HIGHLIGHTS | STOKE CITY 1- 3 SPURS | Bale, Davies and Kane send Spurs to the semis!
Tottenham Hotspur
Watch extended highlights from the bet365 Stadium as goals from Gareth Bale, Ben Davies and Harry Kane beat Stoke City to send Tottenham Hotspur through to the Carabao Cup semi-finals.

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  • Okey

    That header from bale was magical. It’s hard to use your head to make the ball do that in that angle. He must have earned some skills with golf and learning how to give impact on the ball to make a ball move in a certain way 😂.

    • Red Dragon
      Red Dragon

      @Elvis Uko You or I can’t do that in 100 tries. Sit down😂.

    • Reema Pinto
      Reema Pinto

      @Elvis Uko you are a perfect example example of a keyboard warrior

    • Okey

      @Tyler Horton yes it was

    • Tyler Horton
      Tyler Horton

      No it's not

  • Виктор Щедров
    Виктор Щедров

    Ben Davies, even without his goal, had his best performance in the recent memory. Good stuff with him and regi healthily competing for the team

    • Shadow Gamer
      Shadow Gamer

      moust98 Yeah but his pace is crazy and has much better crosses

    • Debarshi Pandit
      Debarshi Pandit

      @anonimas Remember that rocket assists that Bale scored the winning goal. 😅😅😅😅

    • Captain Cockerel 🐓
      Captain Cockerel 🐓

      Davis and Winks stepped up there recent game play in this match arguably both there best performances let's hope they can challenge there positions and make competition and bring the best out in the whole squad

    • Dan Park
      Dan Park

      That kind of goal is essential and very important I think, the opponent defenders will more hard to defend

  • Josh Z
    Josh Z

    Looks like Spurs actually CAN do it on a cold, rainy night in Stoke.

    • Arrie Griffin
      Arrie Griffin

      Dats what danny williams said in the journey lol

    • Upbeat Replayz
      Upbeat Replayz


    • Maryam Jahish
      Maryam Jahish

      but they the tropy collinon 0

    • Preston Sanders
      Preston Sanders


  • SuperCJV

    I’m a Madrid fan and it makes me happy seeing Bale in good form at a good club. Congrats Spurs on the win.

  • Herakliet

    Great to see Davies get a goal. He's tried at times with some far out shots that came close, but to finally get on the scoresheet must be rewarding.

  • Kiran Sajan
    Kiran Sajan

    Bale's presence is very much known, his infulance in the wing is amazing

  • OzKo

    Sonny’s goal would have been nice, but still a good win

    • Roman Bouzid
      Roman Bouzid

      Shit decision

    • Rocky B
      Rocky B

      Marwan Pablo - Sindbad 🎧🎶 soundcloud.app.goo.gl/x1g9 🔥😈🔥

    • Minto Minto
      Minto Minto

      0up [2

  • Henry VDL
    Henry VDL

    Happy with how Dele played today. I know he didn’t score but you can tell he’s really trying to prove himself and he’s getting better.

    • Rebel Ronin
      Rebel Ronin

      @Ashley Plumstead please allow me to elaborate ur point..min 52:20 Spurs broke Stoke attack and had a Chance for blitz counter attack so No.8 pass the ball to No.20..min 52:21 No.20 has at least 2 options to pass (to unmarked No.27 or to marked No.7 which positioned at the blind side of No.20), and decided to take much higher risk option by flicking the ball to No.7..min 52:22 unfortunately the flicked ball went nearer to Stoke City player and they managed to secure back pass to their GK..min 52:32 No.10 put pressure to Stoke GK and defender in from of him while No.27 and No.7 maintain pressure on wide area..min 52:33 No.20 move forward to also pressure player near No.10, this move creates hole in the midfield which forces No.33 to stay high..min 52:34 Stoke GK saw the opportunities and made a long pass to the left side of Spurs area..min 52:35/36 Spurs CB forced to tracked Stoke player to fight for the long pass ball, when Stoke managed to keep the possesion, Spurs defensive line was collapsed (as seen by dilemma faced by No.2 - stick to RB position or fill the hole in CB) and they exploited it...so yeah, there are 2 lapse of judgements during 2 transitions within 13 seconds.hopefully it will serve as valuable lesson coz No.20 has huge potential.

