LaMelo Ball vs Zion Williamson!! CRAZIEST AAU GAME EVER!!!
LaMelo Ball and Zion Williamson faced off for the first time EVER in the most hyped match up of the year! Both players lived up to expectations as LaMelo finished with 36 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds and Zion finished with 31 points and 8 rebounds. Lonzo, Damien Lillard, Thon Maker, Andrew Wiggins and OSN were all there watching!
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نظر: 7 354
  • Ballislife

    There's a fake Ballislife account posting links. IT IS NOT US, do not click on any links unless it is a pinned comment by us.

    • Marcus Collins
      Marcus Collins

      this account got 2.74 million subs. It will do just fine. lol

    • Fakeoats

      @Bizarre OfD12 that’s crazy I predicted that 😅

    • Bizarre OfD12
      Bizarre OfD12

      @Fakeoats oh, thank u my bro🤣

    • Fakeoats

      @Bizarre OfD12 Charlotte hornets


      MyBallsRhuge Yougottasee 😂😂

  • Wes

    This game bigger than the WNBA finals

    • ETC


    • MollyAtTheGrave

      @Music show me then

    • someone extra
      someone extra

      Wtf is a wnba final ?

    • croplaya

      So was an ant fight in my backyard this morning

    • Krik


  • Junior-Shiftyy-

    Lmao he dunks *1 second later* “AYEEEEEE” 🤣

    • Volx on XBL
      Volx on XBL

      @MUFC no

    • Kerem

      How old are they

    • samportrr

      the audio is just delayed, you can hear the noise that the dunk makes a second late as well

    • JJacob23_


    • FckJus -_-
      FckJus -_-

      On g. Dude tallest on court, dunked like 2/6, and when he makes it I have to watch reactions from a dozen HS boys for the next 11 seconds.

  • Bryant hufgart
    Bryant hufgart

    Some of y'all are so dumb💀 Your commenting "Zion ain't good, he just got height, strength, speed, and handles"... Bruh thats what makes a player good😴

    • Jit Trippin
      Jit Trippin

      People act like buddy don't play *POWER FORWARD* like not every player has to be able to shoot (depending on the position)

    • I don’t read replies.
      I don’t read replies.


    • _franchised_

      This aged beautifully

    • Dominic Baptist Dominic
      Dominic Baptist Dominic

      Shaved head Melo would have hit different in this game

    • SpaceRanger

      Zion saying look at me now look at me now...

  • Yung Omar
    Yung Omar

    Pause exactly at 5:11 and look at that boys face😂😂

    • Noah Ross
      Noah Ross


    • Miya Dadon
      Miya Dadon


    • Trajan Littlejohn
      Trajan Littlejohn


    • El Jefe
      El Jefe

      No thanks

    • Jaymini Vora
      Jaymini Vora

      Thats too funny 😂

  • MegaGio

    This is what the Newman's thought their game would be like


      So true

    • Steven Givens II
      Steven Givens II

      Lmao swear to god

  • Muaaz

    *someone tell me why the crowd has the latest reaction time I've ever seen. Zion can dunk and the crowd wont react until 4 seconds after*

    • King Arthur
      King Arthur

      I'm pretty sure they're waiting for the camera to pan onto them. This will be the highlight of their lives.

    • Imagdjamnevan

      Npc delay

    • Toomas

      @SHAH FC Ok Mr. Butterfly and that was 2 years ago lmfao

    • SHAH FC
      SHAH FC

      @Toomas bruh why do you have to be so mean. He just asked a question. You don't have to be a sick about it

    • Talon Slaton
      Talon Slaton

      Muaaz bro fr fr

  • Harrison Mills
    Harrison Mills

    Who’s here after watching Julian Newman Vs Melo? The hype cannot be compared.

    • Kay bands
      Kay bands

      I love watching Julian Newman

    • drippy

      Harrison Mills the hype can. the comp can’t.

