FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Álvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol
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May 7th, 2022 -- Canelo Álvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol from Las Vegas.
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    DAZN Boxing

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    • Asqarali Ikromov
      Asqarali Ikromov

      @Novruz Hüseynov ahi

    • Гуля Кулатаева
      Гуля Кулатаева

    • Гуля Кулатаева
      Гуля Кулатаева


    • Гуля Кулатаева
      Гуля Кулатаева


  • TC Candler
    TC Candler

    One of the most dominant, controlled performances in a title fight for many years.

    • Kenneth

      @Omega Squad just another crazy fan who critique great boxing because your fav got schooled! Lol you’re pretty much saying he ran…no he didn’t run he punched canelo in his face and stayed out of harms way. had he knocked canelo out cold you would’ve called it luck no skill.

    • kike amaro
      kike amaro

      @Omega Squad in the words of roger mayweather YDKSAB

    • The1Henrique

      I really think bivol actually won every single round,the judges are clowns

    • Sebastian Villela
      Sebastian Villela

      What about all the KO wins from canelo in title fights pretty dominant imo

    • Jean

      @Omega Squad Lol look at canelos little brother 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet

    This was just beautiful to watch. He caught him off beat, didn’t play Canelos games and had an unbreakable guard plus predator eye and reflexes. A masterclass.

  • Janey 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥
    Janey 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥

    Canelo hasn't been this frustrated since his loss to Mayweather and hasn't been breathing that heavy since his first clash with GGG. Amazing performance from Bivol. Bivol neutralized Canelo's aggressive counter punching to a T and took some of Canelo's best shots.

    • SMD #MOB
      SMD #MOB

      @David D nope. He just got outclassed and dominated by bivol

    • David D
      David D

      Extra weight slowing him down and ruining his cardio

    • Irvin Morales
      Irvin Morales

      @Muppins Joker Bivol has a jab as great as GGG's and his footwork is much better than Canelo.

    • Muppins Joker
      Muppins Joker

      Man you took the words out of my mouth. Same frustration against floyd and hus weight struggled against GGG. Now he should be careful who he fight next not at 175 anymore.

  • theITplayground

    They should've included round 7 in the highlight. Canelo came rushing in with a right and Bivol responded with a counter punch combo. That was impressive.

    • giang truc
      giang truc


    • BruceLee'sDJstudio

      @mllop aeet he never was arrogant, he nver said "is gonna be easy" he said it would be harder than people think

    • mllop aeet
      mllop aeet

      we're blocked or missed the mark. He never hurt Bivol at all. Canelo was taught a hard lesson in humility by Bivol. Maybe Canelo won't be so arrogant after this fight.

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    That was exceptional from Bivol. He landed way more than Canelo expected. Can’t believe Canelo actually thought he’d won.

    • เขียวพร สายเบาะ
      เขียวพร สายเบาะ

      @rijo kripto ,,,

    • เขียวพร สายเบาะ
      เขียวพร สายเบาะ


    • เขียวพร สายเบาะ
      เขียวพร สายเบาะ

      @Erik Delgado 🏠👟👟👞👟👟👟👟👟👟👞

    • rijo kripto
      rijo kripto

      @Erik Delgado not on vegan diet

    • Maria Rodriguez
      Maria Rodriguez


  • Re Creation
    Re Creation

    Rarely do you see fighters like Bivol nowadays. Not cocky, just being humble and patient, working his way from round to round. He's smart, does not let his ego take the better off him, and is disciplined to not expose himself to too much danger. Truly deserved. And what happened to Canelo? Perhaps the long success has gotten to his head. Really seemed pretty weak today. Nearly no head movement at all.

    • Cal G
      Cal G

      @윤석열 yea so many people over looking the things you said

    • Stan TheMan
      Stan TheMan

      @адам триффетт yes he is

    • адам триффетт
      адам триффетт

      @Stan TheMan no he's not

    • адам триффетт
      адам триффетт

      @KingF canelos greatest asset is his cardio ? No !

