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  • Chris Santos
    Chris Santos

    All I can say is thank goodness LaMelo is staying out of trouble and hitting the gym 💪🏻

    • Thomas Dame
      Thomas Dame

      At least he’s hitting the gym and not hitting women

    • Pro Canin
      Pro Canin

      All I can say is Fuck MB.

    • Darth Väder
      Darth Väder

      Lavar did a great jobb!

    • mugz

      Plz don’t jinx it bro 🙏🏾

    • ZoDrama

      This shit not good montrezl Harrell caught a drug trafficking charge not too long ago,The Hornets are Gonna be trash next year and I kinda feel bad for Lamelo Ball I think his Time in Charlotte is getting thin,and honestly he could be better off

  • Serious Nick Gaming & Asmr
    Serious Nick Gaming & Asmr

    Stellar reporting. You weren't biased, but informative and understanding on both sides. You also gave ways to improve Miles' image and mentality while mentioning that the team could do more for their players as well. Thank you for this post and update. Now following 👍🏾💯

  • Below the Rim Training
    Below the Rim Training

    This is what happens when you have a super young team that you don’t surround with strong vets! Those vet minimums are so important and teams have to understand that. Guys like Jared Dudley and Udonis Haslem have played 3 to 4 years longer than they should have simply because their leadership. Charlotte so desperately needs some alpha male veterans in that locker room

  • CW

    In my opinion he can’t come back from this. Any nba team signing him is utterly disrespectful for all female fans and staff. I wish him the best on his healing journey but the nba can’t become a place that’s light on abuse like the nfl

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      Hoping Brittney Griner gets her 30 years in Russia also.I hear you

    • Pro Canin
      Pro Canin

      @Tyler Murray They did, hopefully he is banned from the NBA. Make an example of that POS.

    • Ant Learn
      Ant Learn

      You do know females fans still watch the WNBA, which it happens frequent with their star players? It shouldn't be acceptable for either male or female fans

    • Tyler Murray
      Tyler Murray

      He gonna be on the hornets. They woulda rescinded their qualifying offer if they weren’t gonna still try to bring him back.

    • The bambam boy
      The bambam boy

      He can he too good not to. If he was a player who doesn’t impact a team then yeah he not getting signed. He definitely getting signed

  • Sniffy Biden
    Sniffy Biden

    The video of his son casually explaining his abuses is brutal. Straight outta horror movie

    • Stew BonBon
      Stew BonBon

      Son or wife?

    • 50 shades of crypto
      50 shades of crypto

      Got a link? EDIT found it

  • Eddie Lim
    Eddie Lim

    You’re spot on that the Hornets organization need to do a better job on mentoring these young talents. All these shenanigans are going to destroy their career and possibly life real quick.

    • ZoDrama

      Jordan wanna be an owner but notta mentor which is sad

  • Sam Molter
    Sam Molter

    Love the streams love the content DKM. You stand alone as the best in category in your spot.

  • Unknowing

    I appreciate the angle you took where you state its from a basketball stance not anything more or less. Keep it up man.

  • Bennett

    How you say it’s “bigger than basketball” and then talk about how this affects the hornets 😂not even hating just confused

  • Gerson da cunha
    Gerson da cunha

    If the victim needed medical attention, this might be true, I love watching this dude play, but he might deserve get locked if he can’t control himself

  • Abraham Walsh
    Abraham Walsh

    the grind is crazy, mad respect for dkm

  • Nick Davis
    Nick Davis

    I agree with almost everything you said, except this has nothing to do with the hornets and their staff. Miles is a grown man and should know better than to hit women or post himself drinking lean. Montrezz should know better than to be carrying 3 pounds of weed. That’s on the man themselves and has nothing to do with the organization.

    • Antquez Thomas
      Antquez Thomas

      Nobody mind dey fkin biz Nomo who tf care if he play or not bruh rich af I'll take my lil charge n chill on the hills

  • Rap God Reloaded
    Rap God Reloaded

    Bad timing for Miles Bridges fumbling the bag!!!!!

  • Lee Rodgers
    Lee Rodgers

    Jordan’s looking at Miles now like yep! We’re getting this guy back on the cheap!

  • Max Rodriguez
    Max Rodriguez

    hate to say this but hopefully this means that his offers won’t be too high from other teams that charlotte won’t match 🤷‍♂️

  • Yung Midas
    Yung Midas

    Damn, the whole team is on some shenanigans

  • GMKerry

    Really good job with this handled the situation exactly right. Peace.......


