USA BASKETBALL CRAZY 1 ON 1 DRILL! Kevin Durant vs Paul George & More!!!
USA Basketball brought us one of the best basketball videos with an epic 1on1 drill. Featuring Kevin Durant, Paul George, Devin Booker, Victor Oladipo! This is crazy. Rules are simple first one to 5pts wins and only 2 dribbles.
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  • Truey Tone
    Truey Tone

    My man Paul George’s game is damn smooth

    • Djlove

      i love his game so much

    • Jason Nueves
      Jason Nueves

      @Tom Miller - Jones Aye no more PG slander lmao bro went off these last playoffs when Kawhi went out.

    • Impacc Ψ
      Impacc Ψ

      These casuals in the comments are sad😂stop listening to memes and only watching highlights reels you internet goblins

    • Chris Saint-Louis
      Chris Saint-Louis

      @Mr. F2P this didn’t age well

  • Action Jackson
    Action Jackson

    imagine if paul george never lost his speed and quickness. dude would be one of the most unstoppable players in the league today. a mix between crazy lockdown defense and smooth offensive game

    • Yung Rebel54
      Yung Rebel54

      I still remember his emergence against my boy Wade and the heat after that dunk on Anderson I knew he was ascending lol

    • DexxterThatGuyy

      @Joel Han you tripping breaking a bone can cause mental damage. I bet he seen the video during his recovery years it messed his psyche up from jumping and chasing shots down like that.

    • Nelly

      Breaking a bone doesn’t reduce someone’s speed if the injury fully heals. It muscle/ligament tears that do and I don’t think he tore any of that.

    • FOREIGN LAH 🔥👣
      FOREIGN LAH 🔥👣

      He still is elite 🤣 certified hall of famer

    • Aziz abdiwali
      Aziz abdiwali

      @Impacc Ψ lmao respect highlight worms they know Pg is cold he is a twitter trend page worm lol

  • Russell Davis
    Russell Davis

    Harden didnt show up for the drill bc he heard you would have to play defense

    • Jakob Tilley
      Jakob Tilley


    • Astro542


    • SpongeBobs burner
      SpongeBobs burner


    • kamikaze

      @Elwan Jilani shire

    • Theo Lee
      Theo Lee

      4:20 khris with hyperdunk 2017

  • hugo d
    hugo d

    They're all really good but PG and KD are just above everyone else

    • C’est

      @Anonymous sec no tf he’s not

    • Anonymous sec
      Anonymous sec

      devin booker is better than pg

    • Bromeliads

      @Vlad you didn’t just watch the video then

  • Bichara Alladjba
    Bichara Alladjba

    So we're just gonna ignore Victor Oladipo!? C'mon he's waye too underrated

    • Mamba Mentality
      Mamba Mentality

      @WeedDuck who

    • Qlutch

      @WeedDuck i like oladipo but he's not butler tier and also jimmy is like top 20 rn

    • Mario

      I mean yeah but when compared to KD or PG it’s no surprise it gets unnapreciated


      No ones ignoring him I promise fam

    • Shaun Gaming
      Shaun Gaming

      1:23 look at Jalen green Jalen Suggs 😂😂

  • Bat Vigilante
    Bat Vigilante

    KD's fade away is unguardable. In addition to his jump and length he can also do those split second hang time if he wants to. Look at that last play

    • George AC
      George AC

      @Eiji Sawakita this is by far the most articulate comment ever about Kobe and Mj’s era and why his shot percentage might be lower.. don’t matter though

    • George AC
      George AC

      @Harris Choudhary wtf are you talking about he was a rookie and behind Eddie Jones and Van EXel...

    • jspears19

      @Eiji Sawakita also Kobe didn’t have the athleticism like Mike which helps on the fadeaways big time.

