SHIFTY NBA Point Guard EXPOSED US at Our OWN Park Takeover! East Coast Squad vs New Orleans!
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Ballislife East Coast Squad pulled up to New Orleans, LA and it turned out to be one of our best and most competitive runs yet! Former NBA and G League guard, Lamar Peters, pulled up on us and put on a show.
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نظر: 745
  • Ballislife

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    • Honest Fan
      Honest Fan

      @TankOn Twitch Zach was mid be real

    • Dan White
      Dan White

      @Eddie McCarthy huh

    • Eddie McCarthy
      Eddie McCarthy

      @Tatsuiia r u u

    • Eddie McCarthy
      Eddie McCarthy

      @Dan White huh

  • 1SuperD1

    Nobody really comes to bad neighborhoods so this means a lot to the people there. You can tell by the energy. This was a great run NO has a lot of good hoopers.

    • King Tut
      King Tut

      Everybody goes to bad neighborhoods. Thats where the content is

    • austin grayson
      austin grayson

      @Rafael gretna not dangerous it’s one of the safest cities in Louisiana

    • austin grayson
      austin grayson

      @DeenoSeven7️⃣ I was abt to say LMAOOO they goofy ash thinking gretna is hood. gretna onna top 10 safest cities in Louisiana. I’m sure they got their hoods but cmon bruh gretna ain’t scary😂

    • Rafael

      @Young O414 youre just fishing for drama ! the dude at the end literalyl said no one comes to his neighborhood bc its dangerous...and so is baton rogue. Aldo do your self a favor and do some research on what racism is

    • DeenoSeven7️⃣

      That’s the good part lmao they right by gretna under the bridge

  • Luke Pike
    Luke Pike

    Have to say the defensive energy in these games was lit 🔥. Points make a good game, but defense just shows the passion more for me!

    • SayTheHua

      100%. Points on no defense isn't that impressive but when somebody is out there trying to stop you as much as you're trying to score, that makes for real ball

    • Kutdog

      People in new Orleans ain’t trying give up nun

    • Ryan Glidden
      Ryan Glidden

      Best defensive players DO HAVE THE MOST TRUE BALL SKILLS. Everything else is easy for them.

    • Luke Pike
      Luke Pike

      @sjagain you didn’t ? 🤔

    • sjagain

      You saw defense in these games?

  • Gorge Negron
    Gorge Negron

    That slow mo shot in that dunk was 🔥 🔥🔥incredible 👏🏽


      Definitely was a dope shot 🔥

    • Michael Davis
      Michael Davis


    • Eddie Blue
      Eddie Blue

      That was hard asf

    • Jabriel Hogans
      Jabriel Hogans

      Which part of the video


    This is one of the best videos you guys have done. It's good to see some good clean basketball with no hacking or crying! New Orleans is some good peeps!!

  • Dylan Blankenship
    Dylan Blankenship

    That slo-mo at 16:50 gave me chills. Shit was legendary

    • M J
      M J

      Hardest shit I ever seen frfr 😂

  • SemiTruckDriver

    My only problem with ECS is the content. I can’t be waiting 2 weeks. I need like 2 videos a week!!! Because what y’all put out is that energy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • lyle ringold
      lyle ringold

      @John Nguyen how he leave? He was just in a video that they posted this week..

    • John Nguyen
      John Nguyen

      What did I tell you all about how shady BIL is? Another one of their talent has left this time the white dude Alan

  • Derek Justice
    Derek Justice

    The first team you all played definitely brought out the best in Ball is Life. Great Comp. Keep bringing the heat

  • JAWS2K

    Moon and Cinco versus Tim Carter and A Milly WASNT the crossover episode I was expecting

    • rell aka cheek clapper #bootykiller #tmsgang
      rell aka cheek clapper #bootykiller #tmsgang

      @Sallad ecs would get smacked

    • Sallad

      I'm trying to see slims new team in a Bo5 with the new east coast squad lol

  • I Am Reese Money
    I Am Reese Money

    The Fact Everyone Knew To Jump When He Did And Y’all Caught It In Slow Motion Was 🔥🔥🔥

  • Reggie Williams
    Reggie Williams

    like how duke was still being positive to that kid after the game about confidence shows a lot

    • Gots 2 Be Mo Kareful
      Gots 2 Be Mo Kareful

      Bro I did too. That will help him in the long run and he will get better.