    Damn, he just had a good year!

  • Harold Chairs
    Harold Chairs

    The Hornets need mentoring and Lamelo also! This is generational wealth. I think that is why they got the coach they got. I don't think it had alot to do with holding them accountable off the court. Lamelo is on the brink of being the face of the league or a flash in the pan. It's definitely a wake up call

    • Harold Chairs
      Harold Chairs

      @ZoDrama That's cool! Lamelo is not just another player! You would take Garland over him? He is a weapon. Ja and Luka were able to make mistakes. He just hasn't been afforded the opportunity. He can shoot, pass, rebound with anyone. There are so many things he can do on the court. You could play him like Steph or Magic or a combination of both. They need a visionary as a coach. He has the game.

    • ZoDrama

      you said he was gonna be the face of the league like Giannis don't exist or some shit and the closest thing to that is Luka fuckin doncic,is was the face of the league shit that thru me off Thats why I commented I watched the kid since he came into the league when you say he's gonna be face of the league you immediately think he's gonna be better then Jayson tatum bro the eastern conference is getting dangerous they have the best wings he goes out west which is guard dominant theres a bevy of guards ill take above him, so he gone be better then Devin booker?,naw bro the hype train is over the kid gotta start winning games now like right right now

    • ZoDrama

      @Harold Chairs the playoffs is a different animal bruh and you know that, Melo had two chances in the play-in tournament and aint do shit if you wanna be real Anthony Edwards is on his heels bruh

    • ZoDrama

      @Harold Chairs lol bro were just gonna agree to disagree remember I love lamelos game he's in my top 5 favorite to watch I just accepted reality I thought he was on the same trajectory as Ja at one point till I saw what he did in the playoffs before he got hurt hell naw I don't even gotta explain Luka,if you not Steph or a Marksman from 3 then anybody could shoot better then any non sniper on any given night, neither the three players were comparing are snipers from 3 please don't make me go as far as saying I'll take Darius garland ahead of him I'm tryna give Melo the benefit of the doubt cuz that shitty organization he's in I'm not gone take em serious until he gets Charlotte to the eastern conference finals at best

    • Harold Chairs
      Harold Chairs

      @ZoDrama bro..He can shoot better than both of them and he can pass better. He just as good as a good defender. He is bigger or the same size. Mid range not there yet but it's coming. He just doesn't have the team around him. The Hornets are stuck in mediocrity. But the league is noticing him

  • Young Among
    Young Among

    Hornets just caught a major break he stays another season and they don't have to pay him

  • Alex North
    Alex North

    I just hate to see it for everyone involved 😕

  • E Tweez
    E Tweez

    Facts, I appreciate your stance but you could've used a different picture my brother. I'm a African American fan and I don't wanna see my heroes depicted in such ways... condolences to the victim. I hope miles finds his way to redemption

    • E Tweez
      E Tweez

      And I stand on it gang.... I was being nice here

    • E Tweez
      E Tweez

      @Hm_jay ain't shit been proven. I'm holding out hope for my heroes as well as sending my condolences to the victim.. In other words.. GET OFF MY DICK

    • Jamir G
      Jamir G

      @Anthony Celestin You sound dumb bro.... INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!! You sound like da feds...

    • Anthony Celestin
      Anthony Celestin

      Na f that, dude beat his wife & theres pic out their with her bruises. He’s a bad look for the league & should be suspended for the year. Don’t use that reverse psychology using race. Abuse is abuse no matter if your black, white, Asian or whatever skin color. If you do a crime like that, you need to look like what you are which is a criminal, so him being in a jail suit is the perfect description of him. Miles did a criminal act & should be demonized for that

    • Hm_jay

      If you dont want to see your heros depicted in such ways maybe they shouldn't do those such ways

  • DSKxMonkey

    I doubt he would get behind bars. Jaxson Hayes didn't even though I thought he would

  • Mark248

    How Miles Bridges contract negotiations are going…💸💸

  • Guido Pared
    Guido Pared

    That woman was beaten up badly. If Miles did that to her, it’s a wrap.

  • Its Gems
    Its Gems

    He should still be signed he too good to be let go

  • david quick
    david quick

    I feel an ex NBA player on the staff would be a welcome and necessary addition to the staff for the players to relate to both on and off the floor

  • The Art Of Be
    The Art Of Be

    DKM is just clutch 🙌🏽 🐐

  • Rob'nVEE

    I agree with everything in this video

  • Marcus Leavy
    Marcus Leavy

    No Miles DAMN FAM.

