Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?
Why does Nobody buy LG Smartphones?
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Really trying to pay attention to camerawork (and the music choice!) in my more recent videos - what do you think? 🤔

  • DarkFox2071

    He did a better advertisement for LG than their whole PR team have done in the last 8 years


    This makes me feel bad for LG. They are like the SUPER smart kid in school that everyone goes to for answers for homework but never talks to him

  • Lyn Boyce
    Lyn Boyce

    I hope LG has seen your review, if they take your recommendations the company will have a serious turn around. Great review look forward to the next 😀

  • C. M
    C. M

    Had an LG G7 for a long time (got it a bit after release) and I feel like their design language was absolute top tier at the time. Im using a Xiaomi 11t rn and while it is an incredible upgrade especially battery life, amoled and 120hz, I miss the UI of the LG Skin. If you get used to it, it feels so beautiful. Also anything Audio related was working perfectly. I feel like Xiaomi is the complete reversal sadly in that regard.

  • Sattwik Satpathy
    Sattwik Satpathy

    LG is like the ADHD kid in school who is actually a genius but behaves like a knucklehead. Samsung is the back bencher who cheats but still scores 98% and Apple is like the rich ass kid who is the sports player and is loved or has been a crush of every girl in the school.


    I remember having the lg g flex, which was one of the craziest smartphones back then.. was so futureproof in terms of specs and features.. huge 6.0 screen...

  • Haadi F
    Haadi F

    I like how Sony can name their PlayStations correctly, but just not their phones, lol.

  • JackoBanon1

    I bought the LG G3, G4, V30 and V40 and all of these were insanely good smartphones at their time.

  • D J
    D J

    When I finally stated getting smartphones, I was dedicated to LG phones. Had an LG G3 for years and then switched to the LG V40 (I think?) before I switched phone carriers and was forced to pick up the Galaxy s9 (right before the s10 came out, unfortunately). I haven't thought much about LG since then, but it sucks to hear that they're exiting the phone market. I'm overdue for an upgrade and would have loved to go back to LG for the expandable storage and the headphone jack. I'm very annoyed by the Apple/Samsung duopoly, and would have loved to have a quality phone that's not one of the big 2.

  • Karina Pertiz
    Karina Pertiz

    I always liked LG, back in the day, in middle school I had a low end LG, basic and cheap, and I loved it, it was quick, it was all that I needed and it lasted me four years and could have lasted me more if I hadn't broken it accidentally, I was so impressed by it I bought another LG phone, their sounds were cute (to me), I liked the camera, it was also quick, way better storage memory and it wasn't expensive, it sure cost me more than the other one, but it was a good deal, after that, I heard many people say LG wasn't good anymore for some reasons and stopped hearing from them ever since. Sadly I was mugged and that phone was stolen shortly after, never had an LG afterwards for one reason or another I thought they had stopped selling phones altogether. Last one I heard of was the LgG5.

  • Uwais Asmal
    Uwais Asmal

    What's sad is that so much of this is true. I've had 5 LG smartphones over the past 10+ years or so and honestly I'm really lost now that they're out of the market. The likes of OnePlus and Google devices aren't readily available in my country and the brand that I've had the best experience with now no longer produces smartphones! Not to mention that while their aftermarket parts were tough to find at times, the pricing for replacement cables, charging adapters etc were at times half the price of their counterparts! If they had just been a little more careful in some areas and followed through with some of their concepts they could've really been up there at the top. It's a crying shame because their ingenuity and ideas were in many cases insane and out of the box but well executed. I hope they reconsider in the future, fix their pricing and naming, and make a strong comeback.

  • Alex Bauer
    Alex Bauer

    To me LG's really always been about innovation. They're having fun with their products; designing and descarding them on a whim. But the real reason why I've always been satisfied with LG is mere accessibility. More often than not they're affordable, quality devices.

  • spock

    So basically, LG is the smartest kid in the class but has ADHD so nobody takes him seriously

  • Will Priestner
    Will Priestner

    I had a LG G4 in second year University and it was my favourite phone I’ve ever had. At the time it was much more stock android and the specs rivalled the best phones on the market. Unfortunately it suffered from bootloop like many other G4s and didn’t make it through my 3rd year. Since then I haven’t gone back to LG. They don’t seem to execute on their funky innovations and haven’t proven their hardware is trustworthy.

  • Mike

    You did an amazing job of pulling those theories out of your butt. I've been an lg phone buyer over a decade. Best quality phones on the market. They just didn't advertise. You get spammed with Samsung commercials all day long, but hardly ever seen lg phone commercials. I'm very upset they quit making phones.

  • MoMo

    I've been with Samsung since the original S. I watch reviews for different brands but never actually got one. I just feel comfortable with Samsung to the point I'm scared to leave them. I only ever really thought to switch to apple but the unavailability of some apps I use made it difficult.

  • G-Bros

    One day, LG should have a setting in phones that lets us use Google's emoji, or LG's past emoji set. I love how the LG emoji looked :(

  • Foxspot ___________
    Foxspot ___________

    I had an lg G3, V30, and now a V60. I loved how fast the laser autofocus was on the G3. Unfortunately I really do feel the pain of them not collecting the technologies they pioneered into the V60. It's essentially their equivalent of the note series but it just feels like an average phone

  • ben's gadget reviews
    ben's gadget reviews

    This is such a fair assessment of LG. Many US reviewers are far too snarky with LG without adding meaningful commentary. Thanks.