    • Packman 29
      Packman 29

      Lmao me unfortunately lol nah Newman is good, he’s gunna be like a Tre Jones

    • Logan

      That’s crazy we got the same mind

  • Ezra Birkbeck-Matthews
    Ezra Birkbeck-Matthews

    Man, #4 was dropping threes like clockwork. Nevermind Zion and LaMelo 😂

    • Cohen_The_One

      Fax it’s kinda crazy

  • Jason Husena
    Jason Husena

    They kept fouling zion when he's about to dunk, but the refs didn't even call one.

    • Chief bologna
      Chief bologna

      Welcome to AAU

  • Justin Castillo
    Justin Castillo

    5:10 and 7:16 were the only reactions from the crowd that made me laugh

  • ManHuff

    Dude this is when I got into aau basketball cuz I went to this game and I have to tell you, it felt like a whole new atmosphere when I saw Zion and Melo

  • marshinog

    5:10 still got me weak 😂😂😂

  • Jufri Roslan
    Jufri Roslan

    The amount of dunks Zion had was remarkable

  • JJ Fishing
    JJ Fishing

    Imagine having a game while this is going on 😂😂

  • Ali

    1:06 that reaction tho😂😂😂

  • Papa Goat
    Papa Goat

    Lamelos bbb team is nothing compared to his spire team

    • Marquise Walston
      Marquise Walston

      Miles Tyer & melo is still young here, compared to a seasoned Melo by the time he got to spire he'd played at every level

    • Marquise Walston
      Marquise Walston

      Miles Tyer to be fair this is a summer league/travel team, spire is a legit D1 level varsity HS team

  • Elias Pretto
    Elias Pretto

    Is anyone watching this when Zion is at Duke in March madness

    • Carson Wright
      Carson Wright

      Kkk Kool kids kulb yea but then couldn’t make the final four😂😂

    • Eli Scott
      Eli Scott

      I’m watching after Zion exited in the Elite Eight, though we went out in the Sweet 16 so I cant talk.

    • MotiotNotEmotions

      Kkk Kool kids kulb me

  • LarryG3

    Lamelo has a great game, but you can tell Zion wasn't giving it 100% and was somewhat letting Lamelo shine a bit more. But at the end of the day these are two amazing players and they will do just fine in the NBA imo..

  • Samiul Basit
    Samiul Basit

    I swear, American teens are some of the funniest people to be around 😂😂

  • Robbie

    Haters will say say he doubled at 7:03 The fact is that he really did😂

  • Yung Huggie
    Yung Huggie

    That’s crazy how Lonzo was watching his future teammate

  • Jimmy

    Zion was NBA ready in middle school.

  • Phoenix

    That one guy that said "stop hitting Zion, just let him dunk on you" 😅

    • Tyler McKenzie
      Tyler McKenzie

      A- Rom they really be talking like it's the NBA

  • Dev 91
    Dev 91

    People don't understand how GREAT of a team this SC Supreme team was actually.

  • jack flowers
    jack flowers

    Is it me or are the reactions late asf🤔

    • Conor Reilly
      Conor Reilly

      I swear

    • Aaron Rodriguez
      Aaron Rodriguez

      @MUFC i saw you in a boxing video. Get out of here. Piss off with soccer. Soccer is only popular because of the European Colonization and dominance around the world. Soccer is boring and super slow so no that won't come into fruition

    • Kay bands
      Kay bands

      That happened to me to it is late

    • Lanre

      Brandon Mitchell no

  • mike wray
    mike wray

    imagine being in your layup lines and u look over and u just see some huge kid throwing down 360 dunks and the whole crowd hyping him up...i would be terrified

  • Ronnie Medina
    Ronnie Medina

    1:43 why did I just see the ref fall I’m dying lmao 😂

    • Ronnie Medina
      Ronnie Medina

      Osyel Garcia lmao 😂

  • Brianna Bolden
    Brianna Bolden

    2:03 he literally just walked

  • Josh Jackson
    Josh Jackson

    So are we just going to ignore the ref falling @ 1:41 😂😂😂

  • Cohen_The_One

    Lamelo has developed so well. U love to see it

  • shilton charles
    shilton charles

    Those half court shots tho😂😂😂😂

  • PressCAPLOCK

    Big Ballers would have won if LaVar Played

    • James Bowser
      James Bowser

      But, lavar only averaged about 2 points 😆. Is that dude Newman playing hoop in the playground these days?

