Bam, Obi Toppin & Darius Garland SHUT DOWN Miami Pro League!
Darius Garlad, Obi Toppin, Bam Adebayo, and Dennis Smith JR put together a Pro Am God Squad at the Miami Pro League.
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نظر: 338
  • Camara Jack
    Camara Jack

    Not having Dennis Smith in the title wild as hell, he's a BIL legend

    • family boi
      family boi

      @Rasean Benton yea just say your a fan. The man had all the opportunity in the world to score as a starter his rookie year. He's a bum

    • Rasean Benton
      Rasean Benton

      @blessings always he not he can score his coach don't let him is u OK never heard of plays and ball hogging

    • Dan Jones
      Dan Jones

      @blessings always A bum that is a millionaire... lmao

    • dnice545

      @Joerie Sto. Domingo he was at Portland, got picked up late in the season

    • Joerie Sto. Domingo
      Joerie Sto. Domingo

      this ain't a hate comment but is he injured or somethin last season? didn't see him play

  • Artis Butler
    Artis Butler

    Disrespectful not having dennis smith jr in the title but hes the first clip😒

    • Netaverse


    • Jorge Montero
      Jorge Montero

      The guy who’s clamped against a decent defender w iq

    • Jorge Montero
      Jorge Montero

      How he not nba validated…

    • Luka DonGOAT
      Luka DonGOAT

      So gonna put everyone in the title? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Luka DonGOAT
      Luka DonGOAT

      Still a bust 🤣

  • tyrone lovelace
    tyrone lovelace

    Garland to Topin alley was like an NBA Jams video game move 😂

    • FloydWhoElseTV

      Nba streets

    • Melisha

      Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Heuncet.My.Id Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde.

  • D.M .B
    D.M .B

    Nah a whole nba lineups in a pick up game is crazyyyy 😂😂

    • ATX flips
      ATX flips

      @G For Vendetta I mean bam and garland both have recent all star appearances so they're both all star caliber. You don't have to make it every year to be all star caliber..m

    • Richard Stewart
      Richard Stewart

      @G For Vendetta Edrice

    • G For Vendetta
      G For Vendetta

      @Richard Stewart did he make the all start game though? What's bams first name since you know so much about him lmao pleb.

  • RichLF

    That alley hoop from garland to obi was some street vol 2 game breaker time shit

  • Jeff Hardy
    Jeff Hardy

    Showing off Dennis Smith as your first highlight but not having his name in the title is weird. ESPECIALLY when DSJ got you millions of views in the past.

    • Kilduce


    • GodsChosen1


    • Tony

      Dsj today ain't giving you the numbers

  • CoachNICKENS

    DSJ should be in the title, dude is a mixtape legend!

  • Mir.-

    This game was straight lobs 💀

    • Lex Boogie
      Lex Boogie

      Tuff af

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One

    I know I can't be the only person that thinks these games are more entertaining then NBA games if only there was more defense being played though

    • Rasean Benton
      Rasean Benton

      @Ne Fudge no nba games you have to play how your coach tell you they can play iso ball here not in the nba

    • Rasean Benton
      Rasean Benton

      @JayAnthony87 its not chill

    • MM1108

      That’s why they’re entertaining

    • Rasean Benton
      Rasean Benton

      @ryan Trae average 30 tf you talking bout there was 3 former nba players on the other team

    • Rasean Benton
      Rasean Benton

      @Baby Dukes he don't he has to play a certain way because his coach he can average 20 Trae average 30 to you mean this doesn't happen in the nba

  • quan 2saucy
    quan 2saucy

    Ever since darius garland got dreads he been a bucket with his cool ass

    • KYLAN

      Before the dreads

    • Henry Biggs
      Henry Biggs

      Garland been getting buckets since day one... He just now have players around him that unlocks his full arsenal...💯💯💯

    • Dan Jones
      Dan Jones

      lmao 🤤

    • zork

      @Nate too much swear

    • Nate too much
      Nate too much

      Bruh why did I read it in osn’s voice 🤣🤣

  • King Dripz
    King Dripz

    Throwback to when Dennis and bam played with each other back in high school

  • Jerm Whit
    Jerm Whit

    Bam and Dennis need to hoop together again reminds me of team loaded

  • Donerson Durand jr
    Donerson Durand jr

    Now let’s see bam do this during the season

  • Alexander Bond
    Alexander Bond

    bam is actually so tuff

  • NewJerican

    That what sounded like a troll laugh in the background had me crying the whole game 😂😭

  • DC Tae
    DC Tae

    Dennis Smith the bro💪🏾don’t get the love he suppose to get

  • jdrq

    bro i wish Bam would shoot more

    • Finesse B 𓅓
      Finesse B 𓅓

      if he does it’s wraps

  • Brandon Kelly
    Brandon Kelly

    That boy Bam looking versatile asf looks like he’s coming for a big year.

