“This club is going in the right direction” | A catch-up with Fabio Paratici
Tottenham Hotspur
We sat down with Fabio Paratici to discuss the start to the season, our summer transfer window and look ahead to the remainder of the season.
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  • Tolu Abisola
    Tolu Abisola

    He's proving his worth, really glad Levy made this appointment.

    • @TribalScan

      @Luke Bullen 🤡

    • zukispur

      @PAUL MH utter nonsense.

    • kimchi

      @Robert Cooper Think that guy or gal must be a troll from the comments I've read so far! COYS

    • Robert Cooper
      Robert Cooper

      @PAUL MH wow on that case with the sounds of it your the one we are missing I mean you must be that good

  • ICEcold KANE
    ICEcold KANE

    This man saved the club, him and conte are transforming spurs as we watch .

    • PAUL MH
      PAUL MH

      @zukispur Go away thicko

    • PAUL MH
      PAUL MH

      @MSE Hence why the new stadium was built and the fans thought that it was built for them. Thats how gullible they are if conte doesn't get results contes gone and so is the director of football. Levy is a total snake and he will shift the blame and win the fans over like he always does. He will claim those garbage signings were contes and the director of football and not his. He does it all the time!

    • zukispur

      @MSE but he only gets a wage though. Lewis & levy don't take any money out of the club (not even a dividend) keep up

    • MSE

      @PAUL MH levy don't care about results, all levy cares about is revenue.

  • ChArLiE

    Guy is a genius ,Glad he is part of Tottenham Hotspur , very much needed and so very thankful for it ! Good job levy

  • Heroes Zeros
    Heroes Zeros

    Bryan Gil is an incredible talent. Don’t waste it Spurs.

    • Chris Elsom
      Chris Elsom

      @epec20 that one game he played was under Nuno and he hit the woodwork twice in it. You haven't scored a goal past an England keeper... let's leave it at that. You don't like Gil, I do. You won't convince me otherwise and I clearly won't you. Let's call it a scrappy draw.

    • epec20

      @Chris Elsom You stated Gil only came on as a sub. I presented a game he started. You stated he played out of position on the right. I showed you game he played on the left. All facts. Your reply was, that you've scored goals past a former Utd and England goal keeper... I'll leave that there

    • Chris Elsom
      Chris Elsom

      @epec20 yeah, well, that's just like your opinion man... 🤣🤣🤣

    • epec20

      @Chris Elsom You're making yourself sound foolish

    • Chris Elsom
      Chris Elsom

      @epec20 how many last-minute winning goals you put past an England and Manchester United goalkeeper? I did. I played the game and I have seen how badly Gil has been treated at this club. I hope he moves and comes back to bite us hard.

  • Nathan Gama
    Nathan Gama

    Fabio Paratici is the best off the field signing IN A LONG TIME!!!!!

    • Nathan Gama
      Nathan Gama

      @PAUL MH there will come a time like that but lets enjoy the time while we still have it. I mean look at what happened with Tuchel and Chelsea

    • PAUL MH
      PAUL MH

      @Nathan Gama None of those awful signings are paraticis or contes they are levys. Paratici will get the blame pointed straight at him when those usless signings don't perform. And levy will sack both paratici and conte and regain control calling the shots and diverting the attention away from himself by blaming conte for those usless players. Levy has never changed and he never will he uses people!

    • Nathan Gama
      Nathan Gama

      @PAUL MH that's what i'm saying

    • PAUL MH
      PAUL MH

      Still not in charge he's the middle man levy still runs the show 100% fact!


    What an appointment. He transformed the club

    • Alberto

      @PAUL MH yes, the water is wet...

    • George C
      George C

      @PAUL MH can't you just let people be happy

    • PAUL MH
      PAUL MH

      Get your facts right. Correction levy transformed the club by appointing him because he was after champions league football for profit margins. This is how the minds of businessmen work levy doesn't care about the director of football or conte hes only interested in profit and making money!

  • Orlando

    Thanks for one of the best transfer windows, Fabio!

    • tennofootball


  • ahmed-amine bahamou
    ahmed-amine bahamou

    what a loss for juventus this guy was one of the main reson for their success in last decade.


      And marrotta

  • SuperMunkeh

    Glad we brought him in, he really is changing so many things about the structure of the club and the scouting etc.