  • LahTonyBaby Tv
    LahTonyBaby Tv

    THE HARDEST PARK RUN YALL DID ON GOD DIS WAS 🔥 FROM START TO END 🤝 GGs to everybody except lil bro who couldnt make a shot bcuz he was lettin the vibe get to him 😂😂 Amilly Up One Wit Him FASHO 😈

  • HeSoGrizzly

    amazing runs. everyone put on a damn good show.

  • Dustin Oswalt
    Dustin Oswalt

    Wasn't expecting a Moon v Clamps matchup. Great competition.

  • Kieffer De Los Santos
    Kieffer De Los Santos

    malcolm is so consistent! he really pulls thru when the energy dips down on the ECS squad, but great runs overall!


    The energy in New Orleans is 🔥🔥🔥 I didn't know the ball culture out there was lit like this. Shouts to New Orleans 💯💯💯

    • Junebug Really
      Junebug Really

      appreciate that

  • Soulja Scooby
    Soulja Scooby

    Shout out to BallisLife for coming to my city let alone the real trenches! Nobody ever comes and does anything for the West Bank let alone ALGIERS so to see BallisLife in my area really means alot to me an my fellow brothers and sisters in New Orleans! An yes we had a good time without a shooting happening 🙏🏾 yall come back we really have the best ballers down here. I'm a L.B Landry Alumni myself. I was actually there the 2 years we won the basketball championship 🥇 Lamar really like that. I went to school with him an bro really living that with the ball. Yall come back me an the city appreciate it ⚜️

    • BMeff

      Everyone is cold no lie man comp looked crazy

  • THR3E

    the most underrated part of this video is clamp god saying “Defense wins games. Bluechew wins relationships”😂😂😂 but I love the ECS energy every game

  • DarkManX thomas
    DarkManX thomas

    When hoopers show up that’s when the games are good, East Coast squad 👏🏾

  • fear_jabs

    16:50 that slo mo was hella cool, genuinely made me smile for whatever reason

  • Jeffrey Heerspink
    Jeffrey Heerspink

    I like that you guys are setting picks for each other. Can't just face up and go one-on-one every possession. BIL East and Wild Hunt should match up soon 👍

    • Jeffrey Heerspink
      Jeffrey Heerspink

      @wizztizzlm only takes a long time if the strategy is to first go one-on-one. BIL East seems to always start with one's at the top of the key. Steph Curry wouldn't like that 🤔

    • wizztizzlm

      setting picks is good indeed. But oftentimes it takes quite a while, when someone needs to call for a pick first.

  • matthew boyd
    matthew boyd

    I swear Malcolm is the ideal hooper to me I love his all around by far. It’s cool to see moon and the others from slims team.

  • Jenna

    DeeBones is such a good pick up. He's so versatile man

  • Alex Becker
    Alex Becker

    crowd has A+ energy this time without it being agro af. into it

  • eughhkk

    Loved the energy - love the new scoreboard 👏🏾👏🏾🔥🔥💯

  • NateDFunkt

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 BRUH! A Milly walking away from dude each time he pulled a jumper is fuckin HILAAAARIOUS!!!

    • psyborg06

      @Cam Drummond Why are you so emotional?

    • Cam Drummond
      Cam Drummond

      Don’t tell me you were impressed by the white boy doing absolutely nothing and putting on for the cameras 😂 he was by far the most useless guy on the court

    • Kev G
      Kev G

      Ruthless 😂

    • NateDFunkt

      @Lucky 13 But fam, HE IS ON DEFENSE! that's why it's HILARIOUS he don't think it's worth it and homie confirming it with consecutive AIRBALLS!

  • Roger Taveras
    Roger Taveras

    Love the videos boy! Keep up the amazing work!

  • M M
    M M

    I love the energy but I’m so tired of everyone running on the court for every single point. Come on let people play and get the game moving. On a normal layup they running on the court like he made a spectacular play or move. Come on it’s getting ridiculous.

    • Dmo K
      Dmo K

      This lets me know you never played in a real park experience before. This is the same energy as an arena of 50,000 but it’s way more up close and personal. You just not cut lol this is where the dog mentality is made. If you get shook up off the crowd that’s on you.

    • 1700

      @Zohan Owens anytime

    • Zohan Owens
      Zohan Owens

      @1700 thanks family

    • 1700

      @Zohan Owens right in algiers

    • Zohan Owens
      Zohan Owens

      @1700 what part of the city was this in??