    • Eiji Sawakita
      Eiji Sawakita

      @Harris Choudhary i think you missed out the context here. During Kobe's early years he was young and played on peak Shaq so of course Shaq would get more touches

    • Harris Choudhary
      Harris Choudhary

      Eiji Sawakita Kobe didn’t have zone in his early years and he didn’t dominate in the slightest

  • African Pastor
    African Pastor

    2:17 that move of Booker was insane. Even Durant knows it

    • YouCanNowCallMeAhunterXhuntardAfterTheReveal

      Right I thought 💭 I was the only who slept on that. I Was Like What Did He Just Do. I Actually Replayed It Like a Few Times. KD Givin him props That’s How Tuff U Know That Move Was.

    • Anthony Zarate
      Anthony Zarate

      Booker is very underrated. He is just a little undersized against player like PG, KD, Kawhi, etc... He is a great offensive player and very CLUTCH!

  • mattc941

    Watching these live drills is a lot different then watching on TV during games.. You dont understand how good and skilled and the athleticism these dudes have.

  • Michael Liu
    Michael Liu

    The guys on team USA are really good, they should totally play in the NBA!

    • Paul George13
      Paul George13

      in my prime, I want to win a championship, make 4 all defensive teams and lead the league in steals twice.

    • YouCanNowCallMeAhunterXhuntardAfterTheReveal

      @Jaxton Dixon LMFAOO 💀😂

    • Sheldon Casper
      Sheldon Casper

      @Jaxton Dixon of course theyre serious

    • Jaxton Dixon
      Jaxton Dixon

      @Human Lettuce ok thanks bro 😂😂

    • Human Lettuce
      Human Lettuce

      @Jaxton Dixon they’re joking

  • John Nixon
    John Nixon

    Dude, the way KD moves at his size is absolutely insane. The way he shuffles his feet and uses his length definitely makes him the best defender out there and we all know what he can do as a scorer. This is coming from an avowed KD hater and LeBron stan.

  • LiquidxC

    I always talk shit about PG being a ghost in the playoffs but I think he had one of the most incredible comebacks I’ve ever seen. I remember watching his leg snap and thinking he’d never be the same, Hope KD has the same results. 🙏🏾

    • ren jay
      ren jay

      Chef C achilles is different from breaking bone though because usually when bones snap it gets harder when fully recovered

  • Shoosh

    KD is the definition of “if that big boy has skills..”

    • Agnes Muani
      Agnes Muani


  • Ohh Gambino
    Ohh Gambino

    When u see 1v1 drills like this by the top players in the world you realize how important is the fade-away 💯 now I realize why mike and Kobe were so lethal it’s so hard to guard if u know how to abuse it !

  • Cameron Lawrence
    Cameron Lawrence

    Y’all ever just watch Paul George and remember the injury he had and wonder how tf he bounced back from it and is still an all star

    • Shariff Zain
      Shariff Zain

      If you really dig deep how injuries work you would know that a torn ACL or Achilles rupture would be way harder to come back from. Broken bones heal very well over time while ligaments and tendons when torn cannot heal on its on due to poor blood supply and should be surgically repaired.

    • Wes Fields
      Wes Fields

      @Anthony Deshields you clearly don't know paul george, hes always had a shot. If he was just a dunk monster, no way pacers would even make 1st round let alone struggle to get to playoffs. Such an off the cliff statement to make. He was always a good shooter, he just improved his maneuvering

    • thtboi True
      thtboi True

      His injury is like when I broke my iphone and got a Samsung. They're pretty good but they not top tier

    • Arnabi Arnab
      Arnabi Arnab

      Unlike ligaments.... Bones actually heal much stronger..... Better to break a bone then tear a ligament

  • DEEBOY woods
    DEEBOY woods

    Saw Jalen green, Jalen Suggs, and Scottie Barnes watching the first few minutes of the workout. Be crazy if they are all playing one on one for team USA like this one day!

  • cuzmariosaidso

    this video really shows how good K.D and PG really are.... Victor also looked 💪

  • Discover Zen
    Discover Zen

    Seeing those simple/public known moves executed by them, I felt so motivated

  • asd 123
    asd 123

    What a beautiful step back! How can they block that?10:00

  • Donald Au
    Donald Au

    it just tells you how good these players are , all of these shots are very contested , and they just make it with ease .

