Bronny James just SNAPPED in a crazy triple overtime game against his old teammate Jayden Nicholson and Team Griffin.
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  • BigShlong

    17:11 clutch shot to keep the game alive 💪

    • zarowo

      @Cute Chub white purple ?

    • Cute Chub
      Cute Chub

      White purple can shoot

    • M Duceysane
      M Duceysane

      Next Kyle korver

    • Designer Boiz
      Designer Boiz


    • Siah Don
      Siah Don

      @Ricky Rodriguez Fr

  • Joe Sanders
    Joe Sanders

    Just imagine your Dad being LeBron...

    • Shining ball spray
      Shining ball spray

      Imagine your dad

    • Ripu2shredz 1zz1
      Ripu2shredz 1zz1

      @Na I mean you’re rich but the expectations of you would be hella stressful

    • WillBECappin

      @MarketingGod I’m sure people who can’t afford to eat or play sports would love to have Michael Jordan as their dad. Stop bein selfish and think bout others my boi

    • exe sorry
      exe sorry

      hella rich

    • tijana carzo
      tijana carzo

      i imagine everyday

  • Marlo Sutton Jr
    Marlo Sutton Jr

    The kid is going to be just fine. He’s continuously getting better and has all the resources to be as great as he wants. Excited to see how this plays out for him

  • Sideline Stories Entertainment
    Sideline Stories Entertainment

    I like the way that Bronny thinks the game. He is an intelligent player. Hardly ever out of control.

    • BlazeDirty

      And deadass, he in middle school, if he keep this up, he will be way better than Zion 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • xtoau

      @N my bad i spelled it wrong Mikey Williams

    • N

      RellTheAncient Mickey Mouse?

  • Jaiden Goldsby
    Jaiden Goldsby

    11:30 got me dead when he fell 😂😂😂😂

  • Keith Aquitan
    Keith Aquitan

    I'm sorry but i laughed at this moment... 11:30 😅😅😅

    • Michel

      I can’t stop replying this😂

    • EEEEEE

      Drew DeRocher what school was it. He ranked pretty high now looking like a young Nba prospect

    • dors

      Blast off he fell 😂

    • Drew DeRocher
      Drew DeRocher

      The person who fell goes to my school he is Omaha Billew

    • Jaxton Jr
      Jaxton Jr

      You know he felt that shit too when he was walking off

  • the titan 6 titans
    the titan 6 titans

    13:05 he tried to push the big man and failed


    10:18 bruh barely even hopped to block em🔥

  • A’Mya Hodges
    A’Mya Hodges

    7:30 is what your here for

    • Jadeja Gaines
      Jadeja Gaines

      A’Mya Hodges thank you!

    • aiden

      A’Mya Hodges thanks

    • Deborah Katembo
      Deborah Katembo

      @kamilah do you know what they were saying or have an idea?

    • rc begay
      rc begay


    • Cold Summer
      Cold Summer

      @kamilah he better get used to people talkin shit when he get his shot block or get crossed up! People going to bring their a game because he's LeBron son

  • Drei Esoen
    Drei Esoen

    Bronny being physical like just his dad

    • Marcus

      Francisco Vaca Yet you sit on your couch eating and playing video games without actually playing basketball. LOL

    • yrnEJ 2x
      yrnEJ 2x

      They can't fuck with bronny ,bronny and Mikey do a 2v2 it's over

  • Brendan Cross
    Brendan Cross

    I couldn't stop laughing 😂. When he said, your camera is f@#k up.

  • Charisse Johnson
    Charisse Johnson

    Bronny is alot SMARTER too. He is going to be awesome. God bless.

    • ᥫ᭡ . dumb dumb subliminals
      ᥫ᭡ . dumb dumb subliminals

      @Miyia Gawd I’m sure Bronny can 👀

    • Miyia Gawd
      Miyia Gawd

      Pupper Master give me what your smoking

    • Trent Edwards
      Trent Edwards

      NotNotNotNotNotNot2 bruh you are tripping balls, lebron is arguably the best basketball player to ever play

    • Iso Joe
      Iso Joe

      Charisse Johnson his peak is average nba player


    He's so smart for his age, usually you see ppl his age chunk up shots all day and dribble alot, he plays fundamental basketball

    • Andrew Evans
      Andrew Evans

      Cough cough 💨 Julian Newman

    • Dorothy Dorivert
      Dorothy Dorivert

      @Edward Maldonado EXACTLY😤

    • JJacob23_

      Telly yea

    • Skyyy III
      Skyyy III

      He's saving mileage

    • Edward Maldonado
      Edward Maldonado

      Well his father is lebron james...

  • Jill Williams
    Jill Williams

    This game was insane!!🤩🔥

  • miakasango

    I swear I see so many amazing potential plays these kids are attempting, and I promise that as soon as they perfect them... LEATHAL

  • Theblackaiden69

    17:11 shot to keep the game alive

  • Niixton _
    Niixton _

    11:32 he is so pumped he fell on his back🤦‍♂️ I laughed so much🤣

  • teddy bruckshot
    teddy bruckshot

    All i can say is " that was a hell of a game !!!

