Is The FRENCH LAMELO BALL The BEST 16 Year Old In Europe!?
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The ONLY 16 Year Old BETTER Than LAMELO BALL In Europe…
No player at his age has ever been as good at drawing the spotlight as LaMelo Ball. He helped turn Chino Hills into a national sensation in 2016, trended on social media several times with two examples being his half-court shot an 92-point game, and now in 2018 has millions of fans following his professional career in overseas in Lithuania. Considering the success he endured back in high school combined with the fact that he's already playing in the top Lithuanian league, It’s easy to mistake LaMelo for being the best 16-year-old playing in Europe. However, that title belongs to a French combo guard I’m confident you won’t have heard of, Introducing Killian Hayes, who’s not only, in my opinion, a better player than Lamelo Ball, but the best 16-year-old professional period.
Funnily enough, Killian was like Lamelo also born in the U.S. before making the move to Europe.
However, for Killian, the circumstances were quite the opposite and had nothing to do with shoplifting incident or a father coach feud. His Dad DeRon Hayes was a former college basketball star at Penn State and played professionally for decades, mostly in the French Ligue one, because of his Dad’s career Killian spent his childhood growing up in French soil, despite being born in Lakeland Florida only weeks before LaMelo was. He first picked up basketball at the age of two and seemed to be on track for a pro career from the very start. In his early teenage years, Killian was already turning heads on the junior squad pf club Cholet Basket, a team his dad had competed with for several years. Killian like Melo regularly if not always found himself playing with a much older competition. Going up against under-22 teams at the age of 15. In 2017 he dominated the FIBA Europe U-16 Championship. Averaging 17 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals to win MVP and lead France to the gold medal. This season kickstarted Killian’s senior career in the top French league, though he hasn’t had much of a chance yet, Averaging just over a point per game in minimal playing time over 3 matches.. He has though still starred in the youth league, where he puts up a more impressive 16 points 7 assists, 4 rebounds 3 steals, and a block a contest.
The 16-year-old is already considered one of the greatest European prospects of his generation and arguably the continent's best long-term prospect not named Luka Doncic,
Considering that both Killian Hayes and LaMelo Ball have such unique yet similar backstories and that they're both relatively tall and growing guards, it's inevitable that we will hear their names in the same sentence for years to come. Killian's well-rounded and balanced style, along with his outstanding playmaking ability and basketball IQ, makes for a more fitting comparison with Lonzo. Additionally, defense and athleticism are some of Killian's main attributes, which is very much the opposite of LaMelo. Though on the flip side, Melo has proved to be the better ball-handler and outside shooter. While both players are being looked at as serious future NBA prospects, scouts have seemed to be a lot keener on Killian, due to his superior physical profile and his ability to make an impact on both ends of the floor. But considering that they're both just 16-years-old, a lot could change from now until the 2020 NBA draft, But this will certainly be one of the most intriguing stories, a potential rivalry in the making miles removed from the US Meda and something to keep an eye on in the coming years and that we’re bound to hear more of in the foreseeable future.
- DaKingMoneyYT

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  • Alex Adenuga
    Alex Adenuga

    As someone who is born and raised in Europe - I SERIOUSLY think LaMelo Ball is INCREDIBLY underrated. He already has elite size and length at the PG position (6'6 I believe)at his age, he has an exceptional handle (impressive array of combo moves, rythmn shots and instincts with the ball), his moves are refined and he stands out for his age, he shows impressive poise when he plays and is an extremely skilled finisher - he has no conscience and isn't afraid to make the big play. He's been playing varsity basketball since he was 12. As incredible as Europe is, the depth of talent and competition in the US at the youth level is incomparable with any other country in the world. There is a reason why the consistently USA wins FIBA U16, U17 and U18 tournaments - they win even though a good amount of these Europeans are playing professional basketball for European clubs. LaMelo Ball has basically been playing some of the highest youth basketball in the world since he was 12 years old.

    • Anxniah

      @Franklyn McGrady Calderón r/woosh

    • hannah60000

      Where in Europe, though?

    • Tendō Pain
      Tendō Pain

      I agree. The only hindrance I could see for his game, is he’s not a superb athlete, which is really important in the nba. Could lead to him struggling on defense & to create his own shot on a normal basis. That could obviously change since he’s still maturing though

    • Zo

      Junior 11 Wegn he 6'6

    • Amazing Black People
      Amazing Black People

      petera85 as an American I have to say your comment about Americans complaining less is BS 100%

  • Danilo Damjanovic
    Danilo Damjanovic

    He played in Montenegro on Junior Eurobasket and I was there, i saw him and the dude was INSANE. He has a bright future for sure!!!