  • Hendra Setiawan
    Hendra Setiawan

    This man absolutely legend! Man management making, he proves his quality, I am not wrong to react so excited by his appointment at that time.

  • Kuban AID
    Kuban AID

    This guy brings in every transfer window a good quality players. First window - Romero. Second - Bentu and Kulu. Now - Richi, Biisouma, Udogie. Peresic.

    • DaveL

      Spence is good, needs to adapt to the wingback/midfielder position that Conte expects, with the required work rate. Takes time.

    • The Realist
      The Realist

      @Nick Miller Udogie is better than Sessegnon right now, not affraid to take on his man plus he's scoring goals. When Perisic departs Udogie will get game time plus he's Italian so Conte will want him in the national team, Conte has spoken highly of him and so has Paratici, so I doubt he will get the Spence treatment.

    • Kuban AID
      Kuban AID

      @Nick Miller lets be honest , Spense is more about perspective.

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      @Erik Lakeland He's probably going to get the Spence treatment though. I wonder if Conte will start to trust Spence as the season goes on. That's partly down to Spence's work in training but Conte generally just doesn't give young players those opportunities

    • Erik Lakeland
      Erik Lakeland

      @Nick Miller I expect Udogie to be a force after his year on loan at Udinese.

  • Wesley Stafford
    Wesley Stafford

    Building great relationships with other clubs for transfers specially Italy, bravo Paratici

  • Luke Bullen
    Luke Bullen

    Amazing how he was able to get Romero to sign for the club when we had Nuno and was playing conference league.

  • When they go low_ We go high
    When they go low_ We go high

    Thank you for everything he did. Except for Nuno. He's not a bad coach, but his football quenched my passion. 😂

    • DjNaste

      @PAUL MH Levy didn't want Nuno you muppet, that one was 100% on Paratici.

    • PAUL MH
      PAUL MH

      Levy wanted nuno and ignored his requests not to appoint him because levy didn't want to fork out for conte. He went for nuno the cheaper option. So get your facts right!

    • Nick Miller
      Nick Miller

      That he convinced Romero to join a Nuno team shows he can work miracles

  • Paul Jones
    Paul Jones

    Definitely the right decision to appoint this man ,with him and Conte at the helm I can only see good times ahead at Spurs. COYS

  • Ameetpal Singh
    Ameetpal Singh

    Fabio is really improving our club, Thank you for everything

  • B L
    B L

    I really like that he spoke directly about Bryan Gil. I fear the club has no meaningful pathway for him to ever get into the starting eleven.

  • Congo Dubz
    Congo Dubz

    👏👏👏 paratici, A lot of people and media don’t really mention him but paratici is also a big part in this new project with conte, let’s keep the work going! COYS!!! ✌️

  • Hendra Setiawan
    Hendra Setiawan

    In addition, I love the idea of youth development! There is a lots of promising player in this club now! Please do not waste it Spurs!

  • Laurits Bøje
    Laurits Bøje

    Thank you Fabio for your work with the club, and the insight into it from this video.

  • Luke

    him and antonio are transforming this club into one of europe's elites, we need to keep giving them what they want and inevitably they will bring us success

  • benefolds

    Love the work that you’ve done, Don Fabio. Long may it continue COYS

  • Andrew Mallard
    Andrew Mallard

    Fabio and Antonio seem to be creating something beautiful.

    • bombom

      Antonio always makes a dynasty. Last times on Juve and Inter, now on Spurs. Hope he can bring this club to higher level and achievement

  • mikalaiho

    I’m glad we hired Don Paratici to take charge of recruitment. Dead wood’s gone, fresh faces, lots of younger talents making their way through.👍🏼 Levy’s prob a nice bloke but Paratici’s the best decision he’s made in my lifetime of supporting Spurs!❤ And Paratici’s English is improving too! Things are really looking up for Spurs. COYS!🎉

