Yaya Toure x Yves Bissouma | “I want to be like you one day” 💙
Tottenham Hotspur
It's not every day you get to meet your hero. But that's what happened to Yves Bissouma when he sat down with his idol Yaya Toure to get some wisdom and discuss their footballing journeys.
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  • Joaquín Bogado Olmedo
    Joaquín Bogado Olmedo

    People don't realize the great value and experience Yaya will bring to tottenham, also Yves, massive duo

    • Tate’s Fate
      Tate’s Fate

      He will be great with pierre and yves as well as bentancur

    • Hello Hi
      Hello Hi

      Yeh I’m glad he’s at spurs. Not because he’s one of the best prem mids of all time but mainly cause of the way he pronounced teams in the ucl group draw🤣

  • Hugo Park
    Hugo Park

    The conversation was amicable, but you can see in his eyes a tremendous amount of inspiration. Meeting his childhood hero in the same club and listening to his experience and knowledge would be a great asset to him. COYS❤

    • Squared circle
      Squared circle

      Yves has probably the best teacher he could ask for. He will only get better 🔥

    • Tr33fiddy

      This also explains why Yves wears thumb hooks…

    • Speccy Horace
      Speccy Horace

      Well, why wouldn't it be amicable? Of course it was amicable given everything else you wrote about it.

  • Alex de Figueiredo
    Alex de Figueiredo

    I love how it looks like Yves is generally really interested in listening to Yaya and really trying to learn.

  • Malone Brown
    Malone Brown

    It is great to have Toure at the club to guide our African midfielders Bissouma and Matar Sarr!

    • ZigzagNemesis T
      ZigzagNemesis T

      @Shyam Mehta watch Bentancur play, inconsistent, sloppy, and doesn’t have any flare. Pape Sarr is full of flare.

    • Shyam Mehta
      Shyam Mehta

      @ZigzagNemesis T stop talking rubbish.

    • La rouge
      La rouge

      @Dimes pape juan matar sar 😻

    • DjNaste

      @La rouge Malang Sarr is a Chelsea reject, Pape Matar Sarr is our Tottenham prospect.

  • Javier Aguirre
    Javier Aguirre

    We need to include Yaya Toure in the starting lineup.

  • Yves B
    Yves B

    Yves learning from one of the best CM, can't wait to see him playing week in week out for us

  • 유상조

    야야투레가 토트넘에 있다는 사실이 아직도 믿기지가 않는다.. 전설적인 선수를 보유한 토트넘 화이팅

    • J. H. Park
      J. H. Park

      야야투레가 중앙에서 밀고 들어가는 드리블 아직도 기억나네요 ㅎㅎ 야야땅크!

  • Kenshiro178

    Yaya and Jermaine are great additions to the backroom staff.. Will help many players be better

    • -__ovoxo__-


    • Elias Kutschmann
      Elias Kutschmann

      Whos Jermaine?

  • Nolan T
    Nolan T

    Seeing Yves and Yaya Toure at Spurs makes me feel so happy 💗. Growing up, I was a huge fan of Yaya, and I admired how hard he worked and how well-rounded he was. It's long overdue having more African players and staff at the club, and I believe that Yves can achieve anything that he wants. Hopefully the Ballon d'Or 🙌🏻🙏🏻

  • Gunslinger 100
    Gunslinger 100

    I love this! Look at the focus on Ive’s face. The concentration when Yaya is taking to him. He’s trying to absorb everything. Even though he could have just been overwhelmed by the situation, he’s focused on how it can make him better. Balon d’or was not a joke at the end. It is his dream and after seeing that interview I think it will come true.

  • mo hashim
    mo hashim

    Yaya Toúre Legendary need no explanation. Footballing world knew that. Grateful that he's with us ... COYS !

  • JohnnyBeGood

    Best cm of all time in the PL. Very lucky to have him at Tottenham.

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane

    Yaya Toure one of the most underrated Players in premier League history

  • mihailkrugtheadonis

    This was heartwarming! 🥺🤍💙

  • Lcs

    Spurs give a lot good to footballers you can see how happy Spurs players and staffs, they're beyond football club. That's the great work of Mr Levy

  • Neil George
    Neil George

    Looking forward to see Yves rip it up at spurs , will be massive when unleashed and having yaya giving him the guidance will be superb


    Yaya and Yves talk 👍🏼 Learn, adapt and improve everyday 💙 “Time for you to develop and be better and better!”That’s really cool. The way Bissouma listened as well you know he takes everything in and I’m excited to see his improvements every game!