  • Param

    Really........ Nobodys gonna mention that Josh Richardson, Norris Cole, Justin Anderson are playing for the red team?

  • CB CD
    CB CD

    Off the backboard Eastbay, to a two-handed, tip alley oop: tomahawk 🔥

  • Jason Wiercinski
    Jason Wiercinski

    If Obi Toppin was 6'6" he would win almost any dunk contest.

    • SmokeSmitty

      He was part of the worst dunk contest no sir

  • BigFuego

    If you woulda told me in 2016 Darius Garland would be over Dennis smith Jr. i may have called you crazy. And I formally apologize cause DG is a man amongst men💪🏽love his game

  • BStaxx23

    Imagine Garland & Toppin on the same team in the NBA 🎦 (Grabs 🍿)

    • Brandon Kelly
      Brandon Kelly

      @drxpped I put lol for a reason don’t take it to the head 🤣🤣🤣

    • drxpped

      @Brandon Kelly are you crazy

    • Brandon Kelly
      Brandon Kelly

      Hell yeah let’s trade Mobley rn lol

    • Hunter Kosiara
      Hunter Kosiara

      Could’ve happened, went with okoro at 5 that draft

    • NJM

      Imagine toppin on the cavs

  • thug

    Bam wearing Kobe number And started shooting like him

  • A5___br1sk3t

    DJ spamming the fuck out of the Lakers organ 🤣🤣🤣

  • Heat Gang
    Heat Gang

    Keep sleeping on Miami

  • Stay Hopeful7
    Stay Hopeful7

    Wow...just puts into perspective how good NBA players really are...Reminds me of The Scallenge...Dude said, "You suck compared to me" haha

  • Riley Freeman #JP
    Riley Freeman #JP

    Whole lot of nba players in one run 👀

  • Grant Oldham
    Grant Oldham

    10:38 eclipses the Raptors dunk at the end of the final game of the season wow

  • BigA

    No way Dennis Smith Jr not in the title

  • TEZJay

    Word on the street is that Bam is Dukes older brother!

    • GodsChosen1


  • Bab Adetiba
    Bab Adetiba

    Dennis smith casually blew by someone and hit a windmill dunk. Nba talent don’t even make sense

  • Harrison Brooks
    Harrison Brooks

    Obi toppin on the heat would be nice

  • Dayton1914

    I'm always Reppin' my hometown and when I saw Norris Cole...SHOUTOUT DAYTON, OHIO!

  • 87GenerationY

    I thought Garland was about to yam that!

  • caleek cobb
    caleek cobb

    no Dennis smith salute is crazy

  • iTzMacProductions

    Funny how half these players were once on the heat even tho its IN Miami

  • Street Science
    Street Science

    Obi with the step back

  • Jafarree Venning
    Jafarree Venning

    I don't see these boys losing😭

  • Josh Matos
    Josh Matos

    Is that Norris Cole?!? where you been at? Haven’t seen him since he was jumping like a little kid after Ray Allen hit the shot in the finals 😂

    • RichEatonGolf

      Guy still definitely should be in the nba

  • Robert Carter
    Robert Carter

    Damn son where you find this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • RAN Ink TV
    RAN Ink TV

    Dennis Smith Jr and Bam was hoopin together in Miami and I didn't know...

  • Guapo_M

    Here to remind everyone Chris olave will win rookie of the year

  • ImScrumpy

    Bruh they just laughing 😂😂😂, the disrespect man.. 🤣🤣🤣

    • ProCloudGamer2

      They not even trying fr xD

  • Pedro Rivera
    Pedro Rivera

    RIP red team Btw, that bawk bawk bawk bawk after every shot 🤦💀

    • Melisha

      Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Heuncet.My.Id Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde.

  • Gabriel Rogers
    Gabriel Rogers

    I really wish my Pacers would try & trade for Obi to pair with Tyrese Haliburton.. or at least the Knicks let him start and see what happens..

  • Heisenberg

    That was Quite Entertaining!

  • Matthew Hawkins
    Matthew Hawkins

    I wish Dennis would get comfortable enough during the season like he do in these summer games dude really can't be guarded

  • Russ B
    Russ B

    That's not a team ... it's a cheat code. 🏀🔥🎮

    • G For Vendetta
      G For Vendetta

      Josh Richardson, Norris Cole , Chris Silva , Justin Anderson and a few others who are nba players were on the orange side. Smh.

  • Possum

    Bam looking smoooth as hell.