  • JayJay Hamo
    JayJay Hamo

    One thing I feel people didn’t notice was bivols muscular endurance to handle all those hooks to his left arm and still jab with a bruised arm Bivol is in another class Great win champ 🏆

    • Tengisbold Khurelbaatar
      Tengisbold Khurelbaatar

      When you have a big arms, those arm punches are not that effective.

  • Mango

    Bivols jabs and right hooks are so satisfying to watch, they’re so quick and accurate, the power in them are insane

    • Yunpopoi Sadah
      Yunpopoi Sadah

      No power.

    • truong nguyen hong nhat
      truong nguyen hong nhat


    • BruceLee'sDJstudio

      @Lookin cool Joker cry more girl

    • Lookin cool Joker
      Lookin cool Joker

      @Tri Tam Tran cry more

    • Lookin cool Joker
      Lookin cool Joker

      @cam tran quoc cry

  • DOĞA

    This fight was not close as it is in the highlights and i am a Canelo fan. Everyone who thinks Bivol did not dominated should watch the whole fight . I was disappointed big time .

  • Lucidate

    You can see the confidence in Bivol man, that’s intimidating even at round 12 with him just walking up on canelo like he can go a few more rounds. Got my respect.

    • Alex H
      Alex H

      His stance and posture absolutely said he was ready for 15.

  • Crimson

    So glad Bivol didn't get robbed, well deserved victory. Also respect to Canelo for taking that risk going to 175 and choosing the hardest opponent.

    • Edward Zamora
      Edward Zamora

      He looked like a rookie.

    • Shelia Austin
      Shelia Austin

      @Manuel Botani • 11 years ago that's what we thought too.

    • Life Investments
      Life Investments

      @StealthyPlayz totally agree

    • Don Mach
      Don Mach

      @joemillz10 It was no cherry pick, you are too much of an American exceptionalist to see past fighters of other ethnicities winning fairly. Stop with the Identity Politics, start learning reality.

  • lon afable
    lon afable

    canelo acting like he was surprised he lost. 😂

    • Irvin Morales
      Irvin Morales

      It happens when you're used to the judges always favoring you even in fights where you're clearly losing.

    • Jahn Pah Jonz
      Jahn Pah Jonz

      Surprised he couldn't get his steroids this time.

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    That was exceptional from Bivol. He landed way more than Canelo expected. Can’t believe Canelo actually thought he’d won.

    • jose herrera
      jose herrera

      Even if the odds are against you you should always think you are going to win because if you go in thinking you gonna lose that’s all bad

    • Hendrik Alla
      Hendrik Alla

      @DJ F. There's no world that fight is even close to a draw. Stop simping Canelo and give Bivol the respect he deserves

    • gdc615

      @DJ F. Canelo got schooled out-classed and out-punched every round bruh. Give it up. He lost.

    • Marco Antonio Hernandez
      Marco Antonio Hernandez

      @DJ F. I agree, but a draw for haters it would be robbery , I honestly think it was ok that he lost, cause he did trying against a solid champion

    • DJ F.
      DJ F.

      @Marco Antonio Hernandez real talk. And now that I’ve seen it from the upper angle without all the commentary I honestly think it could’ve been called a draw. You can still tell that Canelo was fatigued but IMO he really put up a solid case in a fight against a bigger opponent despite being gassed out early.

  • Gee Spor
    Gee Spor

    If I was new to boxing, I would think Canelo was a journeyman. The way Bivol made this look so casual. So much confidence and precision.


      fake fight bro...the fix was in from before the opening bell...most boring & foolish 'fight' I have ever seen.

    • Texas Historical Landmarks
      Texas Historical Landmarks

      @Muhd Sukri yes, a true crying making excuses warrior. Quien se lo manda…pensó que podía…y se equivocó!!!

    • BruceLee'sDJstudio

      canelo doesn't even belong in that weight class so not surprised, put any boxer with bivol even floyd and bivol would still win

    • ty thanh
      ty thanh


  • Ozawar Bordie
    Ozawar Bordie

    Bivol is like the Tim Duncan of boxing right now. Nothing too flashy. Just near flawless fundamentals.

    • ColdSmooth

      Also boring. Canelo's style is a lot more fun to watch.

