactly what I was coming to type in the comment

    • King Talha
      King Talha


    • Jeremiah Shears
      Jeremiah Shears


    • Jack Mars
      Jack Mars

      Yasssss i cant wait😂😨😁😁😁 but i should be in the woodddd😵😨😨

    • GoldenDragon


  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones

    Awesome movie 10 out of 10 I loved it from the start to the end

  • Roblox indian spam
    Roblox indian spam

    This IS Actually Perfect Movie I Have ever seen the whole prime capitol really appreciate from all of us the videos never dissapoint us they entertain us we congraTULATE you CONGRATULATIONS LOVE YOU

  • Stickbit Shorts
    Stickbit Shorts

    The cinematography in this is just awesome, good project!

  • Twinkles **
    Twinkles **

    this is such a addicting movie ive watched it so many times now

  • Sam Cotroneo
    Sam Cotroneo

    this was an absolute great movie, i loved the way it was structured and the events that took place. Definitely one of my favourite movies!

    • Frankie Healy
      Frankie Healy

      One more day of the year is not an issue

  • Amy_Uwugachacookie

    ✨ This is amazingly enjoyable !! Netflix should post this movie !! This is so good and great job doing it !! I remember this movie was only for members god bless u Kyle !! Now everyone can see it !! GOD BLESS U !! ❤️ u so much ✨

  • Karmen slay gang
    Karmen slay gang

    I loved y’all acting so much y’all did good at that and I loved how Yanna was brave to do that and I love y’all bye 👋

  • Jennifer Salinas
    Jennifer Salinas


  • Cooper Stanfill
    Cooper Stanfill

    Not gonna lie but I have never screamed so much and so loudly before In my life… my heart is pounding 😂

  • Hayley Barkham
    Hayley Barkham

    The plotwist was amazing and also when James got frozen I didn’t expect that but it was a relief he were brought back with the others keep up the good work😀

  • Bass fishing fam
    Bass fishing fam

    Omg I love this movie you need to make a part 2 it’s so good!

  • Millianna

    Yall did so good I watched this 5 times now and I still love it


    I actually enjoyed the movie and it was amazing and you guys did a amazing job to it and congratulations to your movie

  • GamingWildCardVlogs

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE I’ve watched it TWELVE times

  • Robloxgamer123

    I watched this before you re-uploaded it and it was good. The ending was such an insane plot-twist. Keep up the great work! Love you and your amazing content ❤️❤️❤️

    • Mr lama gaming1
      Mr lama gaming1

      @Robloxgamer123 ohh ✅

    • Robloxgamer123

      @Michael Bryant it did when the book turned back to the page to bring the mannequin back to life

    • Robloxgamer123

      @Mr lama gaming1 it did when the book turned back to the page to bring the mannequin to life

    • XD Playzz
      XD Playzz

      Im pretty sure stromedy uploaded a video like this in 2020 or 19

    • Shytajia Person
      Shytajia Person


  • Mahdi Ali
    Mahdi Ali

    The part where your dad just popped up gave me a heart attack

  • melodie samolyk
    melodie samolyk

    this is an amazing work of art keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️ i enjoyed this so much

  • KatyPerryismysunshine

    Ethan: You think I can eat this corn? James and Roman: No you can't eat it

  • __Stormzyy22

    Kyle is insane loved the movie keep up the great work

  • Random

    Me thinking how the neighbors would react seeing them do this

  • Amy Roblox
    Amy Roblox

    THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN I LOVE IT i love you guys so much this is so epic hehe