    • Diçe

      @SoulClone Yeah he's so unfair to Dele. When Lucas gave away the ball against Leicester which led to their second goal, Mourinho said nothing. But now Dele wasn't involved in Stoke's goal he's getting angry with him. Pretty harsh I must say.

    • si

      @Dittko 🤣

    • Dittko

      @si Ginola literally crossed to opponent's player..fair enough :3

  • Diki Ki
    Diki Ki

    Simple but beautiful goal from Bale🔥

  • Howard Bell arbuce
    Howard Bell arbuce

    What a ball by winks, every time he plays it makes me wish we had more space on the pitch for him

  • Mushfiqur Rahman
    Mushfiqur Rahman

    The entire team played well! Massive improvement in playing and mentality in the squad! COME ON YOU SPURS!

  • t a i n z u a l o l
    t a i n z u a l o l

    Bale just needs time, in these important games where he has started he has been good. Vs Brighton Vs Stoke

    • Jebb Myers
      Jebb Myers

      He is not good enough to start a premier league game. You guys are still looking for the Bale 5-10 years ago. He can still contribute but he is not the same. You have Moura, Bergwin, and now Lamela. If Spurs make it far in these other cups, then he will get a lot more playing time.

    • EMMY

      I barley notice bale

    • Akshat Betala
      Akshat Betala

      @simon mathews mate he does not have the fitness anymore he can give you moments but not consistent world class performances

    • Ahmad Suud
      Ahmad Suud


    • simon mathews
      simon mathews

      @Akshat Betala Dude yo forget What Bale did just 2years ago against Liverpoool? Bale still is a world-class player aswell as a big game player. No one in this Tottenham side has any experience close to Bale apart from their coach Jose. I have been supporting Madrid since 2009-2018. So I know how vital player bale was and is capable of. Make 4-3-3 on paper with Bale on wing;But in the pitch he gives you the viability of 4-4-2.He's good in defending when needed.I have seen it he makes transistion easy

  • KÈñÄZ

    What a goal from Bale...Didn’t wanted to jump but leaned to score the perfect header......Amazing finish by Davies and an astonishing strike by Harry Kane👌💪💥

  • SC30

    Kane was amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  • TwoTwoFourSix

    Just what we need, let’s carry this momentum forward!

  • Hiro Hanosha
    Hiro Hanosha

    This is the type of stuff we need to see from the team. We didnt sit back, we were possesive with the ball, we pressured them, and attacked. Good stuff Jose and the rest of the team😁

  • Amy Terry
    Amy Terry

    Love Fletcher at 6:52 doing what we all wish we could and giving Kane a little cuddle

  • tom sammons
    tom sammons

    When winks gets the ball and looks forward and attacks he’s actually a really decent player , but we had to put up with him spinning and passing 5 yards to the side every single time he got the ball for about 5 years

  • P911

    Son's goal was robbed... atleast we won tho. COYS🙌

    • Araf Chowdhury
      Araf Chowdhury

      @Trystan Grant U guys beat us so stop complaining about false stuff

    • Octavianus Bryan
      Octavianus Bryan

      @A IRglo User did u watch ? or just saw on the shit instagram post ? hahaha

    • Dean Rokkie
      Dean Rokkie

      No shit

    • MovieclipsRu

      List of footballers more then 500 goals

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr

    Happy with how Dele played today. I know he didn’t score but you can tell he’s really trying to prove himself and he’s getting better.

  • Anipaptions

    Goal of the tournament from Davies. Mourinho was.. very expressionless about it. But... What did we expect (No offense to him. He's one the best managers there is)

  • Brick Studio TV
    Brick Studio TV

    I look forward to Son Heung-min's goal in the next game.

  • Jun Baek
    Jun Baek

    Winks in today's game was nice! I hope to see his great performance in PL

  • Lee Heedeh
    Lee Heedeh

    After that Regilon and Dohety coming , Davies and Aurier play soo good . I hope Spurs gonna be a EFL champion.

  • レイセオン

    Dele showed his best performance of this season...hope he's given more time to play

    • 佐川豊臣

      @PsychoCaki agree

    • PsychoCaki

      @レイセオン Lucas Moura needs to play more.... He is sick player.

    • レイセオン

      @Sabir Hussain he never said Dele is out of his plan but stupid media did.