    • Ignacio Galanga Jr
      Ignacio Galanga Jr

      Agree, hes so humble! Well deserved to this guy... He outclassed canelo!

  • Richard Cheese
    Richard Cheese

    This was just beautiful to watch. He caught him off beat, didn’t play Canelos games and had an unbreakable guard plus predator eye and reflexes. A masterclass.

    • gdc615

      @ImDeExpert yes when you lose every round thats called unanimous

    • Gaming Despair
      Gaming Despair

      @ImDeExpert Well, there's a difference between effective and ineffective aggression. Canelo was ineffective mainly hitting the arms as Bivol had a tight guard. Bivol also had great ring generalship and effective countering. I personally only gave Canelo 3 rounds. Masterful display of boxing from Bivol.

    • Ernest Oneill
      Ernest Oneill

      i think when you hit someone hard thats your own size or bigger and it doesnt faze them its gotta play on your mind

    • The Kind Man
      The Kind Man

      @Loso Juice canelo didn’t practice he was so weak and bivol guard were unbreakable

    • navheo

      @Stiff Jabzz bivol is a champion at 175 i dont see how that was a cherrypick

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    Canelo looked like a beginner in this one.

  • Nate C
    Nate C

    I think Bicol has some power

    • Transaction Empire
      Transaction Empire


    • Transaction Empire
      Transaction Empire

      That was a tye

  • Nairobi Trends
    Nairobi Trends

    That was exceptional from Bivol. He landed way more than Canelo expected. Can’t believe Canelo actually thought he’d won.

    • iChoseScylla

      He didn’t really think that. His body language at the match bell says everything. But you never tell the media/opponents you thought you lost.

  • Dennis Best
    Dennis Best

    That was a boxing lesson. 10 - 2, maybe 9 - 3 Bivol

  • Jayson the Spasian
    Jayson the Spasian

    Canelo hasn't been this frustrated since his loss to Mayweather and hasn't been breathing that heavy since his first clash with GGG. Amazing performance from Bivol. Bivol neutralized Canelo's aggressive counter punching to a T and took some of Canelo's best shots.

    • Bryant Fitness instructor
      Bryant Fitness instructor

      @Juan Nañez that meat head walks around at 175 he finally fought at his true weight and got rocked

    • gdc615

      @Juan Nañez oh now its not a surprise huh. the bigger guy won excuse lol. did you say that win Canelo won his first fight at 175? Im sure you didnt. Canelo got schooled plain n simple. No excuses.

    • Brandon

      Bivol is a small light heavy weight. He walks around 183-184. He doesn’t cut much to make weight at 175.

    • Brandon

      @Josue M no excuses for height. Canelo fought Callum Smith and Smith is 6”3. Bivol is 6”. So if Canelo can beat someone who is 6”3 then no excuses. Canelo simply got out boxed.

    • Ray Cutler
      Ray Cutler

      @Jayson the Spasian Agreed

  • Amy 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me
    Amy 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me

    This was just beautiful to watch. He caught him off beat, didn’t play Canelos games and had an unbreakable guard plus predator eye and reflexes. A masterclass.

  • Patrick Meus
    Patrick Meus

    Well, I had underestimated Mr. Dimitri Bivol, by thinking that Canelo would win easily. I was shocked to see his opponent get frustrated at 6:28 in round 11. Lifting the poor guy up in the air like a wrestler. The best man won.

    • Miwp

      Both of them showed a little bad sportsmanship, Bivol got Canelo in a guillotine choke at some point in the fight

    • Muppins Joker
      Muppins Joker

      Well Canelo spoiled you this much with his recent KO victories thats why everytime Canelo fights yall predicted canelo would easily win or KO his opponents without actually researchin his opponent first or even belittle him or act like what a casual fans do.

    • Abky

      Canelo has had a cater fantasy career with pocket judges. He would have had 4 losses on his record. All of his controversial wins had suspected scorecard judging. This fight as well as Adelaide bird GGG episode. I’ve watched Bivol fight and had I know the is bout was happening I would have put 20k on Bivol without a blink.