  • SlimSleeper _
    SlimSleeper _

    Bronnys style of play reminds me of Jaylen Brown. Solid defense. Athletic. Ball handling & even the way he runs .

  • tawahno beers
    tawahno beers

    4:45 someone really said kobe💔

    • tfue hair
      tfue hair

      Rip Kobe Bryant

    • Playboi_GohanTard

      @Ariz Nazeman no you

    • _ Pytmaddie
      _ Pytmaddie

      Maya Messerly NO SERIOUSLY 😭😭😭

    • Mayam420

      tawahno beers how the fuuuck did u here this and what made u watch this

  • Judah J. Farrell
    Judah J. Farrell

    I like how he doesnt back down like all the other nba sons do👏🏾

  • Atharva

    last year he was a playmaker now he’s a playmaker and actually played aggressive but i can see how he only scores when he needs to

  • Paul Scriven III
    Paul Scriven III

    Who was laughing 11:35 the part were number 9 dunked the ball and fell on his ass. Lamo 😂😂🤣

  • Quentin

    When bronny got pushed his teammate came in like Jared Dudley😂

    • lowri on tiktok
      lowri on tiktok

      Kevin Parker 7:30

    • Kevin Parker
      Kevin Parker

      Trollysavagegamers what time?

  • HoneyFro

    11:29 Lol. He almost ruined that play by damn near ending his own teammate.

  • reshod jordan
    reshod jordan

    His basketball IQ is starting to transfer over into his game ability he has gotten a lot better as far as his aggressiveness it’s going to be good to see him in high he might be a Top Ten player by then with his skill set

  • Chef Peppin
    Chef Peppin

    He’s looking like his dad more and more everyday 🔥🔥🔥

  • Irony Got The Juice
    Irony Got The Juice

    I replayed 7:20 - 7:22 at least 10 times on the lowest speed. He does not travel! He catches the ball mid-air then lands on a half step (his right foot). Then, just as he's about to take his first step he drops the ball to the ground. It looks like it but it's not a travel.

  • William B
    William B

    So we just gonna ignore how many times he carried the ball in that run 8:00

  • Jamew7

    12:30 LOL

    • Pink Panther
      Pink Panther

      @MUFC wtf

    • NEGAN

      Jamew??? Wtf

    • Benjamin Højsgaard Hedevang
      Benjamin Højsgaard Hedevang

      @Kayra what's your problem?

  • Pinsonneault

    can't wait to see him in a few years in the NBA.

  • Robert Yankowy
    Robert Yankowy

    Imagine if this team still had Mikey Williams and Rodney Gallagher. Team would be lethal😐

    • Goap Kodi
      Goap Kodi

      Robert Yankowy and ray too

    • Caleb Roberts
      Caleb Roberts

      aaron aaron lol they won the nation championship 🤣

    • aaron aaron
      aaron aaron

      They had them and still lost games

  • Datak Draco
    Datak Draco

    17:17 TELL EM BILLY 🔥

    • iiScythe

      Datak Draco Gabe*

  • TL official
    TL official

    This refereeing at the end was appalling 😭😭

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog

    “He can see my dad after the game he won’t be talking dat shit now😂”

  • Cece

    Other team was definitely practicing everyday for Bronny team. I gotta say tho their both good teams.

  • NeverrGaveUp 2
    NeverrGaveUp 2


  • Fps_junky333

    Do they just play by 4 after double OT? Never seen that shit in my life lmao

    • Dee

      Trip overtime

  • Mac Bowie
    Mac Bowie

    It's in his Blood to be "Great" 🕵🏼‍♂️💯💪

  • Bachir 6 for 6
    Bachir 6 for 6

    Yes !!! Attack 14:21 The kid is gonna be good Without question but will he be great is the question but that’s up to bronny & bronny only !!

  • imtrippin

    Not 1...but 2 clutch shots from bronny🏀💪

  • what?

    Bronny was great ball control handles are smooth and clean

    • JJacob23_

      what? Yeah

    • Tommy Gonzales
      Tommy Gonzales

      His handles are so satisfying.

    • A & D Gang 🤘🏼
      A & D Gang 🤘🏼

      Sometimes bronny is of but he bounce back

  • Charlie hinojosa
    Charlie hinojosa

    Bro he plays just like his dad with so much patience its like he makes his defender nervous he doesnt know what hes gonna do next.

  • josh aniceto
    josh aniceto

    13:05 amire pushes jahzare and he aint even move😭😭

    • luh jamie
      luh jamie

      Big boi

    • luh jamie
      luh jamie

      Josh Aniceto lol

    • fastment3s

      Lmaoo 😂😂

    • Ruth Eveillard
      Ruth Eveillard

      7 months later re watching this video its still funny im ctfu😂😂😂😭

    • Yumena Tomi
      Yumena Tomi

      @Sauto im suprisrd that you only the one editing your comment lol

  • Polly

    The amount of times I heard “travel” while watching hurts my damn head. Learn the rules before calling them garbage ass team deserved to lose anyways. Good shit bronny

  • B.A.B.