  • Mark

    The best Spurs duo since, well, Kane & Son! Seriously, two great signings - Yves has so much potential and Yaya is a midfield legend. COYS.

  • andy christian
    andy christian

    Really interested to see his impact on our team


    I’m happy for Bissouma to meet one of his hero in football and in Spurs!


    I really hope the club are going to buy Bissouma a birthday cake.

  • BB

    I feel like Yaya is the perfect person to help yves adapt it a high level team glad to have a legend like him with us

  • Nafees Francis
    Nafees Francis

    Watch him blossom..I swear we've got a superstar on our hands..just needs to be guided

  • unknown

    Great to see that Yaya is giving advice to young players

  • Stephen Hi
    Stephen Hi

    Bissouma you have so much potential. You can do it!

  • Mark Crowley
    Mark Crowley

    Let's keep these 2 guys...they're class

  • ACHAN • •
    ACHAN • •

    Always appreciated when they are here 💯💙🤍 days like this wont happen twice in life.


    Yaya saying he looked up to Gerrard and Lampard and compared himself to them but he ended up being miles ahead of them, one of the best midfielders the prem has ever seen. Love You, Toure. So happy you are at spurs. COYS.

    • Mel

      Yes miles ahead. He's underrated

  • SKIM

    These two beautiful men are going to carry our team to the next level.

  • timmyl

    It hasn’t happened yet, as Conte is being a bit cautious or careful, just to get into the season’s start with Høj and Bentancur, but there will be a moment where Bissouma just explodes onto the scene. Yves has already been in the Prem 4+ seasons, but if Conte says that he needs a bit more time to adapt to Contecalcio tactics, believe and trust in the manager. Genuinely hope it happens at some point before the World Cup, especially with so many matches occurring beforehand. Then with Bissouma not going to Qatar (along with Kulusevski), expect him to be an impact player around the New Year and into January and beyond for the rest of the season!!!


      It's a matter of time he will be in

  • J. H. Park
    J. H. Park

    I still remember Yaya Toure's freekick goals.

  • EraOfNoTomorrow

    Not featuring BOSSuma in our starting lineup is criminal . He is a beast .

  • mrtn_lt

    Ils auraient dû parler en français haha ! Non plus sérieusement quel monstre yaya toure. Bissouma a beaucoup a gagner à vouloir lui ressembler

    • neywandow7 Paris
      neywandow7 Paris


  • Motivational Movement
    Motivational Movement

    Yaya toure what a legend.

  • Matt Burgin
    Matt Burgin

    Was a masterstroke by Spurs to get Toure and Bissouma

  • 01swam

    Yves towards the end - Coming for the Ballon d'Or. Hilarious!!

  • Emmanuel Onubi
    Emmanuel Onubi

    Loved this 🇨🇮 🇲🇱 ❤️

  • Christopher Tan
    Christopher Tan

    HAHA Yves at the end is so hilarious 😂

  • Nick Miller
    Nick Miller

    Yaya will be a good head coach. He has the presence of a good man manager

  • Musa Kavalci
    Musa Kavalci

    Enjoyed this. More please

  • Tlhompo

    Legend meets future legend😁

  • Kron Gaming
    Kron Gaming

    What a duo ❤😂

  • Yon K
    Yon K

    야야 투레가 경기에 뛰어도 되겠다. 코치에 있기에는 너무 아까운 선수.


    These guys are class!

  • Ramanadass

    With the advice in mind time to introduce 3-5-2 formation ⭐️

  • armoris66

    I can't stop grinning like an idiot 😁😅 COYS!

  • Bruzzy

    It's odd seeing yaya at spurs, but I'm not complaining, hope he can inspire bissouma to be as good as him or close to

  • Michael Reid
    Michael Reid

    Good respect from the current to the former.

  • Joel Stevens
    Joel Stevens

    Getting yaya into Tottenham was a clever move, he probably won’t make a top manager but as a coach that young players look upto you have to say there aren’t many better. Tottenham it’s been said struggle to capture the very best players, hopefully this helps

  • BHKhenderson

    Next Legend! 👍🙏


    Real ones remember yaya toure 2009 ucl final centre back masterclass

  • Mel

    Yaya, he could play in any position great player

  • 김기동

    비수마 힘내라 넌 더잘할수있어 이제부터 시작이다 화이팅

  • Adrian Finegan
    Adrian Finegan

    Really really loved this

  • wise king
    wise king

    Come On YveS! You can do it. Don't give up, Just go hard! -Big fan of yours from South Korea

  • Kang Chem
    Kang Chem

    imagine have Yaya as a player. at his prime.