  • Glenn L.
    Glenn L.

    That was an epic dunk! Had everyone jumping in slo mo too! That shifty guard was doing work! His yellow kicks, I kept thinking is he playing in timbs 😂

    • josh robinson
      josh robinson

      @Glenn L. moons on the court tho, black shirt with grey shorts

    • Uon Cme
      Uon Cme

      @Glenn L. It was 100% Lamar Peters that played at Mississippi State. Dude is a Dawg!!

    • Glenn L.
      Glenn L.

      @ChristopherXXL nah the guy with the beard, someone below said Lamar Peters. I know Moon, hes also pretty shifty

    • Deitrick GUYTON
      Deitrick GUYTON

      shifty guard was Lamar Peters

    • Sua Auelua
      Sua Auelua

      @ChristopherXXL wrong guy lol. Moons shoe is brown & it’s Jordan’s lol


    That rip to a fast break 360 was incredible 🔥

  • Daily Driver
    Daily Driver

    Definitely some great games I thought ya about to get smoked that third game but nice come back even though ya didn't win still love that energy 💪🏾

  • Daniel Holland
    Daniel Holland

    This was the most missed 3’s I’ve seen from them , the defense was really good on both ends

  • bryan dickerson
    bryan dickerson

    the energy and comp was lit !!! 🔥

  • Awe Dee.0
    Awe Dee.0

    9:05 duke's gravity allows for this play to happen. because everybody wanted to see something amazing & the defense takes there eyes off the person theyre gaurding. easy rim run!

  • Reggie

    I love my state it’s filled with so much unseen potential in countless fields , amazing video east coast squad ☮️.

  • Q DUCE
    Q DUCE

    Yoo that slow mo shot on the reverse slam was God tier🔥🔥🤯

  • Mohammed Serraji
    Mohammed Serraji

    16:52 is the best moment!🏀🔥

  • Xavier Mccleave
    Xavier Mccleave

    Good to see clamp god getting that spring in his step again

  • MUSA

    That 360 dunk should be a wallpaper. Everything was just perfect from the camera angle, the hype and the lighting 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯👌🏿

  • Jahlon Williams
    Jahlon Williams

    Nah bro y’all lost the 4th game, y’all messed the score up. It said 8-5 when it was 7-7, then u hear the cameraman say 10-10 before dude shot the 3 for game. That’s 12

  • Markedrick Freeman
    Markedrick Freeman

    Nobody: Duke:HE HIT MY HAND🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sven Lechtenberg
    Sven Lechtenberg

    Like the ex pro hes calm and humble even after crazy highlights he just knows he good nothing more 💪🏾 respect

  • PsychoLogic 1
    PsychoLogic 1

    1:08 everybody jumping for that 360 was dope!

  • Tank

    LAMAR PETERS puttin on for the city per usual 🤲🏿

  • WillY

    Y’all went crazy first game, A Mill game winner nice 🔥🏆

  • Ashung Marchang
    Ashung Marchang

    Damn if only he scored after that crazy stepback at 5:29

    • Phillip Conner
      Phillip Conner


    • Ashung Marchang
      Ashung Marchang

      @271_Abizar Gunarwan i had the same doubt so i watched it in . 25x . In his first step his hand was still above the ball and not below it so dribble was still live after that he caught it with both hands 1,2 stepback and shot.... So a very well timed stepback..... It's a variation of Harden's double stepback

    • 271_Abizar Gunarwan
      271_Abizar Gunarwan

      i was confused with that stepback, is it travel?


    Love how they give the locals highlight playbacks🤝🏾 love fr

  • Dionte Harbin
    Dionte Harbin

    Wise words from my man duke too lil homie he really need that💯🙏🏽

  • Sajan Tamang
    Sajan Tamang

    Crazy game man they are real hoppers.. 🥰❤❤

  • Tkez Davis
    Tkez Davis

    Glad yall put that dunk at 16:50 in slo mo cause that was fye

    • Tkez Davis
      Tkez Davis

      @Tony Lawton cool

    • Tony Lawton
      Tony Lawton

      That dunk was average AF at best, the only thing that made it look better than it was is the crowd and the other teammates jumping..... without that the dunk is trash