  • khoss76

    Living in France and knowing the level of French u21 championship, I can tell you that Lamelo would score more for sure. Killian Hayes is very talented but he still has to work on his handles (5tos per game in u21) and be a more consistent shooter. Being in a more professional structure for many years, Hayes is more polished but Lamelo has incredible talent and confidence, let's wait and see.

  • Vrael Atao
    Vrael Atao

    Killian turned pro in June 2018. In his first game, he played 28 minutes, scored12 points (5/8) and 6 assists. Future sounds good for him.

  • Stevie

    What font do you use for your thumbnail?

  • Future CEO
    Future CEO

    Appears to be more athletic and stronger than Lamelo.

    • Future CEO
      Future CEO

      nozarashi21 yeah he will, but not as athletic as this guy. Length doesn’t make you athletic, strength does. They’ll both get stronger with age.

    • LusNation

      J. Edward Scott lamelo is 6,6 and still 16. In the future he’ll be more athletic.

  • Edmonton Oilers
    Edmonton Oilers

    They are both 16. Both are still growing until their early twenties. Physically and mentally. You can’t really compare the two at the moment.

  • Stephan Salvator
    Stephan Salvator

    There’s one huge difference in the two players and that thing is THE Drive to make it lámelo doesn’t have that drive despite being a top prospect or at least he used to be now he’s just a 16 playing pro ball with games that are best suited for him aka the big baller brand challenge games

  • yellow

    Melo is actually really good at using his length on offense and seems to be the better offensive player.

  • Uaint Down
    Uaint Down

    Lamelo is still superior as an overall player in my opinion. Thanks for the info though. Didn't know about the French guy.

  • masonORziplock

    Keep in mind that majority of the games they played in Lithuania weren't against the top teams in the pro league, they hand picked teams to play against and removed themselves from the top tier if and when the balls play in France, Spain, Italy or Germany in the pro leagues they are just two decent players who can SHOOT, at best G-league material

  • TheMesoPeaks

    Interesting to know who will make it to the NBA first... I'd say Killian Hayes will make it first... Killian means business...

  • Jac Jackson
    Jac Jackson

    Good video, will be interesting to keep up with these 2 in the near future

  • Kazuki Aj
    Kazuki Aj

    You should check out a guy name Tanaka burton Chikara. He’s 15in japan and is playing for the national team with adults and has insane handles. He won mvp in the high school national team when he was in the 7th grade.

  • Derrick Andresol
    Derrick Andresol

    I was gonna say Melo is better before even watching the vid.... but this French kid looks legit. Hope their teams set up a friendly against each other

  • NapTownKid410

    Great video. My step-brother was teammates with his father at Penn State. I see a very bright future.

  • YvngGloryJay

    I wanna see these two battle it out in the Nba in the future

  • bucher

    You should check out Kay Bruhnke from Germany, upcoming star. He went with Kilian Hayes to the Jordan Brand Classic Game.

  • Jason Casher
    Jason Casher

    He looked pretty limited offensively ...Lamelo would destroy that 16 and under league as well...nod goes to melo because he has some serious range, handles and vision

  • baguettetrash

    I wish to see him in the NBA one day, make a french guy proud... vive la France

  • Poetic Youngin
    Poetic Youngin

    I can't wait to see Lamelo in the league over all the ball brothers

  • Tramayne Harris
    Tramayne Harris

    I'll take melo over him just because he can shoot the three and he can run the floor in transition without the ball and he can create space for a better shot and set his teammates up but the other guys looks hella strong and athletic

  • adn_nxt_l3gnd

    I just see more athleticism with this french kid than lamelo. However, most of these plays are still on fastbreaks. I say lamelo is more controlled on offense

  • Albert Albert
    Albert Albert

    Lamelo hands down. Lamelos game so much enjoyable to watch. Lamelo was balling here in U.S. against top prospects who were seniors. That french kid ....meh...doesn't look so special.

  • Real Estate Investing Tips For Beginners
    Real Estate Investing Tips For Beginners

    1 is a point guard. The other is a 2 guard

    • Darnell

      FreshGaming there no comparison

    • briecgg

      his name is not "the other" but KILLIAN HAYES

    • FreshGaming

      Jordan is a SG. LeBron is a SF. Compared always.

  • jure Jurcek
    jure Jurcek

    Dont forget LUKA DONČIČ. He was at age 16 in Real Madrid...Now at age 18 his a top player in europe... He will be next year 1st pick on NBA draft...