  • Geo World
    Geo World

    It was a great video, we love these transparent reviews


    The only person to say hello to me when I was in Haifa waiting outside the hotel for hours for the players to get on the coach. Everyone else just ignored the fans. Even have the video to prove it. The mrs and I were randomly visiting the local gardens and I came across the team coaches, I couldn’t believe it, asked the driver when the players were coming and he directed my to the hotel. Much to the “excitement” of the other half I made us wait for about 3 hours in sweltering heat. The other part of this story is I took my pals Italia 90s shirt with me as a promise to try get it signed on my holiday thinking it might be something I have to try and do at the stadium, in fairness Antonio stopped to sign it at the coach before onboarding. I never thought I would actually get it signed! A note to the team organiser or person who thought he was some kind of team god with the long hair who arrogantly told me “everyone has a story” when trying to get the shirt signed and pushing me further back, shame on you, many fans travelled at major expense to have this kind of experience. I got what I came for and perhaps you can be more appreciative towards fans, regardless to how much money you all make. I made someone very happy taking 3 hours out my time. Thank you Fabio and for the smile towards us as to acknowledge our greeting!

    • Less-Stress.London

      That's a lovely story, well done for helping out your friend and sorry to hear that some of the players and the 'team God' were less than respectful to you as a fan. I remember my uncle taking me out to lunch in Tottenham High Road and then on to the Spurs ground to try and get some autographs from the players as they left the staff car park. What a thrill when they stopped in their cars to sign at the gates.Pat Jennings, Martin Chivers, Cyril Knowles, Jimmy Pearce that was my vintage.

  • Rafa Vandee
    Rafa Vandee

    Definitely taking our club upwards. Great signing by levy

  • Daniel Nichols
    Daniel Nichols

    Nice video. I know, early on, they were going to have Fabio give regular updates on recruiting but I'm glad to see him featured in some of the club's content. On the whole, am really pleased w/ where the club is going although there have been some missteps (Nuno) and we have some problem positions to take care of. In particular, where are we going w/ respect to our wingbacks and can we play other tactical formations besides 3-4-3. Our midfield ball progression is really not that good and Perisic is the only WB I have confidence in. I think it's make-or-break for Ryan, Emerson, Doherty, etc. this year and I'd like to see these players moved on if they can't become decent crossers or chance creators. After watching C. Ericksen, it's clear we need an injection of some creativity in our attacking play. Still, the quality of our performances is so much better this year & mentality is improved. COYS.

    • Mohnish krupale
      Mohnish krupale

      I agree with you we have perisic only who is better in crossing

  • arryharry

    Absolutely STELLAR timing on this! COYS

  • Kieron Spiteri
    Kieron Spiteri

    Fabio and conte are the reason levy started becoming a proper chairman now and what fabio said this is the beginning and then we go to next one fabio is building the team slowly by slowly not going crazy

    • Kieron Spiteri
      Kieron Spiteri

      @PAUL MH your the one who doesn't know who's talking about

  • DWizzle0007

    He’s done a fantastic job since arriving him and Conte make a good team. ENIC/Levy keep funding the project #COYS

  • George C
    George C

    Best signing in many years 🎉

  • Robbie Maskell
    Robbie Maskell

    without this guy we wouldn't have Antonio let alone the signings

    • The Realist
      The Realist

      Without him we would be mid table, Kane would have left also.

  • Chris Elsom
    Chris Elsom

    The Don knows how to get things done!

  • K S25
    K S25

    Don Paratici is going to take us places.

  • 남주

    Thanks for sharing a video to tell how the squad and players are going on.

  • TheHateMan MLBB
    TheHateMan MLBB

    A delectable medley of footballing Mastermind.

  • kimchi

    Very positive interview, love it :)

  • Мухаммаджон Халилов
    Мухаммаджон Халилов

    Фабио Паратичи мастер своего дела, успехов и долгих лет жизни Дон Фабио. Форца Тотенхэм Хотспур.

  • zukispur



    É hoje que o richarlison vai fazer seu primeiro gol pelo Tottenham 🇧🇷🇧🇷

    • Meçi Careca 🇧🇷
      Meçi Careca 🇧🇷

      É o richi papai


    The second i found out we signed paratici I jumped off the levy out train as it showed for the first time that there was a tiny incrament of ambition in enic so I am glad for that levy you tight arse lmaooo COYSSSSSSS

  • David H.
    David H.

    He's so right that we notice the youth of the likes of Spence, Skipp, Gil & Destiny, but tend to forget the youth of players like Kulusevski (22), Romero (24), Sess (22) and Emerson (23).