    • Jacey521

      To be fair a lot of that was Bivol going a little too forward, Canelo didn't even use his hands to get him on his shoulders lol

  • 3ThirtyƎ Entertainment
    3ThirtyƎ Entertainment

    He knocked Canelo around like nothing

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz

    This highlight doesn’t even show Bivol’s best shots

    • Oi it’s Djorn
      Oi it’s Djorn

      it doesn’t even show anything it literally shows a black screen

    • BruceLee'sDJstudio

      they did kid, round 5 was the worst, canelo still the king

    • CrazyAnimalTV

      Yeah bivol is underdog

    • Irvin Morales
      Irvin Morales

      Gotta protect the Golden Goose somehow despite him getting schooled.

  • Joseph Paladion
    Joseph Paladion

    Alot of Canelo fans never heard of Bivol..he has the wba belt for a long time now and has dominated his last 5 or 6 fights..his reflexes are great..if you never heard of dont follow the sport to well..Hats off to Canelo for choosing the hardest fight out there

    • Joseph Paladion
      Joseph Paladion

      As far as floyd being mentioned in comments..he gave rematches to the guys he knew bear him...Luis Castillo and Maidana.. Floyd did avoided some fighters and waited for some to age

    • Rick Elliott
      Rick Elliott

      @Schäfer G. John Ruiz was no cherry pick?

    • #VV#

      Bivol could of easily of made 180 185 where as canelo was peaking. Bivol held back to tire canelo out. Which worked really well. I saw bivol light on his feet before this fight and I thought of this scenario playing out , but to see it actually happen was crazy. It was crucial that bivol won at least two of the opening rounds in my opinion they were going to be canelos strongest. I saw canelo tire at the end of the ggg fights.

    • #VV#

      @DogeGF Vityaz Six na he knew this wasnt a cherry pick even Eddie heard knew. Yal casuals the only ones

    • Jibril the great
      Jibril the great

      @Joseph Paladion beterbievs fight was announced after the bivol fight. Thats why they are fighting next month.

  • Nate C
    Nate C

    Bivols punches hurt

  • roben

    Bivol has the one of the most impressive guard in history of boxing.

  • Ezra1689

    I don't know why Canelo shook his head in disgust when the decision was announced. He didn't even come close to winning that fight. Bivol won by a bigger margin than the judges had it. Canelo ate a lot of jabs and solid straight right hands from Bivol. Canelo's hooks were constantly glancing off of Bivol's arms and shoulders and his uppercuts we're blocked or missed the mark. He never hurt Bivol at all. Canelo was taught a hard lesson in humility by Bivol. Maybe Canelo won't be so arrogant after this fight.

    • Derrick Harris
      Derrick Harris

      Wish I could like this 100 times 😆

    • Ezra1689

      @MegaUltimateMaster 💯 He must have paid the judges to get the score that close.

    • MegaUltimateMaster

      Because he paid alot of money to get the first 4 rounds on the Scorecards and still lost.

    • The Review Shack
      The Review Shack

      Because he knew he lost but was trying to save face. And probably figured he did enough figuring the judges were going to do the rest for him.

    • Ramrod

      Disappointed in himself maybe?

  • TiptronicSS

    Woaw, an actual fight! None of them wasting time trying to tire the opponent, but just going for it trying to get each other down. That's refreshing to see. People paying tens of thousands looking at a boring mayweather hugfest, should support these instead. They earned their money.

    • ~ FL Dreams ~
      ~ FL Dreams ~

      You just couldn't resist putting Mayweather's name in it, could you? You Floyd haters are obsessed with him.

  • Ashar Ullah
    Ashar Ullah

    I haven't seen Canelo struggle this much since his fights with GGG. A well deserved victory indeed for Bivol

    • michstrito

      @Ashar Ullah Mayweather is on another level. He would beat Canelo at any point in his career and would not need steroids to do it.

    • M C
      M C

      @Ray Cutler Mayweather was a long time before GGG ...

    • Ray Cutler
      Ray Cutler

      You really forgot about his mayweather fight??