  • DonKJB

    Fair & Balanced ⚖️ perspective 🎯👌🏼 Threaded da needle 🪡

  • Johnny Brown
    Johnny Brown

    Bendiciones hermosa Celina que Dios te cuidea donde quiera que encantan tus videos.

  • trevor odell
    trevor odell

    I am impressed with your job here


    SHIT happens! At the wrong time!

  • Javier Zavala
    Javier Zavala

    Miles deserves what he gets 👏 this could effect LeBron James Legacy as well

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      Yes Griner gets what she deserves.Go Russia!!!!!!

    • Javier Zavala
      Javier Zavala

      @Serious Nick Gaming & Asmr 🤣

    • Serious Nick Gaming & Asmr
      Serious Nick Gaming & Asmr

      Wouldn't be a comment section if we didn't have one troll lol. Well done troll, well done.

    • lapeppis

      How lebron legacy could be harmed?

    • Great Pyrenees
      Great Pyrenees

      Lol … what

  • Sir TrevionXV
    Sir TrevionXV

    It sounds like sabatoge to me. With that much money on the line… Who’s to say 🤔

    • Jugo Gaming
      Jugo Gaming

      He turned himself in though would be different if they came for him

    • CW

      Bruh shut up. He did it

  • Beth Dxn
    Beth Dxn

    Don't think you can put this on the Hornets organization. If you do, then they should pull his qualifying offer and let the league take the embarrassment if he signs with another team. I would let him walk and call the Hawks and offer whatever it takes other than Melo for John Collins.

  • Sam Molter
    Sam Molter

    One thing is guaranteed Miles will get suspended by NBA for a full season. He may get waived by Hornets depending on political climate in charlotte around this. Doesnt look good for charlotte. Bridges will get probation or slap on wrist, and the injurys sustained by the victim could be self inflicted sometimes. The criminal charges will be dismissed or dropped down etc. Miles will be sued civily for sure, reguardless of outcome of the criminal part. Real domestic cases I do not condone but its things like this these days woman take advantage of. I dont think miles as big as he is really did anything. Its just a money grab thats why you need cameras if you have somethin to lose.

  • Billy-Bob Thornton
    Billy-Bob Thornton

    New media handles it professionally. Old media would make about his character

  • Bēowülf

    Idk man I saw them resurfaced tweets from 2012 advocating for hitting women when he was 14…as a man you always have the power to walk away. I absolutely do condemn what happened he’s almost 7 feet this is madness

    • Bēowülf

      @Roger Spice I’m so glad you said that man she is getting Karma for beating on her gf or wife…ppl don’t hold women to the same standard but she’s still wrong af

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      I know i hope Brittney Griney gets 30 year hit from the Russians.They both know better

  • DG 18
    DG 18

    He was a pretty violent dunker

    • Max jackson
      Max jackson

      What you’re trying to say sir? 😂😂

  • Niddish Khondowe
    Niddish Khondowe

    is he "a former Charlotte Hornet" already?

  • Bēowülf

    They are gonna offer him less than 80 million for sure


    This really sucks man. Fuckin love miles bridges. That dude makes hornets basket ball so good, and him and melo together? Jeezzz. Gonna miss seeing that duo. Wonder what hornets are gonna do to fill that place with more talent. Just hope it's not Westbrook 😅

  • Deuante Kelly
    Deuante Kelly

    Max contract to max sentence

  • Healthy

    Trez and bridgea duo will be going crazy on a prison court

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      And Mr Britney Griner in a Russian jail will be cute also

  • Roger Spice
    Roger Spice

    Go Russia!!!!! Give Mr B. Griner that good sentence.I agree.Public opinion in Russia should count also

  • SayitAintSo Tv
    SayitAintSo Tv

    $130,000 for domestic smh he was wylin

  • Life of Ryan RC
    Life of Ryan RC

    Charlotte all about that thug life. First Trez now Miles. Hopefully they keep melo out of trouble.

    • Henri Marjoan
      Henri Marjoan

      @Carl I understand that but "thug life" has its own meaning. I live in Oslo

    • Carl

      @Henri Marjoan yeah thugs do it all the time, what city you live in?

    • Joe

      This team is trifling for real

    • Henri Marjoan
      Henri Marjoan

      Beating women is thug life?