  • Ameer

    Both are 💪🏽💪🏽

  • Jacks Patch
    Jacks Patch

    Yes Yves! Yaya is a massive influence. You can see Yves soaking that in

  • Isak Joseph
    Isak Joseph

    If we start with three in the midfield against Arsenal I'm sure we going to crush those boys

  • 추쿠더쿠

    비수마 화이팅! 👍

  • Countroyhifi

    Within time will be a great player, COYS...

  • Floyd Mayweather
    Floyd Mayweather

    imagine yaya playing for spurs back in 2012, with van der vaart, bale, modric.

  • Sean L
    Sean L

    Can Yves fill the No.10 role for us?

  • Leo Holder
    Leo Holder

    The best partnership

  • Boom Channel
    Boom Channel

    Thank you very much❤

  • hyung jin han
    hyung jin han

    good luck classy player♡

  • Arham & Dad
    Arham & Dad

    Wow Yaya looks like he can still play...i bet he can still get in our squad easy...yaya playing for spurs....wow wouldv suited him ...damn it

  • Carl Fry
    Carl Fry

    Love This Chat 😍🥰🤩

  • win_nasdaq

    bissouma’s inspiration was yaya toure 😊😊😊

  • Creees

    I love how Yaya also trained at Orient. Whats so much love for? Glad though. He must live in that part of London i am guessing

  • yeon

    비수마선수 응원합니다!!!🥰👍

  • bradsays

    yves looking like a humble student next to yaya, love to see that.

  • Martin Howarth
    Martin Howarth

    Then he should be playing EVERY WEEK PLEASE

  • callmedo

    Yeah maybe Coach Toure can teach our midfield to score 20 goals a season 😁

    • Brendan pjz
      Brendan pjz

      17 goals to go

  • 'KEn Cashell
    'KEn Cashell

    2 great additions

  • NdiayeFree &
    NdiayeFree &

    My respect to all african brother COYS !!!

  • Jim Richards
    Jim Richards

    Hope bissouma plays all the time

  • Baby Vroh
    Baby Vroh

    Yaya Touré the goat no cap. Conte please play Bissouma more

    • TheContextual1One

      I think Conte's probably getting Yaya to work with him and refine his game so that he can unleash him

  • Brian Rotich
    Brian Rotich

    I love you TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR from Bomet KENYA

  • L

    Yaya at the end: WTF IF I CANT DO IT, YOU CAN ONLY DREAM

  • Wagwanbennydj



    Yves ❤

  • Wilton McDonald
    Wilton McDonald

    Wonderful video for those who are aspiring to be a successful Professional player.


    Proudly African 🙏🏾

  • Michael Reid
    Michael Reid


  • 달려라김양

    비수마 선수 응원한다!

  • Fortuitous Things
    Fortuitous Things

    That was funny as fuck and really insightful really good interview (I had to edit this as I wrote Insightful with a c, totally different meaning!

    • SpaceNinja7

      Lol ok 😆

  • Fortuitous Things
    Fortuitous Things

    They will now, Toure is business he is not taking his foot off the pedal it's not in his nature! Basouma is going to be the player Ndombele wishes he was!

  • JaceCOYS

    Yves seems so lovely in this :)

    • rexmexx99

      he is

  • jayoomac

    Why did we have to wait until AYA YAYAYAYA YAYAYAYA YAYAYAYA TOURE was retired before we got him :(

  • Sikhou Drame
    Sikhou Drame


  • leonel1717

    Wait so Yaya is part of the Tottenham coaching staff now?


    Bissouma 😎

  • خالد طول
    خالد طول

    توتنهام هوتسبير... الفريق كله في حالة متقدمة جدا الهجوم لا خوف والدفاع أيضا لاخوف والحارس المرمى بدء واضحا انه دائما جهاز... المهم منطقة النزاع يجب ان تكون لكم الكلمة العليا في هذه المنطقة واظن ان لتوتنهام مختصين في هذه المنطقةولهم حظوظ كبيرة على نظرائهم... [طبعا ودائما وأبدا بتوفيق]

  • david dika
    david dika


  • Envy Rocketz
    Envy Rocketz


    • La rouge
      La rouge

      aya turae

    • Zoateng TV
      Zoateng TV

      Kolo koloo koloo kooolooo kolo kolo koolllooo toureeeee



  • peter wanyama
    peter wanyama

    you will have called victor wanyama too for the show

  • peri


  • 고PD영등포

    Funniest duo lol