    Damn now they know Bronny can play when he wants to #BeastMode

  • Eli

    Jahzare had me dead at 12:30 He ain't picking his ass up lmao

  • Ryan Deeley
    Ryan Deeley

    11:36 had me dying

  • cesar alvarenga
    cesar alvarenga

    I enjoy watching bronny could definitely see bron has been coaching him right

  • D

    I like how Jah gets down on the jump even tho he don’t have to jump to get it. Lol

  • Joe Sanders
    Joe Sanders

    6:47 my boy has potential, watch for him later

    • snow mello
      snow mello

      caruso 2.0

    • Zain

      Professor live typa vibe 😂😂

    • Yogi

      He is cracked

    • brrow

      ii think his better then bronny

  • emma _cor7
    emma _cor7

    The opposite team was getting cocky lmfao 😂😂

  • Sarah Touchard
    Sarah Touchard

    12:27 was a rough one respect🥶😤

  • Jacob Masek
    Jacob Masek

    That’s why you lay it in if there’s any question you could miss the dunk 😂

  • Eren

    Bronny is getting aggressive perfect for Bronny fans we have been waiting for this Bronny fans

    • Eren

      Same profile on same video wowwwww

    • Brandon Reid
      Brandon Reid

      Naruto uzumaki omg we have the same profile pic! I didn’t take it from you I was scrolling threw the comments and saw your name. I’m assuming you got it from live wallpapers plus HD 4K. If u did so did i

    • Michael Musse
      Michael Musse


  • VintageSnowruto

    Oh yea you can tell they growing up in the way they playing basketball 🔥🔥

  • Unknown Swats
    Unknown Swats

    Ain't no one talking about that shove at 13:06 dude is a tank man. That boy tried his hardest too.

  • Melvin Cirikovic
    Melvin Cirikovic

    0 seconds? And they were up 2 when he made that layup someone explain how that was a game winner

  • Smiddux

    Me the first four quarters: "PASS THE BALL TO BRONNY FFS!"

  • Brian Crosby
    Brian Crosby

    I like how number one on Blake's team looked at his coach and acted like he was on takeover

  • Dani M.
    Dani M.

    1:32 That Pass Is Insane

  • Samsher Malhi
    Samsher Malhi

    The time thing that happened is an overtime rule that AAU already has

  • mah nem is jeff
    mah nem is jeff

    12:29 he did not help the opponent 🤣

  • emplois donwashands
    emplois donwashands

    12:25 bro they mad at the guy they did not help him up😂😂😂


    4:36 Ain't his fault the ball didn't wanna go it, he threw it up light asf... -_-

  • Quinlan Bell
    Quinlan Bell

    Damn from the last few games I’ve watched the refs are giving the blue chips a rough deal sheesh

  • Kxng Sxmba
    Kxng Sxmba

    7:30 When Bronny gets knock down and turn into B.James ✌

    • sfundz!

      @Tori 101 tbh now lol Idk I was just salty at the time 💀😭

    • Tori 101
      Tori 101

      @sfundz! wait ik this comment kinda old but can u explain why u called him that bc i’m tryna prove something ? 😭

  • Maso Cooked that ?
    Maso Cooked that ?

    You can tell bronny cuts that shit on when he wants 💪🏽

  • KennyD

    If Bronny gets his dad’s physique, he’ll be just like him. If not, I can see him more of the Luka Doncic/Brandon Roy mold. Everything about his game is game is smooth and natural.

    • MrHmongstoner

      KennyD he gonna be like his dad but better shooter..

  • Alicia Trotman
    Alicia Trotman

    5:33 was the best move ever

  • GLOCK 32
    GLOCK 32

    He’ll be a 6’6 combo guard by his junior year in high school

  • Rainez

    Lmao Bronny tried to pull the Wade foul off😂

  • Melio

    i see lebrons face in bronny james jr in the thumbnail when he was screaming i see lebron face like father like son

    • Rashaon Watt
      Rashaon Watt

      Omg your so right

  • Mr. Steve
    Mr. Steve

    Can we please get the footage from the guys with the professional cameras standing down there???

  • Key G
    Key G

    A young player with that much focus and intensity on defense and not to mention his offense is good for his age

  • Ewok Nova
    Ewok Nova

    11:29 the dude falls from the dunk

  • marquis

    Imagine if Lebron was there

  • Nick Harley
    Nick Harley

    It's amazing how much he plays like his dad and how much he resemble his movements. It's wierd.

  • Marsss

    He low key plays defense just like lonzo, good defensive awareness and aggressiveness

  • Coco West
    Coco West

    Good shit Kid! When the Game is on the line. Man up. Be aggressive and you take the last shot ! Don’t make the right play like your dad and pass it to a roll player ! I love it