    • Sabir Hussain
      Sabir Hussain

      But mourinho already said he is not in the future plans....he just gio lo celso instead of Dele that clear

  • BunRong ASMR
    BunRong ASMR

    Davis's goal so amazing 🔥

  • 문옥수

    영상판독장치가 없다는 것이 한심스럽다. 부디 손흥민 선수 부상 없이 늘 행운과 건강이 함께 하길 바랍니다. - 자랑스럽습니다.!! ♡

  • M C
    M C

    I feel bad for Dele, like he’s not performing as he could, because he has loads of talent, but even tho he’s not putting up goals or assists you can see him trying so hard. Like he’s making the runs, shooting the ball, attempting dribbles, like he has the energy, So I don’t think he should leave. He’s trying

    • trapper surg
      trapper surg

      How was Stoke's goal Dele's mistake, more than several other of the Tott defenders?

    • littytitty

      His injury really put a toll on his performance, if he wasnt injured during that time he would’ve been one of the top players in the premier league right now

    • FLAT - Food LifeStyle And Travel
      FLAT - Food LifeStyle And Travel

      Tough love will make him superstar, all he needs is to continue his hard work.❤️

    • fastfootedone

      It would be a huge mistake to offload Dele. He's struggle a bit the past couple of seasons, but he's still fairly young and could become a great player -- it would be frustrating to watch him do that with another team.

    • Luke Ferguson
      Luke Ferguson

      Needs first team football at somewhere like villa

  • Big Chef
    Big Chef

    And now we’ve got the dream draw we wanted for our ticket to the final 😁couldn’t have gone better

  • Dan Park
    Dan Park

    Enjoyed a lot beautiful goals!

  • The Bot
    The Bot

    I feel like dele Ali may be gaining his confidence back, which is good and I hope that he can return to his old sensational self.

    • trapper surg
      trapper surg

      Leicester is taking a close look at him for this transfer window. Hope he comes to us, he'd be a great addition.

    • izaidan1

      porch might be psg manager so that make psg more wanting to buy dele

    • Balaaj Tarrar
      Balaaj Tarrar

      I hope he can become even better than his old self.

    • Ciaran

      @James Duffy what behaviour? He lost the ball in midfield and that’s what Jose told the press who ended up taking it way out of hand and label it as Jose blaming dele

  • Will Wilders
    Will Wilders

    Beautiful goal from Davies

  • Terry Blackwell
    Terry Blackwell

    Great strike from Ben, what a great professional he is

  • Josh Gxoyiya
    Josh Gxoyiya

    We not gonna act like he didn't say Kane was looking for his 16th goal in the Leauge this season, while it's the Carabao Cup


    That goal from Sonny was ONSIDE🔥 No idea why you didn't even include it in the highlights... Let's move on forward anyway,, COYS

    • sol-kh

      @A IRglo User Karma for what? That decision was on point. Just go and play somewhere else LiVARpool-fanboy.

    • A YouTube User
      A YouTube User

      Karma for the goal against Liverpool

    • KFX

      @Me 그렇게 도배하고다니면 마음이 편해지나? 쪽플린건 본인이라는걸 알까 모를까

    • BALLER

      @Me Think before you speak🤣


    Rooting for Spurs to win the cup. The players and manager deserves it

  • Ale Diego
    Ale Diego

    Gigante Kane 🙌🌟👏👏

  • Jammy Gitt
    Jammy Gitt

    I'm Stoked that Spurs are through to the semi-finals.

  • Shaun Pierce
    Shaun Pierce

    I don't think I have ever seen Ben Davies smile, even when he scores.

  • John

    Even though it wasnt in the highlights, we all saw how comfortable Son looked when fe finished the disallowed goal lol

  • 원영포터 Wonyoung Potter
    원영포터 Wonyoung Potter

    That was Sonny's goal....it wasn't an offside

    • Jay Jong Lee
      Jay Jong Lee

      Shush plz

    • nestoras koulas
      nestoras koulas

      @sol-kh Exactly he wasn't offside it was a clear goal

    • sol-kh

      @A IRglo User Karma for what? That decision was on point. Just go and play somewhere else LiVARpool-fanboy.

  • Your Hghness
    Your Hghness

    Also i like Davies shot always close to target but never scored until now

    • Araf Chowdhury
      Araf Chowdhury

      True when he almost hit one against Arsenal last season

    • Michael Choi
      Michael Choi

      @Naif he's decent, but we all know Reguilón is better

    • Naif

      I don't know why he's not starting in the premier league

    • Marc Jones
      Marc Jones

      Davies has scored for Spurs before but not for a long while. It was a great shot. Happy for him.