    • M C
      M C

      Yeah GGG got robbed especially the first flight

    • skymonkey30

      @Marquis Bryant Floyd was too fast and more skilled. Canelo never Could land a clean shot on Floyd. Honestly if floyd was still active today I still couldn't see canelo beating him. Seems like solid defensive boxers are Canelos kryptonite.

  • Bailey 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
    Bailey 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me

    This was just beautiful to watch. He caught him off beat, didn’t play Canelos games and had an unbreakable guard plus predator eye and reflexes. A masterclass.

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo

      Target practice for Bivol. Canelo spent the whole fight looking for the PowerShot.

  • happy gilmore
    happy gilmore

    he outboxed Canelo all night that match

  • JULIE Martínez
    JULIE Martínez

    Muy bien Campeón 💯🇲🇽 Se pierde ante un gran Boxeador Con tenacidad y enfoque

    • Bony Perez
      Bony Perez

      Jaja 😝 asta que le quitaron lo payaso 🤡 al canelo bivol. Ni se asolio creo que asta le a de aber borrado las pecas jaja 😂. Lol

  • Nsubuga Patrick
    Nsubuga Patrick

    Even the highlights are edited to show that Canelo had alot of success at the start.

    • Unhinged savagE
      Unhinged savagE

      @адам триффетт canelo only won 2nd and 4th thats it

    • Elver Gudo
      Elver Gudo

      Hahahaha i saw that too.

    • Michael F
      Michael F

      Yep, I noticed that too.

    • адам триффетт
      адам триффетт

      They were his best rounds ! Although Bivol probably won 2 of the first 4. Judges were watching another contest as usual

    • Jahn Pah Jonz
      Jahn Pah Jonz

      Yep, dazn did spend a ton on canelo.

  • Kedo

    Props to Bivol 🔥🔥

    • Ranjit Cheriyan
      Ranjit Cheriyan

      @ImDeExpert arms are extensions of the body but per boxing rules a punch counts only if it lands on the head and body above the waist and not back of the body the arms are used for blocking. One can hit the opponents arms but that does not get a point : read about boxing or talk w coaches and boxers and you will realize or even take up boxing for a real life experience !

    • Qyoqyo

      @Johnny Singgh puzzy

    • ImDeExpert

      @CrisEann Hitting the arm should be counted as a shot, that's literally part of the body. Go do something with ur life and stop fanboying bivol

    • CrisEann

      @ImDeExpert aggressive to what? bivol's gloves and arms? if you dont know how boxing works just hold your comment to yourself

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout

    What amazing boxing fundamentals. Calm, cool, keeping that jab in canelos face all night. What a beautiful show of technique

  • Kyle

    Bivol has such discipline. Always unfazed

  • kindface

    Love and respect both these men. Great sportsmanship, mutual respect for each other as pros, straight on with the fight, no mudslinging. It’s just too bad one had to lose.

  • Prince Dripion
    Prince Dripion

    I saw canelo make almost no attempts at the body. That's like rule #1 when it comes to taking down bigger guys. Especially if they're bigger AND faster. Canelo head hunted all night and since he made no adjustments, bivol knew what he was throwing and easily defended and already had counters ready. I'm not saying it would have been super easy, but a fighter of canelo's caliber should have been able to pull it off. His corner should have advised him better or he should have listened

  • Bruce Aung
    Bruce Aung

    Now, everyone including Canelo himself should see why there are weight classes in boxing. What a performance by Bivol. Kudos to Canelo for taking risks and not being afraid like many fighters today are.

    • Bruce Aung
      Bruce Aung

      @Muppins Joker Right! It's crazy how a 105 pound boy went up until 154 lbs. Manny was just different! One of a kind.

    • Muppins Joker
      Muppins Joker

      The moment Canelo realized hes not manny pacquiao

    • Aleix Ombi Ondredoms
      Aleix Ombi Ondredoms

      @JoeBidens_TouchyHands you're talking about fighting smaller boxers and then you commented he should talk to Mayweather who fought absolutely nothing but smaller or past/before prime boxers 💀💀💀😭

    • Bruce Aung
      Bruce Aung

      @Boxing and BBQ Bivol is already having second though and not sure if he could make 168. If he started at 175, it's very likely he's a natural 175 guy. The power difference was evident by a mile. Wherever the rematch takes place, it's gonna be all fire.