  • Anthony Zarate
    Anthony Zarate

    Damn...PG was tearing everyone up! Makes me really think that pressure gets to him. During practice drills he looks unstoppable but in the biggest games he misses way too many shots!

  • Arya Bintang Utomo
    Arya Bintang Utomo

    Crazy how kd and pg doing the post offense...pushing the opponent and step back giving space for the shots...

  • Julio Jones
    Julio Jones

    Kyrie Irving looks like that one gang member that doesn’t hoop but has talent shows up to all the pick up games and plays then and now and instigates one on ones that leads to fights and calls everyone there son or trash and is occasionally smoking

    • seoul_zero!

      You should have just said Kyrie Andrew Irving looks like the type to wake up at nine o’clock in the morning and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with no crust and a glass of Welch’s grape juice in a red solo cup.

    • Maurice

      GANG GANG how you read it with your eyes closed

    • arjun p
      arjun p

      Julio Jones kyrie dont snoke

    • Evasion


    • Black Water
      Black Water

      You ever thought about being an author? Write some books yo? 🌴

  • Lesley Harrys
    Lesley Harrys

    Man, I remember when I spent every single day on the court after school, playing until it was too dark to play, then doing it again the following day. And I was an average player on my best day. If my game were as smooth as PG’s game, there’s no way in hell you could have kept me off a basketball court.

  • Casey Ribaric
    Casey Ribaric

    KD scoring on PG so easily is really astonishing- He's just that good. Paul is a superstar defender, and KD drops in a 16 footer with ease.

  • its_me_ruff 24
    its_me_ruff 24

    The drill that Kobe Bryant loves

  • Lincoln Bothang
    Lincoln Bothang

    There's something about Paul George's game that's so smooth, it's almost perfect in a way.

  • MarshmallowScatpack

    Who else came here after watching video of Tatum and brown and fox cause honestly this video is enjoyable than watching young player

    • Danny

      And u can study how they play as well

    • eadekolu


    • Ryan Eve Monteclaro
      Ryan Eve Monteclaro

      Its me

    • Jeremy Walker
      Jeremy Walker

      Yall all hype lol all the younger players in here was missing just the same.

    • Tronbuster


  • Manvendra Singh Shaktawat
    Manvendra Singh Shaktawat

    Kyrie just chilling 😂

  • Jesse Yang
    Jesse Yang

    All these guys are in the nba for a reason. Much respect to all players.

  • Josh Eggen
    Josh Eggen

    Wow this video really shows just how good nba players really are. Just unbelievable

  • MrRelaxed E
    MrRelaxed E

    Durant is damn near impossible to defend.

    • jspears19

      Word he’s just on the softer side mentally.

    • Marco

      imo i feel like Chris Bosh in his prime could MAYBE be able to keep KD from dropping more than 20 but KD is for sure a monster on the courts

    • Deveaux

      Unless he has a 3-1 lead

    • Lt.possesive

      James E fr

    • Rocket Fatts
      Rocket Fatts

      James E you put a lanky small foward on em that is strong

  • Jafet Velez
    Jafet Velez

    Love that this had the misses, makes it feel like their more human

  • Jamal Harrison
    Jamal Harrison

    That 39 seems tuff hope to see him have a good career in the future

  • Robert

    PG and KD are my favorites to watch.

  • John Nixon
    John Nixon

    I am a Lebron fanboy but... The way KD moves and reacts as a defender is just unbelievable. Not to mention his feel for the game and silky jumper. It's really not fair for someone with his height and length.

  • Jason Drivakos
    Jason Drivakos

    KD and PG13 on a whole different level

    • under king
      under king

      What about Victor

    • Prince Sanga
      Prince Sanga

      KD travelling a lot though

    • YouCanNowCallMeAhunterXhuntardAfterTheReveal

      @James R. Means LMFAO Crying 😭 bro how accurate this is

    • Cayo

      Klarenxe Blood *KD going to nets 2020

    • M l
      M l

      @Hanad Hassan At no point did I say PG13 wasn't efficient. I'm saying he needs a PG unlike RW0 who is very inefficient. When Russ is on the team dominates. When he's off he just needs to cut his shot attempts in half. So they can still stay in the game.