    • iiNspirex

      @2:27 he even says the top [...] prospect NOT named Luka Doncic cuz he already KNOWWS that Luka is the #1 beast

  • Adil Farooq
    Adil Farooq

    As always, confident, clear and bold!

  • Kadeem R
    Kadeem R

    2:18 he ran with the ball😂


    There are others French prospects coming, check them out

  • Carl 555
    Carl 555

    That french kid might be the next Brandon Jennings

  • Qasim Fareed
    Qasim Fareed

    What makes melo good is his passing tho

  • Nexx Level
    Nexx Level

    So Melo has more skill but the other kid is more athletic. Just saved 4 minutes

  • Gia to mpeko
    Gia to mpeko

    He can't use his right hand to finish near the basket in traffic is an disadvantage

  • Isaac Paul
    Isaac Paul

    But does he have his own shoe?

  • go chat mhv
    go chat mhv

    I feel like lamelo has a better IQ than this guy he's just more athletic and stronger but I feel like Melo can pass really good he has really good shooting ability

  • Brayden Upton
    Brayden Upton

    imagine then going head to head oh my god 😈


    I come from the same city as killian but i don't play in the same club, but i'm sure about something. Lamelo he probably have a little bit better shoot or handle than Killian but Killian is clearly far better than lamelo cause of he's IQ watch him play, he's a genius on the court, he make his team win he don't score a lot, i mean not like lamelo ( he still 20/30 points per game ) but he had a lot of assists and rebounds so he's a player like lonzo ball but in younger and better for me.


    He looks stronger physically.

  • Haas

    Lamelo is the better scorer there is no debate. But the better player? Lamelo isn’t close

    • Haas

      @Bradley Owusu there’s also the fact that lamelo has always had more potential. The absolutely best possible thing lamelo could be is a cross between Durant and curry. (I don’t think he gets NEAR that, I’m saying that is the absolute best he could possibly be) whereas the absolute best lonzo could be is magic Johnson. (Once again I highly doubt he gets NEAR that)

    • Haas

      @Bradley Owusu it really has not aged well or poorly yet

    • Lavar Ball
      Lavar Ball

      768supersonic YALL DONT UNDERSTAND HE ONLY 16

    • jackkenefick

      The only reason lamelo is a better scorer because of all the over excessive shot attempts

    • Bad bars
      Bad bars

      PK14 they can compete against the worst nba teams but the outcome will be them losing by 10. Or more.

  • philipp

    That french guy is just athletic. Melo all day

  • Nikodemas

    Let’s see what will happen i a couple of years . I think lamelo will be playing in the nba while this dude still playin in the french youth league

  • rash b
    rash b

    I can tell just off of how many teammates this guy ignored on the break, plus zero passing clips he is not a better passer or playmaker than Lamelo. He looks simply like a talented slasher, maybe a Dante Exum before his injury. Melo has a much more dynamic game, that's not even near it's peak.

  • Quin Allen
    Quin Allen

    Melo gonna be good..just gota get his strength & defense up..hell he only 16&...he is 6'5 or taller..and growing

  • Taiga

    Hes a very fast player has court vision and a body of deaaron fox kind of like a deaaron fox john wall mix

  • Aidan Zhou
    Aidan Zhou

    Now they both going to be lottery picks in the nba draft

  • sim Ke
    sim Ke

    Hayes is a basketball player in the making in a good structure with great coaches and so on Melo is a homeschooled spoiled kid that can play for sure, but come on there is no comparasion possible... Hayes better defender more bounce stronger more athletic not a better shooter maybe but at least consistent. Plus more bbal IQ shot selection positioning... Lamelo maybe a better passer. The skills are not comparable because Melo has not been able to express himself on the same stage (basketball without borders Jordan brand classic) and against same competition so far... (considering that lithuanian league appart from top clubs like Kaunas is not that strong).

    • Lefty Loose
      Lefty Loose

      sim Ke Melo is an all around better scorer and passer and has the higher ceiling. French kid is nice but only finishes with one hand, doesn’t have nba Range like Lamelo from deep and doesn’t have Melo abilities with the ball in hand outside of the athleticism

    • Lions And Truth
      Lions And Truth

      Melo going to the NBA very soon

  • Migi sa YT
    Migi sa YT

    Killian Haze is this PG he is a god i was watching him play in person so good lamelo is nothing compared to him

  • Aaron Presley
    Aaron Presley

    I love How you were talking good aboit him and then he goaltends 1:11

  • King Rad
    King Rad

    Don’t forget Kyree Walker is also 16

  • Nikki Joseph Chua
    Nikki Joseph Chua

    If ever lamelo thinks as mature enough as a pro player, he will be a beast. He's a kid right now, he has all the skills. But his mindset still not focused enough. You can see it in his game, looks to lax. Im not a hater, im a huge fan of the ball bros. BBB thats on me bois

  • aFooL

    He def more athletic and quickness about the same, I think lamelo better scorer but this other guy looks nice too

    • Tramayne Harris
      Tramayne Harris

      FaX2KTV I said the same thing he's not the create a shot player like melo but I'll pick melo over him !