  • Jover Angeles
    Jover Angeles

    Canelo was out class

  • Josh Fit
    Josh Fit

    If Canelo was as fast and dynamic as paquiao this couldve been a different outcome

  • ganto77

    Canelo going up in weight greatly affected his condition. It’s one thing to walk at 175, and another to fight the very talented Bivol for the belt. Great fight, congratulations to the masterful new champion.

  • Jorge Medina
    Jorge Medina

    Un boxeador muy sencillo, y con ganas de triiunfar.. Dios lo ayude!!

    • Majestic Churro
      Majestic Churro

      Si, grande Bivol

  • A A M M R موجة البحر
    A A M M R موجة البحر

    Like Dmitry Bivol said weeks ago, “Saul Canelo Alvarez isn’t invincible, he lost. he’s human like the rest of us.” Great job by Bivol did an absolute amazing job proving doubters wrong. Respect well earned win.

    • Dave villalobo
      Dave villalobo

      Lthe best Mexican boxer at the moment.may 21 next David Lemiux and after that the big and smart mouth Jermall Charlo whom David Benavidez going to expose and knock him out. but let's see 😉

    • Dave villalobo
      Dave villalobo

      @yusha bin nun hahaha!! You are right But not "El Bandera Roja" David Benavidez the best Mexican boxer pound by pound at this moment.🇲🇽🇪🇨

    • anderson white
      anderson white

      @Luke Ahhh! Gotcha. Ma bad

    • B-rad Boxing
      B-rad Boxing

      watching boxing on youtube doesnt make u a expert. racer 🤣

    • Racer 7X
      Racer 7X

      @B-rad Boxing about to start calling y'all LL long-winded liar's 😂! When did Canelo fight at 147?? Doesn't Canelo walk around between 180-200lbs.... When he was at 154 I mean 155 didn't he always rehydrate back up in the 170's! My question is did he move up or finally stop draining himself to fight smaller guys and fought at his real weight?🧐🙃🤫🤡🍒

  • Deepanshu Singh
    Deepanshu Singh

    Canelo looked like a beginner in this one.

    • Erik DiMera
      Erik DiMera

      @Rikki Soto the best? No Andrade, Fought Bivol to duck Benavidez.

    • Rikki Soto
      Rikki Soto

      @Erik DiMera yeah but mayweather didnt go up in weight classes and fight the best like canelo

    • Erik DiMera
      Erik DiMera

      @White Fox canelo...Mayweather won all his fights at 31.

    • White Fox
      White Fox

      ​@Erik DiMera Are you talking about Mayweather or Canelo?

  • Alan Cantu
    Alan Cantu

    Well deserved victory for Bivol, I am really excited to watch his career more closely now

  • William Barley
    William Barley

    Judges were a joke! Canelo won 1-2 rounds.

    • Unhinged savagE
      Unhinged savagE

      i says canelo only won the 2nd and 4th only

  • Sine

    Bivol has absolutely BEAUTIFUL blocking. Saw nearly every shot. Something I wanna learn from.

  • Pinoy Creepypasta - TagalogHorrorStories
    Pinoy Creepypasta - TagalogHorrorStories

    Extra pounds affected his stamina, Bivol did a great job.

    • Greg Cullers
      Greg Cullers

      @THS Last There are 4 heavyweights worth watching. That is the best it has been since Lewis Tyson Holyfield and Bowe. If you said the Klitshco era I would agree with you.

    • THS Last
      THS Last

      @Greg Cullers it’s a fact possibly the weakest the heavyweight division been in a long time.

    • Sargon Sargon
      Sargon Sargon

      @Faze Nut And why you think i mentionned "rematch". No time to loose ɔet them start organising this sh%%.💪

    • Faze Nut
      Faze Nut

      @Sargon Sargon you know they just fought?😂

    • Sargon Sargon
      Sargon Sargon

      Why no rematch ?