    • Rap God Reloaded
      Rap God Reloaded

      Don't forget PJ the baby daddy.

  • Justin Needham
    Justin Needham

    Charlotte Can't catch a break. Melo loses either way.

  • N26P7

    this fr is the most dumbest player of all time if the allegations come as truthful 😂 no way you’d finally get exposed or even do this right before signing a big contract and declining your previous offer AFTER A BREAKOUT SEASON 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • duhBODY

    I’m going to believe Miles. From what I’ve seen he’s a family man and great dad. If I’ve learned anything from the Johnny Depp trial it’s to wait for the full story and evidence to come out. Innocent until proven guilty.

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      Exactly Brother

    • Pro Canin
      Pro Canin

      Believe Miles, RTB MB, the goofy that posts lean and weed few days before free agency. Raps about violence and misogyny non stop. She didn't slip and strangled herself. This ain't no Depp, a proud savage being a POS from all avail info.


      Medical record that he fracture her nose,choked till her unconscious.What kind of family man😂

    • CW

      Nope this is pretty clear cut physical abuse and I hope the franchise cuts ties with him completely

    • jpapp

      Lmao you're gonna wait for the evidence and full story but full on believe Miles?

  • Enjoy Life
    Enjoy Life

    damm just saw photos his wife uploaded....damm Miles Bridges real cap in his rap music...

  • almighty 1712
    almighty 1712

    That might be pink lemonade but that is definitely a joint in his hand with the end twisted up

  • Chantal Lester
    Chantal Lester

    Great just great now wtf are we gonna do who's gonna replace miles....

    • James Lingle
      James Lingle

      The 13th pic in the draft( oh wait we used it to bribe the pistons not to go after Miles)

  • Komo

    His time in the NBA is Over.

  • Billy-Bob Thornton
    Billy-Bob Thornton

    Melo probably gone now

  • Webb Hammond
    Webb Hammond

    Just some allegations, no real evidence it was him. He'll get the lawyers on her and walk out of this. and quite the coincidence she would come out now

    • DKM

      she did on ig

  • AMJ J
    AMJ J

    I do think they still sign him but it’s definitely going to be less if not a lot less

  • Queen City Hornets
    Queen City Hornets

    That last part where you said Miles needs to be held accountable for putting himself in a situation where he could potentially be falsely accused is like telling a woman she should be held accountable for being assaulted because she was wearing revealing clothing.

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      Yes I feel the same way about Griner 30 years for playing with Russian law.

    • Khonsu

      @Queen City Hornets when he said that at 8:00 I was under the impression he was just referencing what he said at 7:30

    • Queen City Hornets
      Queen City Hornets

      @Jed Mars it's not an exact match comparison but it'd fairly similar. A guy has no way to know if a woman is going go try to set him up on a false assault allegation just the same as a woman can't know if guy will rape her or not. Either can look for clues but there's no sure fire fix all solution for either situation.

    • Jed Mars
      Jed Mars

      way off. No context to the comparison

    • Queen City Hornets
      Queen City Hornets

      @Khonsu listen at 8:00 It's just like someone saying "I bet that girl was asking for it wearing those clothes" or "her fault partly for being assaulted because of her clothes"

  • syre 456
    syre 456

    He wanted to be a rapper too much

  • Doc Central Station
    Doc Central Station

    They talked all year about how he bet on hisself and all this crap and this happened?

  • Southside Lex
    Southside Lex

    All I can say is “made 300 racks on some bored shit”

  • Third Eye TV
    Third Eye TV

    Young Men With Millions, With No Life Training

  • Will Haynes
    Will Haynes

    Lavars a good dad

  • Jack Evans
    Jack Evans

    Sucks to be a Charlotte fan😪

  • Game Love
    Game Love

    Former Charlotte Hornet???

  • Iceberg Slim
    Iceberg Slim

    all facts... and he needs to stop rapping and focus on his NBA bag!

  • Arlen Yanch
    Arlen Yanch

    not condemning...condoning

  • Hang Man
    Hang Man

    Damn dude just lost a bag.

  • Jan Liu
    Jan Liu

    She said former Charlotte hornet?

  • Four wheeler kid
    Four wheeler kid

    Wait if miles is leaving the hornets then liangelo ball replacing him

    • Guido Pared
      Guido Pared

      Hell No! LiAngelo is a scrub in the G. He’s not getting into the league.