  • Shorifaq Choudhury
    Shorifaq Choudhury

    COYS lets keep going 💪

  • David Dulom
    David Dulom

    Fans don't give him the credit he deserves, he is the reason Why Conte agreed to join spurs.🤍💙

  • 전주시민

    He has Passion... Go Fabioooo



  • Marty Mart
    Marty Mart

    He shows more passion than the mood hoover Steve Hitchin ever did. About as charismatic as a wet fart

  • jen han
    jen han

    Appreciate these videos with our DoF.

  • The Realist
    The Realist

    The Don, so glad we have this guy and transfer windows will only get better as long he gets backed.

  • Hauler

    I'm sure Steve Hitchen was a good man, but he made some shocking transfers and this man is doing well. I do think we need to bring through some of the young players to hit standards in the league and international competitions. Alfie, Dane, Japhet, and others need to be developed so we don't have to spend like we did this time around.

  • walle


  • Raj Roopra
    Raj Roopra

    Brilliant lots of class at last come on both on them. Not mess with the godfather

  • timmyl

    But still another 1-2 solid players in in January. Get us over the line for a cup or far in CL knockouts or keep up a title push, or at least finishing above Chelscum and Pool.

  • Lorykage

    Let's build fabio

  • vishnu tm
    vishnu tm

    Romero is the best signing ever.

    • Death

      I do agree with you

  • Wayne Harber
    Wayne Harber

    Everything is moving in the right direction with all personnel involved. We need to be patient and remain focused then our objectives will come reality….COYS

  • Boom Channel
    Boom Channel

    Thank you so much❤❤❤ 🔥🔥

  • Charlie Chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin


  • Before

    Missing on Kim MinJea is the biggest loss this summer. He is killing it in Seria A.

    • Before

      @Phok Yu lol.

    • eunhye

      @Phok Yu ​ Tottenham won today.👍🏼And Hi-shalong's👏🏼🇧🇷 Heather multi-goal is the best.💚 I admit, but unfortunately, it contains my personal thoughts and 50 million out of 、 52 million Koreans all feel the same way. This is why Koreans should not be turned against. And there's definitely a reason.‼︎ I don't want to see Son Heung-min's selection anymore.♥️37 It's because I'm reading this kind of comments countless times. Reason Then... Have a nice day.

    • Phok Yu
      Phok Yu

      @eunhye you're taking it too personal. Why koreans so sensitive for no reason.

    • eunhye

      Kim Min-je will never sign with Tottenham. The reason is that I saw how Son Heung-min, a respected senior, was treated.!

    • Phok Yu
      Phok Yu

      He needs more experience. Not ready for prem.

  • Gio

    I was sad to see him leave Juventus

  • subjectivepersp

    I see why he gets deals done, hes always nodding! Yes Fabio

  • Arthur Blundell
    Arthur Blundell

    our best signing

  • hyung jin han
    hyung jin han

    Love him

  • Hassan Obsiye official
    Hassan Obsiye official

    Come on you spurs

  • heaven d a
    heaven d a

    Yh, we’ll we’re definitely in a better direction than “west London blues”!!

  • futbolers to go
    futbolers to go

    Let Fabio cook alongside Conte, good things will happen I have no doubt

  • marcoys

    💪💚🤍❤️ Viva Tottenham!!!

  • Ralph

    There was more training shown in this video than in the pre-Marseille "Spurs Play" training video. Training videos should show the training, not a couple of commentators commenting on the training.

  • Tirto Ananda
    Tirto Ananda

    Ex Tottenham Hotspur Play Each Club : 1. G. Lo Celso, J. Foyth : Villarreal 2. J. Vertonghen : Anderlecht 3. T. Alderweireld : Anwerp 4. L. Modric : Real Madrid 5. G. Bale : Inter Miami 6. P. Gollini : Fiorentina 7. T. Ndombele : Napoli 8. E. Lamela : Sevilla FC 9. S. Bergjwin : AJAX Amsterdam 10. C. Eriksen : Manchester United 11. K. Walker : Manchester City 12. K. Walker Peters : Southampton 13. F. Llorente : Eibar 14. D. Alli : Besiktas.