  • Get into the wild with Jeff Rumas
    Get into the wild with Jeff Rumas

    He earned that win by hard work discipline and believing in himself. Both guys fought well and acted professionally too after the decision was read👍

  • Santiago Jacobo
    Santiago Jacobo

    Excelente Victoría, felicitaciones

  • B Craftin
    B Craftin

    The faints from Bivol were a thing of beauty 🙌🏽

  • Daddy Triffett
    Daddy Triffett

    Canelo underestimated how tough Bivol is. He out worked Canelo and never looked hurt. Forget about Bivols advantages in height and reach and great boxing skills. Bivol took Canelos shots and answered back in spade's. Bivol is super tough.

  • Petros Babinn
    Petros Babinn

    The defensive awareness by Bivol is something out of this world. I don’t understand how he shells up protecting the whole body and head but still sees everything clear as day.

    • iTz Sm0k3y
      iTz Sm0k3y

      in other intviews bivol also said he studied canelo from the fights explains how he knows how he fights.

    • Ivan Reyna
      Ivan Reyna

      @Roris his size and length of his arm helped cover everything

    • Burno Reyes
      Burno Reyes

      @john smith more big that's it

    • Killuminatus Plays
      Killuminatus Plays

      Yeah the way he shells up and then comes out of his guard with such clean counters is insane. If it wasn’t for the corrupt announcers it would have been easier to notice.

    • ignatius maziofa
      ignatius maziofa

      he even blocked body shots to the ribs with his elbows...that awareness is top notch

  • Mr Nice To Meet You
    Mr Nice To Meet You

    I respect that he went up to change Bivol but that weight for him is too much he looked so tired in the very first 2 rounds and if he have a rematch with Bivol i think he might be able to figure him out

  • powertron35

    That left jab is so nice. He uses it to counter and attack, so beautiful. As a lefty, I wish I had a jab like that

    • Michael Angelo
      Michael Angelo


  • Razvan Breazu
    Razvan Breazu

    Canelo looking soft....

    • kiezer sosay
      kiezer sosay

      He is a now he will be gone!

    • I'M A GOD
      I'M A GOD

      I think it was he's diet canelo went vegan for this fight so he lost muscle and energy it takes year to be a full vegan you can't jus changed ur diet

    • Rodi Hernandez
      Rodi Hernandez


    • Workout clips
      Workout clips

      Soft and weak brotha

    • Zмей Горыныч
      Zмей Горыныч

      @andres pascual его разоблачили, хороший боксер с хорошей защитой его перебоксирует

  • beervlog99

    Target practice for Bivol. Canelo spent the whole fight looking for the PowerShot.

  • Royalty Exotic Cars
    Royalty Exotic Cars

    Bivol really showed us today that if you stay true and believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything! Well done mate... Very excited for the rematch!!

    • J

      @Vic Gomes Cause he was a walk in the park for Bivol. He should leave him alone and stay away from 175

    • justin I
      justin I

      I don't see any necessity for rematch , those are 12 clean rounds..

    • Jack Zeldon
      Jack Zeldon

      Luv Canelo but Bivol showed us that when you are clearly the Superior Boxer even crooked Judges cant steal it from you...... Easy Work for Bivol

    • battlefield/socom ps
      battlefield/socom ps

      @natureloverph that is not true. Canelo lost the fight because he got frustrated and made bad choices. Dmitry had a plan and he stuck to it the whole fight. Canemo is definitely a better fighter, but Dmitry outsmarted him on this one.

    • Jose V
      Jose V

      @Shot Creators He relied on power but didn’t do enough to counter punch and was too predictable that's why Bivol didn't get overly aggressive. Canelo lost his cool and instead of scrapping he let his ego get to his head. That's fine so he comes and brings it this time .

  • ADU Aquascaping
    ADU Aquascaping

    He also lost to GGG in their first fight. He back peddled all night. He wasn't boxing. He was running.

    • SL

      Not even close to the dominance bivol displayed in this fight and you should already know their are many more factors to score a fight than being the aggressor

    • Texas Historical Landmarks
      Texas Historical Landmarks

      Yes he did lose to GGG…you said that right!