  • Rosli Yahya
    Rosli Yahya

    The third goals, let it be a lesson for Spurs as well, don't lose focus until final whistle blow 😊

  • Marc Jones
    Marc Jones

    Important goal by Ben Davies to regain the initiative for Spurs.

  • Arsentex

    Finally I’ve seen stoke playing as from my point of view. Presumably, it’s been like 1 year since I last watched them

  • Marvellous Edomobi
    Marvellous Edomobi

    That was a really great thundering strike from Ben

  • andrew em
    andrew em

    glad to see bale scoring again. i hope he find his touch again to be more aggresive.

  • 하겸

    0:01 what a beat🔥

  • Anang eM
    Anang eM

    Great team 👏

  • Lusenii Watson
    Lusenii Watson

    I didn’t see in this highlights how Dele contributed to the Stoke’s goal. To be honest, this team could use Dele but I guess either Mourinho is not a fan or he may be trying to get more

    • Mr. Gilbert
      Mr. Gilbert

      I don’t think mourinho appreciates players who care more about social media than football

    • Michael Mensah Martey
      Michael Mensah Martey

      @Clarence Amadeus True

    • Michael Mensah Martey
      Michael Mensah Martey

      Mourinho loved dele and I think he still does. remember when he came in last he told dele he wanted to see the real dele and not his brother? When you're loved, you're shown your wrongs but when you're not loved, people will just sit and watch mess yourself up with saying a word.

    • sam biani
      sam biani

      Yes, i just watched this for that reason and couldn’t see the problem

    • Brian Hart
      Brian Hart

      Yeh Mourinho trying to wind up Dele hope Dele doesnt leave

  • cyto-

    How unfortunate that Sonny's 100th goal didn't even make it to the highlights due to no VAR being used?! Anyway, win the next cup game, okay? #COYS

    • elsonlam

      The Carabao and FA Cups have a weird thing going on with VAR. They don't use it all the games and that make it inconsistent. This is because both competitions feature smaller clubs from lower leagues that may not have VAR installed in their stadiums. To make it fair, the FA played with the rules season after season. Like, in one season, VAR was used only at a Premier League club's stadium (Man City beat Swansea at Swansea's stadium with an offside goal in 2019 but the ref can't used VAR even though Swansea had it installed the year earlier, before they were relegated). In another season, only the semi-finalw and final have VAR. Side note: People complain about VAR "ruins the game" all the time. And yet, here people want VAR. It's almost as if nobody remembers how horrible the calls were before VAR. Yes, there are still wrong calls. But they are much, much closer than before.

    • AnguishingQuark

      Anyone have a link?

    • Dr Thuganomics
      Dr Thuganomics

      ok stop with the VAR bashing he will get his 100th very soon chill.

    • Mun'im Misbah
      Mun'im Misbah

      @Сергей Чекулаев exactly. where the hell is var when we actually need it the most?

  • Turkey Sandwich
    Turkey Sandwich

    Let’s go Spurs

  • KRISSZZZ Wild Rift
    KRISSZZZ Wild Rift

    Cmon Dele, Dont give up We believe in you!!!

    • TheChillSpartan

      We can sell him for free money

    • Hoang Nguyen
      Hoang Nguyen

      Only your coach Mourinho criticized you. None of us watching had any complaints on you, Dele !

  • Itiel Oliveira
    Itiel Oliveira

    I understand that Alli is anywhere near to what he's performed back then or to his full potential but he actually played decently atleast hes trying more on his long shots

  • all football highlights
    all football highlights

    22' Gareth Bale (0-1); 53' Jordan Thompson (1-1); 70' Benjamin Davies (1-2); 81' Harry Kane (1-3)

  • Gabriel Lins
    Gabriel Lins

    COYS!!!!! I'm Tottenham's fan from Brazil! 🇧🇷

  • Nur Siswanto
    Nur Siswanto

    fantastic performance after 0-2 defeat..