  • TooningS

    Bro Dennis Smith will comeback and be a starting point guard

  • J Greedo
    J Greedo

    Nah Durag Bam going crazy


    DG have hella fun when he play man

  • PriNce KENkAshi
    PriNce KENkAshi

    Norris Cole I ain't know he still hoop 😂

  • Tilon Bobb
    Tilon Bobb

    This game had no defense omg

    • T.j Honablew
      T.j Honablew

      I definitely co-sign that...smdh

    • Melisha

      Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine Heuncet.My.Id Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde.

  • Frankie Armenio
    Frankie Armenio

    Everyone going to drew league now after Lebron destroyed the league lol 😂

  • Ivan Villarruz
    Ivan Villarruz

    Does anyone know what the usual NBA contract stipulation is about playing exhibition games outside the league? Especially if you get injured in playing?

  • iammaortx

    Miami would be a good experience for Dennis Smith Jr … 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Kyle Lowry & Dennis Smith Jr (PGs) I like

  • Kevitooo

    Garland is an ELITE passer man. He is so much better than I thought he’d be man.

    • Vision World
      Vision World

      With a deadly long-range 3-point shooter. And, like you stated elite passer. Yes, I predict Garland and Young will battle as the top passer and PG in NBA in the next 7 to 10 years. Garland has a natural ability to pass without thinking.

  • ben mitchell
    ben mitchell

    this is the new lob city we need

  • aquapapi

    Garland oop game is crazy!!

  • JoãoFla81

    DG THE PG ⭐💪🏽

  • Corey

    Love the videos

  • rico contreras
    rico contreras

    Is this team USA in practice? 😂😂😂😂


    Darius Garland Is Pretty Damn Special got this one wrong. Always thought Sexton would end up the perennial All Star while Garland ends up a decent backup PG at best.

    • Joe Gurt
      Joe Gurt

      @CSF2022 speaking facts

    • CSF2022

      @Brian Jacobs Nah he was already on the rise the year sexton scored 24pts a game he averaged 17pts a game his 2nd yr. The difference for the team has really been the defense Allen Mobley and Lauri. Garland was gonna ball out whether sexton was there or not. if sexton n Rubio never go down we talking bout atleast a 4th seed last yr...sexton n Garland played decent together but he haven't seen them both at the top of their games yet but it may not happen now but sexton was never a issue that's all media hype

    • Brian Jacobs
      Brian Jacobs

      Absolutely, I think DG really benefitted from Sextons injury. It allowed his game to really take off and to show what he can do. Now Cleveland went all in with DG and shows the faith they have in him with that 5 year 190 mil. Evan Mobley is special as well. Imagine if Lebron comes back to Cleveland. Would be so special.

    • KNICKS 2025 CHAMPS 🏆
      KNICKS 2025 CHAMPS 🏆

      I was surprised by Garland as well. Didn’t think much of him honestly. He’s a fun player to watch.

  • ShAhid

    The video quality is superb.

  • KJ

    Put Smith Jr in the title !!

  • Fitzgerald

    Norris Cole, Justin Anderson, and Josh Richardson on the other team. So we got pros vs pros!

    • Tyler west
      Tyler west

      @mariokoran but smith , gardland , bam , and toppin are all better that’s not even fair like a all start team 😭

    • mariokoran

      I knew that was Cole thanks for confirming man that's awesome

  • Carl Mosely
    Carl Mosely

    Really hope Knicks dont trade OT. Need to keep our NY dudes at least.

    • cheeb87

      @Golden State Fan since 1954 of course he’s wrong. In 2008 I’m sure someone said GS would never win a chip and 4 rings later look where we are. Anything can happen in sports. Peace.

    • Golden State Fan  since 1954
      Golden State Fan since 1954

      @cheeb87 I mean… Is he wrong?

    • Grant Oldham
      Grant Oldham

      @G For Vendetta man is really a bot for the heat lol

    • cheeb87

      @G For Vendetta I bet that’s what you’d like.

  • Sven Lechtenberg
    Sven Lechtenberg

    Durag adebayo is different 🔥😂

  • 2kSavage 101
    2kSavage 101

    Bam bam the man !!!!!

  • Quinn Thou
    Quinn Thou

    Even With Def These MOFOS Were Smurfing It Ain't Worthy To Play Def

  • Talkditings dem
    Talkditings dem

    At least they play defense in the Drew league and NBA players have to play for real or they will get embarrassed. These type of games is non sense in my opinion.

  • a ro
    a ro

    i knew that was him. idk how that dude didnt become a star.

  • Damien Butts
    Damien Butts

    They're not playing hard on defense cause they don't want to get injured

  • Sammy Smoove
    Sammy Smoove

    Bam or Duke? 🤔

  • donatelo

    where can we find the stats from the game

  • LeTheyCallMe

    Dennis smith should be in the title

  • CL34

    Looked like the nba all star game. Kobe would have played D. RIP.

  • aaron afre
    aaron afre

    # 21 in black. Big man smooth AF