    • Rod Zilla
      Rod Zilla

      Ava Lauren fax 🤣🤣

    • wes hayward
      wes hayward

      2.2 fish breath

    • Michael MSDawngzela
      Michael MSDawngzela

      PressCAPLOCK no bigballer will win if lamelo quit playing😂

  • da_1st. king
    da_1st. king

    love that dude's face when number 5 jumps in the crowd

  • Kaiden Mcabee
    Kaiden Mcabee

    That dudes face at 5:11😂😂

  • Rack 'Em Up Sports
    Rack 'Em Up Sports

    And everytime lamelo passes it, he goes right to the person he passes it to and demands the ball back 😂

  • Adrian z Polski
    Adrian z Polski

    Zion can win some dunk contests when he arrived to NBA :D

  • Donz

    They was more surprised to see melo and Zion. More than Damian lillard

    • Donz

      MicrosoftN00b 678 lol they some hype beast

    • Shogunn

      Da2kgoat i dont think they now who dlil is

    • Dm to buy this account. 302_ptl on Twitter
      Dm to buy this account. 302_ptl on Twitter


    • splashaf

      undeadsniperrr all of them know damian lillard

    • undeadsniperrr

      Da2kgoat I'm sure a lot of them didn't know who he was anyways

  • Nick Delrusso
    Nick Delrusso

    This game was a lot closer than it should have been

  • Danilo Ritter
    Danilo Ritter

    07:03 he changed the ball from hands without kick it while he was already walking and kicking.....nobody noticed

  • R

    No.11 tho his shooting is🔥 besides the airball

    • Tylik Branch
      Tylik Branch

      Roche lamelo fire

  • Greg Taylor
    Greg Taylor

    And can we also enjoy the fact that the others are doing great please

  • Rośe

    This was still better than the finals

  • tmid4life 02
    tmid4life 02

    Melo traveled on 3:04 😂😂 how can the refs not see that?!

  • H H
    H H

    Zion scores 4points in the first half and NO DUNKS shake my head

  • Daniel Covarrubias
    Daniel Covarrubias

    Es como ver a Lebron James y a Stephen Curry, me gusta

  • Rayshaun Thompson
    Rayshaun Thompson

    The kids face at 5:08 tho😂

  • Akhmed Suleymanov
    Akhmed Suleymanov

    One of the kids said " it's a wrap" and someone yelled " wrap it up then" 😭😩

    • Rodney Adams
      Rodney Adams

      CashMoney 1239 😂😂😂😂

    • V


    • 251Bryson TV
      251Bryson TV

      at what time💁

  • Randy Drayton
    Randy Drayton

    Damn Zion from this to dunking over Harden, running lob city with Zo, and blocking Westbrook

  • Austyn Lynch
    Austyn Lynch

    Took Zion all game to finally make a dunk

  • MugsWrld

    Why do I feel like the crowd was reacting to the plays pretty late😂

  • MegaClintbeastwood

    I like the cuts from the game to the little groupies in the stands 😂

  • Anthony Antman Edwards is better than Lamelo
    Anthony Antman Edwards is better than Lamelo

    Forget Zion and Melo I'm really impressed with the #2 kid on Zion's team.

    • B. M.
      B. M.

      Xavier Rhodes Yeah man, he is impressive!