  • mario figueroa
    mario figueroa

    I guess he left his phone unlocked and wifey got it

  • Kameron Follmer
    Kameron Follmer

    WTAF ☹️

  • ジェイデン 5
    ジェイデン 5

    Go to his wife’s IG she posted photos of what he did to her, shit is really disgusting and disturbing.

  • ThinkitsaGame-_-


  • Corey Smith
    Corey Smith

    How do you make it to where so many are trying to get and still be a fuck up

  • spencer shaw
    spencer shaw

    His career is over lol

  • ThatTypeofMindSet23

    The Rap Game is totally 🚮

  • Softball 🥎 Middle Infielder 00 Ava Barker 2025
    Softball 🥎 Middle Infielder 00 Ava Barker 2025

    What the hell!

  • Christina R
    Christina R

    Having just seen the pics of the woman........ MB is trash.

  • blueguise23

    His allegedly has beaten his pretty wife before this time. He should never play in the NBA again and go to prison.

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      Yes Mr Brittney Griner should stay in Russian prison>yes Go Russia!!!!!

  • IG bmo_boog
    IG bmo_boog


  • TuNnL

    Miles Bridges should sign any offer sheet that comes his way and/or what the Charlotte Hornets offer him. If neither of those two things happen in the next 24 hours, I would sign the qualifying offer (QO). So many players have had their careers ruined because of this stuff. Court cases can drag on for months, if not the entire season and teams cut ties due to the publicity becoming a distraction for the squad. 💁🏻‍♂️🏀🧑‍⚖️

  • C0tton

    Typical lmao

  • Vcent Villalon
    Vcent Villalon

    One stupid action ruin his entire life.

  • Love V
    Love V

    I'm Independent Latino. Sorry Domestic Violence is a Dance of 2 - Provoke Indeed. They both should be charged for Domestic Violence. Have a NOT learn from Amber Heard......silly people. No Bueno.

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      I agree

  • Hail Hughes
    Hail Hughes

    Bro so stupid for this. U had 1 day not to do something stupid.

  • Jus Flyy
    Jus Flyy

    Aye bro you weak as hell for this thumbnail 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾


    smells like a deshaun watson set-up to me.

    • Smkrieg41

      Dude she posted pictures, the medical report. His kid made a video explaining the horrible shit that happened. Not a set up. Dude is fucked up

    • Guido Pared
      Guido Pared

      That woman was beat up, bruh! Miles is in trouble.

  • Shelby Prue Jr
    Shelby Prue Jr

    You can't make this shit up...

  • Who u Wit Tv
    Who u Wit Tv

    Not saying Miles is innocent… but let's keep it real we do not know all the facts! But yet everyone is killing Miles like he was found guilty already!! Let's keep it real Males can be victims as well not saying she is not but she not getting any blame because she took pictures of her bruises. For y’all who have seen the movie A Thin Line Between Love and Hate… y’all remember when the female beat herself up and then got Dee locked up!! Not saying she did this to herself but it definitely can happen like that. That’s why I’m not pointing fingers I’m just go let it play out... Sign Miles Then Let It Play Itself out

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      I agree

  • Q. Films
    Q. Films


  • Life of Ryan RC
    Life of Ryan RC


  • Ke1Ke1

    I don’t condone what he did, but honestly that’s his personal agenda. As long as he still plays well, there shouldn’t be a problem

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      @Xclu Garvey Time for divorce he doesn't need her

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      Man, your view of how employment works is real lacking isn’t it?

    • Roger Spice
      Roger Spice

      I agree

    • Xclu Garvey
      Xclu Garvey

      He done. Go to his girl IG

    • Hm_jay

      He can't play well from jail

  • Justin Unterschute
    Justin Unterschute


  • Life of Ryan RC
    Life of Ryan RC


  • studio bauhaus
    studio bauhaus

    This is just proof how idiotic and satanic it is to blackball Mark Jackson from a head coaching job. The coach the Hornets need most is a christian man like Mark Jackson who is respected by the players and happens to be the coach that Melo wanted. Now y'all look like fools everytime you act like its ok to blackball Mark Jackson cause he is a straight up dude.

    • studio bauhaus
      studio bauhaus

      @Hm_jay you look like a fool now cause Mark Jackson would have been a mentor to Miles Bridges.

    • Ren Kane
      Ren Kane

      Agree 100%

    • Thurvokun

      @Hm_jay 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Hm_jay

      Is this a mark Jackson burner?

    • FutureCable34

      100 percent.

  • Chris Barclay
    Chris Barclay