  • Muhammad Afif Harist
    Muhammad Afif Harist

    Line Up Stoke City A. Lonergan 28 (GK) N. Collins 37 H. Souttar 36 D. Batth 6 T. Smith 14 J. Cousins 24 J. Thompson 34 M. Fox 3 T. Oakley-Boothe 20 J. Brown 18 J. McClean 11 Tottenham H. Lloris 1 (GK) M. Doherty 2 D. Sanchez 6 E. Dier 15 B. Davies 33 P. Hojbjerg 5 H. Winks 8 G. Bale 9 D. Alli 20 Lucas Moura 27 H. Kane 10

  • Jay Dubs
    Jay Dubs

    After watching spurs for a while now I can see that lloris’s biggest problem is coming off his line. But he’s still such an amazing goalkeeper it’s insane. I just wish he would come off his line a little more.

    • All inspirational
      All inspirational

      But at least not like man city keeper how rush forward

  • Lucky Mojo
    Lucky Mojo

    Son's goal is stolen 😡 What an awful referee 😡 Anyway at least we won...COYS

    • Malinois yagami
      Malinois yagami


    • Dean Rokkie
      Dean Rokkie

      No shit

    • Rosemary

      Liverpool : First Time?

    • Yani Duta
      Yani Duta


  • ngan chaihou
    ngan chaihou

    Good play by Tottenham. But the goal from Stoke is pretty impressive.

  • chaedu

    Everybody saying sonny goal hey come on... other members were awesome also Matt Doherty's passing, Bale's header, Sissoko's passing, Dele Alli, Harry Kane's finishing were all awesome

  • Raws2000

    bale has improved his passing game, he may have lost some pace but he is still a high quality player

    • Timbone

      Ronaldo has lost his pace too

  • Basilio Da Cunha
    Basilio Da Cunha

    Forca Tottenhan rumo 'a Vitória

  • Dennis Lee
    Dennis Lee

    How many times does Davies hit the post 😂😂

  • Alice L
    Alice L

    Harry Kane is a jewel for Tottenham Hotspurs.

  • Alexis Peter
    Alexis Peter

    4:40 best goal, my vote for goal of the tournament

  • Seauin Ireland
    Seauin Ireland

    Love Bale's goal. The green uniforms, not so much.

  • Gen of Wakatu
    Gen of Wakatu

    Good game overall! Was tense for a bit there tho in the second half...

  • Ei's

    Should of been 1-4 Spurs. Son was on side.

    • Red Dragon
      Red Dragon

      @A IRglo User Yeah he overacts a lot.

    • A YouTube User
      A YouTube User

      @Red Dragon yea I've heard of him he is such a piss take

    • Red Dragon
      Red Dragon

      @A IRglo User There’s this RLM guy don’t know if you heard of him. He’s annoying. Arsenal fans aren’t ruthless they only have the fact that Spurs can’t win a trophy as a counter argument.

    • A YouTube User
      A YouTube User

      @Red Dragon true you guys are ruthless

    • Red Dragon
      Red Dragon

      @A IRglo User You made a mistake coming on Spurs fan channel lmao.

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello

    Son was so clearly onside by a stretch. Linesman is supposed to go Specsavers.

  • KH L
    KH L

    Bale the “WORLD GLASS”

  • Highlights Today
    Highlights Today

    No Offside 😭 it was onside!

    • 대박인생

      100번짜골 돌려줘? ㅠ

    • Kevin P
      Kevin P

      @BALLER Suspicious.. since he was obviously onside and probably makes them look bad

    • BALLER

      @Silencio No idea why they didn't include it in the highlights

    • Juju A.P.
      Juju A.P.

      Not a big fan of VAR, not gonna change my opinion just cz the assistant had a hard time seeing this with the naked eye. Spurs won so let's just move on.

    • abcd


  • Sanjay Sachdeva
    Sanjay Sachdeva

    what a goal by Davies

  • Abida shah
    Abida shah

    Delle looking in form!🔥

  • Sam Massey
    Sam Massey

    Dele needs to get his confidence up , we played well controlled the game first half on edge 2nd half but great performance Big chance for a final Brentford are a good side so we need to take this seriously #coys

    • The Realist
      The Realist

      @surendran9311 I take it you wasn't watching Tottenham under Pochettino, to say they wasn't competing is absolute crap, Jose hasn't won anything yet to even be making that comment.

    • The Realist
      The Realist

      @Matt Costa He said it was Dele's fault for the equalising goal just because he made a flick to Son which got intercepted. But the ball went back to the Stoke keeper, our defence had enough time to sort itself out and defend the goal, that's hardly Dele's fault but Jose says otherwise.