  • Makaveli

    yes finally someone makes a video on my man Killian Hayes

    • banned

      Makaveli lol bro fuck up u don’t know him

  • Cem Shakespeare
    Cem Shakespeare

    Lamelo Ball has some Quality of Course, but he is more an Attraction than a real neo professionnal Player ... Killian Hayes is program to succes in Pro, he was formed in INSEP, the best institute in France for futur Champion and he becom european champion with french team etc... and integrated Pro A club - So Killian Hayes is on the REAL PRO Championship not really Lamelo Ball - Its a great difference between the 2 players ^^

  • Jerico Cortes
    Jerico Cortes

    They’re in the NBA rn lol

  • Adil Farooq
    Adil Farooq

    Zack do one about Benzema😂😂😂

  • Paul Lioni
    Paul Lioni

    Killian Hayes, the best player for 2020 draft

  • Made in NoLa
    Made in NoLa

    comparing them is not a everyday thing, not everyone heard of this French kid😂

  • mi95ko

    Hayes is a mix between Harden and Ginobili his handle is terribly good and he is athletic

  • Jones Green
    Jones Green

    Melo is modern Point guard. Melo is a better shooter and passer... plus what makes melo special is he has that resemble curry when it comes to not afraid of taking chances and melo plays really good in the passing lanes on defense... this kid here looks like he’ll be a dante exum just a slashing 2guard who needs to develop a right hand and a jumpshot

  • juju tads
    juju tads

    Heyy I am french and I follow Killian hayes and all the possible futur french nba prospect and Killian is very strength. I know that he doesnt have the same hype like Lamelo Ball but he can be draft on the first round in 2020 or 2021 maybe. We have already Sekou Doumabaya who is annonce on the first round in 2019 ( 10th pick maybe ) and we have almost Theo Maledon the guard who lead France U17 to win the Euro last summer.

    • juju tads
      juju tads

      Ouais également, y a Killian Tillie aussi

    • Damien Barthélemy
      Damien Barthélemy

      juju tads Jaylen hoard également.

  • Johnquez Jones
    Johnquez Jones

    2:19-2:21 Bro Took Like 11 Steps B4 The Shot 🤔

  • LusNation

    Lamelo is used to playing with pro older people unlike that french lamelo who played under 16

  • jamesmagaway

    The French dude reminds me of Kelly Oubre

  • Stan Kormy
    Stan Kormy

    Ball got some competition!

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    Melo's name is actually LaMelo LaFrance Ball


    the fact that you said THE FRENCH LAMELO BALL, it just shows that he is actually not better than lamelo ball like you have to use his name to compare to him. is like saying the Alabama Stephen curry. Trea Yuong.

    • DKM

      for views

  • Christopher Peralta
    Christopher Peralta

    BBB should try to recruit him!!!

  • Elite FamENT
    Elite FamENT

    Damm this dude got some wheels 🏃🏾‍♂️

  • Digital Gravity
    Digital Gravity

    Well LaMelo can’t play team ball without under his father knowing he let him shoot maby shots with low fg% and he cherry pick not playing D so his pro career won’t be successful

  • EPG

    He cold lefty..but when you play him to the right, then what?

  • josh

    That block was a big ass goaltend lmfao 💀

  • Gabriel Slater
    Gabriel Slater

    1:16 that’s a goaltend

  • Ngary 5
    Ngary 5

    Brian Bowen is the player he is talking about

  • Marcuz

    What is the Europe 🏀 made of?

  • Lefty Loose
    Lefty Loose

    Melo is the better pure all around scorer and has better vision. The other kid is nice though but only finishes with the left right now. Melo finishes with both hands. The French kid looks like a better defender as well. I still think Melo has the bigger upside but both guys are gonna he real good

  • dhan219

    He has more hops than LaMelo

  • Timothy Zheng
    Timothy Zheng

    1:13 goaltend lol it hit the backboard first

  • Noe Grullon
    Noe Grullon

    1:13 was a goaltend

  • Smoke Bone
    Smoke Bone

    Lamelo best player at his age

  • Stan Kormy
    Stan Kormy

    Lamelo is a smarter basketball player!