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy

    What amazing boxing fundamentals. Calm, cool, keeping that jab in canelos face all night. What a beautiful show of technique

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr

    He earned that win by hard work discipline and believing in himself. Both guys fought well and acted professionally too after the decision was read

  • jean lapuma
    jean lapuma

    Canelo is completely out classed against Bivol, Canelo just don’t have the ability to beat fighters that can box Farley well but in the passed the judges award the fights to Canelo which is cheating

  • Yes.

    Respect to Bivol. A true boxer. Love his mentality too. Just puts his head down, does what he needs to do and is asked to do and is able to come out with a result like this against another great boxer. Dope to see. No respect or anything lost against Canelo too. He’ll be back.

    • Noel R.
      Noel R.

      @Wicked Houston SMH out here making my city look ignorant and corny.

    • Piano Black
      Piano Black

      Canelo's resume is quite overrated. Demetri is fresh, skillful and durable. Can you name any opponent of Canelo's in the last several years who has a bright future in boxing (not named Demetry Bivol)

    • I Want To Be a Billionaire
      I Want To Be a Billionaire

      3:43 True highlight of the match PS: I have a duck video, a chicken video, a video where i am begging for money on Twitter, a walking video, a video where i am playing with my nuts. A short with a blog ... Also a patreon

    • lil jew
      lil jew

      Lil guy wasn't brawling enough to win the fight. Too used to fighting smaller fighters. His corner tried to correct him after the first tho. Great stuff. Major upset imo

  • Kog15

    Canelo hands down, measuring the distance, what a great fighter

  • Unhinged savagE
    Unhinged savagE

    I got canelo winning only the 2nd and 4th round the rest was Bivol

  • 이공주

    정말 어려운 경기를 승리해서 자랑스럽습니다! 비볼 화이팅!!!

  • khaaysclipz

    4:43 holy balls bivol is a demon

  • Andrew Oladokun
    Andrew Oladokun

    Bivol is a very disciplined fighter… however, a bigger fighter would have rocked him

  • Lex Braxman
    Lex Braxman

    Bivol right hand defense never left his face the full fight. He has incredible shoulder strength and endurance

  • Ieva Brice
    Ieva Brice

    And this guy wanted to take on USYK ??!!🤦‍♂️😂

  • l Wxlf l
    l Wxlf l

    the jab was abused perfectly by Bivol and must have been such a pest for Canelo, Canelo still my champ tho

  • Zeph

    Bivol is a great boxer. Never watched his fights before, but he’s earned a fan today. Going to watch his past fights and any fights he has moving forward.

    • Mma FAN
      Mma FAN

      @Gregory Ingram everyone know bivol now.who knows you.!🤡🤡

    • Dark Flames
      Dark Flames

      I’ll keep watching him too. He had an amazing performance against canelo

    • Velocir Sh!tr
      Velocir Sh!tr

      @One tell that to Beterbiev, the real beast at 175

    • C-Laydee Music
      C-Laydee Music

      @One Agree. Mayweather agrees on that for sure that’s why he is undefeated with over 50 fights. Both gave Canelo a hard time. I see mayweather style as the best defensive fighter of all time even though people will say it’s boring. Bivol did great as a master of his distance. Sometimes looking for KOs and relying on that can cause you to loose score cards. Bivol showed how he can be composed and calm with sticking to the game plan and executing it.

    • C-Laydee Music
      C-Laydee Music

      Didn’t plan watching Canelos fight but I decided to look up Bivol months ago and saw how this can be a very interesting fight especially with his style. His previous fights showed he has excellent distance and keeps himself calm and composed and comes in when needed to be if he sees the opening. Great fight. Bivol gained so many fans for sure after this. Hope to see more of him in the future. Great performance.

  • Mark Joseph Cabrera
    Mark Joseph Cabrera

    6:36 😲 Canelo carrying 174 lb like nothing.

  • Jacqueline

    Canelo doesn’t have heart like he used to. He’s not struggling anymore and that was the goal.

  • Antonio Contreras
    Antonio Contreras

    Canelo raising his hands hoping crooked judges saved him again 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • theguywithone

    If you take away anything from watching this fight, you can see why the jab is the most important punch in boxing.