  • M

    The move that book put on George was just pure nasty

  • Hakeem

    That move at 4:08 was CLEAN 👌

    • Tobi EA
      Tobi EA

      Ball looked beautiful in the air

  • Luis Carlos Tabian
    Luis Carlos Tabian

    The way how they (KD and PG mostly) set their pivot foot after the ball, is it also applicable in streetball rules?

  • Michael James
    Michael James

    3:11 I thought they were fighting 😂😂

    • KRT Music Official FTB
      KRT Music Official FTB

      Nah they’re former teammates

  • Daniel Tambunan
    Daniel Tambunan

    I'm still watching in disbelief on how DEVIN BOOKER isn't in the Allstar game smh

    • elSkiizzy

      im sayin

  • Kabu Koring
    Kabu Koring

    KD is the purest basketball player ever. The successor

  • DZZA.

    So we just gonna ignore the dude in the back? “That’s tuff,ooohh,niceee” 😂😂

  • Jack ward
    Jack ward

    Anyone notice how obvious Book switching his pivot is at 8:18? 😂😂😂😂

    • Panik

      @Alexander Jacob What do you mean

    • Alexander Jacob
      Alexander Jacob

      Actually horrendous the amount of traveling going on in this clip.

  • Sports Central
    Sports Central

    Love him or hate him, Kevin Durant is Goooooood

    • Anonymous

      KD for sure a top 5 in his era as best players

    • Alex Dilaveris
      Alex Dilaveris

      You can hate kd about the gsw choice. But you can't hate him as a player. I don't have that much respect for him as a character. But I have much respect for his game🔥

    • TheButler DidIT
      TheButler DidIT

      gchance0483 L

    • Tyrvs

      Cosmic Spider lmao he big mad


    Oladipo gonna blow up next season 🔥🔥🔥

    • Caleb Smith
      Caleb Smith

      You were right! He blew his quad!

  • HowTo YTC
    HowTo YTC

    this 1v1 is much better than this year

  • ron lastimosa
    ron lastimosa

    Kobe and mj going to have a field day in the post 😂

    • RyZeVFX

      ron lastimosa kobe died


    It’s a law to come watch this every other month if your a hooper



  • Cold Flame
    Cold Flame

    Pg and kd are literally unguardable

    • SancLunatic

      Those two have the perfect bodies for basketball. They are tall, slender with lanky arms. Combine that with the ability to shoot long range and cross people over.

    • M B
      M B

      @Curry Chicken and now i am here on year later and tell you that pg averaged 28 per game

    • AndyP

      Makaveli Tha Donnn is k

    • Jimmy Vee
      Jimmy Vee

      But KD>>PG tho😕

  • Chrispy

    LOL @8:11 Booker tells KD he travelled..immediately on the next play he travels himself

  • MeDiiC Ice
    MeDiiC Ice

    Booker called KD for travel and then instantly traveled😂

  • JohnnyTiDo

    Hard to beat that 6'11 length on KD. He is unstoppable!

  • swapnil sharma
    swapnil sharma

    Paul recovered real good.

  • Andy Ramirez
    Andy Ramirez

    KD looking like a giant out there 😂

  • Swagy

    Paul George playing the best basketball of his life right now.

  • M M
    M M on Cheat Code Mode...Skill set has reach Maximum speed Literally Defensively has lock in..and Offensive there's no place on floor he cant ter there or shot from ..He's The BEST in world no hype Not analyst parrot talk On repeat Labron Lack Defense free throws 3pt midrange jumper foot work KD far superior...Damm have to be Honest!

    • AS

      S Deen yup

  • Big Phil
    Big Phil

    Imagine young Hakeem playing this drill on the 96' Olympics team in prac. They'd probably go home when his turn comes.