    • K E E Z Y
      K E E Z Y

      Thats Devon Dotson he ranked 33rd on espn in his class and he had jus joined the team a day or two before the game

    • Howard Sauls
      Howard Sauls

      Didnt he get crossed twice or im trippin 👀👀

    • marcelus

      Nonbruh me too

  • applepi

    Im I the oni one to see the ref falling down at 1:41 😂😂😂

  • Will Finney
    Will Finney

    #11 looks the most impressive in the whole court

  • f s
    f s

    Zion is a beast!!!

  • Michael Le
    Michael Le

    Big Baller team is very underrated and undersized. Minus Melo, the whole team looks 6'2 or 6'3

  • Shihab.

    Ref breaks his own ankles at 1:41😂😂😂

    • Raul Munoz
      Raul Munoz

      Samuel Pačuta in the background where the Adidas logo is

    • Osn’s Hair
      Osn’s Hair

      imOptiix lmao

    • Samuel Pačuta YT
      Samuel Pačuta YT

      where exactly?

    • Le Garçon Qui Ment
      Le Garçon Qui Ment

      imOptiix LMFAAOOOO Casper caught a body

  • marden Gonzalez
    marden Gonzalez

    5:10 my dude wasn't having none of that, look at his face

  • Kai Yukimoto
    Kai Yukimoto

    Man Melo really changed since this game. Zion’s pretty much the same but definitely got better

  • Carlton 127
    Carlton 127

    when zion did warmup dunks, the crowds reaction was so slow

  • Ball is LIFE
    Ball is LIFE

    That's future of the NBA finals. 😱😱🐐🐐

  • Keizzel

    looked like zion was grinding for posterizer badge 😂😂😂😂😂 im dead!

    • huggajawns

      Lavarrs Breath are you trying to have your channel be called "Lavars Breath" or lavarrs breath?

    • Mike Mike
      Mike Mike

      Kaesell Emerson Perez L

    • Dekhari johns
      Dekhari johns

      Kaesell Emerson Perez ctfu

  • Ayookeese Thomas
    Ayookeese Thomas

    Why Was Dude Excited At 5:25? Just Because Melo Fell💀💀

  • isaac madrid
    isaac madrid

    Zion: misses dunk. Crowd: 😮😮😮😮ayyye!

  • Alahn White
    Alahn White

    At 1:41 the ref broke his own ankles😂

  • PorrataFam

    looking back at this bruh i really didnt realize how close we really sat beside each other before covid 😭😭

  • Coen H
    Coen H

    So we are just going to ignore the fact the referee broke his ankles?

  • IceyyChaos

    3:01 man i didn't know you could pick up the ball and then dribble again

  • AmpyTV

    Shows lonzo “okay we got nba players here, cool.” Shows dame “oh shit super star nba player showed up that’s crazy.” Shows OSN “lmao kekekekekekeke”

  • that ginger
    that ginger

    5:10 the guy with the white shirt has the best reaction ever

    • XOflyHigh

      @that ginger lmao ok

    • that ginger
      that ginger

      Ok and? I think it was pretty easy as to who I was pointing out

    • XOflyHigh

      Like 4 of them wearing white shirts

  • Legendary Q
    Legendary Q

    1:41 look at the top right corner the ref got his ankles taken 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mina List
    Mina List

    Melo got fouled pretty bad but still no call

  • Jojojo N
    Jojojo N

    That was a good game tho 👍

  • Duffys

    10:15 we just gonna ignore this offensive foul

  • Randy Drayton
    Randy Drayton

    Someone: shoots Crowd 5 seconds later: Ayyyyy!

  • Nevada State Athletic Commission
    Nevada State Athletic Commission

    Lavar vs Zion should have been the final boss fight of this game

  • Chinua Achebe
    Chinua Achebe

    Even the referee got his ankles broken 😂

  • Adi Bruh
    Adi Bruh

    Bruh zion remind me a lot of shaq, dude big and dominant. Maybe more stamina and athleticism and can shoot better than shaq but still dominant af. Can dunk crazy too

  • Willem Parshley
    Willem Parshley

    LaMelo is so underwhelming. He looks like the third best player on his AAU team