Giant Balloon Pop Racing Is INTENSE!!
How Ridiculous

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  • That'll Work
    That'll Work

    Took so long on the last stage they had to cut the clip to stay under a minute 😂

  • Ginger Ninja Whinger
    Ginger Ninja Whinger

    Somehow, Derek always seems to end up winning... Come on Brett, stop being so ruddy nice!

  • Powerhauz

    Half expected an "Unacceptable Condition" there at the end.

  • StealthyDead

    Brett was short on his purple ball throw about 20x in a row

  • Scott Norman
    Scott Norman

    The most painfully slow Balloon Pop Racing final challenge in the history of HR 😂

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith


  • DanFarrell98

    When you’re so bad at the game it’s no longer a IRglo Short

  • Multicubing

    That was great, as always! Keep them coming!!!

  • Zemythian

    That last bit hilarious!

  • Sweep Sports
    Sweep Sports

    POV: You are first to a vid you know will go viral

  • ISO

    Imagine doing this for a living 🤣🤣

  • Roberta Adriana
    Roberta Adriana

    This is so funny! 😂 i enjoy it each time I'm seeing ur videos 😁 excited to see the new challenges and i love the intensity the voice brings up too 😄 really cool guys!! 👏👏😁 keep them coming! 😊❤💜💪

  • Jason Lascelles
    Jason Lascelles

    I’d love to see what you can do with an evel knievel toy 😂😂

  • Wynner3 (iDugit)
    Wynner3 (iDugit)

    I needed that adrenaline boost, thanks! Happy to see Herron win.

  • JurassicOscar

    Closest I’ve been to first but ofc another great vid

  • i have no idea what is going on
    i have no idea what is going on

    lol gaunson kinda started to sound like lemongrab a bit there at the end 😂

  • RC Backyarding
    RC Backyarding

    Was just watching a video from 2 years ago one of you mentioned dropping a tractor 🚜

  • vijay perecharla
    vijay perecharla

    The fact you dont know is :

  • Asmita Mishra
    Asmita Mishra

    Pov: most of you supported red from the starting .

  • Luc Sutherland
    Luc Sutherland

    Almost a huge choke at the end there!