  • Dami O
    Dami O

    Looking forward to this more than I was for the whole Nba Finals

    • Waleed


    • Curry Chicken
      Curry Chicken

      The whole playoffs

    • jazz03

      BBallMixtape as an american I trully respect Serbia's game. they got toughness and finesse.

    • BBallMixtape

      What about Serbia...historicaly Serbia is team who beat team USA more than any other country?

    • khalil williams
      khalil williams

      Crazy this has more body contact in practice then in the season. Everything would of been a foul smh .this is what the NBA use to be

  • ShXDoW YT
    ShXDoW YT

    This is when life was fun

  • Antoni Nicolas
    Antoni Nicolas

    We need this 7 person rotation in this. KD/PG/Kawhi/Giannis/LeBron/Tatum and my pick to win it.....Carmelo 🔥🔥

  • AK 47
    AK 47

    Damn, PG sure has a large repertoire of moves that can fool you. Sheesh!

  • Navshawn Guron
    Navshawn Guron

    Kevin Durant literally just looks at someone and if they're shorter than him he turns around and shoots instantly..

    • Hussein🤫🤫

      He doesn't have to look to know they're shorter lmao. He's reading their positioning.

  • William Handy
    William Handy

    Man I always wondered why I never could be a great basketball player, and when I watch these man play, I understand now that their work is and dedication to the game is beyond comprehension. Every detail, every move is poetry and consistent. Look at the foot work alone , you cant even coach this

  • Koby Wilmoth
    Koby Wilmoth

    Dang PG never gets enough credit for the bounce back he had from his injury.His ankle literally folded and now he is one of the most dominate in the league

  • Anonymous

    we all love to give players shit but this videos shows very well their drills and just normal dedication, foot work, strategy, all are very solid players, they’re in the NBA for a reason

  • Daviid

    This is one of my favorite basketball videos ever come back to it all the time

  • Gent Dzeladini
    Gent Dzeladini

    Damn I’m excited about PG13 this season!🔥 dude is strong

  • Harjashan Singh
    Harjashan Singh

    I would have loved to see Kobe playing one on one during his time with Team USA.

  • Angelo S.
    Angelo S.

    Elite scoring abilities from these dudes!

  • Nopia

    Congrats PG. You reach the WCF.

  • Mark Ray P
    Mark Ray P

    That fake by Booker @2:20 👌🏽

  • herbologist

    The move d booker hit paul george with at 2:18 is outrageous

  • Kent Delas Alas
    Kent Delas Alas

    Bring this team back pls smh 😭

  • phinehas watson
    phinehas watson

    6:42 true definition of lockdown d

    • Heewon Eum
      Heewon Eum

      @dee putting a hand up is part of lockdown d. Rewatch that part.

    • dee


  • Sebastian Camacho
    Sebastian Camacho

    2:17 you know you did a great move when kd clap your hand

  • Intisar Kazumi
    Intisar Kazumi

    Honestly KD looks like the best defender here.

    • S G
      S G

      @Roland Santilla are you out of your damn mind, pls stop it. Talking about top 2 player in the world like that.

    • Roland Santilla
      Roland Santilla

      C'mon,its a 7 footer with some sf skills

    • Charles Nwofor
      Charles Nwofor

      Best scorer too

  • Adam Palm
    Adam Palm

    Raw footage, but it's real and nice to see Paul George swish all day in Durant's face.

    • YouCanNowCallMeAhunterXhuntardAfterTheReveal

      @Tobias Rabe Svendsen 😂😂😂What. ?

    • Tobias Rabe Svendsen
      Tobias Rabe Svendsen

      @Dirk Doernbecher durant just fouled people but then cried to Kyrie so they didnt call it

    • Dirk Doernbecher
      Dirk Doernbecher

      Did you even watch Durant he got shots on PG too.

  • Azrael Uchiha
    Azrael Uchiha

    imagine how normal people would look against these giants lol

  • Jett Chan
    Jett Chan

    10:01 smooth as butter gah damn