  • MP

    Did they even make the real team yet or are they still on that "d league" type team ?.. by they I'm talking about the ball bros

  • ryananna2

    This French kid is much better than Lamelo in all aspects of the game especially with fundamentals

  • Tony Troy
    Tony Troy

    While watching around like 2:18 Killian looked like he doubled or Travel besides that he got game !

    • AyeSpare

      Tony Troy I thought i was the only one that saw that lol

  • J J
    J J

    his game looks basic to me, but i will give him a nod on the defensive end. Ultimately when lamelo gets more experience, he will be better than this kid

  • shoot210

    Damn Lakeland breeds a lot of hoopers

  • Zac Conforti
    Zac Conforti

    LaMelo is 10,000x better scorer. Makes up for his lack of defense. He’s putting up crazy stat lines most nights that get him trending worldwide yet I feel like I’ve never even heard of this kid

  • Tofunmii

    Damn already smashed that like goal. I’m Football Haven btw

  • Nedas Z.
    Nedas Z.

    Lamelo is not the best 16 year old in Lithuania. He's not doing well at all so far.

  • Ellis D'Domenicus
    Ellis D'Domenicus

    Oh hell no 1PPG I thought you were about to say 20PPG or something 😂

    • Hugo RANNOU
      Hugo RANNOU

      todd brown yes some of NCAA prospect have a lot of talent, because they are one and done that are going to the NBA but the other arent in the level of the french League, the French League is like more comparable to the G League: more physical than the NCAA but less talented, growns men etc.

    • todd brown
      todd brown

      Travis RA2N maybe the average player is better than the average NCAA player, but NCAA has way more talent.

    • Hugo RANNOU
      Hugo RANNOU

      Jeremy Lin's Hair #AsianMamba #Linsanity #GOAT its not the same thing in Europe tho here in France the league is a lot better than NCAA thats why a lot of young player can't play a lot And French League >>>>>>> Lithuanian League

    • DKM

      Jeremy Lin's Hair #AsianMamba #Linsanity #GOAT lmao he barely plays tho

  • Anthony James
    Anthony James

    He plays NOTHING like Lamelo Ball 💯 stop comparing players based on looks or hairstyle


    The kid looks crafty but hes playing at 100% in all of those clips. If LaMelo went 100% vs him 1v1 id put my money on Melo

  • Jasper Bonifacio
    Jasper Bonifacio

    That was a travel @2:17 he took like 5 steps lmao

  • Rashard Stallworth
    Rashard Stallworth

    lamelo won a State Championship as a freshman in high school, he was on the number one team in the United States and went undefeated so cut the crap

  • FastBrian1

    I think Lamelo doesn't play a good brand of basketball and will not be drafted in the NBA. He plays a very pussified style of basketball.

  • Micky Bender
    Micky Bender

    he is definitely the better athlete, there is no debating.

  • Barry Alen
    Barry Alen

    Lamelo so good yet half of his games are against underaged and amateur teams, and when they play grown men Melo gets his ass kicked

  • DJ Funky 5x
    DJ Funky 5x

    Lamello has a way bigger upside

  • Irene Arifin
    Irene Arifin

    westbrook type of player

  • Rorisang Pitswane
    Rorisang Pitswane

    The thing is Lamelo is in Lithuania and even when he was in Chino Hills the teams he played again were very lackluster,the sad thing is this French kid might end up being better than Lamelo because French leagues basketball are extremely competitive and from what I see in this video he’s been playing against competitive teams from a young age that have challenged his ability therefore made him grow where honestly all his life Lamelo has never faced a single challenge as much or high a Killian. You know what they say “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure”,we all know that Killian has more extensive experience and has done extremely well under pressure,but Lamelo hasn’t shown this yet. I’m a Big Baller and I want to see Lamelo shine as much as anyone,but honestly compared to this kid as of rn he’s a joke,the only thing that will help him is if he does to an EXTREMELY COMPETITIVE LEAGUE OR ENVIRONMENT FULL OF PEOPLE BETTER THAN HIM like Killian because Killian is actually playing League 1 pro ass basketball so he’s getting a taste. Time will tell but my moneys on Lamelo(he just needs a little push cause when everything comes easy to you,you won’t bare fruit of it).

    • Rorisang Pitswane
      Rorisang Pitswane

      *does not goes *also to an environment of people as good or better than he is

  • Deeda Meezy
    Deeda Meezy

    No cause u referred to him as French LAMELO BALL😂😂😂