  • peri


  • Lil mbz
    Lil mbz

    Paratici bring the boys on holiday to kenya😂😂would be lit..this season we will win epl !!!!mark mi word

    • Limelight Prince
      Limelight Prince

      Coming back after the season ends

  • Claudia Vasile
    Claudia Vasile


    • Claudia Vasile
      Claudia Vasile

      👋from 🇮🇹

  • Kyle

    He Needs to learn How to get rid of players better. Always has been a weakness of his. We’re going to have this problem again next year

  • Falco

    🇮🇹 italiani 🇮🇹 are always good negotiators who buy low and sell high

  • 으랏차차

    Believe Conte and Paratici!

  • Bini Tegene
    Bini Tegene

    We must win today, leave your prediction. 3-1 for spurs

  • Kobzskull

    Extend Antonio and kanes contract please

  • Faisal Ahmed
    Faisal Ahmed

    I am totenham fan since they hired Antonio conte

  • Thomchai Sumpaothong
    Thomchai Sumpaothong

    Thanks krab,Fabio 😊

  • Gary Barnes
    Gary Barnes

    Levy out brigade gone quiet 🤐🤫

  • wise king
    wise king

    He is god

  • Adrian Lawrence
    Adrian Lawrence

    When does a Director of Football ever face difficult questions. 🙄

    • Ebenezer

      I’m guessing not on a channel owned and run by the club being presented by a guy employed by the club…

  • John Kim
    John Kim

    Hey Everyone! Do you guys believe that Kane should take the free kick? I do not think so. He scored only one free keek in 10 years. What do you say?🤔

  • Charlie Chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin

    The Chelsea owner Todd Boehly doesn't know anything about football because he is new & he will learn. Example:- A reason why Todd Boehly removed Chelsea DOF Maria because he came in, then he recognized a big negative purchase like Romelu Lukaku, not worked for Chelsea last season for big money; ignoring other things Hazard, Silva, CL etc etc. Yep Todd Boehly does not have a footballing mindset, just quick hyperactive thoughts like a simple new Fan. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Glowskulls Media
    Glowskulls Media

    love or hate youve gotta love daniel levy

  • Larissa Stuart
    Larissa Stuart


  • S. M.
    S. M.

    Still…..Did Not sign the Midfielder we need. Wasting Kane and Son match after match since our midfield sucks and CANNOT pass or create for them. Unless Kane pulls back to create pass or assist himself

  • giuseppe foti
    giuseppe foti

    Fabio+antonio=coppia micidiale senza dimenticare levy and la squadra colaudata da qualche tempo con i nuovi aquisti su 3 anni questa squadra puo programmare titolo+cup+speriamo per Antonio and kane la champions che se la meritano senza dimenticare la preparazione atletica fisica di giampiero che aveva fatto con lippi un grandissimo progetto con la juve,standing ovation mister levy for the management del totthenam !!!!!un juventino che piangi per quel che sta succendendo a la juve a livelle risultati !!!!😉🙏👍👌🤙😎🥂🍾

  • Sih

    The video length is 11:11 which means he’s the 1st

    • L Lindström
      L Lindström

      Lucky number 😏

  • Robert Forward Timber Group
    Robert Forward Timber Group

    bring coco back, Gil worths him+20m?

  • Emmerson Tafadzwa Kabodzi
    Emmerson Tafadzwa Kabodzi

    how many times do you want us to ask for subtitles ffs

  • Aryan Singh
    Aryan Singh

    The chef

  • Arnab Threethreesixfivethreethreethree
    Arnab Threethreesixfivethreethreethree

    Todd BOhely should learn from Paratici how to work in a transfer window. Only throwing money doesnt fix your club! the coach needs time to build dynamics in pre season! just a fool american owning chelsea

  • Darrell Gregory
    Darrell Gregory

    Don Fabio

  • [rew] HRE
    [rew] HRE

    Pls someone remind him to sell players not just loan them out..


      shouldn't be a major issue going forward, after this season. This is first full season with stadiums/people. Many Euro clubs very poor still after pandemic.

  • Colin Turner
    Colin Turner

    Kulu bentancur richarleson perisic Bissouma plus others

  • Halimio

    Italian connection. ConTici

  • wssr shy
    wssr shy


  • greenapple

    Greedy greedy Kane !!!! Plz stop taking free kicks !!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