How Many Plates Stops a Throwing Axe??
How Ridiculous
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نظر: 2 511
  • TheNakedFinger

    The final throw was absolute perfection. No wonder everyone else gave up.

  • Lemmin Joose
    Lemmin Joose

    I actually love the second chance rule! Think of how many epic slowies we've been missing out on when you boys have some unlucky aim days!

  • Patches4000

    Let’s address that Gonson caught the bounce off his throw at

  • bullfrogeth

    Honestly, every single time Scott throws that coney joney, something amazing happens. Would love to see a video just solely focused on finding the limit of that thing.

  • Ashton Hershberger
    Ashton Hershberger

    I love the introduction of the second chance rule. It both lets them redeem themselves after some goofs and also helps us viewers not miss out on some satisfying smashes and slowies.

  • opzz xsin
    opzz xsin

    Wonderful showing from Scott there. Lovely slowies and great content boys. Thank you all for the hard work!! (For those who are off camera too!!)

  • Frenzy

    Can we give a round of applause for that last shot? Simply beautiful!

  • stanley13579

    The gold-plate competition was my fave. I loved when you guys used to do the candy-drops, the fruit-drops, the RC car competitions... any time you 3 competed, those were my favorite vids. I know you still compete now, but there's a Mario-Party quality to when you all do it on-screen at the same time. I'd love for more of that, my boys! <3

  • Cody Deyo
    Cody Deyo

    Whenever Jack gives a high score for the slowy you know it’s gonna be good

  • Nerdy Movie Nights
    Nerdy Movie Nights

    Next time you have a row of breakable things, you should like set them up in a slight parabolic curve, instead of that strait line. That would be so cool to see!

  • Johnny B.
    Johnny B.

    Yoooo Jack has really stepped up the editing game. The quick teaser shots while explaining really make it that much better!! and Gaunson…THAT THROW AT THE END!! Perfectly through the plates!

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui

    It's nice to see Gaunson finally getting some good breaks for once.

  • JF_ kein_K
    JF_ kein_K

    It's nice to see Gaunson getting so lucky here, after almost exclusively getting crap to throw last time.

  • drttyu liqm
    drttyu liqm

    Way to go Gaunson! You got GREAT throws this time. I love your vids guys.

  • LivingRoomAquatics

    Love how Gaunson took home the W, well deserved!!!

  • Darren O
    Darren O

    I think editor Jack is the star of this vid with the amazing rainbow lighting and camera shots. Keep up the good work. God bless

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown

    Scott catching his own rebound was so cool. Absolutely loved that

  • Edenilson Fernandes agreste paraibano
    Edenilson Fernandes agreste paraibano

    Muito bom, parabéns a todos pelos desafios, top que demais 👏👏

  • Matthew Karl
    Matthew Karl

    I just want to say, you guys are fantastic, and it's great to see good friends have a good time, all the time.

  • Bold Life Films
    Bold Life Films

    Honestly watching you guys makes me so happy 😁