  • I_am_flawed5

    The energy out there was crazyyyyyyyy!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Datasiankid

    Damn edit of the synchronization timing of everyone jumping was fire 🔥🔥 lol

  • Dubbullutip

    @16.51 How Everybody jumped at the same time! Legendary!!🔥🔥

    • King Tev
      King Tev

      Hell yea that shit was live asf 🤣

  • Amirh Payne
    Amirh Payne

    Bro that 360 was crazy 🔥🔥

  • Nico Coroneos
    Nico Coroneos

    The energy in this video is crazyyy😮‍💨

  • Ali

    The team they played against had some of slims teammates. Great first game, very competitive. They should have one with slims whole squad vs ECS. That would be a good one.

    • Its Kbaby
      Its Kbaby

      Thats his teammates hometown but Wildhunt and ecs should go at it

  • Evacy

    Had to replay that slo mo dunk like 3 times it was lit

  • Qstier

    26:54 gave the wrong team a point 27:52 didn't give them a point And then at 30:56 you put "game?" LMAO like even the cameraman was keeping the correct score

  • Joker

    don’t you just like that the camera man keeps up the score gotta love that

  • Drocalypse6

    wasn't that some of Slims teammates in the first game. By the way Duke needs better shot selection but good games either way.

    • Ridge Pennington
      Ridge Pennington

      Yea but they both hoop with ball is life and A-mill

    • Camara Jack
      Camara Jack

      Cinco and Moon are local to that area it seems like, I could be wrong

    • Eric Goodman
      Eric Goodman

      I said the same thing.

    • Justice 7
      Justice 7

      cinco and moon

  • Lizzy G
    Lizzy G

    One of the best runs for sure 💎

  • kel haden
    kel haden

    8:45 I wished he finished that lay so bad😭

    • Abdul Azis Bandrang
      Abdul Azis Bandrang

      Whats his ig bro?

    • Drub

      29:15 I was thinking the same thing for Milly!

  • thechancito

    wasnt expecting a lil cloab episode with cinco and moon but im here for it lol

  • Aaron BOwman
    Aaron BOwman

    The one game y’all win they all hype 😭😭 but this was straight content to watch

  • Pray4Kali

    I would love to see you guys get some nba hoopers to shut down a park. I was just a little kid when Cedric Cebalos, and Sam Cassell shut down my local park. Summer of 96.

  • kel haden
    kel haden

    9:45 he made it for it😭😭😭 this shit too lit

  • Sanchez Brown
    Sanchez Brown

    Bro there is just something about the ECS that just makes park takeover soooooooooo hype

  • Lorenzo Mayfield
    Lorenzo Mayfield

    that was a good run. that second team had a good squad, they shouldve gave it the kid with the white long sleeve.

  • Dawsohunnid 305
    Dawsohunnid 305

    Bro at this point my theory is proven, every time someone claps or hits the ground when playing D they get they ass cooked 😂I see that in almost everyone hoop videos

  • JusSick24

    The nerve to be cocky after getting your cookies took and 360'd on lol. 21:46 Duke, is that basketball, too? LMAO

  • Br33zy

    1:08 nahhh that part was tough everyone jumped with him

    • Its Flow
      Its Flow

      i’ve watched at least 6 times

    • Coach Kenny
      Coach Kenny


  • Mike Thomas
    Mike Thomas

    @9:46 if cinco wasn’t in the damn way we’d of seen that nasty snatch back on dee bones! Ouch! That looked nasty

    • Cie Jay
      Cie Jay

      What's his name dude

  • De Bo
    De Bo

    I gotta see Moon in a 1v1 against clamp, Duke, Milly, and the rest of em

  • Dan Tae
    Dan Tae

    Dam the intro is like an avengers movie!!! It has insane energy way to go guys

  • Gene Perry
    Gene Perry

    Looking at them numbers in 15 hours says y’all gotta come back 😂😂

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson

    Ok, the shot at 1:10 is amazing. That takes me back to my Detroit playground days! I love it!

  • Christian Grierson
    Christian Grierson

    Looking like a whole movie I’m loving it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ron Woodard
    Ron Woodard

    Duke always callin weak fouls when the game on the line

  • Ricky Floyd
    Ricky Floyd

    16:50 was 🔥🔥🔥 low key

  • Skinny Reacts
    Skinny Reacts

    We need cash nasty reaction on this video 💯🔥🔥🔥