    • RiteofSpring

      Liverpool being so strong because they have many aggresive frontline to chase the losing ball. Player like delle does not have that feeling of responsibility


      @The Realist that is how Jose testing his player mentality bro...it's up to the player if they take the comment as a drive get better or just accepted it and don't improve.

  • J C
    J C

    Son made that goal!!! It should be 4-1.

    • J C
      J C

      @Reilly Finn Yeah, hopefully the VAR system can become more streamlined and be mandatory for all prof. games.

    • Reilly Finn
      Reilly Finn

      @J C 😂welcome to the championship no VAR is really a pain.We(stoke) have conceded goals that only went in because there player rugby tackled our keeper over the line and just because the refs watch buzzed he thought it was in.also a lot of offside goals that no one ever knows about till after the game.We have lost too many points due to no VAR

    • J C
      J C

      @佐川豊臣 But it wasn't fair not to count the goal.

    • J C
      J C

      @Reilly Finn Sure, Spurs won but it wasn't fair to take that goal away.

    • 佐川豊臣

      But they're still won mate, jeez

  • SuperDuper

    Let’s go Bale , he is quality trust it

  • uBenji1234

    Guys, see who's serving up the ball to Kane for the 1-3 goal? Playing good D and being a team player go a long way in winning matches...

  • Veck

    Guess we can do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke, COYS!

    • Dav Decks
      Dav Decks

      I like how the announcer referenced it right at 0:20 lol

  • Senam Ala Cahyo
    Senam Ala Cahyo

    I think it should have been 0-3 for Spurs. Stoke's goal happened because Spurs' defender didn't give enough effort to defend that time.

  • SY Rhee
    SY Rhee

    Hope Bale is fine .. We need him

  • Allpaths

    we should wear these green kits more often, absolute bangers.

  • Buddy Retriever Believer
    Buddy Retriever Believer

    We got Brentford. Let’s hope we get to the final!

  • aryan chaturvedi
    aryan chaturvedi

    Davies goal 🔥

  • Cory Fulton
    Cory Fulton

    As a Liverpool fan Good Luck against Brentford in January and Good Luck away to wolves this Sunday



  • Hati Armada
    Hati Armada

    Hope it's gonna be the first trophy for mou n spurs in his era .... From Indonesia with Big Big Big Support ....

    • new person
      new person

      Biasa aja big big big wkwkw

  • SmashPhysical

    Thanks for the video, great stuff! Please give us 4K resolution though, for those of us that can't be at the games in person!! #COYS

  • ostinj77

    Davis ♡♡fantastic goal 👏 👌 🙌

  • Edit

    OMG Bale ❤️️

  • Wasik Billah
    Wasik Billah

    The bale we had wanted to see in madrid X")

  • Chris

    Another super performance from Kane

  • Bhekumuzi Sibusiso
    Bhekumuzi Sibusiso

    Kane is something else 😱😱

  • Liberté D'expression
    Liberté D'expression

    Les buts de la tête sont plus beaux et plus difficiles que des buts avec le pied.on ne vois jamais de têtes plongeantes.j'aime trop

  • sino7

    It was a must win and we did the job. Well deserved win would have preferred a clean sheet but at least we are back to winning ways. Wolves next like Jose says: we focus one match at a time. COYS!

  • celly

    SON 200% Goal... 😡

    • hbo omr
      hbo omr

      @sol-kh liverpool's goals has so many . But var is killing us . Do you watch football? Liverpool haven't use var this season . Stfu spurs fan . Go and win audi cup again .

    • Ishtee Rashid
      Ishtee Rashid

      @A IRglo User why are you giving Liverpool a bad name man? That's disgraceful. Be respectful man

    • sol-kh

      @A IRglo User Karma for what? That decision was on point. Just go and play somewhere else LiVARpool-fanboy.

    • Not a troll
      Not a troll

      @A IRglo User delusional Liverpool fan

  • springpink

    Yes Son's goal should have counted. But conceding that one goal was pretty bad. It's been why we lost/drew the big teams and mid table teams in PL. Can't let them get away with easy goals like this.

  • dude letsplay
    dude letsplay

    Awsome goal by bale

  • dmt85

    world class goal from bale